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Upgrade Now Webinar

Upgrade Now Webinar

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Upgrade project
Upgrade project

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Published by: Amar Kumar on Jul 31, 2013
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Upgrade Now!

Upgrade Now! with the Help of SAP Enterprise Support
Celina Fernandes(SAP Global Upgrade Office), Luiz Mestrinel(SAP Premium Engagements), George Cheong (SAP Enterprise Support Delivery) January 3, 2013

 Why Upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0?  Upgrade Now! with the Help of SAP Enterprise Support

 Additional SAP Support Offerings
 Next Steps  How To Get Started?

 Why Upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0?  Upgrade Now! with the Help of SAP Enterprise Support

 Additional SAP Support Offerings
 Next Steps  How To Get Started?

On Premise Innovation Path SAP Business Suite 7

SAP Business Suite 7
EHP 5 EHP 2 EHP 2 EHP 2 SAP BS7 i2011 Available now! SAP BS7 i2010 Available since May 2011




ERP 6.04

PLM 7.0

SRM 7.0

SCM 7.0

CRM 7.0

Available since 2009

SAP NetWeaver 7.01



We follow our roadmaps and keep promises: • Six generations of SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP successfully delivered and adopted in the market • Proven by the high number of +19,000 ERP EHP live customers
© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 4

0 – The Most Successful Release Ever Ready for Innovation with the help of SAP Enterprise Support Basis for faster and easier innovation on a stable core with enhancement packages for SAP ERP and the help of SAP Enterprise Support services  Still a strong momentum in all regions for upgrades: Consistently increasing number of SAP ERP 6.0 Older Releases © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 5 .0 systems globally Adoption Comparison  Growth rates even higher than for any other SAP ERP releases in the past  Path to SAP‟s next generation solutions SAP ERP 6.SAP ERP 6.

state of the art new user interface) Breakthrough Less Disruption Gateway to Breakthrough Innovation Transform the business with access to breakthrough innovation:   In-Memory Mobility Cloud Longer Perspective 2015  December Lower Operations Costs No more costly upgrades to Consume Innovation Reduced TCO through lower application and landscape complexity 2020 SAP ERP 2004.SAP ERP 6.6C and 4. 4.0 is the foundation for SAP Business Suite 7 Get ready for SAP‟s game changers! SAP Business Suite 7 is SAP‟s core asset and the gateway for customers to consume innovation More Innovation Evolution SAP Business Suite 7 as the Stable CORE Consume innovation while keeping the core stable through flexible shipment models (side-by-side deployment.7 SAP Business Suite 7 Implement with lower TCI through SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Secured Investment Long term predictability with mainstream maintenance until 2020 © 2012 SAP AG. 6 .g. add-ons. EHP. All rights reserved. notes) Maximize the SAP investment by leveraging the innovation as part of the maintenance contract (e.

bringing actionable insight to business users  Allowing optimized access for professional and casual users Business flexibility  Enhancement package concept and flexible consumption of functionality (690+ new functions delivered with EHP 6)  Access to SAPs innovations like Mobile Applications. Time March 2013: End of extended maintenance Investment security  Long-term predictability through maintenance extension until end of 2020  Benefit from continuous system support and regular legal changes © 2012 SAP AG. 7 . All rights reserved. HANA.0 Baseline value  Unifying user interfaces.Why Modernizing Your IT landscape is so Important Business Opportunities of an Upgrade Value for your business Operational excellence  Wide range of functional enhancements  Simplified access to most industry solutions Superior user experience Upgrade to SAP ERP 6. etc.

granular and flexible analytics (OLTP/OLAP) Wave II Value through native HANA Innovation Next generation business processes with  sense & respond  predictive analytics  unstructured data  on-the-fly insights  automation and exception handling = Initial focus © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.SAP Business Suite Innovation Roadmap – Gives You Choice Business opportunities Operational excellence Superior user experience Cloud Mobile SAP Business Suite Mobile SAP Business Suite Business flexibility Investment security Cloud Cloud Mobile SAP Business Suite Customer Connection Customer Connection Customer Connection Native HANA Database Apps User Experience User Experience AnyDB AnyDB SAP HANA Database External Data AnyDB SAP HANA Database External Data 2012 Increase customer driven Innovation Greatest functional coverage  Unmatched functional scope (24 Industries). 8 . global presence and life-cycle management Wave I Value through Suite on HANA DB Integrated Analytics  Faster at better decision with fast.

All rights reserved. Service & Marketing    Lead to Cash (sales) Differentiation through service excellence Multi-channel marketing (B2B/B2C) Sustainability  Operational Risk Management Finance       Manage Financial Performance Accounting & Financial Close Receivables Management Travel Management Treasury & Financial Risk Management Modernized Finance User Experience Supply Chain     Collaborative Demand & Supply Planning Manufacturing Network Planning & Execution Efficient Transportation Operations Storage & fulfillment Highlights 9 © 2012 SAP AG. Building & Commissioning Assets   Streamlined Operational Sourcing Supplier sustainability rating and monitoring Manufacturing   Efficient Manufacturing Operations for Process Industries Closed Loop Quality Management  Sales.New Functionality for Line of Businesses Business Opportunities in SAP Business Suite 7 I2011 Operational excellence Commodity Management    Commodity risk management Commodity procurement Commodity sales Superior user experience Business flexibility Investment security Research & Development  Integrated product development for discrete & process industries Human Resources   Talent Management Workforce Planning & Analytics Procurement Enterprise Asset Management  Optimized Asset Operations and Maintenance Planning. .

. All rights reserved.New Industry Specific Functionality Business Opportunities in SAP Business Suite 7 I2011 Operational excellence Banking Superior user experience Professional Services   Business flexibility Investment security Transportation & Logistics  Lease operations Consumer Products  Catch weight management Resource Management  Efficient Transportation Operations Engagement Management. Controlling & Billing Utilities  Smart meter data management & operations Integrated sales management Demand side management Linear Asset Management Public Sector       Health Care   SAP Collaborative E-Care Management SAP Electronic Medical Record High Tech  High Volume Business Consume to Cash Efficient benefit decision making  Individual client accounting & payment  services  Public Sector Financials Procurement for Public Sector Academic Curriculum Management Public Sector Core HR & Payroll Retail  Forecasting and multi-level replenishment Mill Products & Mining    Commodity risk management Commodity procurement Commodity sales Telecommunications  High Volume Business Consume to Cash Highlights 10 © 2012 SAP AG.

Superior user experience Business opportunities Operational excellence Superior user experience Business flexibility Investment security • Delivering the right information. adapt and adopt SAP user interfaces SAP NetWeaver Portal SAP NetWeaver Business Client © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. to the right user. 11 . at the right moment • Unifying UI‟s. bringing actionable insight to business users • Low cost method for customers to personalize. in the right place.

All rights reserved.0 ERP 6.. © 2012 SAP AG. and now! Time 12 . ..Innovate Faster and Easier with SAP Enhancement Packages Business Opportunities Operational excellence Superior user experience Business flexibility Investment security Adoption of new innovations/ business functionality now in shorter increments thanks to SAP enhancement packages EHP 6 Business functionality EHP 5 EHP 4 SAP ERP 6...0 + SAP enhancement packages  Innovate on stable core SAP R/3 4.6 standard Upgrade  Lower TCI and TCO Then.

Multiple Account Assignment 4 3. 4. 4. 4. 5 Human Capital Management Procurement Sales Order Management Travel Management Project and Portfolio Management LOG_MM_CI_3 LOG_MMFI_P2P LOG_MM_MAA_1 SD_01 LOG_SD_CI_01 LOG_SD_CI_02 LOG_SD_SIMP_02 FIN_TRAVEL_1 FIN_TRAVEL_2 FIN_TRAVEL_3 FIN_TRAVEL_PLANN ING_EXTERNAL OPS_PS_CI_1 OPS_PS_HLP_1 Simplifications in Sales & Distribution Travel Management and Third-party Travel Planning Project System enhancements in functionality and usability (e. 13 . Integration of Financial Accounting MM. Appraisals and Surveys MM. 5 3. 5 3 © 2012 SAP AG. 5 3. All rights reserved. ESS WebDynpro ABAP. Talent & Performance Management. 4. 5 4.g. handling large projects) 2-5 2.Innovate Faster and Easier with SAP Enhancement Packages Top 10 Business Functions Operational excellence Superior user experience Business flexibility Investment security Functional Area Business Function EHP Technical Name ERP_ENTERPRISE SEARCH FIN_GL_CI_1 FIN_GL_CI_2 FIN_GL_CI_3 FIN_REP_SIMPL_1 FIN_REP_SIMPL_2 FIN_REP_SIMPL_3 HCM_ESS_CI_1 HCM_ESS_WDA_1 CA_HAP_CI_1 HCM_OSA_CI_1 Cross SAP ERP Financials Financials Embedded search in SAP ERP New General Ledger Accounting Reporting simplifications in Financials ESS for Personal Information. Evaluations.

6C to SAP ERP 6. Preparation and Blueprint from 3 down to 1 week each. Enhancement Packages Business opportunities Operational excellence Superior user experience Business flexibility Investment security Upgrades vs.000 enhancement package installations globally (as of Dec 2010). Realization from 8 down to 3 weeks. All rights reserved. EHPs 48 hours 24 50 % 62 % Reduction of business downtime 21 weeks 8 Reduction of total project duration * 58 % Reduction of project phases duration * Up to 58% reduction of project phases duration in total. this number represents an extract only out of more than 9. Preparation for Cutover from 3 down to 2 weeks and Production Cutover/ Support from 2 down to 1 week. i. Source: Enhancement Package Experience Database © 2012 SAP AG. only those considered which provided details on these questions.Speeding up Innovation: Upgrades vs. only those considered which provided details on these questions.0. Source: Upgrade Experience Database ² Total number of enhancement package installations (EHP 1 to 4): n = 111. 14 . 1 Based on n = 168 upgrades from SAP R/3 4.e.

0 SAP SCM 7. 15 . JAVA based ERP Components are used an Update to at least SAP ERP EHP4 has to be performed until December 2017.0. SAP SCM 7. and industry applications. All rights reserved.0.0x ABAP will be extended through December 2020 and for NetWeaver 7.03) EHP5 EHP4 EHP33) Longer Maintenance until 2020 EHP23) EHP13) SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7. supplementary applications.0 SAP CRM 7. SAP CRM 7. Maintenance for SAP NetWeaver 7.Maintenance Extension for the – SAP Business Suite Business Opportunities with Long-term Predictability Operational excellence Superior user experience Business flexibility Investment security  To manifest the long-term predictability of the SAP Business Suite and in support of the innovation strategy and roadmap the standard maintenance will be extended  SAP extends mainstream maintenance for the SAP Business Suite core applications1 to December 2020 SAP Business Suite 7 Core Applications SAP SRM 7.0x Java (also incl Dual Stacks) until December 2017. © 2012 SAP AG.0 EHP6 SAP ERP 6.0. SAP SRM 7.0. SAP PLM 7.0).x2) 2005 1 3 If 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2 Mainstream SAP Business Suite includes the core applications (SAP ERP 6.

SAP PLM 7. © 2012 SAP AG. 4. All rights reserved.0.0 SAP ERP 2004.6C and 4. SAP SCM 7. supplementary applications and industry applications. SAP CRM 7.7 Mainstream Maintenance until 2020 + SAP enhancement packages  Long-term perspective  Faster and easier innovation Time 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 16 2005 *The 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 SAP Business Suite 7 includes the core applications (SAP ERP 6.0.Maintenance Extension for SAP Business Suite* Longer Perspective for Your Investment Mainstream maintenance extension by 5 years through December 2020 Business Reqirements/Functionality New business functionality on a regular basis EHP 6 EHP 5 EHP 4 EHP 3 EHP 2 EHP 1 SAP ERP 6.0).0.0. . SAP SRM 7.

limited technology updates.g. or Not To Upgrade? 03/2013 SAP ERP 6. no new legal changes.g. no new Support Packages. no SLA * See SAP Note 52505 for details © 2012 SAP AG. 7x24 message processing)  Same fee as during Mainstream Maintenance End of Mainstream Maintenance End of Extended Maintenance 17 but reduced scope of support: e.SAP Maintenance Strategy and Phases Customers‟ Choice: To Upgrade.0 in Mainstream Maintenance Extended Maintenance Order  Continued support – similar to  Mainstream Maintenance Additional fee Mainstream Maintenance Default Customer-Specific Maintenance  Similar (e. . All rights reserved.

18 .ERP Upgrade Projects Average Cost Structure Support 2-5% Change management / training Software license 0-5% Project management 0-10% Hardware / infrastructure 0-20% SAP technical upgrade 10-20% 15-25% Testing Custom code & modification adjustment 25-60% 10-30% Source: SAP Upgrade Experience Database © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

new functionalities.Upgrades to SAP ERP 6.6C Strategic upgrade 12% Technical upgrade + subs.0 were performed as “Technical upgrade only”  BUT: Think BIG. functional enhancements 4% Technical upgrade only 5% Technical upgrade + subs. new processes. new technologies) Source: SAP Upgrade Experience Database © 2012 SAP AG.g.0 after the technical upgrade (e.0 Approach in Upgrades by Source Release SAP R/3 Enterprise Strategic upgrade Functional upgrade SAP R/3 4. All rights reserved. functional enhancements Functional upgrade 2% Technical upgrade only 20% Total: 103 upgrades 64% 14% Total: 167 upgrades 79%  Most upgrade projects to SAP ERP 6. start small Unlock the value of SAP ERP 6. 19 .

5 2.5 Upgrade blueprint phase Upgrade realization phase Final preparation for cutover phase Production cutover & support phase 0 7 3 2 5 10 Weeks 15 20 25  Average project duration 4-5 months  With unicode conversion 4-6 weeks longer * Duration of project phases according to the SAP Upgrade Experience Database (in weeks). © 2012 SAP AG.0 Average Duration of Project Phases in Weeks * Project duration Project preparation phase 19.6C . overlaps or gaps between the project phases are possible. For each project phase. 20 . All rights reserved. average for releases SAP R/3 Enterprise and SAP R/3 4.Upgrades to SAP ERP 6. In a project.5 2. the median value of all answers is shown.

0?  Upgrade Now! with the Help of SAP Enterprise Support  Additional SAP Support Offerings  Next Steps  How To Get Started? .Agenda  Why Upgrade to SAP ERP 6.

during and after the upgrade project. Fast & Secure With the Help of SAP Enterprise Support SAP Enterprise Support provides assistance before. Execute the upgrade project Handover to operations Analysis of the go-live and remote support during the go-live After Get ready with the upgrade project During Analyze the impact on business processes Analyze the amount of downtime involved with the project Before Make sure the modification in the system are valid and needed Help with the maintenance of customer„s custom code Assist with ensuring enhancements are installed correctly Manage and automate efficient testing Analyze the technical aspect of the upgrade project Tool provided to understand needed business functionality Assistance with SAP Solution Manager functionality implementation Tool provided to retrieve all necessary software and support packages © 2012 SAP AG.Making the Upgrade Easy. All rights reserved. 22 .

   Accelerated innovation enablement Expert-guided implementation Guided self-services     Guidance Collaboration Group of Upgrade Experts © 2012 SAP AG....Upgrade Now! with the Help of SAP Enterprise Support Your Benefits as a Customer ≤ ERP 2004 360° Review for Upgrade   Upgrade Now! SAP Enterprise Support Academy   SAP ERP 6..0 .   Upgrade scoping Technical components for upgrade Business questionnaire Customer specific proposal regarding upgrade process Best practices for upgrade Meet the expert series for upgrade Continuous quality checks Modification justification check Custom code maintainability check Methodologies SAP Solution Manager Enhancement package installer And many more. SAP Upgrade Support Advisory Upgrade Community 23 ..and tools    SAP Enterprise Support services. All rights reserved..

24 .Individual Support Throughout the Entire Upgrade Project Access to SAP Upgrade Support Advisory to understand existing offerings Preparation Check 360° Review for Upgrade and Onboarding Technical Requirements  CQC Upgrade Assessment  Identification of potential risks and challenges Upgrade Service Plan Preparation for CQC delivery Business Requirements  360° Check  Business Questionnaire  Overall situation Onboarding Session  Upgrade Scoping  Expert-guidance Service recommendations for customerspecific upgrade scenario SAP Upgrade Support Advisory © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

Technical safeguarding 25 . All rights reserved.SAP Enterprise Support Services for Upgrade Projects Upgrade Services (Sample) Sandbox upgrade Preparation & Blueprint DEV upgrade QAS upgrade 4 weeks before GoLive GoLive 4 weeks after GoLive CQC Upgrade Assessment CQC Downtime Assessment CQC for Upgrade Analysis CQC for Upgrade Verification CQC Going Live Support SAP CQC Upgrade Assessment To be done before upgrade of DEV system SAP CQC Downtime Assessment To be done after test upgrade of a system with similar amount of data like the production system GoingLive Analysis Performed 4 weeks before Go Live GoingLive Verification Performed 4 weeks after Go Live SAP CQC Going Live Support Performed from day 1 until day 5 after Go Live Mitigation of risk and efforts © 2012 SAP AG.

. library full of product-. 26 . All rights reserved. etc..and operating system-specific how-to guides for your everyday business live webinars conducted by SAP experts on SAP Enterprise Support services and SAP Solution Manager live expert sessions to evaluate the innovation capabilities of enhancement packages for SAP Business Suite remote sessions by experienced SAP service experts providing workshop style interaction which you can run any time and at your own pace in your own system landscape Tutorial on how to make or change system settings by providing the related system recording Access role-based content in the format that suites you best © 2012 SAP AG. database.The SAP Enterprise Support Academy Experience 2012 Your One-Stop Shop for SAP Enterprise Support Services Solution Lifecycle Methods & Tools Best Practices Meet the Expert Sessions Accelerated Innovation Enablement ExpertGuided Implementation Guided Self-Services Quick-IQs.

27 . All rights reserved.0  This meet the expert session is part of the Upgrade Now! Program Visit the Replay Library to watch the recorded sessions on other upgrade related topics: • Value of Upgrade • Customer-specific maintenance • SAP Solution Manager in upgrade projects • Modification adjustment • Unicode Conversion • Hardware Planning • Highlights in Enhancement Package 6 for SAP ERP © 2012 SAP AG.SAP Enterprise Support Academy Meet the Expert Series for Upgrade Meet the Expert Series Upgrade Now! Program ≤ ERP 2004 Upgrade Now! Upgrade Now! SAP ERP 6.

SAP Solution Manager in a Nutshell 11 core process areas to support you throughout the ALM lifecycle SAP Solution Manager addresses your entire IT environment Including all the processes. and an organizational model to manage SAP and non SAP solutions throughout the complete application lifecycle. 28 . tools. Upgrade Management Custom Code Management Maintenance Management Business Process Operations Technical Operations Application Incident Management SAP Solution Manager Solution Documentation Solution Implementation Template Management Test Management Change Control Management © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. services.

and report on the test progress and test results.Test Management All SAP test capabilities provided & integrated with SAP Solution Manager Defines the integration testing requirements and test scope based on a change impact analysis. Key Elements    + Business Impact & Key Benefits  More efficient test phase management Test Automation Framework with third party tools Test Scope Identification & Optimization with BPCA Selected Highlights  Checks impact of planned changes on critical business processes Methodology and capabilities to test business processes from start to finish SAP Solution Manager acts as central hub to access included and integrated test capabilities Smooth integration of HP QTP – including two free licenses for all SAP customers with SAP Enterprise Support – and other 3rd party test automation tools   © 2012 SAP AG. It is used to develop automatic and manual test cases. 29 . All rights reserved. manage the testers.

All rights reserved. it delivers transparency on Custom Code objects.  Minimizes maintenance and correction effort   30 . From conception to retirement. + Key Elements    Lifecycle Management for custom code Custom Development Management Cockpit Optimization tools Business Impact & Key Benefits  Reduces custom code governance Selected Highlights  Generic and sustainable Custom Code Library as the central repository of custom objects across systems Clonefinder to provide transparency and optimize custom code objects Enhanced Custom Development Management cockpit features © 2012 SAP AG. utilization and business impact. automates the analysis of every change and clearly identifies their usage.Custom Code Management Get full transparency of all custom code objects across systems Provides comprehensive insight on how companies can efficiently and effectively manage their home grown Custom Code.

and providing a clear upgrade strategy with transparent requirements  Allows to better understand and manage major technical risks and challenges within an upgrade project Achieve rapid innovation with SAP EhPs © 2012 SAP AG. adaptation. and implementation of new and enhanced business and technical scenarios. 31 .Upgrade Management Makes your upgrades a non-event for the business Represents the identification. and uses SAP Solution Manager to holistically and effectively manage the upgrade project end-to-end Key Elements   + Business Impact & Key Benefits  Integration of Upgrade Dependency Analyzer Comprehensive project support for release transitions Selected Highlights  Upgrade Dependency Analyzer ensures smooth landscape transition by detecting dependencies and side effects early. All rights reserved.

of for individual solutions of the SAP Business Suite. planned innovations and future direction of SAP‟s products and solutions Webinars on SAP Innovation Roadmap and EHPs  Focusing on SAP‟s innovations. the new business functionality and enhancement package enablement EHP Pricing Transparency  Transparency on the license implications of implementing an SAP enhancement package via OSS note 1524246 Looking for a central point of access? http://service. 32 . For details please visit service. All rights reserved.Identifying and Assessing Business Suite Innovations  It is easy nowadays for customers to identify SAP„s Business Suite innovations and assess their value Business Function Prediction for SAP ERP  Customer-specific report highlighting relevant enhancement package functionality based on your current system usage Solution Browser  Delta functionality after an upgrade or the installation of an enhancement package SAP Roadmaps  Insight into today‟s solutions.com/findinnovation © 2012 SAP AG.sap.com/findinnovation Note: the offerings mentioned on this slide are for the entire SAP Business Suite.sap.

easy & secure upgrade to SAP ERP 6. All rights reserved. both from a technical point of view and from a business perspective Individual service plan for upgrade project Comprehensive set of tools and services of SAP Enterprise Support + + + + = Knowledge transfer for upgrade related topics via the SAP Enterprise Support Academy Individual expert-guidance throughout the entire upgrade project by the upgrade support advisory Fast.Why Customers Should Join the Upgrade Now! Program Upgrading Has Never Been Easier + Holistic analysis of potential risks and challenges associated to upgrading.0 with the help of SAP Enterprise Support © 2012 SAP AG. 33 .

0?  Upgrade Now! with the Help of SAP Enterprise Support  Additional SAP Support Offerings  Next Steps  How To Get Started? .Agenda  Why Upgrade to SAP ERP 6.

35 . All rights reserved.SAP Premium Engagements Solving Business Challenges Accelerated innovation without disruption  Latest technologies alongside existing systems to leapfrog support business needs and growth Business continuity  24 x 7 schedule in a globalized world Business process improvement  Maximize the value of what you have Reduced total cost of operations  To meet efficiency needs and engineering skills constraints © 2012 SAP AG.

All rights reserved.Engineering Approach Keeping an Eye on Upgrades UNIQUE CAPABILITIES Technically Focused PRO-ACTIVE Technical Technical Risk Mitigation Manages Impact and Probability of Technical Issues Technical Optimization Reduces Total Cost of Operation MethodologiesAssessment that are exhaustive and proven Delivers Mission Critical Technical Issue Identification Knowledge of latest Issues and technologies Skill of 9. 36 .000 experts TECHNICAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Expertise on Demand in Time Experience from hundreds of thousands of resolutions RE-ACTIVE  Holistic End-to-End approach = from Evaluation to Cutover  Packaged approach = series of checks building upon one another  Continuous coordination and understanding = Technical Quality Manager (TQM) controls all Frontoffice / Backoffice activities © 2012 SAP AG.

All rights reserved. stability and consistency BUT also improve existing test procedure to reduce risks and costs Embedded technical resources to facilitate and optimize go-live activities Mitigation of risk and efforts © 2012 SAP AG. interface) which may cause negative business impact • • Verify technical performance indicators • Check of functional feasibility and risk of business disruption • Check other impact on existing IT landscape / solution e. sizing aspects Optimize testing with focus on performance.g.SAP Premium Support Services for Upgrade Projects Upgrade Services (Sample) Sandbox upgrade Preparation & Blueprint DEV upgrade QAS upgrade Final Prep GoLive Production Cutover & Support Embedded Technical Quality Manager Technical Feasibility Technical Integration Check CQC for Upgrade Analysis CQC for Upgrade Verification Tune and Optimize Volume Testing and Optimization CQC Upgrade Assessment Downtime Optimization On-Site Go-Live Support • Optimize technical upgrade by tuning standard procedure to meet customer’s downtime window • CQC Downtime Assessment • Check of the technical feasibility and risks of an upgrade • Assess in-depth technical risk factors (e.g. Technical safeguarding 37 .

0?  Upgrade Now! with the Help of SAP Enterprise Support  Additional SAP Support Offerings  Next Steps  How To Get Started? .Agenda  Why Upgrade to SAP ERP 6.

0 including SAP enhancement packages are: Operational excellence. An average upgrade project lasts 4 to 5 months and creates a business downtime between 1 and 2 days. Upgrade Advisory) © 2012 SAP AG. 39 .g. • SAP Solution Manager is the platform to support upgrade projects effectively (e.0 is the path to SAP‟s Next Generation Solutions (SAP Business Suite.g. test management. upgrade management. All rights reserved. Efficient testing and downtime minimization are key challenges during an upgrade project. Analytics). Expert Guided Implementations (EGI) • Join SAP Upgrade Now! Program to get the full bandwith of SAPs support (e. 360° Review. custom code management) • SAP Enterprise Support provides a bundle of services to ensure knowledge transfer and to facilitate upgrade projects: Services. The four value areas for SAP ERP 6. Memory. Cloud.Key Take Aways Upgrading Has Never Been Easier • SAP ERP 6. business flexibility. sustainability and TCO reduction • Upgrade is not a myth anymore. Meet the expert sessions . Most customer start with a pure technical upgrade to reduce risk.

© 2012 SAP AG.com/upgradeNow Join the Upgrade Now! program via the SAP Service Marketplace. All rights reserved.Upgrade Now! Program Next steps for Enterprise Support customers Next steps… Get Started! Join today http://service. 40 .sap. The Upgrade Now! Team will get in touch with you to work out the detailed upgrade service plan.

com George Cheong SAP Active Global Support SAP Brasil E-Mail george.Celina Fernandes SAP Upgrade Office SAP Brasil E-Mail celina.com .com Thank You! Luiz Mestrinel SAP Active Global Support SAP Brasil E-Mail luiz.mestrinel@sap.cheong@sap.fernandes@sap.

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