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Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scales (CAARS)

Authors: C. Keith Conners, PhD; Drew Erhardt, PhD and Elizabeth Sparrow, PhD
Purpose: Administer to: Reading/Educational Level: Administration time: Scoring Options: To help assess, diagnose and monitor treatment of ADHD in adults Individuals 18 years and older 6th grade 10 30 minutes Hand-scorable / Bureau Service / Online

This multidimensional instrument helps assess the presence and severity of ADHD in adults. The CAARS elicit self-report (CAARS-S) and observer ratings (CAARS-O) providing a multiple informant assessment of adult ADHD symptoms and behaviours. The self-report and observer forms contain an identical set of scales, subscales, and indexes. The CAARS is available in a long, short and screening version. The CAARS:SV include the same 12-item ADHD Index of the long and short CAARS forms and contain the DSM-IV ADHD Symptom Subscales (18 items that relate to DSM-IV criteria for ADHD). The Screening Versions are ideal when insufficient time is available to complete the lengthier forms. Key Areas Measured: Factor-Derived Subscales Inattention/Memory Problems Hyperactivity/Restlessness Impulsivity/Emotional Lability Problems with Self-Concept Areas of Application Clinical research, rehabilitation, and correctional settings can use the CAARS to help identify, assess, and treat adults with ADHD-related symptoms and behaviours. The Forensic Version assists in the identification and assessment of adults with ADHD related symptoms and behaviours. Impulsivity plays a critical role in criminal behaviour and this facet of behaviour is formally assessed by the CAARS forensic version relative to other offenders. To assist in identifying ADHD in a clinical setting and as an aid in choosing appropriate intervention techniques. DSM-IV ADHD Symptom Subscales Inattentive Symptoms Total ADHD Symptoms Hyperactive-Impulsive Symptoms Inconsistency Index ADHD Index

Report Options Profile report: Presents scores for each of the scales, subscales and indexes graphically and numerically. It is available for all three versions. Interpretive Report: Contains detailed descriptions of the scales, item responses and intervention strategy suggestions. It is available for only the long and short versions. Language English Related Tests Conners Adult ADHD Diagnostic Interview for DSM-IV (CAADID): An empirically based structured interview in two parts that aids the process of diagnosing ADHD in adults. Conners Continuous Performance Test II Version 5 (CPT II V.5): To assess attention problems and treatment effectiveness. Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scales (CAARS): For use in correctional settings.