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Narth Texas LULAC District 3 6500 Greenville Avenne, Suite 100 Dallas, Texas 75206 May 5, 2009 sgard Member ‘Grealer Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 4822 Maple Avenut, Suite 207 Dallas, Texas 75219 Per | understand thet you serve on the GDHCC Board of Directors as a Corporete Representative of Mary Kay Corporation The purpose of this letter is fo provide notice that Mr. Hector M. Flores, immediate Past LULAC National President has contacted me with information that causes concem regarding the manner In which the current selection process to fill the Presiden¥/CEO position with the GDHCC has been administered, | am the Chaieperson of the Civil Rights Committee for LULAC District Il, This information appears to suggest that most Chamber staff members involved in the selection process have denied Mr. Flores and others a fair and just review of theit qualifcatlone and experiences during recent daliberations to fill the available position of President/CEO. This includes such comments about Mr. Flores as “does not relate to women or is disrespectful” and “cannot relate to young peopie’. It appears that these comments have been made known to members of the selection teant as well as in other social gatherings in an attempt to deny Mr Flores full consideration for the position in question. Some of these comments are attributed to you Some of your colleagues on the GDHCC Board have reported your disparaging remarks, Furthermore, does this not appear to be defamatory and discriminatory? Were any derogatory comments related (0 other applicants made known to ihe Selection team? Furthermore, this same Information seems to indicate pre-selaction which is in violation of Title Vil of the Civil Rights Act of 1984, 28 amended. Information reports that 2 male applicant was told” the Job was in the bag and that it was a done deal and for him lo relocate to Dallas, Texas". E-mails from this candidate to the former CEO to this effect substantiate these allegations. These e-mai’s should be in your possession by now. it appears that this individual is also @ personal friend of the former PresidenJCEO and that an attempt was made to hire him on a temporary basis so as to give him a leg up on competing for the position. Another Instance involves @ female applicant interviewing chamber staff persons to determine what certain staffing duties were so as to prepere herself with operational knowledge of the Chamber for future Interviews. Here again, Mr. Flores and other applicants were not afforded the very Same opportunities fo enharice their chances for selection. It ‘2ppe2rs that certain Board members, screening committee members and others outside the chamber mainstream i their haste to promote their own applicant (8) In the hiring process, decided to, malign the good character of certain candidates on the basis of age to impugn lack of ability or compatibilly of Mr. Flores and others to become PresidenCEO. Here again, let's not ignore the prohibition of discrimination in the workplace as per provisians under the Age Discrimination in Emplayment Act of 1967 © 2 May 5, 2003 aa: it is incumbent upon us to let you know thal the approved ongoing selection process in piace tM the available positon of Presiden/CEO is highly questionable. potentially in volation of two (2) federal employment discrimination statuies and wil gnly sult n destroying the very positive community image that the Greater Dellas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has developed and naluted over ie many years of operation. Will this rot affect yaur continued effets to increase yout membership numbers? Since vou 210 CTI Vener of the GOCE Board of Oreo, 6 our responsibilty to inform Company offclals! thase very serious charges. th elosing, the LULAC District IM Civil Rights Committee wil be conducting a thorough review of available ioformation related to thls matter and wil forward recommendations to the LULAC Texas Executive Board tor thelr consideration. In the past LULAC has taken on similar issues to litigation or recommended economic sanctions against employers (¢.c QM Corporation) to Include boycolling companies and picketing ta inform our constituencies about discriminatory conduct on the part of these employees and the companies they represent. In the event thal you may wish to rebut any or all of the Issues outlined in this letter please contact me 289 follows: or 214-642-2702, Happy Cinco de Mayo to you! Ed Elizondo, Chaieperson LULAC District ti Civil Rights CC: Mrs. Rosa Rosales, Notional LULAC President Mr. Luis Vera, LULAC Legal Counsel Mr. Joey Cardenas, Texas LULAC State Director Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board Members ‘May 21, 2009 Via Electronic and Regular Mail Ed Elizonde Chaitpetson LULAC Distaer IIL 6511 Greenville Avenue, Suite 190 Dallas, TX 75204 REE: Lerter dared May 5, 2009 A Deat Mr. Elizondo, Please be advised that Thave been retained to ceprescne URED in he above aamned matter. All futher commminication must be directed 16 chis office. You must refrain from contacting her directly. Furthetmore, 1 would like for yon to clarify your tole in this matter and speciically LULAC's role This lerter will serve as notice that you and your organization are ordered to cease and desist from making false claims about my client, inchading but not limiced to any statements that have heen falsely atesbuted to her. Your false and careless comments have left you and your orgenization open possible libel and slander actions. At this time we would bke to gave you the eppomnmity to provide us with sworn affidavits from all of your sources that outline your previous allegations so that we may promptly respond co them, By now you have learned that my client had no patt in the selection process that, ‘once considered but diel not select your “chosen” candidate as a finalist. It appears that after the democratic process was concluded, yous candidate tied to subvert the commitree’s selection and deny others the fair oppoxtunity to interview by Jobbying to be added as a finalist. He was rebutted hy an overwhelming majority of the board members. Jn an attempt to force his selection, he and yonr organization have engaged in the present smear campaign against may client and others. Your actions to intimidate board members with false accusations have brought embarrassment to the Hispanic Community and they should cease immediately. In addition, your communications and threats to my client's employer ave false, unprofessional, contrary to the promotion of basiness and they must siop. They ate akin to roxtions intetference with a business /contracmal relationship and are actionable Iyy law.