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Y2K Year 2000. Usually refers to the clock rollover at midnight of the new millen- nium, which it was feared could cause older computer programs to "bomb"

because they could not dis- tinguish between the years 1900 and 2000. In early programs, only the last two digits of the year were used to implement the date code because of memory

limits. The feared major disasters did not occur. y-axis The vertical axis on a coordinate plane. Y/C Video Y (luminance) and C (color) video information on separate signals. Y/C video is of higher quality than composite video but not as high quality as component RGB video. Y/C video is available on prosumer and some consumer-grade video products. Same as S-video. See composite video and component RGB video.

yield The quantity of a substance that is pro- duced in a chemical reaction or other process from a specific amount of incoming material. yield stress The force per unit area at the onset of plastic deformation. This force is determined through a standard mechani- cal-property test such as a uniaxial tension test. yoke 1. A clamping device for embracing and holding two other parts. 2. A slotted cross- head that is used in some steam engines instead of a connecting rod. 3. The frame- work that surrounds the rotor of a DC gener- ator or motor. It supports the field coils and provides magnetic linkage between them. 4. The structure that rigidly connects the actua- tor power unit to the valve. [ANSI/ISA-