SCOPE OF WORK • • • • • • • • • • • • Regular sweeping & mopping (wet & dry) of floor surface and staircase.

Regular cleaning of following factory area like production, processing, boiler, D.G set, panel rooms, fire fitting, utility, under the M/C lighting, maintenance, store, wear house, scrap yard, canteen, security office. Regular Scrubbing (wet & dry) as per applicability. Regular washing as per requirement. Clearance of debris from dustbin. Dusting of table & furniture. Dusting of wall Picture. Regular dusting of Venetian blinds / Curtains and their channel. Dusting of sofa and chair. Disinfection of Telephone. Cobweb cleaning and Dusting of lamps fitting and fixture as per schedule (schedule to charted out on take over the contract & a copy of the same will be circulated to you) Regular upkeep of toilets includes replenishment of naphthalene balls, urinal cubes, toilet rolls, odonil, W, C, S, fixture and fitting and dry the floor and liquid soap- the soap dispenser will be provided by us at actual or the same can be arranged by you. Cleaning all vertical surfaces / walls of stone / tiles including tiles in toilet area. Drains cleaning in side the premises. Daily cleaning of parking area, gardens roads. Regular cleaning of door & window. Cleaning of plant sun light roof glasses. Cleaning of roof top as per schedule. Policing the doors handles. Freshening of office cabins, Reception and toile from time with air freshener. Regular cleaning of cobwebs. Regular dusting of computers and cleaning with agenta as per schedule. Regular glass cleaning for reaching inside areas and external area. Proper waste disposal of Dry Garbage. Dusting of partition panels. Regular cleaning / dry & wet mopping of the workshop area including the use of Descalers and degreasers when necessary. The cleaning of outside glass façade (high rise areas) which will be done as per schedule Regular cleaning of reception area. Daily sweeping of the outside area. Washing the road as per schedule.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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