Teacher Training Program

Train to become a Pilates Instructor!
Next Session Runs: August 17th Thru September 22nd!
Sessions are held Saturdays and Sundays 12pm- 7pm @ Club Pilates Eastlake/Chula Vista

 Change your Career! o Make your own hours! o Franchise opportunities available for
graduates o Inspire Others with Health & Wellness

 Expand Your Knowledge! o Learn about the human body o Delve into the fundamentals of
Pilates and the concept of contrology

 Transform Yourself Physically and Mentally o Gain an understanding of  Have Fun & Love your job! o Spread positivity to others in your
community! o Stay fit and healthy!

combining the powers of mind and body connection

Our 500-hour education program will give you comprehensive knowledge of Pilates concepts, exercise & teaching techniques, and dives into the structure of the human body with anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics and applied Kinesiology!

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