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List of Casesa

List of Casesa

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Published by: Fayda Cariaga on Aug 02, 2013
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1. G.R. No. 119466 November 25, 1999 SALVADOR ADORABLE and LIGAYA ADORABLE, petitioners, vs. COURT OF APPEALS, HON. JOSE O.

RAMOS, FRANCISCO BARENG and SATURNINO BARENG, respondents. 2. G.R. No. 109125 December 2, 1994 ANG YU ASUNCION, ARTHUR GO AND KEH TIONG, petitioners, vs. THE HON. COURT OF APPEALS and BUEN REALTY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, respondents. 3. G.R. No. L-25071 July 29, 1972 GEORGE W. BATCHELDER, doing business under the name and style of Batchelder Equipment, plaintiff-appellant, vs.THE CENTRAL BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES, defendant-appellant. 4. G.R. No. L-4089 January 12, 1909 ARTURO PELAYO, plaintiff-appellant, vs. MARCELO LAURON, ET AL., defendants-appellees. 5. G.R. No. 97995 January 21, 1993 PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK, petitioner, vs. COURT OF APPEALS AND B.P. MATA AND CO., INC., respondents. 6. G.R. No. L-51183 December 21, 1983 CARMEN L. MADEJA, petitioner, vs. HON. FELIX T. CARO and EVA ARELLANO-JAPZON, respondents. 7. G.R. No. 172528 February 26, 2008 JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICA, petitioner, vs. BENJAMIN A. SILAYRO, respondent. 8. G.R. No. 115849 January 24, 1996 FIRST PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL BANK (Formerly Producers Bank of the Philippines) and MERCURIO RIVERA, petitioners, vs. COURT OF APPEALS, CARLOS EJERCITO, in substitution of DEMETRIO DEMETRIA, and JOSE JANOLO, respondents. 9. G.R. No. 164601 September 27, 2006 SPOUSES ERLINDA BATAL AND FRANK BATAL, petitioners, vs. POUSES LUZ SAN PEDRO AND KENICHIRO TOMINAGA, respondents. 10. G.R. No. 150157 January 25, 2007 MAURICIO MANLICLIC and PHILIPPINE RABBIT BUS LINES, INC., petitioners, vs. MODESTO CALAUNAN, Respondent. 11. G.R. No. 109573 July 13, 1995 SEVEN BROTHERS SHIPPING CORPORATION, petitioner, vs. THE COURT OF APPEALS, HON. RAMON AM. TORRES as Judge of the Regional Trial Court, Br. VI, Cebu City and SHIPYARD & ENGINEERING WORKS, INC., respondents. 12. G.R. No. 134692. August 1, 2000 ELISEO FAJARDO, JR., and MARISSA FAJARDO, Petitioners, v. FREEDOM TO BUILD, INC., respondent. 13. Estate of Hemady vs. Luzon Surety Co. 100 Phil. 388 (1956) 14. G.R. No. 131622 November 27, 1998 LETICIA Y. MEDEL, DR. RAFAEL MEDEL and SERVANDO FRANCO, petitioners, vs. COURT OF APPEALS, SPOUSES VERONICA R. GONZALES and DANILO G. GONZALES, JR. doing lending business under the trade name and style "GONZALES CREDIT ENTERPRISES", respondents. 15. G.R. Nos. 150773 & 153599 September 30, 2005 SPOUSES DAVID B. CARPO & and RECHILDA S. CARPO, Petitioners, vs. ELEANOR CHUA and ELMA DY NG, Respondent. 16. G.R. No. L-7048 January 12, 1912 THE MUNICIPALITY OF MONCADA, plaintiff-appellee, vs. PIO CAJUIGAN, ET AL., defendants-appellants.

No. INC. Respondents. HONORABLE COURT OF APPEALS.R. No. ACUARIO MARKETING CORP. G. NAKPIL. August 25.. 2003] ESTELA L. 2006 CARGOLIFT SHIPPING. LYDIA GERONIMO. and MYERS BUILDING CO. G." and VIRGILIO TE LAS PIÑAS petitioners. MARCELINO HANOPOL. petitioner. THE HONORABLE COURT OF APPEALS (Fifth Division) and MS. HERBOSA. plaintiffs-appellees. the Court of Appeals and CARAVAN TRAVEL & TOURS INTERNATIONAL. AND THE COMMISSION ON AUDIT.R.. INC. 153004 November 5. vs. AGUILAR. No. respondents.. No. ARRIESGADO.. 1958 CLAUDINA VDA. defendant-appellant. 143403 January 22. Inc.. G. BENJAMIN CONDOR. 22. and SKYLAND BROKERAGE. petitioner. vs. 110295 October 18. 2002 EMMANUEL G. Respondents. No. INC. MANILA MOTOR CO. petitioners. 1999 JARCO MARKETING CORPORATION. 28. plaintiff-appellee. L. COURT OF APPEALS and RORY W. 31. G. petitioner. doing business under the name and style of Ethegal Laboratories.. G. INC. petitioner. petitioners. No. INC. 1993 COCA-COLA BOTTLERS PHILIPPINES. respondents. 21. G. INC. 23. 73345 April 7. INC. CARLOS. G. 138334. No. respondents.R. INC. defendants-appellants. INC. G. DIR. INC. respondents. SANTOS and RIVERLAND. No.. 1996 PHILIPPINE COMMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL BANK. and the PHILIPPINE BAR ASSOCIATION.R. defendants. HON. G. 29.R.159912 20. NAKPIL & SONS and JUAN F. MARITIME BUILDING CO. CRUZ. 1993.R. 1993 MAERSK LINE.. CELSO D.17. L-47851 April 15. petitioners. L-25885 January 31. COURT OF APPEALS (Fifteenth Division). JUAN J. 138060 September 1. petitioner. vs. No. COURT OF APPEALS AND EFREN V. CRISOSTOMO. PEDRO A. -versus.R. No.. respondents. ERNESTO V. MARITIME BUILDING CO. vs. vs. INC. 19. 2003 FILONILA O.. 26. and ARTURO COLMENARES. 94761 May 17. respondents. G. respondents. 25. doing business under the name and style of "D’ Rough Riders.R. vs. No... LIM. G. CONRADO C. . DE VILLARUEL. 146426 June 27. GANGAN. respondents. UNITED COCONUT PLANTERS BANK. G. 30. G. JOSE TIOPE and ELISA PANELO.. L-10394 December 13... vs. INC. and PROFESSIONAL VIDEO EQUIPMENT a Division of Solid Distributors. vs. petitioner.R. respondents. vs.. INC. 129792 December 21. UNITED CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.Petitioner.R. CASTILLO. G. 24. 1988 JUAN F. 97785 March 29. No. 119086 January 25. vs. HERBOSA and ROSEMARIE L. LEONARDO KONG. SERGIO PEDRANO and PHILIPPINE PHOENIX SURETY AND INSURANCE.. AGUILAR and CRISELDA R. 2004 WILLIAM TIU.SPOUSES SAMUEL and ODETTE BELUSO. ET AL. vs.. 2004 SANTOS VENTURA HOCORMA FOUNDATION. 27. No. SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM.R. MOONWALK DEVELOPMENT & HOUSING CORPORATION 18. vs. No. vs.R.R. respondents. G. 1972 LUZON BROKERAGE CO.THE COURT OF APPEALS.R. vs. No. AUDITOR GLENDA MANLAPAZ.R. Petitioner.

G. INC. 1993 LUZAN SIA. Chaves vs. G. QUERIMIT. L-27454. L-29640 June 10. No. No.. INC.R. SR. petitioner. 1936 ACME FILMS. and PHILIPPINE CLEARING HOUSE CORPORATION. MAGAT. respondents. L-42999 October 30.. vs. respondents.R.. 33.ESTRELLA O. No. petitioner.R. MANOLO TOLENTINO and COURT OF APPEALS. vs. petitioners. vs. RICARDO PRESBITERO. G. respondents. 1994 EASTERN SHIPPING LINES. INC.R.. INC. 146018. JR.R. vs. THE COURT OF APPEALS (Second Division). G. THE HON. 2000 THERMOCHEM INCORPORATED and JEROME O. HON. vs. 46. petitioner. G. No. COURT OF APPEALS and SECURITY BANK and TRUST COMPANY.32. and LEONARDO CAÑOSO. LEO D. INC. 47. 1998 JIMMY CO. G. INC.R. 2008 MERCURY DRUG CORPORATION and AURMELA GANZON. 147246 August 19. 44. L-21486 May 14. No. vs. petitioner. respondents. petitioner. COURT OF APPEALS and PRUDENTIAL GUARANTEE AND ASSURANCE. 102970 May 13.R. No. MEDIALDEA and SANTIAGO A. INC.. represented by its Administrator. respondents. 2002 FAR EAST BANK AND TRUST COMPANY. 97412 July 12. 1987 PACMAC. COURT OF APPEALS AND MERCANTILE INSURANCE COMPANY. vs. 72405 May 29. G. HONORABLE COURT OF APPEALS. vs. G. HON. petitioner. 102432 January 21. G. 39. 102383 November 26. respondents. 1992 BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS. vs. . respondents. 41.R. Gonzales GR No. 1970 40. G. 2003 ASIA LIGHTERAGE AND SHIPPING. April 30. CHINA BANKING CORP.R. respondents. 42. respondent.R. 1966 LA MALLORCA and PAMPANGA BUS COMPANY. BRANCH 59..R. RAUL DE LEON. 1993 INTESTATE ESTATE OF THE LATE RICARDO P. No. 165622 October 17. 45. THEATERS SUPPLY CORPORATION. GUERRERO. JUDGE REGIONAL TRIAL COURT OF MAKATI.. THE HONORABLE INTERMEDIATE APPELLATE COURT and VULCAN INDUSTRIAL & MINERAL EXPLORATION CORPORATION. No. UCPB GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY. petitioners.. 34. 35. plaintiff-appellant.R. No. G. 1971 GUILLERMO AUSTRIA. CASTRO. vs. G. HON. LEONORA NAVAL and THE COURT OF APPEALS. 1983 VICTORINO D.R. 124922 June 22. respondent. petitioner. petitioner. Petitioner. vs. INC. respondents. doing business under the name & style DRAGON METAL MANUFACTURING. 37. No. G. defendant-appellant. 2003] EDGAR COKALIONG SHIPPING LINES. vs. petitioner.R. No. 131541 October 20. respondents. respondents. 38. PRESBITERO. No. petitioner. respondents.. PACIFICO ABAD and MARIA G. vs. vs. No.. June 25. G. No. G. 43. COURT OF APPEALS (SEVENTH JUDICIAL). vs. COURT OF APPEALS and BROADWAY MOTOR SALES CORPORATION. 148582 January 16.R. VALENTIN DE JESUS.. 36. ABAD. petitioner. No. L-37120 April 20.

No. vs. CUNETA. petitioner. G. vs. 1999 Spouses RENATO S. FRANCISCO. INC. petitioners. INC. 2002 LEOPOLDO C. respondents. 53.R. vs. VICENTE D. petitioners. FRANCISCO.48. petitioner. NADAL. L-29155 May 13. 1989 AGUSTINA LIQUETTE TAN. Petitioners. 72313 December 29. in his capacity as JUDGE of the COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE IN QUEZON CITY. and ADELA DURAN MENDEZ SANTOS." petitioner. ROMULO M. SANTOS (deceased). 57. represented by his daughter EMERENCIANA LEONARDO. INC. WALFRIDO DE LOS ANGELES. No. PHILIPPINE AMUSEMENT AND GAMING CORPORATION. vs. petitioners. petitioner.. Petitioners. INC.R. respondents. COURT OF APPEALS AND SPS. 56. respondents. SR. and ROLANDO SUAREZ.. No. RODRIGUEZ. No. G. 60. 49. G. G. ARA SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE AGENCY. 149140 September 12. 1970 UNIVERSAL FOOD CORPORATION. INC. No. COURT OF APPEALS and NICOLAS CAPISTRANO. vs. represented by RAMON J. respondents. G. and CONRADO L. INTERMEDIATE APPELLATE COURT and ROMAN LEGARDA SO. INC. UNLAD RURAL BANK OF NOVELETA.R. 58. vs. 125283 February 10. INC. No.R. 117103 January 21. as Administratrices of the Estate of MARIANO TORRES. SOLID HOMES. INC. 1970 UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES. vs . No. vs. respondents. 2006 PAN PACIFIC INDUSTRIAL SALES CO. No. 2005 OLIVERIO LAPERAL and FILIPINAS GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB INC. FLAVIANO PERDITO. ELENA BENITEZ. DRAGON. G.R. vs.. INLAND RAILWAYS. 2004 MULTINATIONAL VILLAGE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION. THE COURT OF APPEALS. 130913. LEONARDO. 62. vs.R. 171312 February 4. BENITEZ II. PEÑALOSA alias "HENRY PEÑALOSA. and ANG TAY. June 21. vs. 51. vs. Represented by THERESA C.R. G. G. respondents. TEOTIMO BENITEZ. TARCISIUS R. G. G. MAMAED. ONG. COURT OF APPEALS.VISAYAN SAWMILL COMPANY. vs. 83851. SANTOS. respondents.. March 3. 143369 November 27. vs. MAGDALO V. No. No. et al.. MARIANO SINGSON and VISITACION SINGSON. 1993. and DANILO F. G. 54. President and General Manager. INC. . and GEOMAR A. 157480 May 6. No. Respondents.. 149338 UNLAD RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. 2001 HERNANDO R. as substituted by FE NADAL VENTURINA.R. BENITEZ. 2005 PRYCE CORPORATION (formerly PRYCE PROPERTIES CORPORATION). 1989 RICARDO CRUZ. DEAC CONSTRUCTION. 61. vs. L-28602 September 29.R. 80479 July 28. 2006 VICTORIA ONG.R. petitioner. UNLAD COMMODITIES. ONG and FRANCIA N..R. ERNESTO BOGÑALBAL and HON.. respondent.RENATO P. respondent.. 2008 SPS. and VICTORIANO N. respondent. SEVERINO C. G. Substituted by his heirs: OLIVER SANTOS and ADYLL M. petitioners. CASAS.. DADULA.R. respondents. petitioner. HON. VIRATA. HELENA Z. Petitioner. 50. No. 59. respondents. INC. petitioner. 154852 October 21.R. 55. G. No. No. 52. G. Respondents. proprietor. and PHILTRANCO SERVICE ENTERPRISE. respondents. petitioners. 133749 August 23.. No. LINO FRANCISCO & GUIA FRANCISCO. COURT OF APPEALS. VIRGINIA TORRES MARAVILLA and LEONOR C. G. HIBIONADA.R.R. THE HONORABLE COURT OF APPEALS and RJH TRADING.

G. represented by LYDIA ADLAWAN. G. 2003 FIDELA DEL CASTILLO Vda. respondent. BENJAMIN TUDTUD.R. 66. G.R. JR. 150089 August 28. 67. Petitioner. Respondents. No.. THE HEIRS OF THOMAS and PAULA CRUZ. LOURDES SAN BUENAVENTURA. defendants-appellees. 64. defendantappellant. No. 72. INC. 1908 URBANO FLORIANO. D. G. ROMAN OMEGA. represented by her Attorney-in-Fact. represented by Attorneys-in-Fact. 156273 October 15. L-16109 October 2. GEORGE KRAKOWER. LEPANTO CONSOLIDATED MINING COMPANY. FRNACISCO DANTE. vs. 131784 September 16. No. respondents. .R. G. No. No. plaintiff-appellant. No. 2006 JOHNNY JOSEFA. G. 4410 August 27. LARAP MINES & SMELTING CO. G. demandadoapelante. defendants-appellants.R.. plaintiff-appellee. 76. Branch 104. 71. ALFREDO R. claimant-appellant. 163429 March 3.R. PONFERRADA. and MANUEL NIETO.CEBU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY. No. 154413 August 31. TALENS. G. G. Petitioner. TAYLOR. City of Manila 7 Phil 416 (1907) 77. SR.. LOPE SARREAL. ISABELO FONACIER. QUEZON COLLEGE. UY TIENG PIAO and TAN LIUAN. vs. No. and NERISSA LOPEZ.. Central Philippine University vs. 65. vs. 2007 ERLINDA B. 68. HON. INC. 2008 MACTAN-CEBU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY.R. Spouses BERNARDINO NAGUIAT and MARIA PAULINA GERONA-NAGUIAT. Respondents. respondents. demandante-apelada. EDRADA. 2005 SPS.R. in her capacity as the Presiding Judge of the Regional Trial Court of Quezon City. ESTEBAN DELGADO. vs.R. INC. No. herein represented by ELENA C.R. defendant-appellee. G. G. No. 1968 NIELSON & COMPANY. 75. L-4433 May 29. EDUARDO RAMOS. No. INC. Baretto v.R. defendants-Appellants. 1987 SOLOMON BOYSAW and ALFREDO M. 174012 November 14. 74. DAVID TUDTUD. CARMENCITA RAMOS. vs COURT OF APPEALS. petitioner. EDRADA and ROSELLA L.. CA 246 SCRA 511 (1995) 78. 73. vs. MACTAN . G. 1953 NAZARIO TRILLANA. NARIA. THELMA A. JR. vs. SEGUNDINA VIVAS. REY ANTHONY M. G. vs. PACIFICO ESCANDOR and FERNANDO TY. and FE DEL ROSARIO. vs. JUSTINIANO BORGA. 1999 FELIX I. plaintiffs-appellee. 1922 M. GAITE.R. vs. L-21601 December 28. L-11827 July 31. DE MISTICA. Petitioners. 69. Attorney-in-fact. doing business under the firm name and style of Tan Liuan & Company.63.R. INTERPHIL PROMOTIONS. G. vs. GONZALES.. 137909 December 11. Petitioners. TERESITA SAN BUENAVENTURA and/or RAUL SAN BUENAVENTURA. No. administrator-appellee. defendants. Respondents. 70.. DANDOY. No. No. vs. 2003 HEIRS OF TIMOTEO MORENO petitioners. plaintiff-appellant. 1961 FERNANDO A... Respondents. SPS. JOSE BORGA. YULO. L-5003 June 27. vs.R. Uy TIENG PIAO. petitioner. BIENVENIDO TUDTUD. 1953 SALUD PATENTE.R. vs. ET AL. L-22590 March 20. plaintiffs-appellants.

90. vs. plaintiffsappellees. G. defendants-appellants.. No. L-2242 December 1. MARCELA MARIÑO. SR. petitioners. Respondents. 89.R. Spouses JONG-WON HONG and SOO-OK KIM HONG.R. (formerly Lafarge Philippines. November 23. No. CEREZO. L-22738 December 2. 2005 SOLIDBANK CORPORATION..R. Cresencio J. and RICARDO P. 1924 ONG GUAN CAN and THE BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS. defendant-appellant. 83. 113907 Malayang Samahan ng mga Manggagawa sa M. No. VICTORIA DESBARATS MIAILHE. CA 189 SCRA 325. 81. et al. QUA. vs. 153535 July 28. FLORENCIO ALANO and JOSE ALANO.R. G. respondents. B. G. 96405 June 26. vs. 92..R. vs. INC. GO. 1996 BALDOMERO INCIONG. and his wife. plaintiff-appellee... 138842. JR. G. petitioner. plaintiff. Beda Magdalena Villanueva.. 2006 GIL M. MINDANAO FERROALLOY CORPORATION. NAZARENO and ELIZA NAZARENO. . GREGORIO YULO. 1951 CLARA TAMBUNTING DE LEGARDA. Quiombing v. INC. No. No. CARLOS GEMORA. 144413 July 30. CITY OF BUTUAN. 1990 84. No. Greenfield (MSMG-UWP)..* TERESITA CU. No. MAXIMINO P. 91. plaintiffs-appellants. GREGORY T. THE CENTURY INSURANCE CO.R. COURT OF APPEALS and PHILIPPINE BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS. respondent. 85. NAZARENO. 93. ESTATE OF MAXIMINO A. ROMEO P.R. respondents. substituting WILLIAM J. No.R.R. 1906 HOUSTON B. vs. INC. LTD. represented by CITY MAYOR LEONIDES R. October 18. defendant-appellee. NAZARENO. 155173. 87. National Labor Relations Commission.. Respondents. 115838 July 18. National Labor Relations Commission. G. ET AL. JR. Greenfield (b). 2004 REPUBLIC GLASS CORPORATION and GERVEL. 2002 CONSTANTE AMOR DE CASTRO and CORAZON AMOR DE CASTRO. 80. 2000 NATIVIDAD P.79. defendantappellee. No.). 86. MONICO PAG-ONG and ISIDRO PLAZA. vs. 1914 INCHAUSTI & CO. No. G.appellees. G.R. petitioner. DAVID TUAZON. vs. vs.R. LIM and ANTHONY A. Ramos. vs. respondent. GUEVARA and Spouse. et al. BURKE. No. Inc. 2004 LAFARGE CEMENT PHILIPPINES. COURT OF APPEALS. vs. G. defendantappellant. CONTINENTAL OPERATING CORPORATION and PHILIP ROSEBERG.. CONTINENTAL CEMENT CORPORATION. No. plaintiff-appellant. vs. LAWRENCE C. THERESA PLAZA. petitioners. petitioners. respondents. G. 2004 HERMANA R.R. v. Petitioners. L-12611 August 7. G. Inc. 163605 September 20. CEMBRANO and DOLLFUSS R. G. Petitioners. LUZON CONTINENTAL LAND CORPORATION. petitioners. M. L-3435 April 28. No. PAROT. CVC LUMBER INDUSTRIES. 141538 March 23. 88. administrator of the estate of the late Anastasio Alano.** respondents. NAZARENO. No. L-7721 March 25. G. Hon. 1918 FELIPE AGONCILLO. vs. COURT OF APPEALS and FRANCISCO ARTIGO. MARIANO.R. 82.R. G. vs. CRISANTO JAVIER. G.

2006 AGRIFINA AQUINTEY. REYNALDO DE GUZMAN.. GUEVARRA.. EUFEMIO alias EUFEMIO SY UY.versus . vs. ATLAS CONSOLIDATED MINING & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. G. No. vs. G. 99.R.. METROPOLITAN BANK AND TRUST CO. 1982 FILINVEST CREDIT CORPORATION. SISON. No. represented by her substitute MACARIO LAPUZ. petitioners. No. vs. 1972 CARMEN LAPUZ SY. Petitioner. COURT OF APPEALS & SECURITY BANK & TRUST COMPANY. PINEDA. Petitioner.. 137549 February 11. 106. 105. INC. G. 1992 MAKATI TUSCANY CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION.. G. 97.. No.R. plaintiff-appellee.. 1972 SAURA IMPORT and EXPORT CO.. vs. represented by American International Underwriters (Phils.R. R. UPSI PROPERTY HOLDINGS. . G. DEVELOPMENT BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES.. 96. Inc. Defendant-Appellant. 2008 109. INC.HON. 2008 DIESEL CONSTRUCTION CO. G. GR 139930 April 17. No. respondents.R. G. G. 101. GREGORIO G. Petitioner.R. L-46658 May 13. respondents. DE GUZMAN.R. 158997 October 6. 2002 DOMINION INSURANCE CORPORATION. JR.. 154885 March 24. AMERICAN HOME ASSURANCE CO. 2008 FORT BONIFACIO DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION petitioner. vs. Respondents. INC. 168074 September 26. G. No.. vs. petitioner. vs. Respondents. VICTOR DE GUZMAN. L-24968 April 27. COURT OF APPEALS.). L-50449 January 30. THE COURT OF APPEALS. 103. namely: MILAGROS DE GUZMAN.. Respondent. 166704 December 20. 107. No. No.94. No. No. INC. INC.R. and FERNANDO AUSTRIA. Respondent. vs.EUFEMIO S. Cojuangco Jr. plaintiff-appellee. 2002 TOLOMEO LIGUTAN and LEONIDAS DE LA LLANA. LIM SIO WAN. petitioner. 2006 98. RAGASA and QUIRINO DE GUZMAN. YLLAS LENDING CORPORATION and JOSE S. No. respondents. G. 100.R. Respondents. HEIRS OF QUIRINO A. defendant-appellant. 160347 November 29. Petitioners. Respondents.R. JAIME AND PERLITA SAN JUAN. SPOUSES FELICIDAD AND RICO TIBONG. 129919 February 6. No.CAPITOL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION GROUPS. Republic v. vs.R. petitioners. vs. respondent-appellee. G. CYNTHIA G. G. respondents. 2006 ARCADIO and MARIA LUISA CARANDANG. G. 133179 March 27.. 104. 95546 November 6. 102. . No. L-30977 January 31.R. Respondent 95. G. 2008 ALLIED BANKING CORPORATION. No. 121989 January 31. 1991 PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK. CO. 2005 AURELIO P. vs.R. in his capacity as Presiding Judge of the Court of First Instance of Rizal. v. ALONZO and TERESITA A. HON.R. Petitioner. Respondents. 108. Branch XXI and TAYABAS CEMENT COMPANY. Petitioner. petitioner-appellant. INC. LAURAYA. 2006 PHILIPPINE COMMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL BANK. EMPIRE EAST LAND HOLDINGS. Petitioner. vs. in his official capacity as President. vs. INC. PHILIPPINE ACETYLENE. COURT OF APPEALS.R. and PRODUCERS BANK. G. No. RODOLFO S.. 138677 : February 12.

1997 PHILIPPINE NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION. 1973 NATIONAL MARKETING CORPORATION. G. G. vs. CRUZ. INC. 1998 MYRON C.. 112. 2006 GAISANO CAGAYAN. REYES & AMANDA SANTOS. respondents.R. 119. G. 133498 April 18. JOSE S. INC.. petitioner vs.. vs. SABENIANO. 116896 May 5. INC.U. vs. PELAGIO YUSINGCO. L-43608 July 20. No. Respondents. 166051 April 8. Butte. INC. EVELINA LASERNA and GLORIA CAJIPE. MODESTA R. SPS. VICENTE MADRIGAL. respondents. RENE S. 156846 February 23. G. 105188 January 23.. RAYMUNDO. FERNANDEZ. plaintiff-appellee. VALENCIA and CO. INC. petitioner. G. respondent. CHRISTIAN. plaintiffappellant. 118.R. and NEAL B. 132284 February 28. 147839 June 8. ANTONIO S. N. 117. No. April 8. respondents. Administrator of the Testate Estate of Angela M. ET AL. 120. petitioner. G.R. 115. vs. DIZON. vs. A.R. Petitioners. petitioners.. 156132 October 12. MA.R. appellant.110. No. petitioner. RAYMUNDO.. COURT OF APPEALS. ARSENIO B. doing business under the name and style of FNCB Finance. defendants.R. Respondent. respondent. petitioner. No. 114.. No. G. UNITED STATES LINES. 161135. 2006 TELENGTAN BROTHERS & SONS. 122. G. FELIX PEÑARROYO. 2004 TEDDY G. defendant-appellant. vs. No. INC.. DAVE P. RAYMUNDO-ABARRA. No. vs. RAYMUNDO. NORTHWEST AIRLINES. and DELFIN JAO. COURT OF APPEALS.. G.R.R. 1937 THE YEK TONG FIRE and MARINE INSURANCE CO. 2005 SWAGMAN HOTELS AND TRAVEL. INC. Petitioner. No. 123855 November 20. vs. vs. in his capacity as the Judicial Administrator of the Estate of the deceased JOSE P. petitioner. 113. G.R. INC. No. 2008 RAFAEL ARSENIO S..F. 111. (Formerly First National City Bank) and INVESTORS' FINANCE CORPORATION. 2008 SOLID HOMES. vs. 2000 116. CA GR No. 2002 C.. No. INSURANCE COMPANY OF NORTH AMERICA. FEDERATION OF UNITED NAMARCO DISTRIBUTORS. No.R. G. represented by PROCESO F. respondent. vs. HON. and AMADOR S. SHARP & CO. and the COURT OF APPEALS. No. INC.R. 140944 April 30. . Petitioner. TERESA S. SAHIJWANI.R. G. Paculdo v. 2006 CITIBANK. PAPA. L-22578 January 31. Respondents. respondents. 121. COURT OF TAX APPEALS and COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE. PABUGAIS.A. LTD. RAYMUNDO.

vs. April 26.R. respondent. Petitioners. respondents. 1995 AJAX MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. 2006 GAMMON PHILIPPINES. vs. MAÑALAC. METRO RAIL TRANSIT DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. respondent. vs. 2005 PHILIPPINE SAVINGS BANK. BPI FAMILY SAVINGS BANK. No. 133. UY. GERARDO C.R.. MAÑALAC. 126. ANTONIO TAN. Respondent. petitioners.R.versus . 145441. 2003 ROMEO C. 1988 ENGRACIO FRANCIA. 2003 CALIFORNIA BUS LINES. petitioner. G. G. 124. No. 149040 July 4. 129598 August 15. No. September 23. COURT OF APPEALS. AGUILAR. Petitioner. 154127 December 8. GARCIA. INC. MARCIAL SEE and LILIAN TAN. CAPITOL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. vs. respondent. STATE INVESTMENT HOUSE. No. 131. 135. Petitioners. Respondents. G. 2003 ASTRO ELECTRONICS CORP. DIONISIO V. 136729. INTERMEDIATE APPELLATE COURT and HO FERNANDEZ. petitioner.. and MAGDALENA L. Respondent.R. No. NATIVIDAD PARAS-NISCE. LLAMAS. respondent. .LAND BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES. Respondent. 2008 128.R.R. G. INC. No. INC. 129.. vs. Petitioner. vs.R. 167434 February 19.R. FRANCISCO AND RUBY REYES. PHILIPPINE EXPORT AND FOREIGN LOAN GUARANTEE CORPORATION. 118585 September 14. 2007 SPOUSES RAMON M. No.R. G. 2006 SPS. respondents. and SPS. JR. G. SPS. . vs. HON. 134. G. 149840-41 March 31. AGUILAR and YOLANDA C.R. in her capacity as ex-officio Provincial Sheriff for Iloilo.. 2001 PNB MADECOR. Respondents.123. EQUITABLE PCI BANK.R. SALLY SUENO. INC. ELISA TAN. petitioner. 147950 December 11. respondent. petitioners. 2006 SPOUSES MANUEL A. and THE SHERIFF OF MANILA. 132. RODOLFO C. No.R. No. G. G. G. Petitioner. THE MANILA BANKING CORPORATION. LOMETILLO. No. G. No. L-67649 June 28. METROPOLITAN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY. and ROSITA P. 127. No. G. respondent. NISCE and A. 144792 January 31. G.. Nos. Petitioner. 125. 2007 EDGAR LEDONIO. 130. TAN YEE. vs. petitioners. and PETER ROXAS. vs. 174711 September 17..R. vs. 157911 September 19. vs. INC. Petitioner. v.

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