Requirements ================= + Sound Card + DirectX 8.

1 or Higher + Windows 2000 or Higher (for Win2K you need installed GDI+ Library) LICENSE ================= This program is Freeware and it is distributed by a principle "as is". You can continue to distribute it in the same with original installation otherwise you will need to obtain permission from author. The program can be used without restriction on home computers, and computers used in business organizations. The program can not be sold to anyone with receiving profit without the permission of the author. Authors doesn't account for damage and losses of information, and also, for losses, sustained as a resault of using this program. CREDITS ================= BASS Audio Library © 1999-2008 Un4seen Developments Ltd. ( BASS_AAC Addon, © 2002-2006, MaresWEB ( Portions © 2006, M. Bakker, Nero AG. BASS_AC3 Addon, © 2002-2006, MaresWEB ( Portions © 2006 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. BASS_ALAC Addon, © 2002-2006, MaresWEB ( All rights reserved. Portions © 2006, David Hammerton. ( BASS_APE Addon © 2002-2006, MaresWEB ( Portions © 2000-2006, Matthew T. Ashland. ( BASS_MPC Addon © 2002-2006, MaresWEB ( Portions © 2006, The Musepack Development Team. ( BASS_OFR Addon © 2002-2006, MaresWEB ( Portions © 1996-2006, Florin Ghido. ( BASS_TTA Addon © 2002-2006, MaresWEB ( Portions © 1999-2006 Alexander Djourik. ( BASS_SPX © 2002-2006, MaresWEB ( Portions © 2002-2006, Jean-Marc Valin, Xiph.Org Foundation (

net) OGG Encoder (http://www.audiocoding.Fixed: wrong duration for *.musepack.Fixed: if program process was LAME MP3 Encoder (http://www.wv files in some times .51 Build 328 (15.Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.2008) ================================= * Updated: UTF8 encoding supports for cue-sheets .51 Build 320 (23. it doesn't start untill reboot .Fixed: playlist don't synchronize with list of audio library .FLAC Encoder (http://flac.51 Build 330 (30.11.Fixed: don't work Tempo and Pitch sound effects in B320 .mp3dev.12.2008) ================================= + Player: Bosnian and Croatian languages was added + Core: Ability to read ID3v1/2/APE tags for WavPack-format files * License agreement was updated * Audio Library: Adding files speeded up at 50 percents * Audio Library: Grouping by albums set as default "CardsView" mode for "show al l files" .Fixed: incorrect duration for some WAV-files .Fixed: Playlist playback was not started during playlist's navigation by hotke ys.Fixed: don't work 32-bits sound processing option in B320 AIMP v2.11.2008) ================================= * Usability was improved .Fixed: Autoplayback of playlist was not started after opening files if shuffle mode was active .Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.12.Fixed: Files with non-printing characters in the tag fields were not added to audio library .com/) History ================= AIMP v2.Fixed: crash of program sometimes when listening internet-radio . if the first track was "switched off" .net) FAAC Encoder (http://www.51 Build 323 (29.vorbis.Fixed: crash of shuffle-manager sometimes through switch between different pla ylists .Fixed: cache of files marks flushes during settings change .org) MusePack Encoder (http://www.2008) ================================= .

Fixed: Incorrect encoding of russian text which loaded from CDDB .50 Build 306 (10.2008) ================================= Core: Updated to BASS v2.Fixed: Wrong updating file information when CUE-Sheets playing .10.Fixed: Could not added to the playlist files with *.2008) ================================= + Player: Ability to save playlist with ansi-encoding .Fixed: Bug with renaming files by template with illegal characters .Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.Fixed: Sometimes changes did't saved in Audio library .Fixed: There were no statistics for files with duration less than 15 seconds i n Audio library .Fixed: Incorrect work of "Randomize files at playlist" function .10.fla extention .50 Build 312 (24.Fixed: Wrong automatic tracks numbering in audio converter AIMP v2..4 Core: New module for plug-ins management Core: New capabilities for Addon-plugin Core: Ability for all functions to set both global and local keys Core: SkinsEngine updated Core: The scheme of user's preferences storing is improved Core: Interaction with Winamp DSP / Input improved DSP-Engine: DSP-Engine: DSP-Engine: DSP-Engine: DSP-Engine: DSP-Engine: Audio Audio Audio Audio Audio Audio Audio Audio Audio Added Added Added Added Added Added logarithmic volume control filter for normalization of sound filter for reverse audio channels (for stereo only) filter for voice removal filter for passes silence when song playing Stereo Enhancer (for stereo only) Library: Library: Library: Library: Library: Library: Library: Library: Library: Engine switshed to SQLite3 Quick search for items in the groups-tree Ability to change the order of table columns Files add to the library by simply drag-n-drop An interface of library updated Quick navigation panel FLAC / APE / AAC / MPC support Expanded integration with player Relative paths saving for files from removable media Playlists: Ability to Autosave playlist at the address where it opened (kept in profile folder previously) Playlists: Ability to use conditional operator in a string templates Playlists: Ability to add folders series to playlist by Open dialog Playlists: Ability to cut the file from one playlist to another (when moving wit h Alt button down) Playlists: Code optimization Playlists: Support of m3u8 playlists Playlists: When you add folder to an empty playlist it name became as the name o f a folder Playlists: Bookmarks scrolling by mouse wheel in playlist Playlists: Load / save playlist's operations accelerated Playlists: Auto-sorting playlists in the window "Playlist Customization" Player: Ability to set a conversion table for non-Unicode strings Player: Added CD-Text support .

which could n Interface changed Advanced Tag Editor: Advanced Tag Editor: Advanced Tag Editor: Advanced Tag Editor: Advanced Tag Editor: Advanced Tag Editor: ot be renamed Advanced Tag Editor: AIMP v2.10 (30.03.Fixed: Bug with playlist window position in dualview mode .2008) ============================== + Player: Auto rename playlist on manual saving .2008) ============================== + Player: Arabic and Belarussian (true) localizations were added + Player: AutoJump to the next file in tag editor was added + Player: Function of template formation was speeded up + Player: Selection in playlist will move to the current file regardless of the focus if manual navigation used . MPC / MP + Ability to set cover for several files Ability to tags removing from multiple files Added Autofill tags function based on name / path of file Genres sorted alphabetically Code optimization Red highlighting with the group rename files.Fixed: Bug with Playlist selection in autojump to next playlist function .Fixed: Bug with tracklist genereation by template AIMP v2.11 (15.01.Fixed: Bug with randomize by playlist function in DragNDrop Mode . AAC.Fixed: Bug with QuickFileInfo updating .Fixed: Bug with playing of multichannel audio .Player: Added LastFM plugin for work with LastFM service Player: Further development of the "copy to folder" function .list of "recent f olders" added Player: Right-click on a traveling line to open the Quick Tag Editor Player: Stop button flashing when you set "stop after current track" option + Su pport of MMS protocol Player: Options for MIDI / MOD files playback Player: Display the real names of tracks instead of "next / previous file" on na vigation buttons Player: Playback status displaying in the tip of tray icon Player: Bookmarks Manager updated Player: CUE-Sheets module redesigned (track switching from the context menu of t he current playback position) Player: Options window ergonomic increased Player: Transparency settings are improved for main windows Player: Playlist saving on player close Quick Quick Quick Quick Quick Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Editor: Editor: Editor: Editor: Editor: Ability to edit path of the file Copy data to clipboard button Copy file to clipboard button Autofill tags based on name / path of file New design Advanced search: Ability to search for a job Playlist File Advanced search: Playlist Manager calls from Advanced search window Advanced search: Displaying the file number in the playlist Audio Audio Audio Audio Converter: Converter: Converter: Converter: Converter's engine redesigned Swithed to command-line encoders Interface changed Added encoders FLAC.Fixed: Bug with crossfade between tracks with active Mute or PreAMP modes .Fixed: Bug in CUE-Parser .

Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.08 Beta (30.2 Beta (11.12.1 Beta (03.2007) ============================== + Playlist: Left mouse click by category .09 (30.Fixed: Bug with blocking screensaver .12.3 Beta (23. Tajik.Fixed: Bug with global hot key assignment to "Remove Current" command .11.Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.+ Player: Azerbaijani. ñatalan.2007) ============================== . TIFF (for Win2K is required G DI+) + Audio Library: Auto-compressing DB every 2 weeks .now the result is not af fected by order of parts + Player: Quick search up & down by list + Player: Small visual changes + Player: Transparency of main windows .select all files in category .Fixed: Bug with visual plugin loading .12. PNG.08.Fixed: Bugs in SkinEngine .2007) ============================== + Player: 32-bit sound processing + Player: AIMP could divide internet-radio into tracks + Player: Auto-hide playlist in toolbar mode only if AIMP window is non-focused + Player: Jump to quick search by F3 + Player: Line formating of tracklist + Player: Manual scrolling of traveling line + Player: New Quick Tag Editor + Player: Quick File Info is available instead of information line + Player: Showing album covers from JPG.Audio Library: Bug with physically remove .2007) ============================== + Player: Help in russian was added + Player: LangPackages format was updated + Player: Search album covers algorith was updated + Player: Showing album covers from GIF .Library: bug in sorting items in playlists .08.Audio Library: Bug with sorting by rating . slovenian.Fixed: Bug with playlist painting .Fixed: Bug with reading lyrics from *. BMP. Thai localizations were a dded + Player: Method of searching in playlist was speeded up + Player: Method of searching in playlist was updated .Fixed: Bug with playlists creation .Fixed: Bug with Drag&Drop coping with wrong links .Fixed: Bug with AIMP working in minized mode .12.08.Fixed: Equalizer filter bug .Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.Fixed: Bug with radio recording with 32-bit sound processing .Fixed: Bug with visual plugin loading .Fixed: Bug with reading lyrics from FLAC AIMP v2.Fixed: Bug with minimization to tray .Audio Library: Bug with playing files from treelist .OGG files AIMP v2. ñhuvash.2007) ============================== .

07 Beta (29.03 Beta (14.2007) ============================== + Player: Ability to change font in information line + Player: DragAndDrop in playlist bookmarks + Player: Function "Search new files": searching in sub-folders now + Player: QuickEditor was wided + Player: Upgraded function "Open folder with file" .Fixed: Bug in Drag'n'Drop of files with unicode symbols in title .Fixed: Bugs in SkinEngine .09.Fixed: Bug in hidden folders adding . ability to save current playing position of file + Playlist: Playlist bookmarks sorting + Playlist: Search in all playlists + Playlist: Show dead file-links + Playlist: Variable width of playlist in Toolbar mode + Audio Library: New interface mode Card View + Audio Library: Saving last active item + Audio Library: Search by file names in library .Fixed: Bugs in winamp emulation module (with Input.Fixed: Bugs with playing MMS-stream .2007) ============================== + Player: New hotkey settings menu + Player: Now AIMP's interface supports unicode + Player: Radio records save in individual folders + Player: New sound effects: Tempo & Pitch + Player: File queue management by keyboard + Player: Set file rating in Quick File Info * Player: Removed title scrolling from playlist + Playlist: «Insert file after current» function was added + Playlist: New boolmarks menu.Fixed: Bug with track number of WMA files .Fixed: Bugs with playing some MP3s .Fixed: Bug with track lirics in ID3v2 tags .Fixed: Registry menu was not working in tag editor AIMP v2.Fixed: Bug in "stop after current" .Fixed: Bug in playing some MP3-files with VBR .2007) ============================== + Player: Ability of coping information of track to clipboard in QuickFileInfo + Player: Quick launch for equalizer and playlist settings + Player: Quick launch for skins in TrayControl + Player: Tags support utf16 format .Playlist: Bug in tag-scanner of playlist . Generic plugins) .10.Fixed: Speed up PLC-playlists loading AIMP v2.05.Fixed: Bug in playing WAV-files grabbed by WMP .2 Beta (01.Fixed: Bugs with shuffle mode .+ - Audio Library: Improved Add to DataBase menu Audio Library: Bug with language changing Audio Library: Bug with scrolling of list if it contains more than 32000 files Sound Recorder: Fixed bug with hotkey settings Fixed: Bug with reading track number from tag with non-numerical tag-data Fixed: Bug with saving options in limited account Fixed: Bug with saving state of DSP plugins Fixed: Bug with Unicode Fixed: Bug with wake up Fixed: Some bugs were fixed AIMP v2.Playlist: Fixed focusing on player during D'n'D in playlist .10.

09. balance and speed in travel ling line of display + Audio Library: Highlighting of current playing item + Audio Library: Now released as pluginf + Audio Library: Selection of columns in table + Audio Library: Set rating from player's menu .Fixed: Bug with SkinEngine .Fixed: Bug with reading APE tags . WMA files + Tag Editor: MPC tags support + Tag Editor: UTF8 support for all tags + Sound recorder: Ability to set hot keys to turn on/off the recording + Sound recorder: Preview mode .02 Beta (01.08.Fixed: Bug with Drag'n'Droping files from playlist to other applications .4 tags Bug in reading some CUE Bug in saving path of folder to record radio Did'n show covers of albums Drawing frames in Windows Vista Other small bugs AIMP v2.Fixed: Bug with Ogg radio .2007) ============================== + Main: Ability of autocreating tracklist for internet radio capturing + Main: Ability of changing icon-schemes for file associations + Main: Ability of global volume controll + Main: Ability of scrolling title at button in the taskbar + Main: Ability of turn off the computer after N-th number of tracks + Main: Ability of viewing the album cover for current track + Main: ASX-Playlists support + Main: Audio library + Main: CUE sheets support + Main: New style of program + Main: New version of "Analog Meter" plugin + Main: New version of sound engine and ogg codec + Main: Support opening multiple files from command line + Playlist: Ability make playlist as desktop toolbar + Playlist: Ability of sorting playlists tabs + Playlist: Ability to dock/undock playlist from main window.Fixed: Bug with "StayOnTop" mode .Fixed: Bug with file-association .00 Beta 1 (08.2007) ============================== + Player: Adjustment of crossfading duration + Player: AIMP applications' interplay module was remade + Player: Analog Meter was updated + Player: New tray status icon + Player: Saving number of track in .PLC + Player: Showing the adjustment of value of volume.- Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Bug in reading ID3v2.Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2. change horizontal size + Playlist: Grouping files in playlist with selected scheme + Playlist: New style of playlist + Playlist: Quick search + QuickEditor: Ability of multi editing + QuickEditor: Ability of save tags to playing file + Tag Editor: Graphic tags support for MP3.

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