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14 Natural Scenery

14 Natural Scenery

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Published by: Hugo Chou on Aug 02, 2013
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14 Natural Scenery D1. 1. Is it a good day today? 2. Where is Monica suggesting that they go? 3. Is Monica well? 4. Why not?

She got a heatstroke from being in the sun all day. 5. What do the sunshine and the wind remind Jerry of? Their honeymoon. 6. Did they have a good time on their honeymoon? 7. How long has it been since their honeymoon? 8. Does Jerry want to go back to the old honeymoon place? 9. Does Monica want to go? 10. What problems does Monica see in their going? 11. Why not? 12. Is Jerry going to take care of the difficulty? D2 1. Does Jerry look happy? 2. Why not? He just got dumped. 3. What does M suggest that Jerry do? 4. Is Jerry going? 5. Why not? He’s not in the mood for traveling. 6. What was Jerry going to do? 7. Where are M and her friend planning on doing on Saturday? 8. Is Shangri-la far from here? 9. What is there to see in Shangrila? 10. Does Jerry like the idea? 11. How is the scenery there? 12. What is M going to Show Jerry at her house? 13. When is Jerry going to decide where he’ll go to Shangri-la or not?

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