FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Oh Threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise”, by John Fee Gibson, will have you

feeling the sunshine and smelling the summer rains of the Appalachian countryside. For Immediate Release – (Fairfield, Ohio. – July 20th, 2013) “Oh Threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise”, by John Fee Gibson, introduces a volume of short stories largely inspired by the Quatrains, or four line poems, of the twelfth century philosopher Omar Khayyam. Mr. Gibson’s stories contain snippets of life from the Appalachian sharecropper to the disenchanted college professor who agonizes over his imagined impotency to contribute something original to posterity. There are no earthshaking discoveries or “How To’s” contained in “Oh Threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise.” It is a book to pick up on a quiet night when you just want to get lost in the words. And, when you finish these stories you will no doubt ask yourself “why in the world would that old man write such stuff?” A few days later, however, you may find, floating along the rivers of your mind, the answer. Gibson’s collective bottom line of these tales is that “LIFE” is a quandary, and man is forced to live it. He never knows how or why unless he is in some way mentally connected to that higher power most of us choose to call God! John Fee Gibson was born and raised among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Southeastern Kentucky. He later moved to Ohio where he graduated from Ohio State University. Mr. Gibson is a retired manufacturing engineer and educator. He presently resides in Fairfield, Ohio. You are welcome to contact the author at: Media Contact First Edition Design Publishing Sarasota, Florida
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