The training at BOKARO STEEL PLANT was very helpful. It has improved my theoretical concepts of electrical power transmission and distribution, repairing of electrical motors and machines. Protection of various apparatus was a great thing. Maintenance of transformer, induction motor, dc shunt motors, turbo-generators, boilers, turbines etc. was observable.

At CRE I got a chance to learn how induction motor is started, making of DOL starter, Two way starter and Telpher panel using contactors and learnt their working. At GME I learnt how the motors windings are renewed when they get burned including the repair of the welding transformers. At HME I learnt how heavy motors of range 1-10 MW are being repaired and how the stator and rotor are separated before maintenance. And after maintenance how they are tested for example using Mager and motor checker. I got a chance to know about the distribution of the power across the plant and the township and how much power is required by which department and how it is supplied and what actions are taken during failure of supply or any hazard. Also I came to know about the one of the main department of the plant that was Coke Oven. It produces coke and the gases released are further used by other shops as fuel and also the by products are utilised in making few essential chemicals such as benzene etc. I had a chance to see the blast furnace and steel melting shop where the main working of steel plant is being done and also I saw the working of various shops of the plant , which was very interesting. So the training was more than hope to me and helped me to enhance my knowledge.

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