We are here to inform the public of a growing danger and demand the City Attorney and Mayor Lee

to enforce the law .

WE are the REAL Community Drivers!

roam the streets, creating a public safety hazard, increased congestion, greenhouse gasses and unfair competition to law abiding cab drivers. Under the guise of “Ridesharing” these rogue taxis are avoiding all regulations, inspections, fees and insurance requirements enforced on legal taxicabs. A four door car and a smartphone app are not a permit to provide for hire transportation in San Francisco. (SFTC §1105a(1)) According to Cal. Public Utilities Code §5353(h) “Ridesharing” must NOT BE FOR PROFIT and must be incidental to where the driver is already going. The Personal Insurance Federation of California has stated that these services are “...not ridesharing, but using a private vehicle in a livery service, which is clearly not covered in a standard policy.” - CPUC Proceeding R.12-12-011

Unlicensed, uninspected, unregulated and underinsured taxis are being allowed to

The California Highway Patrol also stated, “...passenger transportation left unregulated unnecessarily increases the potential for operation of unsafe vehicles, unqualified drivers , and uninsured transportation providers .” - CPUC Proceeding R.12-12-011 So far, inaction by the CPUC and Mayor Lee is deregulating a highly regulated industry devoid of proper legislative process in the name of the so-called “sharing economy”. Selling rides, even for suggested “donations”, is not “sharing” rides.

This campaign and rally organized by San Francisco Cab Drivers Association, United Taxicab Workers of San Francisco and would not have been possible without the hard work, funding and support from thousands of legal taxi drivers, local cab companies, and the Medallion Holders Association. flyer by: www.sfcda.org