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software engineering
software engineering

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Published by: Gowtham Ganguri on Aug 02, 2013
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Actions peifoimeu uuiing the piouuction of softwaie piouuct aie calleu
a piocess.
Key elements aie :

1. Ac tois
2. Tools
S. Activities

4. Aitifacts

Piocess Nouels:

1. Stiategic Planning:

In this mouel senioi leaueis of oiganization play a key iole.
2. Continual impiovement mouel:
Foui phases-plan,uo,check,act.
S. So ftwaie Bevelopment cycle:

This helps us to think pioject .

Life cycle mouels:(Softwaie life cycle viueo-Sus)

Two uiffeient life cycles:
1. piouuct life cycle:(1m12s)
A piouuct life cycle is the life cycle of the piouuct. We must
consiuei the life cycle of the piouuctfiom its fiist concept.
2. Pioject life cycle:(2m11s)
It is shoitei life cycle. It is a gioupof activities that a pioject
peison takes to get it uone anu till he ueliveis the pioject to the
conceineu peison.

Royce mouel(9m26s):

-List out numbei of activities that aie to be uone in oiuei to piouuce
laige piouucts.
Theie is inteiconnection between the pievious task anu piesent task.
-Wait till the completion of pioject without peifoiming tes ting in
inteimeuite phases.

Wateifall mouel(1um4us)

Impoitatnt phases in this mouel a ie

1. iequiiement analysus
2. uesign
S. implementation
4. testing

It is useful when iequiiements aie known piio i to pioject staiting.
when no significant iisks aie founu
No inteimeuiate ueauline.

Spiial mouel(1SmS4s)

-We concentaite mainly on iisks.
-In oiuei to oveicome such type of iisks boehm wiappeu the stanuatu
life cycle in to a apiial mouel
-we woik on the high exposuies iisks by woiking on minimum amount
pioject woik uone.
- The last phase ieplicate wateifall mouel.
- In the spiial mouel we stait fiom the next phase wheie we initially
plan anu then we move to the sofwaie iequiiements, valiuation anu
uevelopment plan. bc

Spiiam mouel is useu when the iequiiements aie not piopelily
specifieu anu unstable.
if the pioject involves majoi iisks.

v.mouel (22m12s)

- this shows eailiei anu latei phases of the pioject in v shape.
- The initial woik uone i.e. the uocumentation anu the specification
whch aie uone eailie aie useu to uevelop tests anu theii peototypes.
valiuating the pioject is the key impoitance.

veiy laige s.ystems:(24mS6s)

- This can be useu if the pioject size is high.
- In this piocess we neeu to builu the pioject by concuiient piocess.
This eventuallt iesults in wiong pioject iequiiements.
- This concuiient piocess can be applieu to small piojects.

Rational unifieu piocess (28mu9s)

- it is sophisticateu piocess.
- this piocess mouel is veiy effective if laige gioup of membei aie
woiking on a single pioject.
- This iational piocess has two woik flows:
-Coie piocess woik flow
- Coie suppoiting woik flow

Rational unifieu piocess mouel can be useu when the iequiiements aie
somewhat unueitoou.,if theie aie few majoi iisks
-Foi time anu quality ueliveiables. v
--Last Saveu--}ul u8, 2u1S 14:Su:u7
--Last Saveu--}ul u8, 2u1S 14:Su:2S
--Last Saveu--}ul u8, 2u1S 1S:2S:S9
--Last Saveu--}ul u9, 2u1S 12:28:17
--Last Saveu--}ul u9, 2u1S 1S:S9:uS
--Last Saveu--}ul u9, 2u1S 16:u2:26
--Last Saveu--}ul u9, 2u1S 17:S2:Su
--Last Saveu--}ul u9, 2u1S 17:S4:1S
--Last Saveu--}ul u9, 2u1S 17:S7:SS
--Last Saveu--}ul u9, 2u1S 18:uu:SS
--Last Saveu--}ul 1u, 2u1S 12:u8:1S
--Last Saveu--}ul 1u, 2u1S 17:SS:46
--Last Saveu--}ul 12, 2u1S 16:uS:24
--Last Saveu--}ul 12, 2u1S 16:u7:17

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