by Harmony Korine

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FADE IN: BLACK SCREEN The very loud sound of people having sex. The sounds of deep moaning and sexual huffs and puffs. After a few seconds the sound grows even louder. It should sound as if the two people are fucking into a microphone. The sounds should be painful and raw. GIRL (O.S.) Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. INT. BEDROOM - DAY The face of a very pretty young girl with long blond hair. Her face is inches from the CAMERA, the CAMERA is above her, looking down, almost like the POV of the person she's having sex with. She id breathing extremely heavily; her face is redhot and sweaty. Every time she moves, she makes a deep moaning noise. She looks likes she's on the verge of pain and ecstasy. GIRL Oh yes, Telly it hurts, oh yes, oh yes, please Telly, Telly. The CAMERA backs up to reveal Telly having sex with the girl. Telly is seventeen years old. He is short, dirty, slightly muscular, he has an interesting face, he is a street-smart punk, He is biting his bottom lip, the two of them are sweating like mad, the sound of the bed post smashing against the wall combines with the rhythmical moaning of the two. RAPID FADE TO BLACK BACK IN TIME - BEFORE THEY HAD SEX Telly is in bed with the girl. The two of them are sitting up in the big bed that is raised high of the ground. Telly is naked except for a tight pair of white underwater. He is sitting above the blankets with his legs spread apart. The girl is partially covered, she is wearing a black bra, one of her nipples is poking through. The two of them are very sweaty, they both have messed up hair, there is a great feeling of heat and wetness. The windows to her room are open, the sound of outside of outside traffic is circulating. There is a small fan on her dresser that is blowing from side to side. Socks, shirts, and pants are lying on her hard wood floor. The room is neat except for the clothing. A large poster of the Beastie Boys hangs on the wall.

2. She has many stuffed animals on her bed and dresser drawer, she also has a small dollhouse in the corner. Telly and the girl are looking at each other. The girl speaks slowly and softly, she has a very innocent beauty about her. TELLY You know what I want to do? GIRL Yeah. TELLY What do I want to do? GIRL You want to fuck me. But you can't fuck me. TELLY (smiling) Why? GIRL Because, you know why. You know. TELLY Because your a virgin? GIRL Because I'm a virgin and I don't want no baby. TELLY You think I want a baby? When you're with me, you don't have to worry about that kinda stuff. GIRL Why is that? TELLY Because I like you. I think you're beautiful. I think if we fucked you would love it. You wouldn't even believe it. GIRL I wouldn't believe it?

Between us. I don't know. RAPID CUT TO BLACK AN EXTREME CLOSEUP OF THE GIRL'S FACE As she screams in total agony. (he begins to caress her cheek and hair) I want to make you happy.3. Just pure pleasure. All the lights are on. Telly and the girl are on the bed having sex. nothing's going to change. I just think that you would love it. I promise. They kiss. GIRL But. No nothin. no skank.) (slowly) Virgins. TELLY What things? I'm telling you. TELLY (cont’d) (whispering) You know it won't hurt. GIRL (whispering) Do you care about me? TELLY (whispering) Of course I do. Telly scoots up to the girl and starts to kiss her.O. CUT TO BLACK . TELLY (V. No diseases. very electric and shocking. no loose as a goose pussy. This scene should look very white and bleached out. He sticks his tongue in her mouth. That's all. Everything should be exposed as Telly takes advantage of the virgin girl. TELLY I don't know. I'll be gentle. I love 'em. I'm just scared that things would change.

an assortment of tattoos. he's a smart ass. He is very happy. The two have been best friends since grade school. He runs down three flights of stairs as quickly as possible. As he sips his drink he laughs at his comic book. he has a quick temper. Telly smacks Casper on the back of his head.4. He is reading a comic book and drinking a 40oz. He runs down the skinny hallway and smacks the metal mailboxes. UPPER EAST SIDE .DAY Telly exits the building. Bottle of malt liquor.STAIRCASE . He stands up and pulls Telly's arm. He has a huge smile on his face. They help each other to survive. UPPER EAST SIDE APARTMENT BUILDING . Very fast. THE CREDITS ROLL IN As soon as the scene ends. Telly and Casper are always together. Casper is Telly's second half.SIDEWALK .DAY Telly gently shuts the door. Casper makes Telly happy. he has a strong New York accent. Telly provides Casper with a sense of adolescent wisdom. CREDITS STOP FADE IN: INT. and he isn't scared to fight someone twice his size. Hard-core. Casper is small and funny. Casper is startled and spills a little bit of his beer onto his shoes. CASPER Oh shit what happened? Casper is very excited. The music should be strong enough to maintain the intensity of the scene. EXT. everyone likes him. TELLY (smiling) Was up bitch? Casper looks at Telly smiling. CASPER is sitting on a middle step. The bottle is wrapped in a brown paper sack. CASPER Shit. very hard-paced music accompanies the credits. so does the sound of the two having sex. He jumps down the last four steps and bumps into the side of the wall. and crooked teeth. Punk. . He looks down the center of the staircase and spits. He watches his spit fall down till it smacks against the floor.

CASPER (cont’d) I knew you fucked it! I sat out her for like two hours! That girl was like twelve. paying no attention to speeding cars. The two of them are walking down the street. CASPER Oh shit. When I first put it in she screamed real loud. Casper seems much happier than Telly. How long did it take? TELLY Did what take? CASPER How long did you fuck her? They cross the street. . and you hit it up! TELLY (pounding his chest) Who am I? Who am I? The mothafuckin' virgin surgeon. TELLY What do you think? CASPER You fucked it? Telly laughs and Casper jumps up and down. They both start to laugh. so good. Telly is laid-back. They move off the stairs and start walking down the sidewalk. That bitch was bleeding. CASPER She can fuck? TELLY Hell yeah. I saw her bite down on the pillow. Casper is listening to every word that Telly says. That girl can fuck. obvious to everything but themselves talking. how was it? TELLY Oh my god.5. Casper is hyper as he jumps up and down and claws Telly's arm. CASPER Well.

as Casper breathes in the odor. . She had all these powders and creams in her bathroom. CASPER Let me smell it again. TELLY Hell's yeah. It hurts the first time. CASPER Oh man.6. It was good. that's the best. CASPER (cont’d) That's why virgins are the best. I had to keep taking it out and putting it back in. we fucked for a good half an hour. CASPER Oh man. It took like 15 minutes to talk her into it. She was so clean. CASPER Yeah. Casper takes a huge whiff. She really got into it. the snot in his nose makes a loud sound as he smells Telly's fingers. it smells like butterscotch. But once it was on. I love that smell. Telly lifts his fingers once again. TELLY You could tell she took care of herself. TELLY Well it took me longer than I thought it would take. TELLY But then when she got into it. TELLY Take a whiff. CASPER How did she smell? Did her puss stink? Telly puts his four fingers together and then puts his hand in front of Caper's nose.

CASPER Yeah. because she's young and all. right. TELLY And for a second I felt a little bit guilty. yeah that picture was taken less than a year ago. And I said. CASPER Yeah. As they walk down the street. I was flipping through a picture book of her and her family. CASPER How? TELLY Well. and thought to myself Oh my god. this girl is a baby. ambulances. Casper starts to crack up. TELLY And there was this picture of her painting Easter eggs or something. (MORE) . TELLY And she goes. You know. TELLY (cont’d) And I looked at her. joggers.7. TELLY You know what else? CASPER What? TELLY I can tell that she had just entered puberty. CASPER Right. and women with baby carriages all pass by. I look younger without my makeup. men in business suits with briefcases. you were cut when you were little.

. TELLY (laughing) That would be good. CASPER To what? Virgins? TELLY Yeah. TELLY I'm telling you Casper. Not just that. I think I'm getting addicted to that shit. I wanna fuck this little baby girl. It's like all I think about now. it's like lately during sex. crazy shit. CASPER Fuckin perverted bastard. But I wasn't gonna try. They continue to laugh and walk. She was pretty into it. Like when I was having sex with her. oh shit. I start dreaming about these complex fantasies. But I mean more like. (MORE) 8. I don't know. TELLY I don't know about that. CASPER (laughing) She's probably smash you in the fucking face.TELLY(cont'd) And then I was like. I kept thinking how much I would like to put it in her ass. CASPER What do you mean? TELLY I mean I'm dreaming about going all out. They both laugh. Just to see what would happen. that turns me on. CASPER You mean like fucking two virgins at once.

He misses the can and the bottle smashes in the middle of a busy street. you just gotta take it slow. he quit dealin but I'll bet he'll smoke us out.TELLY(cont'd) The whole thing is. Love is for low-level virgin seduction guys. CASPER You think he's got any herb? TELLY I don't know. CASPER Shit. Fuckin starvin. Casper takes the last sip of his beer. He's always got those microwave burrito things in his freezer. Show 'em some respect. then throws it toward an orange trash can. People walk by and stare. TELLY You wanna go to Paul's house? CASPER What for? That guys a dick. TELLY Are you hungry? CASPER Hell yeah. (burps) Smoke a blunt. They stop walking. Wait up a sec. 9. TELLY I'm sue he's got food. TELLY What do you want? CASPER Get another forty. Never love. CASPER Did you tell her that you loved her? TELLY Like. Casper takes two steps away and starts urinating in someone's bushes. . Like.

I mean there's a whole philosophy behind it. TELLY Yeah. That's too easy. I mean getting a virgin to suck your dick. CASPER Why? TELLY I don't know. CASPER It's no big deal.10. CASPER It is right. They start walking again. Having a virgin suck your dick. CASPER Did she suck your dick? TELLY A little bit. TELLY I want to knock her guard down. CASPER You think? TELLY Probably. that's basic because there's nothing lost. That's so easy. He zips up his pants. But I didn't really want her to. CASPER (cont’d) Telly. right? . CASPER He lives on 76th? TELLY CASPER Den less go Joe. Casper is carrying a folded up comic book in his hand.

etc.11. (mimicking an old lady) That Telly. No one else can ever do it. The way I see it. I feel dehydrated. yo. you know what I'm saying. My outlook on the this situation is. that's it. and fifty years from now all the virgins you fucked are gonna remember you because you were their first. A KOREAN GUY with flip-flops and headphones is sitting on a tall wooden stool. You did it. TELLY Right. But when you deflower a girl. CASPER They're gonna tell their grand kids. He sure was good in the sack! The two of them are laughing. TELLY You thirsty? CASPER Yeah. They walk in front of a Korean grocery. their conversation has gotten them very excited. TELLY You down with the boost? CASPER (whispers) Unzip my pack. sodas. TELLY Yep. TELLY You got any money? CASPER Three pennies and a ball of lint. CASPER Yeah. fruit. The grocery has a small outdoor produce section. It's like. (they both start laughing) It's like getting fame. if you died tomorrow. You were the one. . juice.

. diss digg.DAY The grocery is your basic traditional market with a lunch buffet. bottles of and puts them on the floor. Do you have diss digg? KOREAN STORE OWNER Whah you say? Dissdee? Casper runs up to the counter and grabs his crotch. diss digg. Casper walks straight to the back where they keep the beer. Behind the cash register is a middle-aged KOREAN MAN. I'm curious if you have it? KOREAN STORE OWNER Whah is dissdee? Casper is going through the beer section. TELLY Uh. TELLY I'll ask you one last time. INT. KOREAN GROCERY . Telly circles the buffet and then walks up to the cash register. He turns around and Telly quickly unzips his backpack. He is watching a small black and white television set. would you happen to have diss digg? KOREAN STORE OWNER Whah? TELLY Diss digg. He pulls out two 40oz. TELLY Diss digg. The two boys enter. Maybe crazy. KOREAN STORE OWNER I no understand you. let's see here. A round mirror is reflecting Casper putting the bottles into his backpack.12.

The two boys run off. KOREAN MAN Stupy fucky boys! Fucky! He looks at his fruit stand and puts a peach in the spot that Casper previously stole from. TELLY The cartoon? CASPER Yeah. a glass of water. EXT. You know. those guys share everything. CASPER You know like in "The Wonder Twins" they share everything. CASPER Well. Telly is also drinking. Telly taps the Korean man who is sitting outside. (mimics the cartoon) Activate in the form of. mutha fucka! Can't you understand English? The two of them both run out the door.13. UPPER EAST SIDE . Casper is eating a peach and drinking his 40oz. The Korean man gets off his stool. . TELLY Yeah. The man looks in the opposite direction while Casper grabs two peaches and puts them into his pocket. CASPER He said This Dick. beer. right? TELLY Right.APARTMENT . He pulls his headphones off his ears. "The Wonder Twins".DAY Casper and Telly are walking down the street.

I'm serious man. How fun it would be to share each other's girl. You know those guys share everything. right? TELLY Right. . CASPER No.14. jump through a ring of fire.DAY A medium sized apartment building on the Upper East Side. Cabs drive by and beep their horns. EXT. Cars are speeding by the front of the building. Casper is jumping up and down on Telly's shoulder. Like that one girl with two teeth and a clit ring. Telly spits out a mouthful of beer. CASPER Oh man. CASPER And once I saw this episode where they pretended they were each other. I imagine I can make her do anything. I'm dead ass. Bark like a dog. I fucking love this guy. CASPER And it got me thinkin. The two of them walk off laughing. that would be fun but I don't like any of the girls you go out with. Where they lived the other's life for a day. CASPER (cont’d) (laughing) Can you do it man? TELLY (laughing) Can I do it? I just brooke her cherry. PAUL'S APARTMENT BUILDING . TELLY (laughing) Yeah. Do you wanna try? We could be like the fuckin X-rated "Wonder Twins"! The two of them start laughing and jumping on each other.

on the phone." to everyone. Telly and Casper enter the building. A Vespa scooter is parked on the outside in front of the building. as they watch the guy play. PAUL'S APARTMENT BUILDING . just two white couches and a few plants in the corner. Casper runs down and gives her a peach. A Nintendo with several wires is hooked up to it.DAY There are about ten guys in the apartment. Open up. A buzz is heard. There are people lying on the couch. . they breathe in the wipit's. There is a big TV in the center of the floor. They are all colors and sizes. The boys are all young and spread out. Then he runs back up. on the floor. INT. it also has stickers on it. Telly rings one of the buttons. A couple of boys are huddled around the game. The bottom switchboard is plastered with skateboarding stickers and "Legalize Marijuana" stickers. Telly rings it again. The little girl tosses the peach to the ground. PAUL (from box) Hello? TELLY (loudly) Paul it's Telly. It is a very hot day. Telly. Telly and Casper are sitting on the front steps. There are various games spread out. playing with a doll. PAUL (from box) Hello? TELLY It's me. They say "Was up. There is almost no furniture. both boys are wiping sweat from their bodies. There is a little girl sitting on the bottom step. Some people they hug. in the kitchen smoking pot and doing wip-its.15. Casper and Telly go to each person and greet them with a handshake.

CASPER That's why I like 'em. CASPER Yeah. a tall black kid with dreads. how many people live here now? PAUL I don't know. Paul puts his hand on his big pocket and gives Casper a cartridge. PAUL What are you guys doing? TELLY Nothing. PAUL They're good for you. They wake my brain up. TELLY So. CASPER (cont’d) I love these shits. walks out of the kitchen. We just wanted to come by and see what you were up to. Paul sits down besides them. Casper does the wip-it. He has a cordless phone in his hand. One after another. Casper breathes in the wip-it and then smiles really big. PAUL You want a wip-it? TELLY Nah. Vitamin C for the new generation. STANLEY.16. Paul hands Casper another cartridge. They both sit down on the floor and continue to drink their beers. Casper continues to do wip-it's. eight or nine. TELLY Where does everyone sleep? .

JENNIE I knew he wouldn't want to speak to me. They are smoking. These scenes should be handheld. Ruby hangs up the phone. You guys can share the bathtub. Jennie is a 15 year old high school sophomore. she chain-smokes. her hair is slicked back.DAY Five girls are sitting in a small room. you and Casper can move in. with an uncommon touch of innocence about her. PAUL Everywhere. The girls are all good friends. She is very pretty. We're still short on the rent. RUBY You still mad at him? . CASPER That girl you boned last year. If you want. Ruby is a nice looking girl. She is white. STANLEY Yo Telly. RUBY'S ROOM . The next episode is going to jump-cut back and forth between Paul's apartment and Rubby's room. She is Spanish. A big dirty fish tank is on one of the bookshelves. You know. What the fuck's she up to? INT. age 17.17. Fuckin flophouse. Remember? TELLY Man I haven't seen her in forever. TELLY Jennie who? STANLEY Jennie. Jennie says what's up. They're all in a circle laughing. A few of them have rings in their lips and eyebrows. That dick. RUBY Telly says was up.

I don't even remember his name. JENNIE Of course. More laughter from the group. But it's not even the fact that he devirginized me. They all speak very quickly. Trust me you'll love it. I remember. Just be glad you didn't lose your virginity in the backseat of a rental car. It's the fact that after it was done he never spoke to me again. RUBY That shit is nothin. He fucked Amber the same way. SUSAN And Susan too. Oh Jennie I like you so much. JENNIE But he was all like. Laughter. He took it away and now it's gone forever. LINDA That's the kinda shit he's into. SUSAN First times are always wacked. How am I gonna forgive him after what he did?! SUSAN What did he do? Ruby cuts of Jennie. I'm not gonna use you. He was poppin mad jazz. Telly is known for that stuff. With this fuckin asshole who was like 18.18. (MORE) . almost to the point where you can't understand them. He talked all this bullshit and then just broke out. JENNIE Yeah. RUBY He stole her virginity. I promise. I had just turned 14.

RUBY And we did it in the bush. JENNIE I know. This was away at like sleep away camp with your friends and shit. RUBY Did you bleed? JENNIE I didn't bleed. LINDA (cracking up) That's the shit! That's the shit! Linda slaps hands with Ruby. RUBY The pain. but they obviously weren't because everybody knew.RUBY(cont'd) I think it was John or Jake or something. JENNIE Oh yeah. The fucking pain! JENNIE And you feel like you're being ripped open inside. And it hurt like a motha. oh my god the pain! Laughter. Laughter. And it was out on the grass somewhere. . And we thought everyone was sleeping. Like outside around midnight. I remember he had a brother named Lentil because I would always joke and call him Lentil Bean. RUBY You didn't? 19. I got fucking mosquito bits all over my ass. RUBY You are being ripped open.

DIANE You know. RUBY I bled. No. I love.. DIANE Me too. My reputation! DIANE It doesn't even matter though. Everyone is cracking up. The reputation is bullshit. It's that boom boom boom. That's the best way. JENNIE Foreplay.. I fucking bled all over the sheets. RUBY I know. I love sex. And you know what he started singing? He started singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday. JENNIE No.. LINDA (smacks hands together) Yep.. RUBY (cont’d) I was like. ." That stupid fucking song. JENNIE Yep. I didn't bleed. DIANE I don't give a fuck. RUBY Hell yeah. I bled like on the condom. It's such bullshit. I was like. I have sex and I like fucking. Foreplay. SUSAN I bled. They sang that the whole sleep away.20. there was blood everywhere.

And sex is just like. It's slow boring. But it gets boring. You know there's a difference between sex.21. LINDA Yeah. SUSAN Yeah. yeah let's have sex. it's like awww. It's boring. LINDA Sweet. LINDA Its like. SUSAN Slow.. LINDA Yeah. and fucking! LINDA Yep. RUBY It's really slow. It's like when you really love someone. RUBY It's very monotonous. RUBY It's like. making love. Jennie is cracking up and pounding Ruby's back. LINDA You know what it's like. RUBY Right.. RUBY It's grandmother style. You know it's not like.. RUBY Making love is like.. RUBY Yeah. .

. But when you fuck.. Pounding on that shit.. Laughter. yeah. TELLY But that's the thing. SUSAN It's like yeah whatever. They are in the midst of a conversation.DAY Some of the guys are sitting in front of the couch doing wipits.. He is blowing into the burrito.22. They expect you to be so gentle. Ooooh. yeah! PAUL That's the one thing.. everyone laughs. (MORE) . You wanna fuck that person. You're like ripping each other's hair out. ZACK When most of time you just wanna be all. She pulls her hair. STANLEY That would be the best if you could just be.. Excuse me can I borrow your hole Miss? It'll only take a little while. RUBY Right. It's like. You're like it's just this instinct. STANLEY Yeah. RUBY Boom!!! Boom!!! INT. It's like this animal instinct is taking over you. Casper is chewing on a microwave burrito and watching the guy next to him play Nintendo. JENNIE Passion. PAUL'S APARTMENT . They like romance. I'll give it right back. so kind. Girl's like it slow.

They all start laughing and clapping hands and snapping fingers. It's like the worst letdown. JENNIE Yep.DAY In the midst of their conversation..TELLY(cont'd) They like things to be sweet and romantic. TELLY I mean I've been with a lot of girls I know. But he has to know what he's doing and where he's going. RUBY Hell yeah. they don't know. yep. CASPER Yeah me too nigga. 23. Because sometimes the foreplay is just so good. JENNIE Like where are your erogenous zones? RUBY Mine? JENNIE Mine are like my neck and my chest. SUSAN You know.. You know a lot of times sex gets in the way. INT RUBY'S ROOM . Has that ever happened to you? LINDA Yep. . SUSAN You know. Because they can like touch you for hours and they won't ever know. And then when it actually comes time for sex. CASPER Yep.

And Smash J and DJ Flipper was there. And he just pulled me over to the bed.. Mine are my toes. and he must have been dumb horney. RUBY And we were blasted. SUSAN Yeah. when we got blasted at his house. (MORE) . RUBY He was like sucking my tits. Oh my God if someone sucks my toes I'll come in like ten seconds! RUBY Yeah. And we kissed like so hard that our lips were busted. like getting dressed. RUBY (cont’d) (laughing) He was like ripping my hair. Cause like this one time with Eric. She starts pounding her fists. Oh my God that shit was so good! It was like hard.. And they were in the room.. It depends. RUBY (CONT'D) (cont’d) I was like ripping his hair out. LINDA Oh shit. RUBY And we were like underneath the sheets. It was crazy. like getting ready to go to go to Disco SUSAN Right. LINDA Yeah. I was like oh yeah.. But that shit was nice and hard.24. He was fucking fingering me. We were going at it like crazy. And that shit was so good. They slap hands and laugh.

.RUBY(cont'd) (moving her hips back and forth) Work it. They all crack up. Point. SUSAN Yep. RUBY Yep. She snaps her fingers. SUSAN You know why I decided to go out with Alex. Where just one more move and you would be like crazy. SUSAN (cont’d) (still laughing) I was like yes! I'm going out with him! LINDA That's right. That's why foreplay is better than sex. LINDA Yep. JENNIE . LINDA Because he can like climax you up to that. Everyone is cracking up.. She holds up her middle two fingers and starts shaking them back and forth... 25. LINDA But then the sex gets into the way and you're like: What happened! What the hell happened?! . JENNIE Why? SUSAN (starts laughing) He has the best fucking fingers I've ever had.

RUBY Yeah. eat. I can only take it up to fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes. LINDA I start thinking about what I'm gonna eat afterwards. RUBY Yeah I get bored.DAY Continued talking. CASPER You know what I notice? ZACK What? . Laughter. RUBY Yeah it's the biggest disappointment! SUSAN Yeah. Cause I get bored.26. and it took him like an hour and a half. LINDA Me. LINDA Yeah. Have you ever had someone that took forever RUBY To come? SUSAN Yeah. Casper is playing the video game. SUSAN Yeah. Hard and deep. And it takes them either too long or too short to come. Fifteen minutes to a half an hour. I had sex with Jake. INT. PAUL'S APARTMENT . I got real thirsty too. He is playing with a great deal of intensity. The shit gets wacked.

TELLY No. They love it. 'Cause sperm has vitamin C. Girls love it. That's like the first thing they go for. RUBY Yeah. PAUL Yeah. JENNIE I hate sucking dick! RUBY Yeah. RUBY'S ROOM . Casper's game finishes. CASPER (cont’d) (under his breath) I hate this game.DAY In the midst of their conversation.27. (MORE) . the ear. But when it's just you and them. They just act like they don't in front of their friends. 'Cause they fucking shoot you in the eye. CASPER I know. JENNIE And sometimes it takes a long time. STANLEY Some girls. That's why girls live longer than guys. They love it. Casper starts a new game. Casper's right. Or somethin'. the face. It's like a secret pastime hobby for them. CASPER I notice that girls love to give head. I know. CASPER All girls. and you're fucking gagging. And then it hits that little thing. INT.

And you're not getting anything out of it. SUSAN It's like sweet and sour.RUBY(cont'd) (pointing to the back of her throat) That little punch bag. RUBY (cont’d) It was. it was. SUSAN Me neither. It's so disgusting. 28. The esophagus. SUSAN Yeah. Until you eat something. RUBY No. LINDA And you don't get shit out of it.. You can't get that taste out of your mouth.. . Laughter. SUSAN Have you ever swallowed it before? JENNIE No. and salty butter. RUBY You can drink like there's no tomorrow but you still can't get that sperm between the teeth out. What is it? The tonsils. They all laugh. JENNIE Yeah. How much more can I bob here? You know. no. RUBY I have. whatever. RUBY And it's like. no.

And everyone's dying.DAY Continuing the conversation. I thought you got with A. PAUL'S APARTMENT . we just messed around. I don't know any kids with AIDS. Playing the video game. I mean all you hear about is disease this and disease that. Telly is looking straight into the CAMERA. DIANE No. And you better wear a condom or else. But I still use 'em. JENNIE I mean.J. TELLY Yep.DAY Laughter accompanies their conversation. But the truth is. PAUL That's the whole thing. INT. I didn't know that. They break. INT.29. They don't work. JENNIE No. They make your dick shrink. No one I know has ever died from that shit. PAUL'S APARTMENT . It's impossible to feel anything. You knew that. They slip off. . RUBY'S HOUSE . INT. It's like some weird make-believe story that the whole world believes. Telly is the only guy I've ever had sex with.DAY Continued talking. RUBY (CONT'D) (cont’d) The only way you can get it out is like if you eat like a real meal. Or at least I did once. TELLY All I know is that condoms suck. You know if you look at it. too.

who were both virgins. Jennie looks embarrassed. LINDA Yeah. It's a great big fraud. CASPER Yeah. so I knew he was safe.30. TESTING CLINIC . . But I went to the clinic last week with Jennie. INT. She scratches her elbow. LINDA Yeah. There is a large paper diagram on the wall that traces. The room is decorated on shades of bright yellow.DAY Continued talking. RUBY And the other person I just fucked. Ruby is chewing gum and tapping her feet.DAY Ruby is sitting across from a BLACK NURSE. There are pictures of clowns on the wall. Like I know one of the people got tested and was negative. step by step. which was a mistake. The nurse has a clipboard in her hand. RUBY I've known the past of all the people I've fucked without a condom. LINDA Did they ask you a lot of questions? INT. the process of inserting a condom. She is sitting at a small desk that is cluttered with papers and pictures of her kids. RUBY And I know that one of them fucked like two other girls. RUBY (cont’d) I made her get tested with me because I didn't want to go alone. RUBY'S ROOM .

she talks with a strong New York accent. BLACK NURSE How many times have you gone unprotected? RUBY With four of them. The nurse has a clip board in her head. The black nurse is very overweight. . maybe nine. WHITE NURSE How old are you? JENNIE INT.DAY Jennie is sitting across from a very skinny WHITE NURSE.31. maybe it was three. Spanish rock music is sleeping through the walls. I didn't use any kind of protection. She is facing downward and her hair is falling into her face." BLACK NURSE How old you? RUBY INT. Altogether? BLACK NURSE Yes. A small desk fan is rotating back and forth. She sips a coffee mug that reads "I love Mom. TESTING CLINIC . Jennie is sitting in a chair. She looks very pretty and childlike. The room is dirty. I'd say eight. BLACK NURSE How many people have you had vaginal intercourse with? RUBY Umm. TESTING CLINIC . Altogether. Jennie speaks in a low voice. RUBY Hmm. Wait.DAY The black nurse scratches her scalp and it makes a noise.

TESTING CLINIC . BLACK NURSE Have you ever had anal intercourse? RUBY Yes. WHITE NURSE Have you ever had anal intercourse? .DAY The white nurse sticks her head a few inches from the fan and lets the wind blow her sweaty face. TESTING CLINIC . Yes. Two times they didn't. WHITE NURSE How many people have you had vaginal intercourse with? JENNIE One.32. TESTING CLINIC . INT.DAY The white nurse scribbles something down. But I'm not sure. BLACK NURSE With how many people? RUBY Umm. Three I believe.DAY The black nurse takes a long sip from her mug. INT. Twice they weren't. BLACK NURSE Were they wearing condoms? RUBY Uh. WHITE NURSE Were you protected? Pause. An EXTREME CLOSEUP shot of a pencil checking the NO box. INT. JENNIE No.

33. TELLY He looks like my uncle.DAY The black nurse has a big smile on her face.DAY Casper and Telly run down the stairs. . You should come back in seven days and we should have your results. JENNIE (timidly) Thanks. People enter and exit. EXT. then Casper starts to clap with his beer in his hand. Casper looks at the money collection. He is standing up and tapping his feet. BLACK NURSE Okee dokey. INT. A short BLING GUY is playing the accordion. Then they slip through very nonchalantly. JENNIE No. TESTING CLINIC . this guy is really good. They watch him for a second. Telly sees Casper smiling and then he begins to smile. In front of his feet is a large leather briefcase with dollar bills and scattered change. Casper and Telly walk up to the Blind Guy. INT. INT. TESTING CLINIC .DAY Casper and Telly run down the stairwell. CASPER I bet he makes hella money. They look around to see if there is any transit security. CASPER Man. He's playing "Danny Boy". He starts to smile really big. TRAIN STATION . They simultaneously walk up to the turnstile and pull back the revolving metal guard. ENTRANCE OF AN UPTOWN TRAIN STATION .DAY A CLOSEUP of Jennie's face.

Casper walks next to the Blind Guy and starts dancing really funny.DAY Typical waiting room. She is coughing uncontrollably. She turns and looks at Ruby. but who cares.WAITING ROOM . Ruby continues to talk. pounds her on the back. Big sofas and chairs. An assortment of men and women of different races and colors. A man in a three-piece suit slowly walks by. as Ruby follows the nurse through the hectic testing clinic.34. Ruby crosses both her fingers and raises them in the air. The same fat black nurse walks out with a clipboard. JENNIE Good luck. This should be one long shot. and she stops coughing.. . A skinny nurse walks by. She looks like a large shaking figure. A train comes speeding by. The two of them enter the same room as before. She begins to cough tremendously. Some guy in a business suit walks by and throws some change in the collection. A table is in the middle of the floor... her eyes watery. BLACK NURSE Woowee! It must have been something I ate! (coughs then smiles) Ruby. A ceiling fan is circling fast up above. Jennie tries to see his face but he is turned the wrong way. Ruby and Jennie stop talking and look at the black nurse. Telly starts to laugh. I don't know. Ruby stands up and looks at Jennie. TESTING CLINIC . magazines and pocketbooks. They look mainly middle class. A water jug is in the corner.. RUBY Wish me luck. INT. Ruby follows the black nurse. follow me. I think he's mad at me. RUBY . The black nurse has a smile on her face. Jennie and Ruby are the youngest people in the room.

You tested negative for all sexually transmitted diseases and infections. pause) Well. WAITING ROOM .DAY Jennie is standing up.35. BLACK NURSE (cont’d) Here take these pamphlets home and read them. WHITE NURSE Jennie. The white nurse is sitting down at her desk. She opens it and smiles. RUBY Yes! BLACK NURSE You're clean. BLACK NURSE Now you gotta be careful. TESTING CLINIC . I couldn't sleep last night. Jennie stands up and smiles. The nurse looks real closely at the folder and then shuts it. You've tested positive for the HIV infection.DAY The skinny white nurse picks up a folder with Jennie's name on it. WHITE NURSE Jennie. INT. girl. BLACK NURSE (cough. She opens the door to the waiting room and looks at Jennie sitting down with her eyes closed. INT. The black nurse picks up a file from the back of the door. She is hugging herself. INT. RUBY Oh my God. I can't tell you how nervous I've been. The black nurse pulls out a bunch of pamphlets. TESTING CLINIC . She walks towards the door.DAY Ruby is sitting down in a chair. .

I like her. Casper is holding a 40oz. They are headed downtown.. The nurse is quiet. The train shakes. I've wanted to get with her for a while now. CASPER Darcy? . JENNIE What? WHITE NURSE The test isn't one hundred percent accurate. You should.. Benny's little sister. JENNIE I tested positive? WHITE NURSE I'm sorry. CASPER Who? TELLY Darcy. CASPER Oh. all seats are taken and there are a few people standing up.DAY Telly and Casper are sitting side by side. You like her? TELLY Yeah. Casper and Telly are looking at the couple directly across from them. JENNIE But I only had sex with Telly. they are holding hands and kissing. JENNIE (cont’d) I just got tested to keep Ruby company. bottle of beer. SUBWAY CAR .36. They are two unattractive lower-class Spanish people. TELLY I wanna fuck Darcy. INT. The train is semi-crowded.

And I sat down over on the other side. Last weekend at that block party. She's only 13.37. CASPER (smiling) Yeah. Remember? CASPER Yeah. TELLY And after about two seconds. Darcy was like a vision of perfection. at that block party. TELLY Yeah. At that point and moment. TELLY At that moment. TELLY (cont’d) I'm not joking. TELLY She was handing out those watermelon slices. CASPER I know what you mean. . TELLY I watched her eat the watermelon. so pretty. I got the biggest hard-on. And I watched her. CASPER (excited) Yeah. I wanted to take my dick out and start jacking right there. She's so little. and innocent. TELLY It's funny. she represented everything holy about a virgin. And all this juice started running down her chin and onto her shirt. Casper starts laughing. CASPER Yeah.

At this point the sound of the subway door is heard. The legless man stops and smiles at Casper. He sits back down next to Telly. She promotes for them. CASPER Bet. He is wearing a shirt that says "KISS ME I'M POLISH". TELLY I don't care motha fucka. CASPER (laughing) How are you gonna fuck two virgins in a day? That shits gotta be against the law. I have no legs. Casper starts checking his all his pockets. I have no legs. When he gets about three feet away. He has a large container filled with change. CASPER She hangs out at Nasa. A random few stuff change and dollar bills into his cup. As he enters. He sings as he pushes his way through the cat. I gotta stop off home too. LEGLESS MAN (singing) I have no legs. . Casper stands up and throws some pennies into his cup. his cup of change is heard smashing back and forth. The two of them shake hands. He has an afro pick sticking out the back of his head. I swear to God I'm gonna fuck her. I have no legs. As he pushes his way closer. His face is even with people's knees. CASPER (cont’d) You wanna run by the park and see what everybody's doing? Get zooted? TELLY I guess so.38. I'll bet you money she fucks me. TELLY I'm gonna fuck her tonight. A black man with no legs pushes himself through with his hands.

CASPER So. I notice what you do. (motions to his waist) He had no half his lower body. But if it's just a regular bum. He's gotta shit out of his ribcage. It's elitist.39. TELLY I don't understand why you do that. (MORE) . CASPER What are you talking about? TELLY Whenever you see someone who's really messed up. Bless you back. you pass them by. The legless man makes his way into the next car. CASPER Did you look at that guy? What the fuck. CASPER Yeah. LEGLESS MAN (cont’d) Thank you. CASPER Why I do what? TELLY That. TELLY So. He had no legs. You give them money. God bless you. Why you give money. especially amputees and retards. It's reverse elitism. CASPER Why I give pennies? TELLY Yeah. Because you give money to whoever is the most fucked up. These people live on the same streets. TELLY That's just it.

you gotta give it to the bottom of the barrel scum fucks. CASPER I'll tell you why. And after that. They both laugh. . TELLY Right. They are on a busy street. I've always givin' my money to retards. Telly is laughing. And he used to make fun of the handicapped. Everyone is beeping their horns and screaming out windows. it's good luck. cousin Luke. Because that's the reverse of what he did. I had a fat cousin. And one day he had a bad stomachache. good luck. CASPER I'm telling you the truth. CASPER (cont’d) So really. It is very loud outside.DAY 40. People are walking by the cars are in a standstill gridlock. CASPER So. The regular bums aren't poor enough for you. TELLY Shut up. I mean what the fuck. You never know when you can end up like that. Ruby and Jennie are squeezed into a telephone booth. TELLY Good luck? CASPER Yeah. TELEPHONE BOOTH . Because when I was little. INT. The guy had no legs. So he drank a bottle of Pepto and his ass blew off.TELLY(cont'd) It's just that you reserve your money for those people who are massively fucked up.

look just tell her. Yeah. I'm gonna die.. Jennie picks up the phone and puts it to her ear. Peter where's Mommy? No. I'm gonna have to tell my little brother. I need to speak to Mommy... We'll work it out. She begins shaking her hands back and forth. RUBY Shh. She hangs up the phone and starts to cry. She searches her pockets for a quarter and comes up empty. Jennie dials her house. Come on. is Mom there? No. Do you have a quarter? Ruby hands her a quarter. I can't talk to you right now. Go watch television. Ruby puts her arm around Jennie. Jennie is nervous and shaky.... RUBY Come on. No never mind. JENNIE Ruby... Don't cry. JENNIE That's it. I can't make him his lunches anymore.. Ruby looks very dazed and confused.41.. I hear it. A man with a beeper walks up and taps on the phone booth.. JENNIE I only did it once and. it's gonna be OK. JENNIE (cont’d) (into phone) Peter.. PHONE BOOTH MAN You usin the phone? RUBY Get the fuck outta here man! PHONE BOOTH MAN What? .

RUBY (screaming inside the booth) I said get the fuck outta here before I smash your fucking face in mothafucka!!! JENNIE I gotta go. Jennie squeezes by Ruby and pushes open the door to the booth. I just gotta go find him. Telly lives in a flat on St. Ruby grabs Jennie's arm and Jennie pulls away. Two Spanish hoodlums are sitting on the front steps. I gotta find Telly. She is passing all the people on the sidewalk. Marks. EXT. She continues to run as the CAMERA follows her for a full block. TELLY'S HOUSE . Casper looks for some place to hide his beer. RUBY Jen! Jennie looks back at Ruby and then starts running down the street.DAY Telly and Casper walk up to the house. RUBY Don't go anywhere. downtown. She bumps into people and pushes them away. One of the hoodlums puts his hand out and Casper gives it to him. Stay with me. JENNIE No. JENNIE I gotta find him. Some people stare. .42. RUBY I'm coming. RUBY (cont’d) (screaming) Jennie! Jennie is running down the street full speed. Then she darts across the street and through the traffic. Telly and Casper walk up and slap their hands. Jennie starts walking and wiping the tears out of her eyes.

then enter the kitchen. Large bookshelves filled to the gills with books. Pouring the Kool-Aid. A scattered game of Monopoly is on the dinning room table. Telly's house is cluttered. A small wooden piano. a rocking chair in the corner. Big plush couches in the living room. TELLY We were out trying to find a job. TELLY Hi mom. Telly's mom is in the kitchen breast-feeding a small baby. Casper gets the glasses down from the cabinet. Telly opens the door with his key and Casper follows close behind. MOM So. Telly and Casper walk into the living room. There is a Matisse poster hanging in a frame.43. Where you been? CASPER Hi. MOM Hi Casper. a few cats roam the house. what are you gonna do for money this summer? . The kitchen has pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. MOM Hi Telly. and large family portraits. The house is nice but organized. She has her hair pulled back and her breast out. On the wall are pictures of Telly as a young boy. They walk straight to the end of the hallway and enter. There is a small television set on the kitchen counter that she is watching. MOM Any luck? CASPER No none. Telly goes to the refrigerator and takes out a big jug of Kool-Aid.

44. There is an exercise bike in the corner. . Casper follows Telly into the bedroom. TELLY I don't know. MOM Sorry. Dad made me promise not to give you any money until you find a job. Casper is staring at Telly's mom's breast. your little brother is getting big. Casper slowly staggers behind. CASPER Holy shit man. Museum posters are on the wall. TELLY Shut the fuck up. Telly sticks his head out the door to make sure his mother isn't coming. Find a job. CASPER Man. Casper pulls Telly's arm. (pause) Hey can I borrow some money? Casper is staring at Telly's mom as she breast-feeds. Telly walks out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Telly. Tampons on the dresser. The two of them enter Telly's parents room. MOM That's right. your mom's got good titties. There are clothes lying on the bed and floor. INT. Telly pulls his shirt off and wipes his underarms and chest. TELLY But then I won't need your money.DAY The bedroom is messy. TELLY Yeah. As they walk up the stairs. TELLY'S PARENT'S BEDROOM .

45. Casper picks up a tampon and starts playing with it. Telly opens his mother's shoe closet. All her shoes hand from a big wooden door. He goes directly to a pair of black dress pumps. He pulls out the shoes and puts them under his arm, then he puts his hand in the shot slot and pulls out a pair of shoulder pads with a rubber band rapped around them. He pulls off the rubber brand, and in between the shoulder pads is a small wad of cash. He takes out the cash and sits on the bed counting it. Casper is pushing the tampon back and forth inside the plastic shell. CASPER How do these things work? Telly is counting the cash. TELLY Twent, twenty-five, thirty-five, forty-five, fifty. Casper is looking at himself in the mirror. CASPER How much you gonna take? TELLY I don't know. How much do you want? Casper is looking at teeth in the mirror. CASPER About ten. Fifteen is good. TELLY Fifteen for me. He puts fifteen dollars in his back pocket. TELLY (cont’d) Ten for you. Casper is scrapping his teeth with the tampon while looking in the mirror. Telly stands up and hands Casper the ten dollars. Caper puts the money in his back pocket. Telly picks up his mother's shoulder pads and puts the remaining cash between them.

46. He stuffs the shoulder pads into the shoe slot. He picks up his mother's black pumps and puts them into the slot. He shuts the door. Telly picks up his shirt and walks out of the room. Casper throws the tampon into the trash and follows Telly. INT. TELLY'S ROOM - DAY His room is a total mess, worse than imaginable. His clothes, the furniture, piles of porno magazines and science books, are all covered with candy wrappers and potato chip bags. His television is on a scrambled station. He has one big poster of Albert Einstein on his wall. He has a water bed. He has a few small plants next to his windowsill. There is a cat sleeping next to his bed. TELLY Get the fuck out of here cat! Telly kicks the cat out his door. Casper shuts the door. TELLY (cont’d) You think Darcy is gonna be at Nasa tonight? CASPER Yeah probably. Telly picks up the small spray bottle used for watering plants, he begins to spray his face and chest. CASPER (cont’d) Yo, you got any weed around here? TELLY Naw. But we should run by the park and get a dime. Maybe Darcy will be at the park. Casper is sitting on the water bed, he is pumping one of Telly's small ten pound dumbbells. CASPER Yo. I'm gonna get buff dude. TELLY You are?

47. CASPER Yeah. The other day, some sort of Chinese bitch told me I'd look good with muscles. Casper is pumping and making faces. CASPER (cont’d) I'm gonna get mad diesel. I'm gonna fuck any nigga that tries to step to me. Telly is wiping his body off with a towel from the floor. He sniffs his arms and then picks up a stick of deodorant and applies it. TELLY You want some? Casper is still pumping. CASPER Nah. TELLY Why not? You stink. CASPER That shit gives me a rash all under my arms and around my stomach. I like my odor. It's fuckin natural. The CAMERA stays on Casper while he continues to pump his dumbbell and look at his arm. INT. TELLY'S KITCHEN - DAY Mom is watching a soap opera on television. The baby is in a small rocker on the counter. She is rocking it back and forth with one hand while smoking a cigarette. TELLY Mom. MOM Shh. TELLY (whispering) I'm gonna go out for a little while.

MOM When are you gonna be back? TELLY Not too late. Casper waves good-bye. JENNIE Hello Paul. PAUL (from the speaker. MOM (cont’d) Shit. TELLY All right. laughter and noise) Hello. But right now I don't have a penny to my name.DAY Jennie walks up the stairs to Paul's apartment. She rings his bell. Telly slams the door behind him. TELLY (cont’d) Hey Mom. Paul sounds really messed up. She takes her finger down the list of names. Casper and Telly leave. Are you sure I can't get any money? Just a few bucks.48. MOM Bye. The baby wakes up and starts to cry. PAUL'S APARTMENT BUILDING . EXT. maybe. MOM Four-thirty in the morning? TELLY Not too late. Casper and Telly walk to the door. MOM If I had it. Is Telly inside? .

EXT. Casper too.. A state of public frenzy. Lucy. Where's Telly? PAUL Telly's not here right now. hash.. He is approaching everyone as they walk by him. The doll has no hair and it's dress is ripped. laughter) Oh hi Jennie. She looks up at Jennie. valium. CASPER Yo. Sessamila. A Rastafarian drug dealer with a big dread cap is standing a little bit away from Telly and Casper. WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK ... I believe he went downtown. Strong men are doing pullups on the monkey bars while guys walk by with ghetto blasters. playing with a black doll. shrooms. Every chess table is being used. coke. Who is this? JENNIE It's Jennie.. was up Ras! . Do you want to come make out with me? JENNIE I'm fucking serious.DAY Casper and Telly are standing by the chess tables. DRUG DEALER (fast and slurred) . PAUL (drunkenly. People are riding bikes and roller-blading. Smoke. A little white girl is sitting on the bottom stair. The park is very busy... PAUL (laughing) Is Telly there? PAUL (cont’d) This is Paul. LITTLE GIRL My dolly is black. Just tell me if Telly is there. The girl sticks her doll out so Jennie can hold it. Sess. Jennie walks down the stairs..49.

TELLY None of that twigs and pebbles shit. RAS Ah Caspa! Was up little blood clot? Casper and Telly walk up and shake his hand. Ras slaps Telly's hand and walks away. CASPER Thanks Ras. Fuckin best herb. CASPER Smells delicious. Ras looks around to make sure it's safe. Telly pulls the money out of his back pocket. Casper starts to laugh. RAS Fucking good skunk.50. Another guy trying to sell drugs walks up. You gots? RAS Shoot yeah boy. Uptown shit boy. RAS Caspa!!! Ras laughs. Telly goes to hand the drug dealer the money. The two of them slap hands. CASPER Nuffin. He points to the floor. but Ras just pushes him away. He looks around and then puts it in Casper's face. Telly drops two five dollar bills. Ras pulls out a dime bag and pushes it open. then throws the weed on the ground. . RAS Throw it down.

WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK . HAROLD Casper! Was up kid? CASPER Nothen B. UNDER THE ARCH . HAROLD You goin? CASPER Yeah. There are about ten kids skateboarding.51. Girls in hip-hop fashion are lined up all around. greeting everyone. HAROLD Where you at? CASPER Right here. as they interact with everyone down the line. The kids hang out in front of the arch by the fountain and around the sides. HAROLD I'm goin. HAROLD Where you goin tonight? CASPER Maybe Nasa. The fountain is on and the mist is spraying the kids. in front of the arch. they slap hands with the guys and some with a hug. As they their friends. You on the list? . He rides up to Casper and hugs him. This process takes a while. fountain. HAROLD is a skinny black skateboarder with a funny face. A few kids are drawing graffiti in little black books. Casper and Telly walk up to the center of the action. They greet their friends sitting on the edge of the Skateboarders ride up and slap their hands. EXT. greet a few of embrace Telly and Casper go down the line. I don't know.DAY The park is extremely crowded. There are maybe twenty kids hanging out around the fountain. they kiss the girls on the cheek and them on the lips.

HAROLD I had a female vagina last night. The he puts it in front of Hamilton's nose. The next sequence should be done with fast edits. Hamilton pulls out a long Phillie cigar. a short black guy with a Gilligan hat. Hamilton cuts the cigar down the center with his long thumbnail. a pretty young girl with a belly button pierce. you got any boom? Telly is sitting on the cement benches talking to MISHA. HAMILTON. CASPER Probably. . HAMILTON (cont’d) Cut it. Fuck that. In this shot they go through the complete process of rolling a blunt. I need some female vagina tonight. HAMILTON Break that shit up. Hamilton is taking the plastic of the cigar. Then he squeezes in between Casper and another guy. CASPER Yep. Casper is smushing the pot up.52. HAMILTON Yo Cass. walks up. You got a Phillie? HAMILTON Presto. He then scrapes all the tobacco out of the center and onto the ground. I'll sneak in. Casper pulls out his dime bag and sniffs it. HAMILTON (cont’d) Scrape it. HAMILTON (cont’d) You got that here in the park? CASPER Yep.

HAMILTON (cont’d) Lick it.53. HAMILTON (cont’d) You wanna start off? Hamilton looks at Casper and puts the blunt in his face. walks up. Hamilton licks it. STEVEN Yo can I fuck wit dat? Casper smiles and blows smoke in his face. then pulls out a lighter and dries it. He puts the blunt in his mouth and lights it. Two male homosexuals in short shorts walk by holding hands. HAMILTON (cont’d) Take two pulls and pass. . Casper starts putting the weed inside. you got it Ham. A big flame shoots up as it catches the end of the Phillie. HAMILTON All right. Hamilton passes the blunt to Casper. STEVEN. A bunch of kids start huddling around Casper as he puffs. CASPER Naw. HAMILTON (cont’d) Dump it. a skinny Spanish kid with gold front teeth. CASPER Yeah boy! Casper hits it again and then hands it to Steve. Hamilton puts it in his mouth. He then licks the outer paper till it gets very damp. Hamilton smiles. HAMILTON (cont’d) And smoke it. who takes immense hits. Hamilton takes a few big puffs and then blows the smoke away.

STEVEN Look at that. Telly is sitting away on the cement benches under the tree. TELLY It's not his fault. MISHA I hate 'em. CASPER (screaming at the top of his lungs) Fuckin faggots!!! Everyone starts laughing. TELLY He still does. He had a hard life. He used to eat glue in like seventh grade. HAROLD That shit is sick.54. CASPER (cont’d) My throat. Steven turns his head and notices them. People continue to laugh. MISHA Yeah? . Fuckin faggots. CASPER (cont’d) (as loud as possible) Faggots!!! Casper rubs his throat. He exhales the smoke out of his nose. I've always hated that kid. He is talking to Misha. MISHA How can you hang out with Casper? He's such a jerk. TELLY You think so? MISHA Yeah.

) The noises were coming from upstairs.O. He is wearing his hat on backwards. CASPER'S MOM (screaming from upstairs) Get away! Get away! Help! You monster! Please help! Casper puts his lunch box down and walks to the first stair to listen to his mother's screams. He is walking down the sidewalk with a lunch box and a "Casper the Friendly Ghost" T-shirt. Casper enters his house and flips on a lightswitch. TELLY (V. CASPER'S HOUSE . EXT.DAY The house is dark. Casper is a little boy. The sounds of his mother screaming from upstairs. He pulls out a key and opens the door. Casper walks up to a nice middle-class home. TELLY (V. NEW YORK SIDEWALK . He enters his home. it could be in Queens or Brooklyn.O.DAY Back in time. Very simple and plain.) So he walks into his house and hears some strange noises.55. a generic adobe. one day Casper had a stomachache and he got permission from his teacher to leave school early and go home. Plastic on all the furniture. TELLY (V. TELLY You've heard the stories right? MISHA No.) Well.O. Music accompanies this entire episode. Casper's mom continues to scream from upstairs. INT. In his parents room. . A velvet picture of Christ is hanging on the wall in the hallway. age 11. it doesn't matter.

including a black ski mask and motorcycle boots.O. He is having sex with Casper's mom. and it shines on his face. Slutty whore. She is completely naked except for a pair of bright red high heel shoes. You fuckin bitch. TELLY (V. he is holding the knife straight out. He is grunting like a pig. The same knife his pops used to cut the turkey on Thanksgiving with. and knew that she was in trouble. He has her arms pinned down on the bed.O.) So he heard his mom's screams. The man in black slaps Casper's mom hard on her naked ass. Casper runs down the hall and opens the door to his parents room. MAN IN BLACK Bitch. CASPER'S MOM (screaming from upstairs) Stop! Please stop! Oooh help! Casper runs up the stairs. Casper's mom is on the bed. In between her legs is a man wearing all black.) (cont’d) So he ran and got a big knife. It sounded like she was getting ready to be killed.56. Casper watches for a moment in awe. TELLY (V. Casper moves off the step and runs into the kitchen. this freaked the hell out of Casper.O. He opens a drawer full of silverware and pulls out a humongous glistening knife. As his mother screams he looks up at the ceiling with the knife in his hand. He picks it up. He was just a little kid and he wasn't sure what to do. What he sees is very shocking. His face becomes extremely animated. TELLY (V. . Fuckin bitch.) (cont’d) So. Like someone was kicking her in the head.

He has the knife in his hand. over and over. over and over. Casper takes his knife and starts stabbing the guy in black. Casper runs up to the bed. Casper's mom is kicking Casper as he stabs the man. CASPER'S MOM You fuck!!! It's your father!!! We were playing a game you fuck!!! That's your father!!! We were just playing!!! Casper looks very confused as he looks at his naked mother.O. All the while. she is screaming outrageously and blood is pouring out. TELLY (V.57. His mother is kicking and trying to stop him. Casper is biting his tongue as he stabs the man. There is blood all over the sheets. And they don't even notice Casper at first.) (cont’d) And you know. What a sight for an 11 year old kid. TELLY (V. and a little blood on his Tshirt and cheek. So he started stabbing this guy. And for a second he just looks and watches. all the while the man in black is having sex with his mother. Casper's mom is going totally nuts.O. But it was a mistake.) (cont’d) And he goes and jumps on his parent's bed. .O. His mom is clawing her face in complete hysterics. CASPER'S MOM (screaming) No! Stop! Get off me! She is struggling to get loose. Casper loved his mom. TELLY (V. with blood all over her body.) So Casper opened the door and he saw some big guy with a ski mask fucking his mother. She is completely naked. The man falls off the bed and onto the floor. He climbs on top of the bed with the big knife in the air. he didn't want anything to happen to her.

He bends down and takes off the mask. EXT.ON A CEMENT BENCH . CASPER'S MOM (crying) You fuck. MISHA Oh god. WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK . His dad is still alive. You killed your father! TELLY (V. CASPER (calmly) That's my dad. my god!!! Help me God!!! Casper looks at his mother.) So Casper killed his father. you fucker!!! Oh.DAY Telly is in the same spot talking to Misha. MISHA (outraged) What?! TELLY I lied. He came home with a stomachache and ended up murdering his pops. CASPER'S MOM (cont’d) Casper. He works for the post office. That's horrible.O. It was a very embarrassing thing. . TELLY So that's why Casper is how he is. MISHA Holy shi. then he looks at the dead guy on the floor. A quick shot of Casper smoking a blunt and laughing with his friends. TELLY Yep. That's all true? TELLY No. It's his father. I was just kidding.58. Casper's mom continues to yell at him.

including Misha.DAY Casper and all his friends are passing around the blunt. Casper watching laughs. Casper jumps up and grabs his skateboard. The other kids continue to smoke. He is biting down on a chew stick. Gimmie a taste of the mothafuckin chronic. which by now is almost gone. WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK . A tall HOODLUM with gold front teeth is walking by. Casper breathes out the smoke and then passes the roach to Hamilton. CASPER Yo. Casper walks up to him with a smile. He has a certain ominous strut. Hamilton puffs on the little roach. He takes the chew stick out of his mouth and looks at some girl's ass as she walks by. Casper rubs his eyes. The hoodlum walks by. but he's so stoned that he just falls off. Casper is slowly trying to do tricks. EXT.59. They watch Casper and laugh. that weed is mad good. . Everyone Telly who is still sitting with is rolling backward. HAMILTON Hells yeah. He makes a little noise with his mouth. Casper grabs somebody's skateboard and stands on it. As the hoodlum walks by. The hoodlum is turned around. As he skates in front of is friends he doesn't pay any attention to where he's going. He starts rolling around slowly and doing some tricks. All that is left is a roach and Casper is sucking on it really hard. not the hoodlum's heels.ON THE FOUNTAIN . Casper paying attention. He rolls into falls down and laughs. Hamilton gets ready to puff. He is wearing all Polo and a thick white Fila headband. He is looking at the ground as he walks.

The hoodlum is a good seven inches taller than Casper. He puts his arms out like he's upset.DAY Telly and Misha are watching.DAY All the guys jump up and start screaming. Telly stands up. He runs right up to the hoodlum and he looks up at him. Throw your fists up.60. CASPER Yo. He quickly walks up. HOODLUM What the fuck yo? You wanna catch a beat down? Casper throws his skateboard down. You know what I'm saying? CASPER (smiling) Yeah. sorry money. watch where you walk dukes. EXT. HOODLUM What? CASPER Nuffin G. Just forget it. STEVEN Oh shit. Throw down. He quickly turns around and pulls his pants up. THE FOUNTAIN . Steven and all the guys run up and surround the hoodlum. TELLY Uh oh. CASPER Sup then? Sup? HOODLUM Come on bitch. EXT. THE CEMENT BENCHES . They all start screaming taunts. HOODLUM Yeah watch the fuck where you skate. Casper's in the mix. "Fuck 'em up Casper!" .

CASPER I'm gonna fuck you up bitch. with a big smile. smashes the guy in the back of the head. Casper keeps pulling his pants up. over and over. out of nowhere. Casper is jumping up and down on the hoodlum's head. Casper is inches from the hoodlum. as everyone frantically tries to kill him. All of a sudden. Everyone gets in a big circle around the fallen hoodlum. CASPER Sup. They're all screaming. Casper has a huge smile on his face. Hitting him on the legs and stomach. The hoodlum is on the ground holding his head. sup then? Stop faking moves. take their boards and start smashing this guy. CASPER (cont’d) (everytime he kicks the guy he says this) Suck my dick! Suck my dick! Suck my dick! All of a sudden. steps back and kicks the guy in the face as hard as he can. Sup. all the skateboarders in the park. Sup. A huge thud is heard and the hoodlum just kinda falls forward on his knees. "Fuck 'em up!" Harold continues hitting the hoodlum with his skateboard. . They are both right about to swing. Casper. HOODLUM Come on nigga. like this is his favorite thing in the whole world. Even the girls are screaming.61. Everyone in the whole park has turned their attention to the scuffle. Harold runs up behind the Hoodlum and with the truck of his skateboard. They are both in a fighting stance. including Hamilton and Steven.

Casper bends over.GOING DOWNTOWN . He's wearing a jockey hat and a Hawaiian shirt. over and over. kicks the guy in the face. and dead. Even little kids are in the middle. The TAXI DRIVER is a funny looking old man. Casper. / EXT. as twenty guys try to kill the fallen hoodlum. This should look very scary. still smiling. beating the guy. CUT TO BLACK INT. CASPER (cont’d) (smiling) Now get in my way! Bitch. He pulls his cigar out of his mouth and then puts it back in. Jennie looks dazed. He looks like a dirty old man. like he's gathering mucus. She is looking out the window. He has a half shaved beard. Can I ask you a question? . Suck my dick. They continue to pound him. CASPER (cont’d) Suck my dick.EVENING Jennie is in the back of a speeding cab. He is chewing on a big wet cigar. right in his face. Then he puts his arms down and stops some of the kids from hitting the hoodlum. His face is completely cracked and bloody. Jazz is playing on the radio. like animals in on the prey. Suck my dick. He makes a loud noise as he clears his throat. He has air fresheners hanging from the mirror. bloody. The focus should be on the face of the skateboarders. TAXICAB . TAXI DRIVER Excuse me. he looks in his mirror at Jennie. Her face looks sad. Telly looks up to the sky. Everyone stops kicking the guy and they all get kinda silent and look at him. As the taxi driver drives. He looks completely twisted. How much they are enjoying this. Telly steps over him and spits a huge phlegm wad onto his face.62.

As the taxi driver talks. She had a minor heart attack. . No way. Not me. The taxi driver begins to laugh a really squeaky laugh. JENNIE What? TAXI DRIVER Well. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) Can I ask you a question? I'm sorry. He is driving fast and clumsy. you don't look OK.63. TAXI DRIVER A bad day! You wanna hear a bad day? Yesterday my son was smashed over by a car and when my wife found out she collapsed on the floor. It's not good for the soul. I liked looking at you. and then looks at the road.. JENNIE No. Jennie just shrugs. And I was wondering if I could be of any assistance? Maybe I could cheer you up or somethin. it's been a bad day. I mean your a very beautiful young lady. Partial paralysis. I don't mean to be a pest. I don't mean to be a pest.. Thanks. It was just that I was looking at you. I'm OK. JENNIE Yeah well. Help make you happy. It's just that you look troubled that's all. He pulls out his cigar and then puts it back in his mouth. Who knows? Somethin maybe. TAXI DRIVER Because gee. he looks in the mirror. TAXI DRIVER You're OK? JENNIE Yeah. But I don't let myself get sad. And you look upset. but your face looks upset.

Maybe tomorrow I'll win lotto. Some things are OK. That's the way an adopted kid's eyes look. would I be prying? JENNIE Everything is wrong. That's life. It's a beautiful day out. No one does. Like the honey that I lick off my finger. TAXI DRIVER No. TAXI DRIVER Did you and your boyfriend just break up? JENNIE No. JENNIE Sorry. All droopy and sweet. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) Miss.64. I guess so. Jennie continues to look sadly out the window. Jennie continues to look glumly out the window. TAXI DRIVER Oh it's OK. All sad like that. Who knows? You don't. Right? JENNIE Yeah. He starts to laugh. Like an adopted kid. I could tell you were sad by the way your eyes drooped. TAXI DRIVER Are you in trouble with the law? . TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) You know. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) Would I be prying if I asked you what was wrong? Jennie is silent. not everything? The sun is still shinning.

You know you look a little bit like her. Boy did I have a crush on her. When my golden retriever passed away. Darlene Louis. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) Hey look. JENNIE Yeah? TAXI DRIVER Oh yeah. Like a glamour girl. I missed him. Life's too short. The taxi driver looks in the mirror and sees Jennie smiling. TAXI DRIVER Yeah. TAXI DRIVER Am I getting warm? Jennie smiles. (he punches the roof of the cab) I was lonesome. She had a big black mole in the center of her face that used to get me so excited. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) Now that's it. You look like a prom queen when you smile. He stops at a red light and turns around to look at her. Whatever it is. sure.65. He pulls up his shirt and reveals a tattoo of a dog on his forearm. JENNIE No. I'll give you an example. A smile. So I got a tattoo. God rest his soul. When I was a kid I had a crush on the prom queen. . It says "Bruno" in big letters. Darlene Louis. JENNIE Thanks. Make yourself happy. She was the first girl I ever put my tongue in her mouth. Just forget about it. Right around the cheeks and chin.

he goes. Don't bump into any walls. You know what you do then? You forget.66. TAXI DRIVER Yeah. JENNIE Yeah? TAXI DRIVER Yeah. She said. Don't talk" And I took her advice. Block it out. I remember when I was a little boy. my darling little grandson. Sometimes he barks. But you should make yourself happy. He starts to laugh. If you stutter. The light turns and he starts driving. A quick shot of his identification badge. JENNIE Your a real philosopher. He has a really goofy smile and he's wearing the same Hawaiian shirt. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) That's life. . I can hear him straight off my arm. Ruff. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) Now how do you like that? Now he's with me forever. I don't know. Jennie is smiling. ruff. Couldn't be happier. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) I swear to God. "Leon. JENNIE What if you can't make yourself happy? What if everything falls apart? TAXI DRIVER Well then. If you want to be happy don't think. I was gonna write a book but I can't spell. And look at me now. My grandmother told me to be happy. She said. I'm not saying you should get a tattoo.

TAXI DRIVER Oh yeah. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) Aw. a skinny 18 year old. all right. Steven. God notices. The rides on me. But forget about the tip. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) Well here we are. I'll take it. He's chewing on an apple and not wearing a shirt. Bye.EVENING Telly is standing in the road in front of Darcy's apartment building. He points up to the sky before pulling away. JENNIE Thanks. The taxi driver sticks his head out the window. TAXI DRIVER (cont’d) All right. He slams on the brakes and turns around in his seat. Oh Miss. Telly is looking straight up. That's why the sun is shining. EXT. He takes her money.APARTMENT BUILDING . don't worry 'bout it. He puts his hands together and raises them to his mouth. He pulls up on Washington Square Park. Miss. Harold. He looks down at Telly . sticks his chest out the window.67. Jennie pulls some money out. When you smile. Miss. TELLY (screaming) Darcy!!! (pause) Darcy!!! Bennie. Casper and Steven both have a quart of malt liquor in their hands. Jennie has the money up to the glass. LOWER EAST SIDE . and two other girls named KIM and JOY are all leaning against and sitting on a parked car. Casper.

he has his arm wrapped around Kim. She is very pretty. BENNIE Nuffin. I wanna go swimmin. Darcy sticks her head out the window. DARCY Hey. Let me see if she's here. clean. TELLY Hold up man. TELLY Hey. BENNIE Hold on. very young. and innocent. What do you want? TELLY Is your sister home? BENNIE You want Darcy? TELLY Yeah. What are you doin right now? DARCY I was just getting ready to take a bath. Let's be out. What's up? Bennie is munching on his apple. CASPER Hurry up man. He sticks his head inside and screams. TELLY Don't take a bath. TELLY (cont’d) (yelling) Hey Bennie. BENNIE (cont’d) (his voice from upstairs) Darcy!!! Casper is sitting on the car. Come swimmin with us! .68.

Telly pulls the beer our of Casper's hand and starts chugging it. Babies? TELLY I like 'em new. JOY So this is your new girl. Telly walks over to the other guys. DARCY (smiles. TELLY Come on. KIM Hi Darcy. CASPER Damn bitch. Come swimmin with us. HAROLD Yo. Don't kill it. Come on. For now. Not like you. Hi Joy. huh? TELLY I hope so. Everyone starts laughing. DARCY (looks inside) Hold on. DARCY Right now? TELLY Yeah. waves) Hi Kim. JOY You like 'em kinda young right. you think we killed that guy? CASPER Na. JOY Fuck you.69. Telly hands the bottle back to Casper. .

70. HAROLD You sure? CASPER I don't know. But all I know is that I kicked him so many times my fuckin' toe feels broken. HAROLD Yo, we might have killed him. You think? STEVE I don't think we killed him. Because after it was through, I saw him twitch. CASPER Yeah, he was crawling around and shit. HAROLD Man we fucked him up. CASPER Hell ya. We broke that mothafucka. JOY You guys are fucking sick. You know that? CASPER That's OK. Cause that's how I'm livin. HAROLD Yep. Casper slaps hands with Harold. Darcy walks out of her apartment building. She is wearing a bikini top with baggy denim jean shorts. Her hair is pushed back and she has a backpack on. As she walks out of the building, Telly's eyes light up. DARCY Ready. Telly walks up to Darcy and kisses her on the cheek. TELLY You look nice.

71. EXT. WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK - EVENING Jennie is standing under the arch. She is looking for Telly. Misha is sitting on the fountain talking to some guy. Jennie walks up to Misha. MISHA Hey girl was up? Jennie kisses Misha on the cheek. JENNIE Just a lot of crazy shit. MISHA Yeah? JENNIE Yeah. Have you seen Telly around? MISHA Yeah. Speaking of stupid shit. Him and his ape ass of a friend Casper, they all just almost killed some kid. JENNIE What happened? MISHA I don't know. Just some messy little scrap. You know that bullshit. JENNIE Do you know where he went? MISHA I'm not sure. He said something about meeting Darcy. I think he likes her now. JENNIE Who, Benny's little sister? MISHA Yeah. She should be at Nasa tonight. Why you lookin for him? You like him now or sometin? Jennie just looks at Misha.

72. EXT. PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL - NIGHT The pool is closed. Large black gates surround the premises. All the kids are climbing up the gates. Casper is the first one to the top and just jumps over. Eventually everyone follows. They all walk up to the pool and start taking their clothes off. Casper pulls his shirt and pants off. He looks over at Kim, who is wearing G-string underwear. CASPER Geez Kim. Your body looks fuckin good. KIM Thanks. CASPER It's funny how sometimes you can't tell if a girl has a nice body until you see her without her clothes. Kim smiles. Harold starts imitating a strong man. He starts flexing his muscles. He's wearing a pair of baggy boxer shorts. Then he turns to Joy. HAROLD Hey Joy. You ever see a black man's lasso? JOY What? Harold pulls out his penis and starts twirling it around. JOY (cont’d) HAROLD!!! She starts jumping up and down. Everyone is cracking up. Harold has his dick in his hand. HAROLD Hi ho Silver and away!!! Harold jumps in. Steven pushes Casper in and Casper takes Steven with him. Joy and Kim jump in together.

73. Telly starts smiling at Darcy. Darcy and Telly walk over to the other side and sit down on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water. They start splashing each other. DARCY At the block party? TELLY Yeah. TELLY (cont’d) You know I've been thinking about you lately. Darcy smiles. She looks a little bit embarrassed. After I saw you last week. TELLY (cont’d) I was lookin for you all day today. I even thought about you when I woke up. DARCY Ooh. Everyone else is in the water making noise and splashing around. DARCY (surprised) You have? TELLY Yeah. He cups a little bit of water in his hands and pours it on her thigh. . DARCY You were? TELLY Sure. You're gonna give me goose bumps. TELLY Is it cold? Darcy puts some water in her hand and does the same thing. CASPER Oh shit it's fuckin cold.

why do you think I would let you suck on my boobs? CASPER I don't know. . Your just sitting there. What about you? DARCY No. Where is she at? I was lookin all over. TELLY Naw. HAROLD Yeah me too. Darcy smiles. I can't. Steven. Can I suck your tit? Either of you guys. Harold. It makes me want to suck on 'em. And your tits look clean to me. Kim kicks water in his face. and Casper are in the water in front of the girls. KIM Casper. I'm not seeing anybody. It's very loud as she screams. Telly is sitting in the same spot.74. talking to Darcy. I gotta find Darcy. A quick three second flashback of him having sex earlier that day with the young virgin girl. DARCY I thought you had a girlfriend. Joy and Kim are sitting next to each other on the steps in the shallow end of the pool. TELLY (cont’d) I was like. Joy and Kim are both wearing bras. I don't care. CASPER I'll give you a dollar if you let me suck on your tit. My mom won't let me have boyfriends. CASPER (cont’d) No I'm serious.

JOY Yeah. HAROLD I truth or dare you guys to kiss each other. Steven. JOY No. How can you do that shit? KIM It doesn't matter. a friend. We kiss all the time.75. That's all. It just feels good. HAROLD Yeah. It's not like we're gay. they smile. She was really young so my mom is like very protective over me. Harold. . Back to the shallow end with Casper. It's just kissing another person. and Joy. They both smile at each other and kiss softly on the lips. CASPER You guys are dykes right? KIM No. I guess it's cause my sister Nicki had a baby when she was like 15. JOY Sure. As they part. STEVEN Then how can you kiss each other like that? Harold makes a strange face. TELLY Yeah. TELLY She won't? Why not? DARCY I don't know. I can understand that. Kim.

TELLY (cont’d) Come on. TELLY You should come back with me to Steven's house. I'm supposed to go to Nasa tonight. You can rave on another night. It's gonna be a bug out.76. DARCY Tonight? TELLY Yeah. . It'll be nice. KIM Yeah. But I think it looks nice. We'll just bug out. His parents are away. That club shit gets boring. Do it again. Joy grabs Kim's hand. I just never seen girls that did that shit before. DARCY Yeah? TELLY Yeah. JOY It's no big deal. There should be a bunch of people. Telly and Darcy. TELLY Come on. DARCY I don't know. It'll be fun. It'll be fun I promise. CASPER I don't know. It'll be a change of pace. She looks at him. HAROLD Yeah.

It has hallways and rooms.RAVE . the Techno music grows very loud. It looks like a hip-hop circus. When he sees Jennie. JENNIE Hi Sid. All the kids are wearing rave clothing which resembles clown suits with stack shoes and huge colorful hats. Kids invade every inch of the club. SID. She comes to the front. Jennie walks up the stairs and past the security guards and metal detectors. The dance floor is packed with kids holding flashlights and sucking on pacifiers. people are against the walls making out.77. there is a big crowd of people. People are lined up and down the block waiting to get inside. As she gets to the end of the hallway. Kids are running around everywhere. a short gay Chinese boy with orange hair. She jumps to see what everyone is looking at. Jennie is walking quickly past everyone on line. .NIGHT This is the line to Nasa. Jennie smiles and walks by. is carrying a clipboard guest list under his arm and has a Sesame Street purse in his other hand. The CAMERA follows Jennie through the club as if it is seeing everything Jennie sees. As she walks through the darkened hallways. As Jennie walks in. After Jennie walks in. he walks up and unclips the rope. The music should sound as if you were stuck in a fast-paced video game. Sid reclips the rope. OUTSIDE NASA . SID Jennie! Was up girl? Sid bends over and gives Jennie a kiss. EXT. Nasa is like a giant warehouse. SECURITY GUARD Hi Jennie.

Fidget looks at Jennie. The music is loud and adds to the intensity of the scene. she looks depressed. Feelin the effex. FIDGET. JENNIE Who are they? FIDGET I don't know. There are three girls and one boy making out against the back wall. How do you feel? JENNIE Fine Fidget. You gotta see this. Amazing sexual exploration. FIDGET Jennie. What's all this? FIDGET Oh man. a short white guy who is very hyper and speaks very quickly. FIDGET (cont’d) Now look at that. runs up to Jennie and grabs her wrist. GIRL You don't have to look at us. I've never seen any of them before. It's not a free show. . The boy is wearing an afro wig. Jennie looks surprised. It's a spectacle. A real spectacle. One of the girls making out looks at the crowd and sticks her tongue out.78. Cornballs from Jersey on X. The other girl is kissing the boy while he is feeling on her body. Fidget pulls Jennie through the crowd. She continues making out. They all have their clothes on. Two of the girls are making out with each other while they rub the boy. but they are all going at it like crazy. Everyone laughs. Jennie. The other kids are laughing and yelling at them.

Almost no furniture except for a ratty couch and a television set. JENNIE What is it? FIDGET Bang up stuff. There are about 15 kids in total. JENNIE No. FIDGET (cont’d) This makes Special K look weak. Fidget. Don't worry. Hip-hop music is playing. JENNIE No. He takes her into the bathroom. I. You look sad.79. Jen. He pulls her by the wrist. It's a big mess. He puts the pill in her mouth. . STEVEN'S HOUSE . He digs in his pocket. FIDGET Here. and she reluctantly takes it. INT. It's a euphoric blockbuster. In the bathroom there are kids in big circles smoking pot and buying pills.. FIDGET (cont’d) Come on Jennie. He pulls out a pill. Just take it.. Everyone is running around and drinking. FIDGET (cont’d) I got a present for you. FIDGET (cont’d) Now you'll be floatin up in Techno heaven. mainly boys... tricks are for kids.NIGHT Steven's house. FIDGET Come on Jennie. Swallow.

Everyone is smoking and drinking. she is wearing baggy jeans and her hips are moving with his hand. she is resisting. . Some kid is throwing water balloons out the window. No one's name is Casper. Why do you always ask me the same shit? Why don't you go lose some fucking weight? Harold is in the corner with one shoe off. looks excited. There are a bunch of boys and girls on the ground lying on top of each other laughing.80. Lemme kiss your neck. He is holding a beer in his hand. Steven is rubbing in between her legs. CHUBBY GIRL Hey Casper. Steven is lying in the middle of the floor with Kim. HAROLD (cont’d) Just let me kiss you. Just one kiss. Joy is on the couch watching. He is sitting next to a pretty oriental girl. HAROLD Come on. He starts pulling her head. from side to side. She is drunk. Another kid is jumping off the couch and trying to put footprints on the ceiling. CASPER Damn bitch. Why do they call you Casper? CASPER 'Cause Casper is my name. That's my name. You look pretty. Let me kiss you. A chubby girl with braces is talking to Casper. The two of them are making out. Another boy is urinating into a plant in the corner of the kitchen. CHUBBY GIRL But that's not your real name. Hamilton is in the bathroom throwing up. She turns her head. HAROLD (cont’d) Come on.

one of her friends. She looks dizzy. Her head is propped up against the speaker. TELLY Do you like kissing me? DARCY Yes.NIGHT Telly and Darcy are kissing each other in front of the apartment building. Come on dance. She looks very dazed.NIGHT Jennie is sitting on a platform next to a huge speaker. She is watching all the kids dance. walks up and tugs on her leg. IN FRONT OF STEVEN'S HOUSE . INT. NASA . The noise is extremely loud. Jennie jumps down. EXT. JENNIE Oh my God. TAMARA Dance! JENNIE What? TAMARA Come dance. Jennie puts her hand on her forehead. She pulls Jennie's leg. JENNIE I don't feel so well. There's a bunch of people over there. TAMARA. What's going on? Tamara hands Jennie a drink. .81. JENNIE Telly is at Steven's? TAMARA I guess so. Have you seen Telly anywhere? TAMARA Telly is at Steven's.

He starts kissing her neck and chin. INT. Jennie is in the backseat. Darcy kisses Telly. TELLY No. It is silent except for the sound of the bumpy ride. You've been stuck in my head.82. Jennie sheds a few tears and then wipes them off with the hand she is holding the beer with. I just like you. No. TELLY I think you're like the best girl I've ever kissed. That's all. TAXI . She has a quart in her hand. but I gotta tell you that when I first saw you last week. I. DARCY I like you too.NIGHT The car is very dark. DARCY Come on. I couldn't stop thinking about you. He kisses her again. She begins to suck his bottom lip. I'm not joking. TELLY (cont’d) I don't even want to talk. scooted all the way in the corner. . DARCY Uh huh. Everything is silent for a while as Jennie looks more and more upset. TELLY Do you like me? Darcy nods. / EXT. JENNIE (silently as she looks out the window) I'm not gonna die. I'm serious.

Steve turns his head.NIGHT The lights are all almost out in Steven's apartment. Steven continues to make out. STEVEN I can't man. STEVEN What man? What is it? TELLY Yo. Yo Steven. let me get in your parent's room man. TELLY Come on Steven hook me up. Steven has Kim propped up against the couch. Music is still playing. STEVEN'S APARTMENT . She's gonna let me fuck her man. INT. She is making loud moaning noises. The chubby girl is watching television and eating potato chips. Everyone is either making out or passed out. he looks sweaty and red. (he whispers) Come on man. Just fir a litte while. TELLY Hey Steven. Steven. Steven puts his tongue back in Kim's mouth. TELLY (cont’d) Come on man. . All right. STEVEN Shit. Hr shirt is off and the two of them are passionately kissing. I gotta get Darcy alone. Telly walks up to him and taps him on the head.83. Please. But don't fuck with anything OK? TELLY OK. Do me this solid.

TELLY Trust me. Hamilton is sitting with his head on the toilet. INT. . He starts kissing her really hard. Hamilton puts his hand up and nods. Don't be nervous. STEVEN'S HOUSE . It casts a dim glow.NIGHT Casper is sitting in the bathtub with the legs hanging out. CASPER Pussy. BATHROOM . the house is really quiet except for the stereo. She is responding but a bit slow and shy. in the corner. He starts feeling her up. INT. People are all over the floor. Casper moves to give Hamilton a hit off his joint.NIGHT Jennie is slowly walking up a staircase. He turns on the small light by the bed. Casper takes another hit. STEVEN'S APARTMENT STAIRWELL . INT. TAXI . She looks upset. Music is heard from Steven's house. He turns around and pushes her against the door. She looks drunk and sick. STEVEN'S PARENT'S BEDROOM . DARCY I'm nervous. He is smoking a joint. some of them are passed out. Telly walks in and immediately turns off all the lights.NIGHT Everybody is making out.NIGHT The bedroom is very neat and orderly. INT.84.NIGHT Jennie is drinking a beer in the backseat of the taxi. Harold is asleep on top of the Chinese girl. / EXT. INT.

This scene should resemble the first scene. looking at everyone making out. JENNIE Sorry.85. She looks for the lightswitch but can't find. I know you'll love it. There's nothing in the world to worry about. I think you're beautiful. INT. Darcy is mostly under the covers. Telly is brushing her hair back with his fingers. Darcy is wearing a bra.NIGHT Telly and Darcy are in bed. TELLY I like you so much. . He is naked except for his underwear. DARCY Nothing? Telly scoots up and kisses her. Jennie looks down. trying to distinguish if it's Telly or not. DARCY But I'm scared Telly. Telly is on top of the bed. As she walks she trips on Steven's leg.NIGHT The door is open. DARCY How do you know? TELLY I just know. Jennie stumbles in. She starts walking around the room. STEVEN'S PARENT'S BEDROOM . I think if we fucked you would love it. TELLY I'm telling you. You wouldn't believe it. INT STEVEN'S APARTMENT . Steven doesn't notice.

BATHROOM . Fuckin. The girls love me because I'm Casper.NIGHT Casper is in the bathroom kicking his legs up and down against the tub. I'm Casper the friendly ghost. . I'll be gentle.. CASPER What do ya want with Telly? That guy has enough bitches. DARCY I don't want you to hurt me. Hamilton is passed out. Casper is singing loudly.86. JENNIE Casper. That's all. CASPER Hey Jennie. Long time no see. INT. DARCY Do you care about me? TELLY Of course I do. CASPER (singing to himself) I'm Casper the friendly ghost. Gee you know I'm the most. What are you doing here? JENNIE Casper. Just trust me. His head resting on the toilet seat. The dopest ghost in town. Jennie walks into the bathroom. where's Telly. I'm telling you I just want to make you happy. Yee haw. TELLY Nothing. TELLY I don't want you to hurt you. Fuck yeah..

The two of them are breathing loudly in unison. Darcy is moaning.NIGHT The headboard is smacking back and forth. You're doin fine. HALLWAY IN FRONT OF DOOR . INT. .87.NIGHT Jennie is looking at Telly having sex. So do ya know Joe. INT.NIGHT All the blankets are off the bed. The room is lit only by the lamp next to the bed. Jennie looks through the crack. Telly continues having sex with Darcy. Jennie runs out of the bathroom. STEVEN'S PARENT'S BEDROOM . The door next to the bed creaks open. where is he? CASPER Don't look for him. TELLY (cont’d) Shut the fucking door!!! Jennie slams the door shut. He's gotta girl. JENNIE (almost in tears) Casper. Darcy looks like she's in a considerable amount of pain. CASPER (cont’d) (to himself) What are you worried about for him? INT. That's it. TELLY That's it. He looks up at the door and notices someone is watching. Darcy and Telly are under the covers having sex. BEDROOM . Come on Darcy. He's doing fine. He's fuckin her right now in Steven's parents' room.

Casper walks back into the living room. everybody is asleep. Jennie is asleep on the couch. BATHROOM .88. He walks over to where Harold is asleep and just looks at him for a second. She continues to cry. but it's empty. There are a bunch of empty quart bottles lying on the butcher block. The CAMERA watches her crying on the couch. She puts her feet against her chest like a little baby. Even Steven's cat is asleep in front of a small fan on the kitchen table. He looks at Hamilton asleep on the toilet. The sound of her crying mixes with the scream of Telly having an orgasm. . Casper walks into the kitchen. People are sleeping on top of each other. Then Casper bends over and flushes it. He climbs out of the tub and steps over Hamilton's legs. The house is completely quiet.NIGHT Casper stumbles out of the bathroom. HALLWAY IN FRONT OF DOOR . FADE TO BLACK When it fades back in. A little bit of fuzz runs down his cheeks. Everyone else is asleep. INT. She runs to the empty couch and continues to cry. He picks one up and twirls it around.NIGHT Jennie is weak and crying.NIGHT Casper is awake. LIVING ROOM . The television is on fuzz. He walks into the living room and looks around at everyone. It makes a loud noise but Hamilton doesn't budge. It is completely quiet. INT. INT. Then he picks up another one and drinks the remaining fuzz.

Casper continues to scratch his balls. both naked and asleep in each other's arm. She does not respond. Casper looks around to see if anyone is awake in the room. CASPER (cont’d) (whispering) Jennie. he gently rubs her breasts. It's me Casper. he looks around. CASPER (cont’d) (whispering) Jennie. Casper bends over and puts his face by her ear. Everybody is asleep. Casper shuts the door. She does not feel anything. CASPER (to himself) Lucky fuckin bastard. He opens the door wide and looks at the two. He caresses her. Then Casper walks down the hallway to the door in front of Steven's parent's bedroom. He puts his hands down his pants and starts itching. Jennie. He scoots up close to Jennie and looks at her. When he gets in the living room. As Casper takes his hand off her shoulder. Jennie does not respond.89. He walks back through the hallway and into the living room. . Casper nudges her shoulder. Jennie. Casper starts kissing Jennie's ear. Casper looks beside his feet and sees Steven sleeping with his head on top of Kim's stomach. She swats her shoulder. then he flops down beside Jennie on the couch. He moves his hand down her stomach and gently between her thighs. Then he looks over beside him at Jennie scrunched up asleep. Please wake up.

She is totally limp. She is wearing teddy bear underwear. Casper throws her pants to the ground and then he looks at her legs. Her eyes are closed the whole time. CASPER Shh. Don't worry. Jennie moves her arms a little bit. With his fingertips he starts caressing her soft skin. Please don't. CUT TO BLACK . He puts his hands on her jeans and then he undoes her belt. Don't worry Jennie. No. He puts one leg on his shoulder and the other on the couch. She is not aware of what is happening. JENNIE (slurred and unconscious) Don't. Casper starts situating himself. Casper has his knees on the floor as he takes advantage of Jennie. He is very careful not to make any abrupt movements. Then he gets off the couch and onto his knees. As he unclips her jeans he watches her face to see if there is any kind of response. No. Casper gets up and looks at her. He puts her hands around his shoulders. Jennie is sort of coming to but she has no energy. It's me Casper. He slowly pulls her pants down. She makes some noise but she is passed out and powerless. Casper quickly undoes his pants and gets in betwen her legs.90. Casper is breathing fast and heavy. He stares at her stomach and crotch. It's me Casper. CASPER (cont’d) (whispering) Jennie. He looks at her and then pulls her panties off.

When you find something that you care about. The CAMERA also watches Telly and Darcy asleep in each other's arm's. Fucking is what I love. A lot of the time fucking is all you have.91.O. you dream of pussy. He looks straight into the CAMERA. OUTSIDE MANHATTAN . the only place to go is inside. Homeless people are just waking up from doorway slumber. you can't escape it. Not much matters. the CAMERA will show everyone asleep in the apartment. When you wake up.) When you're young. and I really got nothin. Take that away from me. TELLY (V. it's the same thing. Morning in Manhattan. The CAMERA focuses on Casper. As the scene ends in blackness. That's just it. the sound of Casper's heavy breathing persists. People are going to work. What happened? RAPID CUT TO BLACK ROLL FINAL CREDITS THE END . It's in your face.O. Sometimes when you're young. As Telly does his V.DAY The birds are chirping. Stores are opening. EXT. He is sitting up awake on the couch. Then it slowly fades out and everything is silent. in your dreams. When your young. All his clothes are off. CASPER Jesus Christ. then that's all you got. It will go all around the room as daylight enters through the windows.. hen you go to sleep at night.

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