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Viva Unit 2

Viva Unit 2

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Published by Ian Christie
unit 2
unit 2

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Published by: Ian Christie on Aug 01, 2013
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Viva – unit 2 When in a café you will probably be greeted by Buenos tardes - ¿Qué tal?

– how are things?, by friends and acquaintances. The waiter will ask ¿ Qué van a tomar? – what would you like, or ¿Qué tomas? – what will you have? To greet friends you can say ¿Cómo estás? Which is less formal than the ¿Cómo está? – How are you?

If you are introduced to somebody new, after the introduction of their name, you can say mucho gusto – I’m pleased. To which they should reply encantardo (m) or encantarda (f) To introduce someone you say éste es for a man and ésta es – this is….. followed by their name.
A good word to learn is Vale. It means OK, although it actually means ‘note’. When you learn a new word make sure that you learn whether is masc or fem. That way you’ll learn the word that goes before it – el or la. Un or una. Un hijo el hijo una hija la hija Un amigo el amigo una amiga la amiga Un zumo el zumo una cervaza la cervaza. A Spanish friend says to you at the bar, ¿Qué quieres tomar? You’d like a tonic water. What would you say? Quiero una tonica, por favor. A friend of his is introduced to you. There are three things you could say. What are they? Hola. ¿Qué tal? & encantardo. You introduce some of your friends. How do you introduce them? éste es mi amigo Dave. ésta es mi amiga Joan. When you have met a person for the first time and don’t want to call them by their first name, but don’t like calling them Mr or Mrs you can put Don in front of their first name if it’s a man and doña if it's a woman. This avoids the embarrassing situation of not knowing what to call them. There is no equivalent in English.

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