NAS 403: Nursing Curriculum Nursing Competency Appraisal Certification for Specialization – DOLE, ANSAP and DOH Do career

mapping – try to benchmark in Hospitals (follow Benner’s) - Novice - Advance beginner (2 years) - Competent 3 years - Expert - Intuitive _____________ NURSING CURRICULUM – competency of CHN and CLINICAL - after acquiring competency  what’s the outcome (this is your objective then this is your output) - if you want to learn ECG  then you have to know reading ECG - call people from the community, hospital for a dialogue (ask them kung mu graduate ang nurse unsa ilang needs or expected) – check the MDGS and GLOBAL - see the environmental setting to crate a good curriculum – check the theory ang e follow (like Human system theory examples Level 1 and 2 NORMAL and Level III Abnormal and Level 4 LMR) - (CMO 14) - 11 Key areas of responsibilities - Empowering competencies  LMR and Jurisprudence - Interview someone from the OLD CURRICULUM –-> General Nursing and - Assignment: General Nursing (Assignment)  Interview graduates of GN - 50s – present MAKING CURRICULUM Before making the curriculum  check the Health Resources and Situation (local problem in the community ) Check the local, political, social and economic circumstances Check the legislation, affecting practice and professional standards