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EU energy mkt set to grow by by 2017 while US market will outpace its counterpa rt with CAGR of 11.27 to 21.5 bn Nestle achieving 5.3% organic growth in Americas vis-a-vis 1.5% organic growth in Europe. Eu accounts for 17 of total sales , north america 36 of total volume In Western Europe, the consumption of energy drinks has increased by an average 14 per cent every year from 2008 to 2012 while is estimated to have increased by 60% over the past four years.Energy drink consumption developments in Eastern E urope have been impressive, with an average of 24 per cent growth every year sin ce 2008 Slowdown in economy,energy drink market Ladership advantage with respect to market share.In us attains spot 2 in europe ? American sales of energy drinks were $8.6 billion in 2012, about 12 times their level a decade earlier, according to Euromonitor, a research firm. (Sales in wes tern Europe more than tripled, to , 4.49 bnover the same period.) Nestlé was the leader in frozen processed food in the US, with a 16% value share, representing sales of US$5.3 billion. Monster on path of attaining market leadership in US market as it sold $3 billio n in 2012, not much far behind its rival Redbull which sold $3.3 billion worth. Highest market share in terms of volume. Largest seller of energy drinks in the United States convenience-store channel ( a 31% unit share versus privately held Red Bull's 27%) International revenue grew at phenomenal rate of 38% in 2012. Domestically, it g rew by 17.3%.

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