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Another excellent powerpoint from May, this time giving our suspects a toungue-in-cheek Shakespearean makeover
Another excellent powerpoint from May, this time giving our suspects a toungue-in-cheek Shakespearean makeover

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Published by: Michael_UK on May 22, 2009
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ll the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.

I funghi dell'ultimo
A Perugian Tragedy

QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

Disclaimer: This presentation is fictional, not meant to be disrespectful or detract from the seriousness of the case: the death of Meredith Kercher on November 1, 2007 Thanks: To Kermit for the inspiration, and to all of you for keeping things going on Steve Huff’s True Crime Blog, discussions. Pardon: Signore Caravaggio and those who might take offence at such appropriation. Grazie tutti,

NYC, April 6, 2008

Whereas I don’t have enough satisfactory information to form an opinion as to whether RG was a mere witness, or part of the plan, this scenario takes the view all three were involved. I ponder the days prior to the tragedy. I know many scenarios won’t play out against the limited text I have used. I understand that, but perhaps this is a jumping off point. What I do think likely: a bringing together of individuals whose expectations for the evening were not at all the same.

Perugia - late October 2007

Remember I told you about Trick or Treating on Halloween? How we used to get dressed up in costume Sono stanco…che cosa voi? and scare our friends?

Hey Raffy? Raffissi mo?


Si, cara, si…

Well, not exactly. Recordi? We go to a house, It’s like gruppo del Ring the bell, costume, ma MOLTO Raf? Are and try to get a treat… scary, o pure fantastico! You And if there is nothing We each wear listening? for us… masks - come sei dice We play a TRICK!! mascherine differenti. A mean trick! Uhh…si…
Si, si, Come Venezia, per Carnevale?

Not those stupid parties where everyone dresses in costume? How dull.

Da vero?

Senti, Raf, we could really give my rommie Mez una sorpresa grande! No one else is around right now. Let’s get the Baron to Sweet talk her. You know he’s a ‘succhia gomme’. Then we hang back, ring the doorbell and…
That snotty little bitch; She really bugs me with all that smiling.

…si, like, how you say, Trick or Treat! BOO! Senti carisimi, una buona idea! Finalmente, mia Cuffia da bagno! I haven’t been swimming in months.

Maybe it’s time for a bit of Manga magic!

Va bene, Raf, I’ll talk to the Baron over at the court and see if he’s interested.

Maybe I can be Lord Voldemort at the sea side. This could be fun. We can use sheets and blankets to cover our clothes. Wonder what else I can put up my sleeve?

I bet I could find a cute mask somewhere.
Miss Goody Two Shoes might be so scared she’ll move out! If she asks me to clean the ‘loo’ one more time I’m gonna scream.


Ciao ciao

Ciao bella

Senti, I know how And, I’ve got all those bags of fungi important Porcini you bought. it is to download Va bene, the film. Va bene, Si si, Ci vediamo I will go ahead I already got dopo. and you catch La chiave! La casa up later. ‘downstairs’? Ha ha ha D’accordo.

Va Bene Baron, I’ll talk in English so you can practice. But, please, are you Kidding, you’ve Never cooked porcini before?

QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

Come on, Baron, we gotta get downstairs so I change into my costume for the trick or treating when she comes home. You’re fine the way you are. Here - take another joint.

No, never. So, can I eat them now, Or do I have to wait Until later?

Are porcini a Halloween tradition?

Now then Either the RG waits outside for Meredith as he tells it in his diary (not meeting up with RG until after the tragic event, and RG does not know he’s still there) OR…

If you believe all three cooked up the plot, they either leave the cooking scene to go downstairs to wait For their entrance, Or …

They cook in the downstairs flat, and take some food upstairs. Or…

R and A have left food on the table in the Cottage , not having cleaned up after a late lunch. Or…
I just HATE to wash up!

There’s room for more choices H E R E…

if the three did have a porcini cook-in together, it is surely - and sadly - their last.

Tanti Porcini? I’ll carry the pan and knife.

Everybody ready?? Trick or Treat time.
I wonder, is she really attracted To me?


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