A marker is a diagram of precise arrangement of pattern pieces for a specific style & sizes to be cut from a single spread.

• The process is also important in economic aspect also. • Two methods are there for making markers 1. Manual markers 2. computer markers.

Manual markers: Time consuming Great space Chance of errors Inconsistence in grain lines Result will vary. 5. 3. 3. 1.  1. 4. 5. Computer markers: More accurate Great opportunity for manipulation Reuse of markers Consumes less time Grain line consistence. 4. . 2. 2.

4. 1. 3. Can also use the grading patterns Pattern annotation is possible Today multihead jet plotters are available. 2. The number of markers depend on COP. 5. . Plotting: Is the process of drawing or printing a pattern pieces on paper so they can be reviewed or cut.

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