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SIT Placement Nbsp Knowledgebase

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SIt placement
SIt placement

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Published by: Sanchit Gupta on Aug 01, 2013
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Company : Trilogy Source : Ranjith Written test 1 1. Question on computing time complexity of given code segment 2.

Given a string B like 'qqwwett7' u have to write a code which will return a string A whose length is given by the number given at last. Like here u will return qqwwett. 3. 3. Given an array of integers 1 to N-1 where N is the array length. Two of the two ints in the array are set to 0. You have to write code to find these two numbers. 4. 4. Find if there is a loop in a linked list. It should be O(N) Written Test 2 1. Given a matrix of 0's and 1's. You have to find the maximum area of a rectangle containing only 1's. 2. Given a binary tree u have to find the diameter of the tree. i.e maximum distance between two nodes. Interview Questions: Round 1: 1. Given an array of integers which can be -ve, 0 or +ve. U are given a number S. You have to find two such integers x and y such that x+y=S. find the complexity. Code for constant time and another for constant space. 2. Given a min heap. Give an algorithm to find sorted linked list from this Heap. 1) You can destroy the contents of the nodes like rearrange them. 2) You can’t modify the heap. 3) Answer should be time & space efficient. Round 2: 1. Given an array of integers with N number they can be -ve 0 or +ve. Only one of them is repeated. You have to find that number in constant space n time efficient manner. 2. Suppose these numbers in problem 1 are from 0 to N-1 then how you will do. 3. Write a code for binary tree in-order traversal without recursion..

B can see A and A can't see any one. from 0 to 9)...Company : FAIR ISAAC Source : Ranjith Contains 20 quest ----some 1hr duration mostly from Aptitude and algorithms Quetions: 1 related to algo output of 1+F((m&(m-1)) recursive function 2 one is related to --a lady has 2 children.A B C is standing C can see A & B . . 10-->one puzzle in which --. and the one other no comes 3 times fastest algo to find the one no which is coming 3 times 8-->one question ( given 3 equations and asked what these are doing) is having ans---> swapping 9-->some probability questions..9 -------------this is all i remembered hope this will help you enjoy. find the colour of A's cap 11--> a matrix 4*4 and having 16 prime no how many magical matrix can be made from it... P came and put a cap on each of them from 3 black and 2 white caps....95 < P >.....7 ki yeh prime ho --->0 5 a equation is being given find value of P (a const)if roots are identical 6 question on a table which was given ( bahoot easy the you can do them easily) 7-->201 no's are there 99 are identical and come twice.. 12-->one probability qustion is having answer .(any 8 no.one is boy what’s the probability of second ki woh boy ho --1/3 3 sorting on 3's and 9's in an array--O(n) 4 probability of 7....

Every other operator is allowed. no extra space available and the data bus is of 8 bits only(this is hint that u cant use summation) soln -..Xor the numbers !!! exam Questions: .propose DS for a T-9 dictionary(basically in a mobile device). Ans – 7 evaluate a postfix expression.which sorting algo to be used and when ? .straight forward implement a queue using 2 stacks .find the missing number in O(n) time . so an open ended prob .. When u end print the queue . then he asked to check whether the user has given me a correct pattern (in postfix form) . Source: Ranjith Use a queue of length n(each node contains 1 line).some network stuff.. asked me to check wheter it worked in parallel environment .... U have to do in constant space..i did using stack. given a document req to find the names of the docs with almost same words. some equation (i dont even know the name) ....Find max of n numbers without using comparison operator.... - asked me questions on TCP 3 way handshake. some articles/docs match .etc etc . Like abcabc... .... any kind of comparison operator is not allowed.. Round 3.Company : Microsoft Source : Nitin . So the minimum number of races to find top 3 horses among 25 horses .. given 10k docs each having some words (words are not much in number).. There may be any no.etc .. i said no aksed to improve it for such env .. . wat replacement policies .Print last n lines of a file in one pass.. .Define a data struct for the search engine which will represent whether given word is there in the document or not is should be fast...... window etc .. soln i proposed was making a tree with key values the number of the key and maintaining a linked list associated with each node .. thrashing ?? . Round 4 .. wat is paging ? .gave me a puzzle to solve and for a big puzzle write the code .once again an open ended prob ....but can't note their individual timings..Eliminate substrings from a string which are adjacent to each other and are duplicates. 5 horses can run at a time in a race and u can figure out which are the top 3.. abc is a substring which will be eliminated and the resultant will be abc... Soln...... Round1 – - Round 2 – Convert a number to base -2 representation. u cant go back in the file...an array of N-1 numbers from to N-1 . i said using shared memory . couldnt ans much .asked me some os stuff . diff b/w TCP & UDP . . You have one function that returns one line after other. . TCP stack ....

5. ex:2 is 110 -2 square + -2 + 0 time alloted:30 mins first 20 mins of brain storming... which came first.represent a number is base (-2).1.huh!) 3 panels in parellel and interviewing all the 10 at random one by one haphazardly.1) let us assume without any loss of generality.5.1 is overall FASTEST. .I mean among the five.NOW. Ex: abbabcc --> ababc --->abc Time alloted:45 mins Having got the logic within 20 mins or so.2.. 7th and final race: (1. say call .3) 6th race: (1.(Why this particular 5 tuple? Food for thought. take the top 3 of each race.1. no more ansering to Qs like what is ur weakness? what are ur short-term goals?(What does any aam kgpain has other than bhat.1. if(N<0 and odd) N=(1-N)/2 Else N=-N/2 } By the end. design datastructures such that the following scenarios take optimal time: a. print all the the docs having a given word b.isnt that great to hear abt? no HR. find the least no of races to find the top 3 fastest horses?( I sincerely advice to try this one your own before seeing the solution) Ans: 7 minimum 5 races to cover first round.2.1) top 2 among these are the 2nd and 3rd overall FASTEST. print the docs having both of 2 given words Time alloted: 45 mins This seems no tough question.3).them( can compete at a time..1.yeah.Somehow got it by the end by looking at different examples.2..movies.Each panel took avg 30 mins per person.and so on.3.Used balanced binay search trees with words arranged according to lexicographic order and each node pointing to a list of sorted sequence of document ids..2.1.- remove all possible adjacent duplicates in a string.1..3.25 horses are in a race. sleep and tolerating mess food. My experince with the panels: .(5. you are given N documents(possibly in millions) with words in them.2. one more exam.1.2. i started writing the psuedo-code for it.think urself) 3 panels and technical rounds and no HR.3.There could be others possible answers too.2.1 are the top 3 in the race in that order.3) (2.1. With every guy coming out of a panel room.and we are done now.1.which one second. Ans: while(N!=0) { A[L++]=N% We only know the order in which the horses win... . There was lot of waiting to do for all of us.2.1 2. we pounced on the poor guy coming out to know what they were asking. 1.I was getting tensed as the time was running out.1 3. array A contains (-2) representaion of N in reverse order.

C without using if. He laughed and said to try harder.log.+.. 3rd Q: find max of A. Identify a petrol pump where he can start his tour so that he completes it.I told i knew only 1.while. A.Let the mileage be M Km/L. He may not be able to complete the trip if he starts from some petrol pumps. . only keep track of last 4 digits of any fib no. handsome and looked irritated.given 2 linked lists. then the bulb in my brain grew bright and i said.? .write proper working C code.As we are only dealing with last 4 digits. At the end.5] is petrol available at these pumps.. if it exists. its f(n)=f(n-1)%10000+f(n-2)%10000 2nd Q: what abt the no with 9 0s at the end.5 petrols pumps are located on a circular road.how many i knew before.B. Generalize and device a method for general N pumps. for this i had to break my head for 15 mins. . find max of x and C .5] is distance between these pumps.I said yes. Panel 3: The senior most guy and he put the most exciting Qs.<. actually it was 2.what are semaphores(OS funda)? he gave an inorder traversal sequence from A to F and preorder traversal sequence of the same sequence and asked me to draw the unique binary tree.it dinn click to me.-. panel 2: the guy kept on shooting Qs.(line cud be 100Bytes or 1Gb.each line could be of any size.) it basically involved series of shift and or logical operations on N.and D[1..b) where a*10000+b represnts last 9 digits of number.So he dinn ask the Question..U can use standard math funtions if u want like sine.B)= ((A+B)+(modulus(A-B))/2 similarly.young. A: use circular Queue of size n . he asked out of Qs asked above.He gave the idea after i asked him for a hint.A person starts from one petrol pump with 0 fuel.).count the no of ones in a number in constant time(not even logN)? (For this i told him that i saw the code in the net but couldnt understand it.how 2 find the fibanaco number index i. A. P[1.May be he had a bad day.getchar and mallocs of 100 bytes extra weneve u need d extra space to store the line. use two integers one storing last 5 and other storing the 9th to 5th numbers..tan.panel 1: Only 1 guy.size could be of any size.No sol yet.print last n lines from a file in a single pass optimally..I had to tell a lie.. asked me whether i knew abt 3 color problem.even fib no is now a tuple(a. x=MAX(A.I asked him for a hint.where the fib Fib(i) no ends with 0000?the catch here is that the number is even bigger than what a double can represent.> symbols.Asked only one question in 40 minutes.Asked me where i was from? my passionate topics in CS? .one increasing order and other decreasing order.It took so much time as he wanted working C code and i was stuck with the 100 Bytes idea. write code to merge them without extra space and constant time such that the merged list is increasing order? .. A. He too asked how 2 count no of binary rep of N is constant time.Observe that we donot know before hand the size of any line of the file.. A little brain work and answer is not than tough.Baap rey! .

you have nine points.. you can weigh only twice. 1. Out of eight balls one is heavier. Some of the puzzles they asked me were: a..o -------. Though the puzzles are simple. Join them with four lines: soln: o ------.. You are given three bags with fruits having labels "apple" "oranges" and " apples & oranges" ..o-------|\ / | \ / | \ / | \ o o o | \ / | \/ | / \ o o o | / | / |/ b.. Can you pick just one fruit from only one bag and tell correct answer.. The labels are DEFINITELY false... 4. Source : Nitin Last round program input: <file name> <word> file contains the correct words and the <word> is a not correct word . The interview mostly consists of questions based on the subjects/projects you write in CV 3. CV is a MUST 2. soln: Pick a fruit from the bag labelled "apples and oranges" c. thought it might help you.. find the heavier ball. They ARE asking puzzles.. Be very careful while entering subjects/projects in the CV.Company : Oracle Source : Alok Here are some of the questions/Important points for oracle interview.

because of some typo error. find all the closest word from the file. 4. . example given was APLE APPLES CPPLE BPPLE APPLES APPLED is closest to APPLE. define 2 problems that you find most interesting and how will you solve them give answer also. convert a Binary tree into Doublely link list. 2. treverse the Binary tree and print the nodes with indentation depends on level of the node.(more the level more will be the space from left) 3. they have not defined the closest (they were a bit confused about it) but the result should be closest. 4 ants at the corners of the square what is the probability that they will not collide 1/8. 1.

. Question printf("%d %d". this makes me nerve and i feel bad.. I hesitated . answer sheet..Company: IBM Source: Dhaval IBM interview Asked About 1. Yes. 2.. But really I was cool at that time.sizeof(1)). but 4.sizeof("1"). I didn't answer any thing after that.. – Stress Question: It was a serious question from his side.. What is output… ? and why? At Last when pradipta didn’t ask me any thing except above question and told me to go....// 3.. Abt Paper How it is and how u did? I told it is easy and not related to any thinking oriented question.. Have u taken Cluster and Grid?. Serious Question : It seems that either u or some one have copoied.

Write a program for this and find space. .How to randomly permute (uniform) a very large sequence of elements (say 40GB) . Find the closed form solution. Find the expected number of times you would have to replace in an array containing N random integers.You can do anething u like. You can re-use an egg in case it doesn't break. . (ans ln N) . . such that no two elements are consecutive. .There was one more algorithm on arrays which I dont exactly remember now. Suggest efficient Data structure you will use . of paths from (0. O(nk) in time O(n) in space. .In a hundred floor building. Find the triangulation of minimum total perimeter of triangles.In a DAG. You have 2 eggs.Given an integer grid with lattice points from (0. . using only right and up steps. find the no. . . .n).why does field exist for primes and not for compsites of two primes. print the maximal paths. it will break but will remain intact <=26 floors.Break a number down into any number of parts which sum up to that number and whose product is maximum. exchange the odd and even nodes.Code to get the kth node in an inorder traversal of a binary tree.A few questions on fields because my project involved some of it.write code for finding nth element in inorder traversal .Find the number of ways of selecting k items from total of n such that no consecutive items are selected. . (ans: space complexity is O(3n)=O(n)) . If you throw an egg from >= 27th floor.If data is coming infinitely and you can store only k elements.0) to (n.Synchronization mechanisms in Operating Systems. Design a method such that probability of any element which has appeared till that time of being in the array is the same. there is a threshold floor value(say 26). .Given a coin in which head has probability of . (ans 14) .33 and tail .Find the recurrance for choosing r elements out of n.When we find the minimum value in an array by replacing the 'min' variable.Write C code for doing BFS on a nary tree. It dealt with row and column multiplication. .66 find a fair trial.In a singly linked list. .n). time complexity.Ex. Find the worst-case minimum number of drops you would have to make to find the threshold value.Find the maximum sum subsequence in an array.Polygon Triangulation .Find the set of non-intersecting chords which will break a polygon down into triangles.0) to (n.Company: Google Source: Ranjith .

Tell me about yourself and ur family. English and Reading Comprehension In English section some sentences were given with some fill in the blanks. Mental Ability: 3. C and C++ Test 4.freshersworld. 1. Reading Comprehension was purely technical passages. .. 5. But I was quite similar with the Question Paper mentioned in the following site. You have to write a email to your boss stating the problem properly and a proper technical reason why the problem is not feasible? Second Round : It’s a HR interview.htm http://www.COMPANY:VERIZON Source : Amit Kumar Mandal Written Test: The test was about 1hr 15 min long. 4. 2. The test have few separate parts. etc. Then he asked only one Q which is as follows: Suppose your Boss have discussed with you one problem and asked you to solve it. Each part have its time limit.freshersworld. Have you taken part in any Competitions in IIT like in ksithij etc.htm Interview : There are two round of interviews: First Round: Initially they asked howz IIT kharagpur. 3. It was very cool. What are the qualities that make you different from others. Do you have any wrong feeling about the Tamil peoples. 6. 2. and HOWz ur life going on in IIT. Verbal Ability I exactly don’t remember the questions Exactly. Any Questions you have. http://www. If you want to solve all the questions in this section you should not waste time in reading the passages. you have to fill up the preposition s in those blanks. Q’s are as follows: 1. Do you have any problem relocating in Chennai.com/papers/verizon/verizon2. because you can easily guess the answer by looking at the options of each question.com/papers/verizon/verizon1.

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