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Moving target reference sheet Moving Target Considerations: Time of Flight

100 yards 200 yards 300 yards The wind conditions 400 yards .5 sec .7 sec .9 sec 1.0 sec 1.3 sec 1.5 sec 1.7 sec Methods of engagement .1 sec .2 sec .4 sec

Angle of movement

The speed of the target The angle of movement The distance to the target

Approximate target speeds:

500 yards 600 yards Slow Patrol Fast Patrol Slow Walk Fast Walk 1 fps 700 yards 2 fps 4 fps 6 fps 800 yards 900 yards 1000 yards

Full lead

No lead

half lead

Moving Target formula:

Lead in ft from center mass: Time of flight X target speed = lead Lead in mils from leading edge: (Lead (ft) from CM X 12) - 6 = lead (range X .035)

Time of flight values are approximate for a 175 smk @ 2650 fps.

Trapping: The reticle is held still while the target walks into the mil lead.

Tracking: The Reticle moves with the target while maintaining the mil lead.