My great grandfather used to stand in a queue for hours to get milk to feed his family of 5.

This was before independence, milk was a luxury, and it was in short supply. Now, we get our milk packets delivered at home. The reason behind this is White Revolution led by Dr. Kurien. Milk production was low and Indian breeds were way behind their foreign counterparts. It was decided to increase the milk production in the country and this came to be known as the White Revolution or Operation Flood Dr. Kurien who was a dairy engineer came in touch with the Chairman of a fledgling milk cooperative in Gujarat in the year 1949. He made the cooperative modern and competitive. He stayed back in small-town Anand, Gujarat to help develop the milk cooperative movement. The cooperative movement spread across the country and it helped change the face of rural India. Farmers who got into the milch business started using the money they earned to improve the lives of their families, sending their children to schools and improving nutrition. Today there are over 65000 milk cooperatives across thousands of villages in India. India is the largest milk producer in the world today contributing 17% of the total milk produced in the world. It caters to the global milk needs. 70 million dairy farmers in India have a lot to look forward to with increasing demand for milk products. The industry is valued at Rs. 1250 billion. Dr. Kurien through White Revolution has ensured that the future generations will have adequate milk supply to take care of nutrition and we are reaping the benefits of his efforts.

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