Itty Bitty BookTutorial By Pegry

years andit is oneofmy favorilebooks. ago I learned howto makethis several it It isn't veryeasy makeandyouoandecorate aslittle o. asmuchasyou like! to

1 pieceof p.tterrcd crrdstock 1 piec! of letter riz€d solid color c{rdstock Borc Folder Glu€ltick hkpads (OptioDrl) (Optioml) Embellishmetrts swedishcolle€

in 1. With paperv€rtical,fold solidcolorcardstock half,then quert€rs. bonefolderto makecleai, sharp folds.Turnpaper Use on horizo ally andrepeat. asindicated red lineson diagam, Cut After foldidgandcutting,yourpaperwill look like this:
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2, Fold card to the right startingwilh panel 16. when you reachpanel 13, fold UNDER panel 12 and fold to the left. Continuewith lhis folding pattem until completely folded.

yourbook!IfI h8v€thc sbmpsthst Now youcaqb€ginto d€corale I I will fit on thepages useti€ttr, olherrvis€ ct€.te whaiI wanton my andprint thcmout thephotoon th€leff. compute.

This i! whatthr finistEdbooklookslike aftErI decordtcd they are it. Note,not oll lhe pag€s right sideup becaus€ dir€ction. will b€ fold€dandfac€in theopposite

to them. so 4. Thepag€s ofthe bookareloose, I usea gluestickon thebackofthe poges adhet€

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the bookcove.. ofthis tutorialI amshowing easier 5. Forthe purposes thickness. uzually I Thelengft ofthe bookcoverdepends thep6pe. on wrapit around bookaod€y€ballit You wantto lhe s piec€oflhe cardstoclq take roomaround "binding"ofthe booksoit opens the mak€sur€you leaveenough ar€n'ttoo stifrto tum. ft€elyandtlc psges

lt's his Dointvou candecomte cover.You canuseribbonto holdthe bookclosed. also the important to usethe RICHT nameif you are going to put that on the coverofyour book.Usuallyany boo boos can be coveredup easily. Clue the coverto the book. Putthe RIGHT nameon the cover and VOILA!

Hereis a collaseofthe insideofthe book.

yourcreationsl this and Tag it'syourturnto try it! Follow tutorial share photo "lttyBittyBook'.Check thegallery out using search the with s 'ltty BittyBook".