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LUX-THE BEAUTY SOAP Consumer Beliefs and Attitude Formation

Group 1 CIMP

4. etc.Questions to be answered… 1. given its long established brand equity. In your opinion. Lux has traditionally positioned the brand by influencing consumer beliefs and attitudes by highlighting on the theme of “beauty soaps of film stars”. you want to enter new product categories. As a brand manager of Lux. why has HUL adopted this approach instead of highlighting certain brand features or benefits? If you are to expand the base of the market by suitably changing the consumers’ existing beliefs and attitudes what kind of strategies will adopt e. What kind of personal use product categories will you venture into? what will be the nature of your communication to differentiate the brand from other “me-too” or similar quality brands of toilet soaps? . choose a new theme of brand positioning. 3. changing beliefs about the brand? Add some new attributes.g. 2.

Answer to question 1  Unique selling proposition: Use of Lux makes every individual beautiful .

Answer to question 2 Attributes:  Lather smooth  Long lasting Theme: “Feel the beauty in you” .

Answer to question 3 Possible new product categories can be:  Scrub soap  Lux men  Baby lux  Lux hair gel (hair styling cream)  Lux talc  Lux shaving cream  Lux face wash .

Answer to question 4  Advertisement using concert at mall Advertisement giving pass to the consumer when they reach to any retail outlet or local kirana shop to buy Lux  .