IN THE STILLNESS OF THE NIGHT All was quiet on that far away island, The moon shone down

on the sea and sands, And I looked out amazed by this wonderful sight, A beautiful stillness, no-one even walking the streets. Yet I knew I was not alone, For I will never be left on my own, My God was there with me, The unseen presence I could not see. And I gave Him thanks and praise, For such a beautiful place, And for taking me there so that I might behold, The peace and restful beauty of this island. He met me there refreshing my spirit, In the stillness, in this place so quiet, Troubles of life seemed so far away, And here in this quiet place I remembered to pray. My thoughts went to friends and loved ones, And I interceded for them before God’s throne, Remembering those who were hurting and in pain, And the miles between us seemed so small again, I looked up at the moon and stars, Contemplating the wonder of the universe, My thoughts went to the heavens beyond, And that far distant land, my future home. Irene McGough © 2013

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