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Dear Incoming 5th Grade Band Parents, Welcome to the Brownstone Intermediate beginning band instrumental program. I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting time in your childs education. Congratulations, your child is registered to practice and play: Flute Bb Clarinet Eb Alto Saxophone Bb Trumpet In this packet you will find a list of important dates, required materials and information. Please feel free to contact me by email during the summer if you have any concerns. Participation in band will provide a lifetime of enrichment. Im eagerly looking forward to the new school year and hope your child is also excited about the possibilities. Cordially, Mrs. Sharon S. Fuller Baritone horn Trombone Percussion Bell Kit

Obtaining an Instrument
Students must have an instrument in good working order. Family legacy instruments from home need to be cleaned and checked by an instrument technician prior to the first pull-out sectional lesson, which will take place during the week of September 16th. Most parents will elect to rent an instrument through Connecticut Valley in Portland or at the Music and Arts store in West Hartford for a student-level instrument of reliable quality. Both stores have staff that can help you find the supplies your child will need at Brownstone. Parents should call or visit the store of their choice in August to ensure obtaining an instrument before the September 16th deadline.

Recommended Local Music Shops Instruments & Private Lessons
Connecticut Valley School of Music 860-342-2270

Music and Arts 860-231-9562 Middlesex Music Academy 440 Main Street, Middletown, CT. (860) 344-0525 IMPORTANT DATES/ Timeline
June 5, 2013 - 5th Grade Band Information Session August 2013 - Receive Welcome Letter and visit Conn Valley store or Music and Arts to rent your childs instrument and supplies - buy the method book Essential Elements 2000 and a 3-ring binder (1-inch black). September 3rd to 10th - During the band class at school, students will receive the Band Handbook as well as the first Sectional Lesson Schedule. The handbook will outline procedures, concert dress requirements, and academic expectations. The lesson schedule will list the date and time of your childs pull-out instrumental lesson. Lessons begin the week of September 16th. September 16, 2013 - DEADLINE Instruments and accessories. Sectional lessons will be scheduled to take place during this week. Please reassure and remind your child; no instruments will be needed during the first week of school in September. March 2014 at 7pm - The annual Portland Band Extravaganza, our first concert, will be presented at the Portland High School/Middle School Complex.

Specific Instrument Supplies

All Students: Essential Elements 2000 for your childs specific instrument

3-ring binder, 1-inch capacity, black LABEL with students name on instrument case Flute Soft lint-free cloth or care kit Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece with no chips One box, #2 Clarinet Reeds Care kit (Swab, Cork Grease) Eb Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece with no chips, scratches or dings One box, #2.5 Alto Saxophone Reeds Care kit (Swab, Cork Grease) Bb Trumpet Care kit with Valve Oil Trombone Care kit with Valve Oil or Slide Grease Baritone and French horn Care kit with Valve Oil or Slide Grease Percussion Bell Kit (no snare needed)