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Acrobat 3d 9.0 Help

Acrobat 3d 9.0 Help

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Ayuda de Acrobat 9 Professional Extended
Ayuda de Acrobat 9 Professional Extended

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Published by: ggoyes on May 23, 2009
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Organizer window overview

Organizer helps you find PDFs that you’ve previously opened and PDFs that you’ve organized into collections and
favorites. With Organizer, you can see thumbnail images of PDF pages to quickly identify files. Use Organizer to
organize related PDFs without changing their location in your file structure. You can also use Organizer to quickly
browse, find, and sort PDFs that you recently viewed.

The Organizer and Organizer-related commands are available in the File menu. After you select one or more files
within the Organizer, you can start one of several different tasks using the buttons above the file list.

Organizer window in Windows
A. Categories pane B. Files pane C. Pages pane

Categories pane

The categories pane of the Organizer window is divided vertically into sections that contain categories. These items
can help you locate and organize PDFs that reside on your computer, on a network, and on the web.

History Contains subcategories that list all the PDFs that you’ve opened during a specified period of time. You can’t
change the subcategory names or manually add PDFs to the History, which is updated each time you open a PDF and
as time passes. You can, however, clear the entire history by using the Clear History button in the files pane. You can
also specify the maximum length of the file history or turn it off. Open the Preferences dialog box and under
Documents, select a value for Remember Files In Organizer History For.

My Computer Lists the hard drives and folders in their current hierarchy. This category is especially useful if you know
where a particular PDF resides.




Updated 11 March 2009




Favorite Places Lists any folders, network locations, and web directories that you’ve specified as favorite destinations.
This category functions like bookmarks or favorite destinations used for quick access in a web browser. In this case,
however, the destinations are folders or hard drives that contain PDFs. You can add or remove destinations from the
Favorite Places list, but you can’t edit the destination names.

Collections Contains collection folders that list all PDFs that you’ve associated with each particular collection folder.
Each collection folder can point to multiple PDFs no matter where each PDF is located. For example, a single collection
folder can list PDFs that are located in different folders on your computer, on a network, and on the web. You can
change each collection folder name, add new collection folders, and add PDFs to each collection folder.

Note: Collections and PDF Portfolios both involve multiple PDFs, but in different ways. A PDF Portfolio is itself a PDF
file that can be composed of multiple files and that exists in a folder on your computer. For example, you can attach a
PDF Portfolio to an email message. Collections are more like reminders that help you find related files that are stored in
different locations on your computer.

Files pane

The files pane in the Organizer window lists the PDFs that are within the subcategory or folder selected in the
categories pane; each PDF listing shows the filename, modification date, page number, file size, location, and a
thumbnail image of the first page. You can sort the list by filename, metadata information, number of pages, file size,
modification date, and date last opened.

Use the buttons at the top of the Organizer window to open, print, email, or combine one or more selected PDFs; in
addition, you can send a selected PDF for review or approval.

Pages pane

The pages pane of the Organizer window displays thumbnails for every page of all PDF files that are selected in the files
pane. The Zoom slider and buttons at the bottom of the pages pane let you adjust the size of the page thumbnails.

Selecting a PDF (left) reveals a thumbnail for each page in the pages pane (right).

Adjust the Organizer window

You can make changes to your view of the Organizer.

See also

“Other options for combining files” on page120

“Starting a review” on page152

Updated 11 March 2009




Display the Organizer window

❖Choose File > Organizer > Open Organizer.

It isn’t necessary to open the Organizer window if you want to open a PDF in a collection, create a new collection, add
an open PDF to a collection, or open a PDF from your history of opened PDFs. Choose File > Organizer or File>
History to access commands that let you do all of these things.

Resize the Organizer and its panes

•To resize a pane relative to the other panes, drag the vertical bar that separates two panes.

•To resize the Organizer window, drag the left, right, or bottom edge of the window.

Sort the files pane list

1If necessary, select a subcategory or folder in the categories pane to display PDFs in the files pane.

2In the files pane, do any of the following:

•To sort the list of PDF files according to a particular property, choose a property from the Sort By menu.

•To change the sorting direction, click the Ascending Sort Order button

or the Descending Sort Order button

to the right of the Sort By menu.

•To view the location of the selected PDFs, right-click, and choose Show In Windows Explorer.

Organize PDF collections

You can manage PDF collections in the Organizer window.

Add a PDF to a collection

❖Do any of the following:

•Right-click the collection, choose Add Files, select one or more PDFs, and click Add.

•Right-click the PDF in the files pane, and choose Add To A Collection > [collection name].

•Drag a PDF from the Desktop or a folder to the collection in the categories pane.

•After selecting a subcategory in the History, My Computer, or Favorite Places category, drag a PDF from the files
pane to the desired collection.

•In Acrobat, open the PDF and choose File > Organizer > Add To A Collection. Then either select the collection to
which you want to add the PDF or click New Collection, type a name, and click Create.

You can open any PDF from a collection by using the Open button

in the Organizer window or by choosing the
PDF filename from a submenu directly in Acrobat. To open a PDF from a collection in Acrobat, choose Collections >
[collection name] > [PDF filename] from either the File > Organizer submenu or the Organizer menu

in the File


Edit the collection folders

•To rename a collection, right-click the collection name, choose Rename Collection, and then type the new name.

•To delete a collection, right-click the collection name, choose Delete Collection, and then click Yes in the
confirmation dialog box. The PDF files within the collection aren’t deleted from their original locations.

•To create a new collection, click the Create A New Collection button

in the Organizer window. Or, in Acrobat,

choose File > Organizer > Create A New Collection. Type a name for the collection.

Updated 11 March 2009




Move a PDF to a different collection

❖To move a PDF from one collection to another, select the collection that contains the PDF, right-click the PDF file
in the files pane, and choose Move To Collection > [collection name].

Remove a PDF from a collection

❖To remove a PDF from a collection, select the collection, click the PDF in the files pane, and press Delete.

Organize PDFs with the Favorite Places category

1To add an existing folder or hard drive to the category, click the Add A Favorite Place button

, select a folder or

hard drive, and click OK.

2To remove a folder or hard drive from the list of Favorite Places, right-click the item, and choose Remove [folder
name] From Favorite Places.

Expand views in the Categories pane

Items in the Categories pane can be expanded and collapsed so that you can see more of the structure. When you select
a date category, folder, or collection, all PDFs in that item are listed in the pages pane.

Expand an Organizer category

1Click the icon to the left of the category or folder.

2Select a subcategory or folder under a main category.

Expand the file structure

❖Select a folder in the My Computer category. All PDFs in that folder are listed in the files pane.

Start a task from the Organizer files pane

1Select a subcategory or folder under a main category in the categories pane to display PDFs in the files pane.

2Select one or more files.

3To perform an action on the selected PDF files, click one of the task buttons at the top of the Organizer window:

•To open, print, or email the PDF files, use the buttons above the files pane.

•To start combining PDF files into a single PDF file, click the Combine Files button and follow the instructions in

the wizard.

•To start a review, select the PDF and choose Send For Review > Send For Shared Review or Send For Review >
Attach For Email Review.

See also

“Other options for combining files” on page120

“Starting a review” on page152

Erase the history of opened PDFs

1Select a History subcategory in the categories pane.

2Click Clear History in the files pane.

Updated 11 March 2009




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