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ABIS over IP configuration Guide

• There are Two way for GBTS ABIS over IP configuration • Flash Drive • SMT

• Plug-in USB Flash drive in GTMU board. . • Copy the BTS configuration in flash drive.Abis over IP configuration by using Flash Drive • Need USB flash drive and BTS configuration File.

ABIS over IP configuration by using SMT • Connect laptop to the BTS. • As per provided plan Configure the BTS by using SMT software .

. go to the site and connect the LAN cable between the transmission FE1 port and GTMU FE0 port.Basic Steps for start the configuration • Check the BTS Hardware and Powered ON. • If the transmission is ping able. • Check the CWO status with CWO engineer. the port for BTS should be defined in the transmission side. • Ping test from RTN or GPON to the BSC gateway is OK.

• Create a folder named BTS3900 GSM in the USB flash drive.ini file from the BSC integration can get the TransCfg. • create a folder named Site0 (the name is the site name ) in the folder BTS3900 GSM. . • Copy the TransCfg.ini file to the folder .USB Flash Drive for GBTS Commissioning • Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port of the computer.

• Check with BSC integration team whether the BSC can Ping to the BTS IP. make sure the GTMU board is power on and working normal.• Check the status of the GBTS. • Put the USB flash into the USB port of the GTMU. Otherwise. the file load fails. • Do not remove the USB flash drive during the period from plugging in the flash drive to the duration of normal operation of the base station. .


0 .255.Use SMT for GBTS Commissioning • Set your computer IP address like below: IP address is 192.subnet mask is


• Run the SMT software. and the other end is connected to the Ethernet port on the a laptop. .• Use an Ethernet cable to connect the BTS and the laptop. One end is connected to the ETH port on the GTMU of the main cabinet.

• Obtaining the Site Management Rights by click the “Site Management Right” and then click “Get”. .

select Site. .• In the left pane of the SMT System window. double-click IP over FE Static IP and Confirm the static IP network. and then click OK. In the right pane of the window.

Attribute to be set in BTS BTS Type 3900L Controller Card GTMU Type of Integration Configuring IP's from Script Integration Steps Commands 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Enable Static IP Enter BTS IP & Mask Enter BSC IP & Mask Enter VLAN Enter Router 1 IP's Enter Router 2 IP's Enter Router 3 Ip's Qauery & Verify Check Ping .

Click Config Para to complete the settings of the IP addresses and VLAN parameters. set the IP addresses of the BTS and BSC and other related parameters step by step like below. the parameters in the red box are the same to all the sites.• • In this dialog box. the parameters in the yellow box are different to different sites. .

• Click the Config Router tab. first one goes to BSC DEVIP. other one goes to IPCLK1. set the route of the BTS. Add the router to BSC like below: • Every site we need add 3 router(1.3). as shown in the below snapshot. • . On the Config Router tab page.2.the last one goes to IPCLK2.

• Add the router to IPCLK1 like below: .

• • Add the router to IPCLK2 like below: Click Config Para to complete the setting of the route .

• • Click the Query tab. On the Query tab page. . click Query to query the static IP addresses Make sure all the parameters are correct according to the IP design.

choose “Board Reset” to reset the site. . then right click GTMU board.• Click the “Board” in the left panel .then click “Board Management”.

• • After the site reset. . you should contact the BSC integration team and check whether they can PING to the BTS IP. If the site is UP. if the site is UP. you can see the board is OK. also you should check with the BSC integration Team whether there are any alarms in the BTS and Clear all the alarms.

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