MEANING OF SCIENCE  It means gathering or constructing a certain kind of knowledge.  The purpose of science is the creation of reliable knowledge about the empirical world. .  It is primary quest for knowledge.

. ignorance.  Science is a conquest of nature. poverty and diseases and other evils which breed in them. Science helps in the advancement of knowledge and in the creation of material and cultural conditions for the realization of human values.

. A science is a SYSTEM . A science deals with the GENERAL NATURE of things and events and it consists of general explanations and principles. 4. 3.It is a system of organized knowledge 2. A science is based on CRITICAL DISCRIMINATION – It is objective and impartial. A science is EMPIRICAL in nature Knowledge is obtained by observation.NATURE & CHARACTERISTICS SCIENCE OF 1.

temperature. if the new facts demand so. A science is OBJECTIVE in nature – It does not depend on subject attitudes like feeling. 6. .5. A science is SELF CORRECTIVE in nature – whenever new facts are found. the old conclusions are revised. bias etc. A science is free from any prejudice. It is systematic doubt and search for new facts.

Laws are explained by constructing theories which relate the laws to a coherent system.7. A science formulates LAWS – Facts are explained with reference to laws. 8. a science can predict the happening of certain events. Function of PREDICTION – On the basis of laws. .

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