MEM 650 Agenda - Week 4

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Administrative Lecture/discussion

Week 5 Assignments


Chapter 1 Organizing for Quality

Chapter 2 - 3, 7, 12

Chapter 2 Quality Advocates • Individual desk-side presentations • Quality advocates • Deming’s “14 points”

Read chapter 3

Quality Advocates

Quality Advocates Chapter Two Quality Advocates .

S. Quality Innovators Walter Shewhart (1920s -1940s) W. Edwards Deming (post WWII through 1980s) Joseph M.1980s) Genichi Taguchi (1960s . Juran (consultant post WWII through 1980s) Philip Crosby (1980s) Japanese Quality Innovators: Kaoru Ishikawa (post WWII .Quality Advocates         U.1980s) Quality Advocates .

engineering. originator of the plan-do-check-act cycle. • subjective quality: quality is relative to how people perceive it. defined quality in terms of objective and subjective quality • objective quality: quality of a thing independent of people. perhaps the first to successfully integrate statistics.g. (value) Quality Advocates . X-bar and R chart).Walter A Shewhart  Pioneer of modern quality control recognized the need to separate variation into assignable and unassignable causes (defined “in control”.) “founder of the control chart” (e. and economics.

• eliminate slogans. substitute leadership (abolish annual rating or merit system). • seek long-term supplier relationship • eliminate numerical goals. and work-force targets Quality Advocates .W. • cease dependence on inspection to improve quality • drive out fear and build employee trust. exhortations. Edwards Deming Studied under Shewhart at Bell Laboratories Contributions: – well known for helping Japanese companies apply Shewhart’s statistical process control. Main contribution is his Fourteen Points to Quality • create constancy of purpose.

The Deming Chain Reaction Costs Decrease: Improve Quality (Less rework. less scrap) Productivity Improves Stay in Business Provide Jobs and More Jobs Achieve Greater Market Share (higher quality products at less cost) Quality Advocates . fewer mistakes.

Quality Advocates . and quality improvement. Juran  Contributions – also well-known for helping improve Japanese quality. – directed most of his work at executives and the field of quality management.developed the “Juran Triology” for managing quality: • Quality planning. . quality control.Joseph M.

Juran Quality Planning Quality Control 40 Cost of Poor Quality 20 0 Time Quality Advocates .

  “If you want to find out about your quality. go out and ask your customer.” Quality control staff = Facilitators. Quality Advocates .Feigenbaum  Developed the concept of Total Quality Control. • System for managing the entire value-chain connecting supplier to customer.

not indexes.” #4 .system for causing quality is prevention not appraisal. #2 .measurement of quality is the price of nonconformance. not “that’s close enough.Philip Crosby  Quality management advocate. Quality Advocates  The four absolutes of quality including: • • • • .performance standard is zero defects. #3 . not “goodness”.quality is defined by conformance to requirements. and author • Quality is Free #1. consultant.

Crosby Cost of Conformance Prevention Low Quality Quality Advocates High .

Quality Advocates .g. Respect for humanity as a management philosophy .Kaoru Ishikawa  Contributions • • • • • Developed concept of true and substitute quality characteristics • true characteristics are the customer’s view • substitute characteristics are the producer’s view • degree of match between true and substitute ultimately determines customer satisfaction. Cross-functional management.. cause-and-effect diagram) Advanced the use of quality circles (worker quality teams).full participation. Advocate of the use of the 7 tools (e.

Genichi Taguchi     Contributions: Taguchi methods emphasize consistency of performance and reduced variation Quality loss function (deviation from target is a loss to society). • • • Identify key variables Reduce variation on the important variables Open up tolerances on unimportant variables Quality Advocates . Parameter design (robust engineering) which is an application of Design of Experiments.

Taguchi Loss Lower specification limit Target Upper specification limit Quality Advocates .

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