Subjective: “Masakit yung tahi ko” as verbalized by patient Objective: > Facial Grimace > Narrowed Focus > Incision site: wound: dry, no discharges noted. > V/S taken as follows, BB – 110/80 RR – 14 cpm PR – 110 bpm Temp – 38 C

Acute Pain related to disruption of skin, tissue, and muscle integrity.

Goal: After 8 hours of nursing interventions, the patient’s pain will be relieved or controlled. Objectives: By the 2 hours of nursing intervention the client will; >Report pain intensity from 4-6 will decrease at 2-3 from 0-10 pain scale. >Participate in demonstrating techniques to relieve pain. >Have ability to manage situation.

Independent: *Evaluate pain regularly noting characteristics, location, intensity (010 scale). *Review importance of nutritious fluid intake.


After 8 hours of nursing interventions, the patient’s pain was relieved or controlled.

*Provides information about needs for effectiveness of intervention. *Provide elements necessary for tissue regeneration or healing. *May relieve pain and enhance circulation. *Relieves muscle and emotional tension.

*Reposition as indicated.

*Encourage use of relaxation technique like deep breathing exercise. Collaborative: *Administer analgesics or non steroidal anti

*To relieve mild or moderate pain.

inflammatory drugs as prescribed.