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Tutorial 8

Tutorial 8

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Published by: Lianah Mohd Shah on Aug 01, 2013
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Tutorial 8

Mathematics 2 MTH1022

(Topic 8 – Probability Distribution) 1. State the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis that would be used for a hypothesis test related to each of the following statements: a. The mean age of students enrolled in ICAM programs is greater than 22 years old. b. The mean weight of packages sent through Azam’s Courier Service during the last month was less than 50 kg. c. The mean production of DHAS per week is 100 set. d. The average monthly income of graduate young managers is more than RM2800. e. The average monthly electric bill for domestic usage is at least RM75. f. The average number of new luxury cars imported monthly is at most 400. g. The mean lifetime of locally produced tyres of 100000km stated by manufacturer is too high. 2. An article reports that the mean amount of family time per week for Malaysian men is 40 hours. A researcher believes that this amount is too large and decides to conduct a test. 60 men are selected randomly, and the researcher finds that the mean amount of family time is 35.8 hours per week. The standard deviation is 12.2 hours. Test at the level of significance 1%. 3. It was reported in a country that the mean age of all juveniles held in public custody in 2003 was 13 years. The mean age of 100 randomly selected juveniles currently being held in public custody is 12.4 years, and the standard deviation of the age is 1.01 years. Is there reason to worry that younger juveniles are being held in public custody now are compared to the year 2003? Perform the appropriate hypothesis test using . 4. For many semesters a lecturer has recorded student’s grades, and the mean for all these student’s grades is 75. The current class of 36 students seems to be better than average in ability and the instructor wants to show that, according to their average, “the current class is superior to previous classes”. Does the mean ̅ of 78.2 present sufficient evidence to support the lecturer’s claim that the current class is more superior? Use and . 5. A researcher reports that the average annual salary of a CEO is more than RM42,000. A sample of 30 CEOs has mean salary of RM43,260. The standard deviation of the population is RM5230. Using , test the validity of this report. 6. A researcher wants to test the claim that the average lifespan time for fluorescent lights is 1600 hours. A random sample of 100 fluorescent lights has mean lifespan 1580 hours, and standard deviation 100 hours. Is there evidence to support the claim at .

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