List for the Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site’s “War of 1812 Bicentennial Memorial to the Crown

Forces Monument” ledger (as of Jan. 28, 2013).

Royal Navy A.B. Alexander West

Pte. David Antwerth Pte. Colin Connell Pte. George Curli

Pte. George Kelly Pte. John Wilcox Nova Scotia Fencible Infantry Lt. Andrew Gray (on staff)
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1st Battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot (The Royal Scots) Pte. William Doubtfire Pte. Thomas Mulvaney 8th Regiment of Foot (The King’s) Pte. Samuel Curtis Pte. John Patterson Pte. Richard Pearson

Pte. Joseph De Route Pte. Louis Des Jardins Pte. Stephen Geary Pte. Robert Gibson Pte. Louis Goudreau Pte. James Hayward Pte. John Heneberry Pte. Francis Jandron

Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles Pte. Ebenezer Buck Pte. John Carroll Pte. John Hilliman Pte. Malcolm Stewart Pte. James Thompson Pte. John Tournelle Provincial Corps of Light Infantry (Voltigeurs Canadiens) Soldat Augustin St. Germain Soldat John Maid

100th Regiment of Foot (His Royal Highness the Prince Regent's County of Dublin Regiment) Sgt. T William McGarry Pte. John Carvin Pte. Michael O’Brian
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Pte. Charlemagne Le Vasseur Pte. James McKay Pte. Bartholomew Parenteau Pte. Noah Phelps Pte. Robert White Pte. Timothy Woodward

Pte. John Short Pte. Michael Quinn Pte. James Murphy 104th Regiment of Foot Sgt. Hugh Mc Laughlan Sgt. William Sands Cpl. William Ward 1 Royal Newfoundland Fencible Infantry Pte. C.T. Detzer Pte. Nicolas Dupene Pte. Henry Emberly Pte. John Lefsted

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