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Algebra II Disclosure Statement

Needed Supplies: Algebra II Book, 1 3-ring binder, pencils, college ruled paper, calculator
Course Philosophy: You will see math in your lives. You will know when, where, why, and in what ways you can and
will use math everyday. You will learn facts and formulas as they are part of math, but your true understanding will come as you use those facts and formulas to better your own life and the lives of others around you. You will build a strong mathematical foundation to be built upon in future courses.

Grades/Scoring: Daily iPods (important Problem of day) will be given at the beginning of class most days with
homework (30%) being assigned after the lesson. Tests (60%) will then be given after each unit is covered. being earned for positive behavior. Participation (10%) points are given at the beginning of each quarter and fairly deducted at my discretion while also

93% - 100% = A 90% - 92% = A87% - 89% = B+ 83% - 86% = B

80% - 82% = B77% - 79% = C+ 73% - 76% = C 70% - 72% = C-

67% - 69% = D+ 63% - 66% = D 60% - 62% = D59% or lower = F

Behavior Expectations: You are to follow the classroom rules. Be polite, come prepared, and be truthful and
honest. If you are found following these rules you will succeed in this class and more importantly, LIFE! Your actions will all else fails parents/administrators will become involved. be re-enforced. If you struggle with the rules you will first receive gestural warnings, followed by a behavioral plan, and if

FAQs: What about late assignments? You will be given class passes each quarter. These can be used as hall passes,
late passes, or extra credit passes. As long as you have a pass, staple it to your late work and put it in your homework folder for full credit UP UNTIL THE DAY OF THE TEST. Out of passes? Earn some more! :) Can I retake tests? A student-teacher meeting is required to discuss options. If a retake is agreed upon it will be three scores is your new score.

scored on a weighted average where your original score counts once and the retake counts twice. The average of the What if I am absent? The CCHS attendance policy will be followed. Look at the class website and classroom

whiteboard to find out what you missed. Much of the homework and class notes can be printed from the website or class pass if it is turned in later than the due date.

obtained from a fellow student. Finish the homework (find me for help if needed) and turn it in. REMEMBER to attach a How can I make sure to succeed in this class? Your success will greatly depend on your attitude towards the class.

Henry Ford said it best, Whether you think you can or whether you think you cant, youre right. I will be sure to prepare for each class and ask that you do the same. With us working together, doing our best, and believing we can succeed, we will!

You KEEP this...

CCHS Math - Mr. Todd Call

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Read and Accept Date: _________________ Period: _____________ Student Signature: ___________________ Guardian Signature:___________________
Reason: ___________

Do NOT Accept Office: 801-826-6400 Work Cell: 801-810-4090

Student (Printed): ___________________

Extra Help Hours: M,W,F, 7:15-7:45