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Nouns From Adjectives Vocabulary Building

Nouns From Adjectives Vocabulary Building

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Published by: Tang Tatchaya on Jul 31, 2013
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ADJECTIVE -nce important different independent -ty difficult stupid possible probable

NOUN importance difference independence

ADJECTIVE -ness busy sad happy polite lazy -ion corrupt educated

NOUN business sadness happiness politeness laziness

difficulty stupidity possibility probability

corruption education

1) I think the old prime minister was really (corrupt / corruption). 2) The new prime minister will be very (different / difference), I hope. 3) Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that has always been (independent/ independence). 4) We use ‘khrap’ or ‘ka’ a lot in Thai because (polite / politeness) is very important in Thailand. 5) There is a significant (different / difference) between British and American English. 6) We won’t have much (busy / business) after the New Year. It is going to be (difficult / difficulty). 7) I believe that (educated / education) is very (important / importance). 8) A lot of students don’t see the (important / importance) of grammar, which is (sad / sadness). 9) It was my (stupid / stupidity) that I didn’t lock the door. I’m not (happy / happiness) about it at all. 10) Next month we will be very (busy / business), so I don’t want any (lazy / laziness) people here. 11) There is a small (possible / possibility) that there will be a blizzard tomorrow. 12) It is not very (probable / probability) that there will be a war next year. 13) I think (lazy / laziness) is not very good character trait but (corrupt / corruption) is worse. 14) The (educated / education) individuals often get good jobs but the (stupid / stupidity) ones don’t. 15) Money can’t buy (happy / happiness) but can help you to achieve (independent / independence). 16) It is not very (probable / probability) that the world will end in 2012 but it is (possible / possibility).

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