Assemblyman Charles Lavine Legislative Office Building 441 Albany, NY 12248 Dear Chairman Lavine


August 2, 2013

The Assembly desperately needs outside investigations into sexual harassment claims. Similarly, checks to ensure a thorough and independent investigation need to be put in place. I respectfully propose the following suggestions as an alternative to the selection of a single, Albany-based firm with political ties: 1. The Chairman of the Assembly Ethics Committee in consultation with the Majority Members of the Committee should appoint an appropriate independent law firm to investigate sexual harassment claims. The Ranking Member of the Assembly Ethics Committee, in consultation with the Minority Members of the Committee, should select a second appropriate independent law firm to conduct a separate investigation of sexual harassment claims. Two completely separate investigations will serve as an important check on the process and ensures a thorough investigation. 2. An appropriate non-partisan law firm has no political connections, is located outside the City of Albany, does not lobby and does not have ties to special interests such as labor unions, major corporate donors or ideological groups. Moreover, an appropriate independent law firm is one where neither the firm nor the partners have contributed to state lawmakers or officeholders. 3. An independent law firm is necessary to handle sexual harassment claims because the Assembly has failed to appropriately handle such claims in the past. The failure of the Assembly to do its job should not lead to an additional burden on the New York State taxpayer. To this end, every effort should be made to find appropriate independent law firms to perform this important public service pro bono. As I am sure you are aware, 58% of New Yorkers would not send their daughters to work in the state legislature. This is nothing less than an indictment of the legislature. We have to fix this problem. Two independent, pro bono law firms, chosen by different parties, will help achieve this goal. My cell phone is (845) 616-3509. Please call any time to discuss this important matter. Sincerely,

Kieran Michael Lalor Member of the New York State Assembly 105th Assembly District

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