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1. Create a Facebook account. Add a friend. Install an App. Upload a photo and share a link. Like a brand.

Use FB chat. Post on someones wall. Use FB to log in to something else (FB Connect) 2. Create a Twitter account. Tweet once. Follow someone, retweet once. Use a twitter client like Tweetdeck. 3. Create a Skype account. Call someone. 4. Create a LinkedIn account. Add someone to your network. 5. Create a blog. Publish a blog post. Follow a blog. Post a comment on the blog. 6. Buy something online. Buy a physical product (book, DVD) and buy a non tangible product (music, digital voucher) 7. Participate in a group buy online. Participate in a bid online. 8. Use downloading software. Download a song. Download a movie. 9. Watch a video. Watch a song / episode online. Share the video on FB / Twitter. Create a Youtube account. 10. Click on an online ad. 11. Listen to an online radio channel. 12. Search for a document. Search for an image. Search for a video. Search for something on Wikipedia. 13. Upload a document. Upload an image. Upload a video. Edit something in Wikipedia. 14. Use a free Web to SMS service 15. Participate in a contest. Call an IVRS contest phone number. Send an SMS to a short code. Send and SMS to a long code number. 16. Visit a WAP site / Mobile site. 17. Join a mobile community. 18. Install a mobile app. Use the app. Click on the advertising in the app. 19. Search on the mobile. Click to Call to complete your search 20. Download a mobile game. Play the game. Share the game. 21. Install the Facebook app on your phone. Add a friend. Install an App. Upload a photo and share a link. Like a brand. Use FB chat. Post on someones wall. 22. Create a Foursquare account. Check into a place using Facebook Places. 23. Use an iPhone. Use Whatsapp. Use a Blackberry phone. Use BBM. Use an Android phone. 24. Download something from itunes, Ovi store, BB store and Android store 25. Use an iPad. Use an Android tab. Install apps. Browse content online. 26. Use your Bluetooth to experience a Blu-Fi network. Download content using Blucasting 27. Play an online game. Play a social game 28. Use Google maps. Find a location. Add a location. Use Google maps on your Mobile 29. Signup for Google Alerts. Google Trends. Use Google Insights for Search. 30. Use messengers : Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN 31. Visit a Game plex. 32. Visit a Cyber Caf