FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 1, 2013 Contact: Ken Van Doren, 608-547-0227

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Representatives of Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty and other organizations will hold a brief press conference at the main entrance to the Delta/Wisconsin Center, 400 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI immediately following the 10 AM press conference held by the National Governors Association. The press conference will address NGA endorsement of Common Core "State" Standards, an educational program that is now being implemented nationally. The participants will have recommendations for NGA and Federal government policy changes. Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty is an affiliate of the national Campaign for Liberty (C4L). C4L is a non partisan group dedicated to individual rights, free markets and limited government. For more information, call Ken Van Doren, Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty Education Coordinator, 608-547-0227 ### ---------------Ken Van Doren Education Coordinator Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty