Part1st-(make 3paragraph)personal philosophy on building and sustaining relationship link own current practices.

3stratergies to maintain the relationship link to own current practice.

1-i believe
This mean For example 2nd example related with author view points How do i do this(positive effect or negative)(300 words) 2-i also believe This mean Why this is important In my experience(positive or negative)(300 words) 3-it is also important to In my experience This mean It is important because(300 words)

2part entry-1 2 3 1-as a teacher i-(write about myself)
Experiece in terms of leadership and relationship by changes one event.(1describe what happend with co worker in teaching practicing or teaching.(as a group what we planned to do,project,meeting to solve sumthing)

2 Now analyse that experence.what worked well?what did not work well?(analyse what
happend,why did it happend like that,positive effect or negative or challenging)

3in class i have learnt that thing.(nz class)in full course which i learnt link my own
current experience?link to literature review.

4because of what i have learnt i know now that i will in future to make better.what i have
learnt ,this reflection, this relation, this cousre(what did i learnt from this Next time in future i would definitely do this or not do this,)

3part-1what have i learned in this course?
2how has my awareness been raised as a result of this reflective process? 3give actual examples of how my thinking has developed(i used to think..........,but now i

....)negative then positive 4what areas of relationship building do i still find challenging?why?what will i do to continue working on this? / ...realize.......

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