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16903,VWS Australia Creating Water Solut

16903,VWS Australia Creating Water Solut

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Industrial water treatment
Industrial water treatment

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Published by: newnse2008 on Aug 04, 2013
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Creating Water Solutions for the Power Industry

World leader in water reuse

as well as design. compliance with process and environmental requirements and long-term cost effectiveness. We can also offer sustainable waste and energy solutions. which may be jeopardised because of water restrictions linked to the drought or excess water conditions >  Ensure the security and safety of the water process at the Power Stations: > Prevention of Legionella and management of health risks through our preventative solutions and complete treatment programmes to secure water treatment plants and cooling towers > Implementing clean technologies and policies of continuous improvement and sustainable development to protect the environment � Did you know? Veolia can also provide full operations and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plants. construction and maintenance of drinking water distribution networks and wastewater collection systems.Bayswater Power Station � Water is a key element for the Power Industry. Check out www. in order to fulfil the most demanding reliability and quality requirements essential to the Power industry. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies specialises in water and wastewater treatment solutions for various types of power stations: conventional power stations.Creating Solutions for the Power Industry Evaporation and crystallisation . fossil fuel or solar plants. Our expertise and innovative technologies can help your company achieve the following objectives: >  Secure a water supply. We can provide you with a tailor made water management system focusing on technical performance.veolia.com.au .

high rate wastewater clarification processes. with filtration. organics. nickel. iron.au . etc.000 m3/day OPUS™ I & II Metclean™ & Pilot Unit Oxidation agent Iron (II) or ▼ ▼ pH regulation Manganese (II) ▼ Hydrex® Water Chemicals ▼ Clean water Granulate Water containing dissolved heavy metals >  A process suitable for desalination of feed water with high concentrations in silica. proven process technology with a small footprint >  Available as a skid-mounted packaged plant or engineered solution >  Comprehensive range of evaporator. cost-effective solution >  A complete range including CIP chemicals. zinc. lead. manganese. reverse osmosis antiscalants. including micro-sand enhanced flocculation and lamella settling >  An ideal system to pre-treat raw water or recycle valuable process water >  Actidisk™: Actiflo® followed by Hydrotech™ Discfilters is recommended to achieve clarification and filtration of high suspended solids water > I deally suited for ultra pure water for boiler feed >  Packaged or tailored engineered systems >  Countercurrent or packed bed designs available >  Conventional mixed bed polishing for hydrogen cycle operations > T  ripol® condensate polishing for hydrogen and ammonia cycle operations Filtration Reverse Osmosis Evaporation & Crystallisation >  Can be used as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis or as a standalone process for producing high quality water >  Membrane filtration range including microfiltration. brine concentrator and salt crystalliser systems offering a complete produced and wastewater treatment solution. ion exchange and reverse osmosis to generate high quality water with a low waste volume >  A process capable of removing heavy metals (arsenic. salt recovery and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) options >U  nit capacities range from 5 m3/day up to 50. cadmium. as well as cooling towers against the risk of Legionella Access our brochures at www. biocides. corrosion & suspended solids >  Protect water treatment plants and equipment.Innovative Technologies for the Power Industry Actiflo® Clarification Ion Exchange Condensate Polishing >  Compact. including industrial wastewater >  Treatment efficiency is as high as 99% in a one-step process and produces 20 times less waste (by weight) >  Small footprint. biofouling.) from different types of water. mono media and green sand media >  A membrane process used extensively for removing salts from seawater or brackish water and even dissolved contaminants from sewage >  Robust. inhibitors & dispersants >  Significantly improves the management of scaling. Multiflo™. boron and particulates >  Uses reverse osmosis process operated at an elevated pH >  Combines a proprietary high rate chemical softening process. uranium.veoliawaterst. including volume minimisation. hardness. ultrafiltration and nanofiltration >  Media filters including dual media.com. arsenic.

construct and commission of projects on every scale with tailored processes and technological solutions •  Focusing on reducing operating costs. environmental protection and safety Packaged Plants & Skid Systems • T  urnkey packaged plants and skid systems to provide efficient & cost effective solutions • E  asily integrated on sites with space restrictions •  Leasing of mobile units and pilot plants Service & Maintenance •  Our customers benefit from the highest possible levels of service and support: > throughout the long life of our water treatment systems and equipment > to existing water treatment plants •  AQUAserviceTM: Service & Maintenance Agreements • Hydrex® Specialty Water Treatment Chemicals. hardness & silica Treat cooling tower blowdown to minimise waste or assist in a ZLD facility Minimise wastewater sludge or concentrate it to a solid waste (dry cake) RAW WATER PRE-TREATMENT Actiflo® clarification Microfiltration Solids contact clarifier  ressure & gravity type P filters Discfilters Hydrex® Specialty Water Chemicals BOILER FEED MAKE-UP WATER  ontinuous Electro C Deionisation (CEDI) Conventional and packedbed ion exchange Single and double-pass Reverse Osmosis Vacuum and forced draft degassifiers Hydrex® Specialty Water Chemicals CONDENSATE TREATMENT Mixed bed condensate polishers CERAMEM™ membranes for filtering hot condensate COOLING TOWER WATER Actiflo® clarification Reverse osmosis Solids contact clarifiers/softeners Microfiltration Pressure & gravity filters  vaporation/ E crystallisation (ZLD) OPUS™ I & II Hydrex® Specialty Water Chemicals WASTEWATER TREATMENT Actiflo® clarification Biological treatment (e. colloidals. recycled waste stream…) Produce high quality demineralised water to the boiler Reduce the losses or damages caused by corrosion or deposits from condensate streams.g. Reduce start-up times Miminise routine cleaning Treat a side stream to increase the cycles of concentration by reducing suspended solids. MBR) Sludge thickener Filter presses Lime soda softening  vaporation/ E crystallisation (ZLD) Reverse osmosis Metclean™ Hydrex® Specialty Water Chemicals  eparate beds S condensate polishers Hydrex® Specialty Water Chemicals .Packaged Plant at Stratford Peaker Power Project in New Zealand Remove suspended solids. organics. reliability. and improving flexibility. iron and manganese from water (surface water. Spares & Consumables • Technical consultation including audits and plant refurbishments • Aquamove™: Mobile water treatment solutions Actidisk™ .Design & Build •  Design.

Hydrotech® Discfilters (Actidisk®). QLD Design. NSW Design.400 MW . New Zealand Design. installation. reverse osmosis units and continuous deionisation > Application: treat river water to supply the cooling water system and for water injection into the gas turbine generator systems for NOx control . construct and install a new Condensate Polishing Plant > Capacity: 360 m3/h >  Process: Tripol® condensate polishing system with 3 regenerator vessels to remove impurities from condensate steam from the power station’s steam turbine > Application: provide high quality water for the high pressure boiler Bayswater Power Station Water Treatment Plants for Macquarie Generation.power station) >  Process: microfiltration and reverse osmosis to provide up to 2 Megalitres/day of treated water > Application: treat water to produce feedwater.Vales Point Power Station for Delta Electricity. delivery. ion exchange. build and operation of four water treatment plants > Capacity: 120 ML/day >  Process: lime softening. test and commissioning of two water treatment plants at Tarong Power Station > Capacity: 2 ML/day & 250 KL/day (1. reverse osmosis. commissioning. the microfiltration plant provides 250 kilolitres/ day of reliable and safe drinking water on site Huntly Power Station Condensate Polishing Plant for Genesis Energy. New Zealand Design and build of a water packaged treatment plant for the Stratford Peaker Power Station > Capacity: 140 kL/hr & 70 kL/hr >  Process: two streams of Actiflo® clarification. supply. testing and a multi-year Service & Maintenance agreement of a microfiltration & reverse osmosis plant and refurbishment of an aging Anhydrous Ammonia plant to a safer aqueous system > Capacity: 1. filtration. build. reverse osmosis and Hydrex® Specialty Water Chemicals > Application: Treat effluent from sewage treatment plant for use in the demineralisation plant feed water & reuse as irrigation at Mannering park Tarong Power Station Microfiltration & RO Plants for Tarong Energy. NSW Design. 8 Actiflo® clarification units.2 ML/day (upgradeable to 1. HPD concentrator and crystalliser > Application: reduce the salinity of Lake Liddell through an increased salt removal capacity to provide cooling water whilst maintaining Bayswater as a Zero Liquid Discharge power station Stratford Peaker Power Station for United Group for Contact Energy.8 ML/day) > Process: microfiltration . supply.

surface water.Creating Water Solution 1 RAW WATER PRE-TREATMENT ► Ground water. clarification • Combined clarification + filtration • Membrane technologies • Softening • Electro-chlorination • Desalination 2 BOILER FEED WATER ► Reduction of impurities ► Water demineralisation • Filtration • Reverse osmosis • Demineralisation • Continuous Electro-Deionisation • Combined pre-treatment • Mixed bed ion exchange • Hydrex® Water Treatment Chemicals 3 CONDENSATE POLISHING ► Remove impurities from condensate steam ► Iron and silica removal • Resin regeneration • Candle filters • Pre-coated filters • Filtration • Mixed bed ion exchange • Separate beds condensate polishers REUSE AND RECYCLING ► Environmental impact ► Water footprint ► Metals removal . sedimentation • Settling. grey water ► Seawater desalination • Screening • Flocculation.

ns for the Power Industry 4 COOLING TOWER SIDESTREAM ► Reduce scaling and deposition ► Minimise microbial activity ► Increase concentration cycles • Hydrex®Water treatment chemicals • Side stream filtration • Full stream filtration • Electro-chlorination • Turbine inlet cooling 5 COOLING TOWER BLOW DOWN ► Minimise water ► Zinc and chromates removal ► Carbonate removal • Clarification (Actiflo®) • Filtration (media filtration media membrane) • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) 6 WASTEWATER TREATMENT ► Minimise wastewater sludge or concentrate • Clarification (Actiflo®) • Biological treatment (MBR) • Evaporation & Crystallisation (ZLD) • Reverse Osmosis • Metclean™ • Hydrex® Water Treatment Chemicals SERVICES ► Mobile water solutions: Aquamove™ ► Green Chemicals: Hydrex™ ► Refurbishment & Technical Upgrades ► AQUAservice™: Service & Maintenance Agreements ► Outsourcing .

com www. focusing on reuse & desalination. Reverse Osmosis.com.au . maintenance and servicing of water and wastewater treatment plants. and Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors. Hydrex® Specialty Water Chemicals. We provide Design & Build capabilities. Actiflo® Clarification. custom & standard skid systems and packaged plants. We create water solutions for drinking water.com Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is a company of Veolia Environnement. Neosep® Membrane Bioreactors.May 2012 © Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies.Creating Water Solutions Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is a world leader in the design & build. including Membrane Filtration. Contact Head Office P +61 2 8572 0400 F +61 2 8572 0410 Level 4.nz www.veolia. commercial & municipal customers. 149-155 Parnell Rd. 2012. Mobile Plants.com. Equipment Supply. as well as AQUAservice™ agreements for optimum plant performance.co. Auckland 1052 nzsales@veoliawater. Creating Water Solutions for the Power Industry . Discfilters. 65 Pirrama Road Pyrmont. NSW 2009 New South Wales P + 61 2 8832 4500 F +61 2 8832 4501 Unit 3B Lenton Place North Rocks NSW 2151 Queensland P +61 7 3268 5990 F +61 7 3268 5993 5/26 Navigator Place Hendra QLD 4011 Northern Territory P +61 8 8947 8931 F +61 8 8947 3310 5 Dennis Court Berrimah NT 0828 Western Australia P +61 8 9449 1700 F +61 8 9353 4689 124 Kewdale Road Kewdale WA 6105 Victoria P +61 3 9369 1555 F +61 3 9369 5054 341 Fitzgerald Road Derrimut VIC 3030 South Australia P +61 8 8168 0500 F +61 8 8168 0599 500 Churchill Road Kilburn SA 5084 New Zealand P + 64 9 354 4174 F + 64 9 354 4175 Level 3 . Metclean®. Parnell. operations. www.au systems@veoliawater. process water and wastewater aimed at industrial. All rights reserved. We offer advanced technologies and processes.veoliawaterst.veoliawaterst.

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