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0 DELIVERY METHOD Aluminium composite panels will be delivered in full fabricated form to ensure factory environment assembly work better quality work. 2.0 STORAGE AREA The main contractor must provide sufficient and exclusive storage area on site, as the panels are quite bulky and easily vandalised. Protection of such material before and after installation is crucial. 3.0 SURVEY SETTING OUT The main contractor must provide major grid lines or offset grid lines around the perimeter of the building floors. These offset lines must be within the tolerance required for installation especially plumb between floors. We shall check these off set lines and notify the main contractor of all discrepancies. The installation of frames shall not start until all discrepancies are corrected and agreed upon in writing. These off set lines shall be transferred out of the edge of the floor for lateral locations of anchors and units. 4.0 METHOD OF LEVEL CHECK The main contractor shall provide a one (1) meter bench mark on each floor. These bench marks shall be labelled and highlighted for easy reference. The level of each unit shall be transfer from these bench marks using levelling machines. 5.0 INSTALLATION OF COMPOSITE PANELS Erection of panels will be carried out using a custom hoist or winch, which is positioned, above the floor where panels are to be installed. Each panel is lifted from the storage stack and transported to the required position by either pellet jack or manually, depending on the weight of the panel. The panel is positioned at the predetermined survey pocket of bracket and will be permanently tightened once the correct level is achieved. Important: - a gondola system must be arranged where the access from inside is blocked by core wall, columns or parapet upstands. The position of the gondola should be approximately 500mm clear away from the floor edge, so as not to obstruct the panel units.


AFTER INSTALLATION Dismantling and removed of the gondola should be carried out with care, so as not to scratch or dent the installed aluminium composite panels and its components.


HAND OVER Cleaning and hand over.