Name: _______________________________________ Class: ________

Date: _________

Giving and following directions
Able to
 give directions
 draw the route on a given map as directions are being given
You are interested to attend the school holiday workshop in Ronalto College. Listen to your teacher on
the directions to Ronalto College and mark the route. Then, based on the marked route, give the
instructions to your friend.

right here

At the crossroads, turn right into Jalan Seranti. Take the first turning on your left. You will see a petrol
station on your left. Go straight until you reach a roundabout. Go round the roundabout and turn into
Jalan Cendawan. You will see Mega Mall on your left.Turn into Jalan Impian. You will see Shaw Tower
on your right. Go straight on. Ronalto College is the building on your right, next to Shaw Tower.

see – big pond – right .see – post office – right – temple – left . Use the map and points given below.continue walking – come – roundabout – take 3 o’clock turn . .go along Jalan Maju – Berjaya Bank – your right . Send her a note with the directions written clearly on it.continue walking – come.Ramada Hotel – straight – turn right – T-junction .Your friend. is coming to Seremban next week.go – Jalan Tembikai – at – T-junction – right – Jalan Damai. She asks you for directions from Ramada Hotel to Ossi ostrich farm in Kampung Desa.reach – traffic light – left – Jalan Orkid .folk junction – turn right – Jalan Angga . Ai Ling.Ossi Ostrich farm – end – road . .

turn right at the T-junction ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ . From Ramada Hotel. go straight. here are the direction to Ossi Ostrich farm. Then.Ai Ling.

On Tuesday and Thursday morning I’m planning to study English. Do you want to play? Steve: Sorry.Name: ___________________________________ Class: ___________ Date: ____________ B4DL1 E1 Making plans and arrangements B4DL1 E1 Able to listen to and make plans  to go somewhere  to do something ______________________________________________________________________________ Dialogue: Andy: Hi Steve! What are you planning to do Wednesday afternoon? Steve: I’m planning to meet my friends at Paris Baguette Andy: Sounds good. I’m planning to visit my grandparents. What about Friday afternoon? I’m going to the movies with some friends. Andy: Great! Do you have any other plans this week? Steve: Sure. On Monday morning I’m planning to play soccer. Now fill in the empty timetable for Steve below. On Wednesday morning I have to go to the dentist. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Andy’s Timetable: Thursday Friday . Do you want to come? Steve: I’d love to. I can’t. On Monday afternoon I’ Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Morning Afternoon m planning to skate with my brother. The rest of the ti me I’m free. I’m free on Friday afternoon. Andy: That’s a shame.

Hospital Picnic Go to Movies 1. What are his plans for Wednesday? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. What are his plans for Thursday afternoon? __________________________________________________________________ 5. What are Andy’s plans for Monday? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. What are your plans for tonight? __________________________________________________________________ 6. What are his plans for Friday morning? __________________________________________________________________ 4.V.Morning Play Soccer Read a book concert Beach Relax Afternoon Study French Watch T. What are you plans for Friday and Saturday? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ .

Loves to read Brave Honest Tall Hard-working Short curly hair Handsome Friendly Ahmad ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ .Name: _______________________________________ Class: ________ Date: _________ B3DT1 Writing a short description B3DT1E1 Able to write a short description adjectives/adverbs in a paragraph using ______________________________________________________________________________ Write a short description of the following person by using the adjectives given.

find out more . explore A. ______________________________________________________________________________ A. improve the condition C. Choose the correct meaning from the list given. click Useful pieces of advice tips connection links Other Web pages sites Press on the mouse B. make something beautiful 2. Match the words with the meaning. go for trip C. 1. protect A. clean up B. defend from harm B.______________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Class: ________ Date: _________ B3DT1 Spelling and dictation B3DT1E1 Able to spell and take dictation of seen texts.

enjoy C. once a year B. most interesting 6. use again 4. arrange B. organize 5. fill up . hold A. read over C. recycle A. get B.3. annual A. obtain A. most important C. visit B. find C.

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