Viva – unit 3 In a shop you may be greeted by ¿qué desea? – what would you like?

After you’ve bought what you want, the stallholder might say ¿ algo más? Or ¿qué

más? This means something more – it's the Spanish equivalent of saying ‘anything else?’ If you don’t want anything just say, no, eso es todo. ¿Cuánto es?– no that’s all, how much? Or nada más – nothing more. You might want to ask for something. Tiene is the word to use, followed by the item. Tiene pan – have you any bread? Tiene queso – have you got any cheese? Tiene una botella de leche – have you got a bottle of milk? Tiene una bolsa – have you got a bag? If they give you too much, just say no, ésta más pequeña. – a little less – smaller.
If you want to ask someone how old they are, say,

¿Cuántos años tienes? If you can't understand the numbers, ask, ¿Cómo te escribir? And they’ll write it for you.

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