August 1, 2013 The Arcadia Board of Education and the Superintendent want to express their appreciation for all

of the individuals who took the time to share their perspectives about the Arcadia Cross County program at the July 23, 2013 and July 31, 2013 Board of Education meetings. Additionally, we have received emails from many individuals and organizations representing a variety of points of view about this topic. We are very sensitive to the timeliness of the decision related to the head coach of Men’s Cross Country at AHS and have shared with you that any change to the current decision to not reappoint Mr. O’Brien would be communicated prior to the beginning of the school year. We have carefully considered all of the feedback we received. We have revisited, in the context of this feedback, the information we are privy to that we cannot share with the public. It is clear that a large number of students and their parents/guardians feel strongly about the personal and collective benefit that has been derived from Mr. O’Brien’s coaching. To reiterate, we in no way dispute these feelings or diminish the accomplishments of the Men’s Cross Country teams at Arcadia High School. All things considered, based on what we believe to be in the best interests of all students and programs in the school district, we support the decision to not reappoint Mr. O’Brien as head coach for the 2013-2014 school year. As a reminder, coaching assignments are made on a year to year basis. Mr. O’Brien continues to be employed as a teacher at Arcadia High School. We are confident that the Arcadia community will continue to encourage and support the Cross Country program at Arcadia High School and all of our student athletes. Again, we want to emphasize how much we value the feedback we have received and especially the way in which our students and former students have engaged with us. We have much to be proud of when it comes to the conduct and accomplishments of the young men and women of Arcadia High School and throughout the school district. The best interests of students are always foremost in the actions of the Arcadia Board of Education.

Thank you,

Cung Nguyen, Board President Lori Phillipi, Board Vice President Kay Kinsler, Board Clerk Fenton Eng, Board Member Janet Chew, Board Member

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