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suzuki report
suzuki report

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Published by: Dushyant Yadav on Aug 02, 2013
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A. JAGANNATHA RAO 1225110101

The remaining area of 5. Ltd. Lakshmi Motorcycles and Allied Pvt.000 units.Introduction  SUZUKI MOTORCYCLES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation. Japan where in we are having the same manufacturing philosophy of VALUE PACKED PRODUCTS right from the inception. . of employees are 153. SMIPL will be manufacturing two wheelers best suited for the valuable Indian customers covering all segments . Plant area and capacity…  We have installed our sales & service plant in Berhampur (Orissa) having the annual capacity of 50. Total land area of the facility at Gandhi Nagar is 9 acres out of which the present plant is constructed in an area of 3. No.5 acres is left for future development.5 acres of land.

 Develop products of superior value by focusing on the customers  Establish a refreshing and innovative company through teamwork  Strive for individual excellence through continuous improvement in every sector. .Mission  The core philosophy of SUZUKI is to provide “VALUE-PACKED PRODUCTS”.

Air Cooled OHC  Displacement 124 cm3 Max. Single Cylinder. Power  6.8Nm@5000rpm (1.58hp@7.0kg-m@5.500rpm) Transmission  CVT Starter System  Self & Kick .Product specifications Engine  4 Stroke. Torque  9.4 Kw@7000rpm (8.000rpm) Max.

Ltd.Objectives of the study  The objectives of the study is survey research to        measure customer satisfaction towards SUZUKI ACCESS 125cc of Lakshmi Motorcycles & Allied Pvt. To understand customer attitude towards Suzuki motorcycles and Suzuki auto. To predict the boom of automobile industry. To know the taste and preferences of people. To know the market share of Suzuki motorcycles. Berhampur. To measure customer satisfaction of Suzuki Access 125cc owners. To determine the effects of the company image on the sales. To find the reasons for buying Access 125cc. .

 The strength of the company in the market and what strategies the competitors are using for the increase their sales volume. From the study we can gather the information regarding the opinion of the retailers on the companies comparatively and this will help to plans for the future to increase the performance of the company and to gain the loyalty of the retailers when compared to the competitors. .Need for the study  The company has to know their position in the market and the opinion and the loyalty of the customers and the retailers when compared to their competitor.

Hence I felt that there is a need for the study. However. He can know how the companies are competing with each other to sustain in the market in this tough competitive world. Through this study the investigator got the personal experience in the market field. . this type of study has not been carried out earlier by any investigator. He can implement his theoretical knowledge in to practice.

Companies also want the suggestions for improvement from users of Suzuki vehicles & get feedback from .  The data has been analyzed and presented in a simple and precise way on the basis of which pertinent recommendations have been made to the company to better the services. products and services of Suzuki. policies and strategies of the company in India. LTD with an insight on the consumer satisfaction pattern of Suzuki access 125cc as well as the customer’s response and awareness towards the brand.Scope  This study is aimed at providing LAKSHMI MOTORCYCLES & ALLIED PVT.

Analysis  The report has been prepared as per the information obtained from two sources. The resultant data has been used in tabular format to prepare the graphical representations. . was analyzed using some calculations to sum up the total information.  Secondary data. Sample size  I have taken a sample of 100 respondents or people in the survey for knowing about Suzuki access 125cc customer satisfaction in the public. They are:  Primary data. After gathering the data from the Primary and secondary sources the data were tabulated using a structured format.

 Do you like Suzuki access 125cc ? 15 very much average 20 not so much 65 .

 Which brand according to you is giving most competition to SMIPL in India ? 20 35 hero honda TVS honda 20 bajaj 25 .

 What is your level of satisfaction toward Suzuki Access 125cc ? 15 21 0-25% 25-50% 50-75% 75-100% 41 23 .

The study show that 55% respondents come to know from advertisements. . The survey show that 54% customers are like Suzuki access 125 and 43% are average like.Findings  The surveys show that 56% customers are     average & 28% customers have good perception about the Suzuki automobile product. Bajaj. The survey show that 69% customer thinks that Suzuki access 125 is capable to attract today’s generation. Honda. The survey show that in India the most compare brand against SMPIL is hero Honda.

SMPIL should implement new marketing strategies to compete with Indian competitors. Suzuki should maintain and produce the bikes in quarterly or half yearly so that customers can avail options. .Suggestions  Suzuki increase in advertisement in mass media     to promote sales. Suzuki at the moment has a very weak product portfolio and its products are not that visible in the market. Company should manufacture motorcycles which can withstand for long time on Indian roads.

Hayabusa and scooter Suzuki Access have shaken the market leader like Bajaj. Hero Honda & Honda is giving them a tough competition & soon going launch few more bikes in the market. After the separation with Tvs Motors the main focus of Suzuki has been to capture the Indian market through its product which is best.Conclusion  Indian 2-wheelers industry is the second largest in Asia after China. In terms of style & design and is trying to achieve more target of which it has laid down for the coming years its recent launched bikes like Suzuki Zeus. analysis and getting information about customer of Suzuki Access 125 as formulated that this scooter has success in the market and .  After deep research. GS 150R.

Thank You .

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