1 Anuj Question on Inverse trigo Q sin-1(1-x) - sin-1(x) = π2 find the value of x (I hope I understand yr question correctly) Ans Apply

the formula sin-1(p) - sin-1(q) = sin-1[p1-q2) + q 1-p2 ] Put p = (1 – x) and q = x in the formula sin-1[1-x1-x2) + x 1-(1-x)2 ] = π2 as sin-11 = π2 [1-x1-x2) + x 1-(1-x)2 ] = 1 now solve for x and get the ans I am sure this will help Q on projectile 12. Two particles are projected simultaneously horizontally opposite to each other with different speed from the top of a tower. Relative vertical path covered verses time graph (a) Vertical straight line (b) Horizontal straight line (c) Parabola (d) Hyperbola Ans (b) As relative vertical path covered by both particle is same there initial vertical velocity is also 0 for both, particle are under same gravitational acceleration they are at same vertical distance at any given time the graph will a straight line II to time axis

I think because of disturbance in the class I might have lost concentration and the word “vertical” was not included in question data Please feel free to write to

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