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A b o u t the A u t h o r William W. Hewitt has been practicing astrology professionally, as an avocation, since early 1974. He is a member of the American Fed­ eration of Astrologers and specializes in natal charts and interpreta­ tion. Hewitt has also been a professional clinical hypnotist since 1972. He has his own practice in Colorado where he resides. A member of the National Writer's Club, Hewitt lectures on various subjects including astrology, hypnosis, psychic phenomena, mind control, and other areas. He is the author of Hypnosis, Beyond Hypnosis, and Tea Leaf Reading.

Astrology For Beginners
An Easy Guide to Understanding and Interpreting Your Chart


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The books in this series are on the leading edge of prac­ tical and applied astrology as we move toward the culmi­ nation of the 20th century. This is not speculative astrology, nor astrology so eso­ teric as to have little practical application in meeting the needs of people in these critical times. Yet, these books go far beyond the meaning of "practicality", as seen prior to the 1990s. Our needs are spiritual as well as mundane, planetary as well as particular, evolutionary as well as progressive. Astrology grows with the times, and our times make heavy demands upon Intelligence and Wis­ dom. The authors are all professional astrologers drawing from their own practice and knowledge of historical per­ sons and events, demonstrating proof of their conclusions with the horoscopes of real people in real situations. Modern Astrology relates the individual person to the Universe in which he/she lives, not as a passive victim of alien forces but as an active participant in an environment expanded to the breadth and depth of the Cosmos. We are not alone, and our responsibilities are infinite. The horoscope is both a measure and a guide to per­ sonal movement—seeing every act undertaken, every de­ cision made, every event as time dynamic: with effects that move through the many dimensions of space and levels of consciousness in fulfillment of Will and Purpose. Every net becomes an act of Will, for we extend our awareness to consequences reaching to the ends of time and space. This is astrology supremely important to this unique period in human history, when Pluto transits through Scorpio and Neptune through Capricorn. The books in tl\is scries are intended to provide insight into the critical needs and the critical decisions that must be made. These books, too, are "active agents," bringing to the n'iider knowledge which will liberate the higher forces innltlo each person to the end that we may fulfill that for which we were intended. — Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

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This book is dedicated to my wife, Dolores, who is the Sun and the Stars in my life.

From Horoscope Guide's 1987 Astro A n ­ nual. The author is grateful to Horoscope Guide and its pub­ lisher. Substantial portion from Horoscope Guide July 1986. Hewitt. Inc. From Horoscope Guide May 1988. JBH Publishing Company. article "Fun With Sun A n d Rising Signs" by William W. article "Mini-Profiles" by William W. article "Meeting The Challenge" by William W. Hewitt. Hewitt. Chapter 4.t TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The following portions of this book are reprinted by the kind permission of Horoscope Guide. Introduction x i PARTI THE BASICS 1 Astrology—The Big Picture 2 Natal Astrology 3 The Language of Astrology 4 Sun Sign Mini-Profiles 5 The Planets 6 The Aspects 7 The Houses PART II ERECTING A NATAL CHART 8 The Modern Way—By Computer « > The Fast W a y ^ B y "Eyeballing" ID The Original Way—By Math P A R T III INTERPRETING A NATAL CHART 11 I'In nets in the Signs IJ linnets in the Houses I » I he Aspects II 'il|'.: Chapter 2.iui on the House Cusps I* hilling It All Together lit 1 1 iiiuillri nnd Progressions PART I V REFERENCE MATERIAL I ' |l« fiMi'Mte. Michelle Arnot. Chapter 9.i 275 3 15 23 39 61 85 95 109 121 135 155 185 213 261 267 271 .

The problem is that a person trying to learn astrology ili'i-nit'i know what the right sequence is. The professional astrologer who wants to use it as a textbook for his/her beginning students. 144 146 150 This book is for any one of four people: 1. talk knowledgeably. There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of excellent l'inikîi written about astrology. Also. and if one read them all in I ho i If.hl sequence he/she would have an excellent educa¬ I li 'i i. The person who wants to learn enough about as­ trology to have fun. 2. and be­ come an amateur astrology buff. 3.LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS 1 — Natal Horoscope Chart 2—Natural Wheel 3 — Simulated Ephemeris Page 4—Natal Chart with Intercepted Signs Figure 5 — Aspects & Midpoints Figure 6—Patterns Figure 7—Sample Computerized Interpretation Figure 8 — Eyeballing the Rising Sign Figure 9 — A n Eyeballed Natal Chart Figure 10—Simulated Table of Houses Figure 11 — Longitude Time Figure 12 — Table of Proportional Logarithms Figure 13—Natal Chart Figure 14—Chart Calculation Figure 15—Planet Correction Figure Figure Figure Figure 20 41 42 110 113 114 119 120 132 138 140 142 •. This book is not for the person who is already well IM huoled in astrology unless that person wants to use it as > \ lexlbook for his/her students. . The person who wants to pursue astrology as a hobby. The person who wants ultimately to become a professional astrologer. 4. many of I hi' I utoks need not be read at all because they are highly M )n'l lullzed and technical and are of interest only to the I'luli'tinlonal who is especially interested in that narrow Introduction .

This book does not have all the answers. and this book will deal only with natal astrology. predictive astrology. inexpensive.000 pages. Natal astrology is where it all starts. to read this chapter because you either will not want to be­ come professionals or you will prefer to use computerized charts. and progressions. This book has all that 99% of you will ever need or want. . . houses. Now turn to Chapter 1 and begin your journey into • Im I unci nntlng world of the stars and you . "Where do I go from here?" Other basic books quickly submerse the reader in mathematical calculations before establishing what astrology is all about in the reader's mind. national and inter­ national affairs. planets. • Has a separate chapter on how to mathematically calculate a precisely accurate horoscope chart. I Yobably 99% of all practiced astrology is natal astrology. • Discusses computerized horoscope charts. but it will point you to where you can find the answers. Some of the basic books are so basic that they leave one with the question. since early 1974.xii I Astrology for Beginners Introduction / xiii specialization. Es­ sentially. • Briefly discusses transits. My natal chart is used as an ex­ it i it pie In this book so you only need to study it to know all i»l M nit mo. Specifically. I have been practicing astrology professionally. It need not be this way. and you can easily expand into other fields if you so choose. performing simple addition and subtraction. To cover the entire subject of astrology completely would require at least 20. clear. • Teaches how to interpret a natal (birth) chart. • Shows you "eyeballing" methods for roughly de­ termining a horoscope chart in minutes without using math. Understand this. Most of you will not need. the world n( imliolo^y. Astrology is an exciting and easy to understand science when presented in an or­ derly. Many other books are reference books for just one topic such as Sun signs. • 'Teaches the basics (signs. Hewitt. There are many other specialized fields of astrology that deal with things like weather. etc. and much more. The M A F A after my name signifies that I am a iiti'inber of the American Federation of Astrologers. The purpose of this book is to do just that. and simplified manner. This makes astrology easy. and avail­ able to everyone. This deals with the analysis of a person's total profile as derived from certain birth information. this book: • Tells you what astrology is and how it works. One can mentally drown in the sea of astrological in­ formation. or want. and by using brief rather than wordy discussions. The method I present is simple and accurate. catastrophes.). as an ii V( ten t ion. aspects. The most widely practiced astrology is natal (birth) astrology. William W. I have managed to cover the basics in just a few hundred pages by leaving out vast amounts of information that a beginner does not need. you look up numbers and fill in blanks. M A F A . • Recommends references to more detailed mate­ rial for those who want to go even deeper into as­ trology.


general concept of astrology. 3 I . . astrology con­ sists of those brief horoscope columns that appear in many newspapers and magazines. and how of as­ trology at a beginners level. Yet very few people have any real knowledge or un­ derstanding of astrology. . Astrology fascinates people . Those columns are fun. The various astrological terms used in this chapter will. The intent at this point is to give you a broad. To most people. Chapter 2 will con­ tinue with the concept. why. By the end of this book you should know the what. "What is your Sun sign?" is one of the most com­ monly asked questions between two people who are try­ ing to get to know each other. but with a narrower scope. be discussed in greater detail in later chapters.1 Astrology— The Big Picture This chapter gives a "big picture" of astrology today. they yearn to know how the heavens relate to their lives. Subse­ quent chapters will fill in the concept details. they don't begin to touch on what astrology and horoscopes are all about. but they have little real use. with a few exceptions.

etc. one acted out in the heavens above. In other words. . This waxing and waning of the Moon continues endlessly in an absolutely predictable pattern. The movements and cycles of the planets form a huge cosmic clock that ticks off the time and events. Both are the product of the moment. that is. The great drama en­ acted in the sky is also acted out. third quarter (Full Moon). This is what astrology is all about. By studying the planetary arrangement for a given moment. the astrologer can gain an accurate picture of what has happened on earth at that moment. children. planetary line-ups. we have a tool to give us better control and to see the order of things in what appears to be disorder at times. it is very real.. and in our daily life.4 / Astrology for Beginners The Big Picture / 5 Astrology is as old as measured time. Astrology is a study of those events where there is a return or cycling. repeating relationships to each other in space. All of these are circles or cycles. and future. Some impor­ tant dates are birth. There is only one grand drama. Any important event is worth a cosmic snapshot. Any moment in time that a person considers significant is the kind of event worthy of having a horoscope chart cast for it. Planetary events are not causing events here on earth. It is this repeating pattern that enables us to recognize heavenly events. marriage. autumn. past. It is easy to lose track of our direction in life due to the commotion of daily living. in exact detail. A horoscope chart is a time slice of this vast cosmic performance. Astrology is a study of heavenly cycles and cosmic events as they are reflected here in our earthly environ­ ment. This may sound like science fiction to you at this point. interpenetrating and sharing a common space and time. the other here on the earth below. astrology embraces the idea that there is a connection be­ tween the heavens and earth—that the heavens and the earth are united. they represent an activity also taking place within oursclf. Each planet has its own unique fixed orbit around the Sun that is absolutely predictable. Moon. In general. but believe me. There are prob­ ably as many different approaches to this fascinating sub­ ject as there are astrologers in the world today. etc. Astrology is a study of the cycles of the Moon and planets and the Sun and their interrelationships. There is not much in the heavens that is not cyclical—happening over and over. present. The planets. Rather. in a manner of speak­ ing. All major cosmic events are interactive. The great cosmic events happening be­ yond the earth (eclipses. and place of birth are im­ portant. both planetary and earthly events happen simultaneously and are mutually reflective. A cosmic dance that performs endlessly. Earth is part of the cosmos and shares in that cosmic moment. This is why the date. here on earth in the same moment. The clock is stopped. second quarter. our consciousness.. The moment of birth is a significant moment to stop the clock and examine the cosmic arrangement. and Sun have predictable. However. by studying our cosmic clock (astrol­ ogy). sum­ mer. The cosmic patterns revealed in the rhythmic motions of the planets help shed light on the seeming heller skelter of everyday life. there is no cause in the heavens and then an effect here on earth. time. and fourth quarter. The Moon goes through four phases every 29 1/2 days: first quarter (New Moon).) do not cause events to occur on earth but rather reflect the events happening on earth. Neither is the cause of the other. and winter) predictably year after year. Astrol­ ogy works! Those of you who have had a chart cast and in­ terpreted by a competent astrologer know that it is real. The cosmos is a vast clock—wheels within wheels within wheels to which we all respond. The Sun returns to the solstice points (spring.

etc. We will be referring back to figure 1 many more times to explain parts of it.relationship. . At this point I don't expect you to understand what you are looking at. Astrology also pro­ vides very specific information to help us direct the events in our life with greater success. the more you will be concerned with cycles. by "eyeballing". Learning to notice and take advantage of the cycles in our life can lead to an enhanced ability to han­ dle the problems life presents. The primary purpose of natal astrology is to construct a horoscope chart based on specific birth data and then to interpret the meanings in the chart in order to ascertain important information about the person whose birth data was used. coming and going of these cycles in our lives. Astrology provides a way of ordering and understanding our experience. We have learned to notice cycles and they fascinate us. Astrology offers a new way of organizing the events m our life—a new way of seeing and understanding them. Again and again. One common misconception about astrologers is that they have their heads in the clouds. most of all. with everyday events. birth chart. Not only with the planetary cycles but also how these cycles show up in everyday life. with the same ease and enjoyment as when you . problems and joys seem to occur to us over and over. in the ebb and flow of a very close . Now I want to introduce you to some of the terms and tools of astrology. The horoscope chart is called by various other names also: natal chart. Keep in mind that the end result of astrology is to provide a tool that enables you to under­ stand and live life better. The whole point of studying these cosmic cycles is to gain insight into how they appear in our lives here on earth. we are pre­ pared to get the most out of each phase of that cycle. As­ trologers study. Our interest in the heavens springs from our experience here on earth with the endless cycles and events surrounding us—into which each of us is born and must live. Thus the horoscope chart is the principal tool for natal astrology. but. . The best way to erect a chart is to use a computer. natal horoscope. These are the day-to-day or practical signs of the existence of cycles and our con­ sciousness of them. The remaining chapters will teach you more about this. All of us notice some reoccurrence or cycling effects in our lives . Figure 1 is a fullblown na­ tal horoscope chart. Look at it a few moments. to obtain the big picture. In later chapters I will discuss three methods of erecting a natal horoscope chartby computer. radix wheel or chart. ASTROLOGICAL TERMS In the introduction of this book I told you that the fo­ cus of the book is natal astrology. . We study these cycles with great attention. we are con­ cerned with the here and the now. The mathematics needed to erect a horoscope chart is tedious and time-consuming. It is probably just a confusing jumble of symbols and numbers. we notice that we alternately have times of greater and less closeness. It is true that we have one eye to the heavens. on the practical level. certain habits. how they work. . Astrology helps us to see ourself and life in a greater perspective. the endless ebbing and flowing . The more you learn about astrology. When we understand how cycles repeat themselves. which is how I learned. We come together and we drift apart. By the time you finish this book you will be able to read figure 1. chart wheel. Married people tend to be particularly aware of cycles since. and the original w a y hand calculated mathematics. or any other horoscope chart.61 Astrology for Beginners The Big Picture / 7 The analysis of these important moments is very complex.

The zodiac is a convenient way to measure where a given planet is in the sky. For now. The P L A N E T S are placed around the wheel where they appear in the zodiac in the sky at the birth moment. which you will learn in a later chapter. For now. Some of the main features of such a layout are: C H A R T W H E E L : The wheel is a 360 degree picture of the heavens at the time of the birth moment. just be concerned with the concepts.). 1 just want you to know what a horoscope chart looks like. P L A N E T POSITIONS: The planets are placed around the wheel in their zodiac positions. This information is arranged in a C H A R T W H E E L form as shown in figure 1 for the birth moment. not the specifics. CHART PREPARED BY W I L L I A M W . These calculations include the positions for the Sun. Moon and eight planets in the zodiac for the moment selected plus several other sensitive points (ascendant. etc. At the extreme left hand side of the wheel is the A S C E N ­ D A N T or RISING SIGN which is that part of the zodiac that is on the horizon (rising) at the birth moment. A N A T A L H O R O S C O P E consists of a se­ ries of mathematical calculations for the birth moment of a person. The top of the chart or M C ( M I D H E A V E N ) is that part of the zodiac directly above your head while the bottom of the chart or I C (NADIR) is that part beneath your feet and on the other side of the earth from you.The Big Picture ! 9 81 Astrology for Beginners read a novel. this is ' the part of the zodiac that is setting. In figure 1. The D E C E N D E N T is on the right hand side of the chart. Figure 1 Natal Horoscope Chart . the planets and zodiac signs are shown in symbols. midheaven. HEWITT 17 Y M U 25 SI 20X04 29© 13. known as G L Y P H S in astrology. You are at the center of the wheel (the earth) surrounded by the heavens. The glyphs are part of the special language of astrology. which will be discussed in detail later in the book.

Hence.. my Moon (my Moon at birth) is in the sign GEMINI (3rd sign) and in the 9th degree of Gemini and 42 minutes. My Moon is at 9 degrees and 42 minutes of the sign Gemini. It con­ fused me when I was a beginner. The 7th and 4th are simply opposite the 1st and 10th. 11 th. It will clear up as we go on. Proponents of one house system often feel very deeply that their method of dividing the heavens is the most significant. Give it no more concern. The study of transits. The 09 and 42 tell the degrees and minutes of Gemini where the moon was located when I was born. AUXILIARY TECHNIQUES The N A T A L C H A R T captures a single moment or slice of time. Most systems agree that the ascendant marks the first house cusp. the midheaven marks the 10th. You can see this in figure 1. Planet positions are measured within the signs by degrees. To better understand the next paragraph. As you can see in figure 1. I just want to give you some notion of what house cusps and house systems are.what a house cusp is. HOUSE CUSPS: Most astrologers divide the zodiac into twleve sections or HOUSES according to a system. . Gemini. 7th and 10th). For now. minutes and sec­ onds. You will see a symbol that looks like the moon with numbers 09142 below it. in my judg­ ment. Look at the 10th house (top of chart in the pie-slice numbered 10). Most chart wheels give the planet positions both on the wheel and in a list outside the wheel. 5th. Look at the chart wheel in figure 1 and notice how it is divided into twelve sections or Houses. you need to know . goes beyond the scope of "beginner. 3rd . 12th) are called the intermediate house cusps because they are intermediate between the primary cusps (1st. Just let it rest lightly on your mind. 8th. Placidian merely refers to a specific mathematical approach to erecting a natal horoscope chart. The word "cusp" is the name of the lines in the chart that mark the beginning of a house. and the nadir marks the 4th house cusp. The natal chart is read counterclockwise starting with the ascendant (labeled A S C at the left side of figure 1).) of 30 degrees each.. Simplistically. The "31" represents Gemini. . and they relate the astrological factors that exist in the sky now to those that existed at the moment of your birth. and it is. 9th. Taurus. It is these intermediate cusps that differ (in general) from one house system to another." PROGRESSIONS: Another popular technique is to relate the natal chart to that same natal chart as progressed .101 Astrology for Beginners The Big Picture /12 The zodiac stretches through all 360 degrees of the sky and is divided into the familiar 12 signs (Aries. The Placidian house system is used in this book. Transits will be dis­ cussed only superficially in this book to give you some fa­ miliarity as a beginner. the descendent marks the 7th. 4th. I'm sure all this sounds confusing. There are a number of HOUSE SYSTEMS used by astrolo­ gers. There are some other techniques that can be used in conjunction with the natal chart: TRANSITS: The natal chart can be compared to a chart that is cast for the current date. etc. the cusp of the 1st house is also the ascen­ dant. which is the horizontal line between the 12th and 1st house. . 6 t h . The most popular house systems in use today are the Placidian and Koch houses. The houses are those twelve pie-shaped wedges in figure 1. . The remaining house cusps (2nd. For example. the planet positions are also listed in a chart be­ low the wheel. The 1st house cusp is on the extreme left hand side of the wheel and the 10th house cusp is on the top. These current date charts are called TRANSIT C H A R T S .

Or perhaps you will be inspired to studv on your own and become more advanced or even beforneaprofessionalast^^ w X c o m m e n d various books to help further your study Wtto^rdesire.ThoaebocteJntuni^dllcadtocv^ more advanced study. but progressions definitely go be­ yond the scope of beginner. This will not be discussed further in this book. Thus if your natal Sun was at 25 degrees and 48 minutes of the sign Cancer. one day (24 hour revolution) is equated with one year (seasonal cycle) of life. In this technique. a solar return chart would be one cast for when the Sun returned to this identical spot during the current year.w i t h the basics Chapter 2 will start to bridge the gap between the "big picture^' presented here in chapter 1 and the myriad of details in the chapters after 2. As a be­ ginner in astrology. the place to start is h e r e . As­ trologers have a wide variety of alternate methods of pro­ gressing a chart. I ' briefly mention it here to make you aware of the terms and because it is part of the big picture of natal astrology. transit charts are charts progressed to a future date by the regular movement of the planets in the sky. a simple natal chart and interpreta­ tion is probably all you will need. that there is something to satisfy everyone s ^ l u t t r Everyone. SUMMARY This has been a very general introduction to some of the basic terms and processes used in astrology. This chart is then compared to the Natal Chart. Astrology has such a broad scope and has so many facets to it. you may want more complete interpretations dealing with your year ahead or perhaps a comparison report between your­ self and some other person to see how compatible (or in­ compatible) you are. In the future. As we have just seen in the preceding sec­ tion.The Big Picture 113 12 / Astrology for Beginners into the future. Thus the 35th day after birth is considered to represent the 35th year after birth. . Now turn the page and take your next step on the journey into yourself-into the world of natal astrology. The "DAY FOR A Y E A R " method is very popular. and so on. This will only be discussed superficially in this book to give you some familiarity. A chart for the 35th day after birth is calculated and compared to the natal chart. a chart is calculated for the precise time that the Sun (or Moon) returns to the position it had at your birth. By this method. And so it goes. S O L U N A R RETURNS: Another popular method is that of solar returns and lunar returns.

which is my specialty. meditation. Natal astrology deals with the birth patterning of individuals. This chapter is confined to natal astrology. astrology gets the job done when it is understood and used properly. I'll discuss what astro­ logical counseling is and how you can use this powerful tool to your advantage. non-technical language. I'll briefly explain what astrology is and what it is not in simple.2 Natal Astrology As an astrologer. There are many different types of astrology. I meet two kinds of people. Like all tools. What natal astrology is: 15 . And then there are those who think I am an idiot for believing in astrology. There are those who seek me out and solicit my services to help them improve their lives in some way through astrologi­ cal counseling. Astrology is just one of many tools we have at our disposal to help us deal with problems and enrich our lives. Some other tools are: self-hypnosis. each with its own special purpose. prayer and education. This chapter is written for both of these kinds of peo­ ple.

Suppose your birth occurred at 6:44pm EST. This means we have a mirror that can re­ flect events in the past. or future anywhere on earth. The Philosophy of Astrology I do not personally know any astrologer who thinks that planets cause events in our lives. Our astrological mirror is superior to our bathroom mirror because the planets' patterning is constantly changing. as­ trology is still in its infancy. was only discovered in February 1930. A patterning of a person's innate birth potentials.1960 in Kingston. which shows your unique horoscope patterning. Moon. In astrology. In­ telligent information is available on every aspect of a per­ son's life from cradle to grave. tendencies. The astrologer then enters the information onto a cir­ cular map known as a horoscope chart. for instance. the heavens (the planetary positions and movements). The as­ trologer figures out mathematically where the Sun. your Moon is at 5 degrees and 7 minutes of Gemini in your eighth house. present. through our choices. you will instantly see the wound bleeding in the mirror. The mirror did not cause the . The individual always has the ability to choose by exercising the birthright of free will. and so forth for the remaining eight known planets. weaknesses. and it is still being studied. strengths. A simplistic analogy might be this: If you look into a mirror while trim­ ming your eyebrows and you accidentally pierce your skin with the scissors. If it were possible to have a mirror that looked ahead in time. Even though it is about five-thousand years old. you could have seen the accident ahead of time and thus avoid it by exercising more care or by not trim­ ming your eyebrows at that time. The planets and their relationships to each other and to the earth change unendingly in an absolutely predictable way. Astrology is based on the observation that events on earth are instantly reflected in the heavens. It works this way. The oldest empirical science in the world. are our mirror of earthly events. 3. The planets were created as part of our world for our use. It is not fatalistic. Then hundreds of factors in the patterning are studied and compiled into a report known as your Natal Horoscope Analysis. control our own lives. wound or the bleeding. The planet Pluto. Nearly five thousand years of careful observation and record keeping have supplied us with accurate knowledge as to what kinds of earthly events are associated with what kinds of heavenly patterns. This report can tell virtually everything about all aspects of your life as . useful information is known and can be used to enrich our lives and help us to make better decisions and choices. A tool that provides greater understanding of self. Who knows what all is out there to provide us even more information? Still. It is not a cure-all. did it? The mirror accurately re­ flected an event at the precise time the event occurred. It does not advocate that the planets control our lives. An awesome thought. 2. What natal astrology is not: 1. and probabilities. and the eight known planets were at that moment with re­ spect to that specific geographic point on earth. We. The science of astrology strives to understand and use this great gift for the benefit of humanity. He deter­ mines that your natal Sun is at 11 degrees and 15 minutes of Aries in your sixth house. a great deal of valuable.16/ Astrology for Beginners Natal Astrology /17 1. NY. We can mathematically calculate exactly where every planet will be at any time in relation to any point on earth. on March 31. 2. is it not? This powerful tool was given to us as part of creation. 3.

These will start to give you a small sampling of what astrological counseling is all about. But always. she remembered my warning and left him before he could hurt her further.181 Astrology for Beginners Natal Astrology 119 were reflected in the mirror of the heavens at your birth moment. What can astrology do to enhance a person's life? Let's examine three of the most dominant factors in the life of a person: companionship. He was grossly unhappy with every aspect of his life. In spite of this. friendship. strengths. he beat her brutally. The discussions on "companionship" and "career" are two actual cases of astrological counseling I per­ formed for two clients. But in any situation. Career I have already mentioned briefly that your chart can identify your innate talents. and abilities. the individual makes the choices. The discussion on "time" contains valuable information that I furnish in all my astrological counseling sessions. Predic­ tive astrology is similar to natal astrology except that pre­ dictive astrology looks at a future date and analyzes your options at that time. she chose to marry him. career. your were unsure of what career path to pursue. the individual's choice prevails. it is the individual's choice that directs the events. very strongly so. As­ trology is not fatalistic at all. Companionship A n astrologer can do a compatibility analysis be­ tween any two people and very accurately delineate the positive and negative aspects of a given relationship. but also to romance. This is the least understood. and then you can make a choice based on this knowl­ edge rather than just shooting blindly in the dark. In addi­ tion. The horoscope chart shows the potentials. I did an analysis for a thirty-eight year old bachelor. The more you know about the compatibility (or incompatibil­ ity) between you and another person. Astrology clearly showed her the probabilities and choices. business. bored electronics . Your chart will tell you in which pursuits you have the best chance of being success­ ful. and that they had virtually nothing else in common. Later in chapter 81 have the details of my most challeng­ ing astrological assignment. and most important factor in astrology. Their horoscope charts showed that the mu­ tual attraction was totally physical. but the choice was hers alone to make. One can wisely use this feature of astrology to im­ prove chances of having a harmonious and happy rela­ tionship. Within a few weeks after the marriage. Often a person selects a career path because of money. He was a mediocre. His chart showed why. 1 did a compatibility analysis for a young lady who was going to marry a man whom she was certain she ( deeply loved. The planets show the parameters involved and the likely result of choices. Fortu­ nately. Rarely do these careers pro­ duce self-fulfillment. or just by chance. This kind of natal horoscope report can be greatly beneficial. for example. Suppose. not the planets. How much better it would be to se­ lect a career that takes advantage of what you have to offer and of your interests. or any sort of part­ nership. The individual is in charge. and time. The axiom "forewarned is half armed" really applies here. the better equipped you arc to interact with that person to your benefit. This knowledge can help you avoid or lessen problems and take better advantage of opportu­ nities. "Relationship" applies not only to marriage. family tradition. his chart showed a violent temper and a sadistic na­ ture.

Neither situation has to be that way. understand.201 Astrology for Beginners Natal Astrology /21 engineer. The skill of the astrologer is the only weak link in the chain. In all cases. on calculations. and it is an excel­ lent way to get to know. A competent mechanic makes your car run properly. . The point is that astrology is a viable science that can be of value in your life. yet his chart very strongly indicated that law en­ forcement was his strongest interest and latent talent. avocation. be it a hobby. Some may choose to become amateur astrologers. Astrology does not have all the answers and is not a cure all. A horoscope chart and analysis will clearly show each person's depth. and meet people. A good astrologer will erect an accurate chart and interpret it accurately. Time Many people burn up time in unproductive pursuits just to keep busy and kill excess time. Others pine away their time in loneliness. Everyone is so multi-faceted in talent and interests that there is plenty of self-fulfilling activity to be engaged . an incompetent one doesn't. He readily admitted that he had always wanted to be a police­ man since he was a young boy. second career. Again astrol­ ogy presents the options—you make the choice. as a result he drove women away rather than attracting them. It is just one of many tools available for you to use in order to better orchestrate the direction of your life. he would have clearly seen his probabilities and options and might have made some different choices to ensure his happiness. The choice you make is always up to you alone. hence he could do it. It also showed a love of chil­ dren and a desire for marriage. You alone are the Captain of your ship. He chose to let materialism dominate him. If he had his horoscope done years earlier. multi-talents. is it? The same is true of all professions. They go through life as one-dimensional persons because they haven't dis­ covered • their multi-dimensional nature. etc. There is nothing magical about this process. This will eat up as much time as you choose to devote. It is not fatalistic. astrology presents your options. volunteer work. His chart showed a slight ability for engineering. Most people do not realize this truth. But this isn't unique to astrology. it becomes easy to select extra-curricular activities that are fulfilling and worthwhile. It is all based on what is. It merits your open-minded con­ sideration. abilities. But peer and parental pres­ sure to select a career that paid well had influenced him to become an engineer. his chart indicated a strong materialistic streak. Astrology merely provides a more complete map for you to set sail with. In addition. travel. or whatever. and on interpre­ tation by a qualified person. A good physician helps you get well while a poor one just drains your money or even causes problems. but it wasn't even close to being his strong suit. in. Armed with this knowledge. A n un­ skilled or careless astrologer will not do a good job. on fact.

you want to talk and act like a professional—or at least a semi-professional—so take your time with this chapter. terms. scan the horoscope chart and see if you can iden­ tify the zodiac glyphs using the following chart as your guide. in chapter 1 you had some cursory exposure to a few terms. and each one has a glyph (symbol) and a two-letter alphabetic abbre­ viation as shown in the chart below. Let the language of astrology sink into your mind. 23 . like all scientific disciplines. You need to gain some understanding of the astrological language now so that you will better understand the remaining chapters in this book. After all. For practice.3 The Language of Astrology Astrology. If you refer to figure 1. I also include a column to show how I write the glyphs by hand. The Zodiac Signs There are twelve signs of the zodiac. has its own unique symbols. and expressions. Now we are going to expand on that. you will find a similar chart in the lower right corner.

prox. Only an accurate natal chart. a person born on June 21 might be a Gemini with the Sun at 29 degrees Gemini or a Cancer with the Sun at zero degrees Cancer because that is the day the Sun makes the transition from Gemini to Cancer. You will see in a later chapter how this one degree per day approximation can come in handy for "eyeballing" a chart. 00LI00. corresponds to the Fall Equinox. The Sun moves through the zodiac at a uniform speed. For all practical purposes (except for exact calculations) consider the Sun's movement as being one degree a day. counterclock­ wise to learn the sequential order of the zodiac signs. will tell for sure whether the person is a Gemini or a Cancer. of course. Life is a series of cycles that is mirrored in the cycles of the heavens. Since the zodiac has only 360 degrees and a calen­ dar year has 365 days. and it shows the rela­ tionships of the signs. The natural 7th house cusp. Sen­ ior years . If a birthdate falls on one of the dates on a house cusp in the natural wheel. using the time of day the birth occurred. The chart shows that the Sun sign between those dates is Libra. The same sort of thing is true for the days on all the other natural house cusps. Remember our discussion of cycles in chapter 1. which is the first day of summer (approx. September 23).summer. June 21). Suppose the birthdate is October 18.spring. Youth .autumn. in turn. The natural 10th house cusp. 00CN00. which is the first day of winter (ap­ prox. Reading the natural wheel counterclockwise. Thus the person's Sun sign is Libra. The natural 4th house cusp. 30 de­ grees later you encounter the second house cusp at zero degrees and zero minutes of Taurus (written 00TA00).241 Astrology for Beginners The Language of Astrology / 25 Printed Glyph Y W Handwritten Glyph Abbreviation T a Zodiac Sign Name Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces © Q Itp m. Birth . the Sun must progress approxi­ mately 57 minutes per day through each sign sequen­ tially. A glance at the natural wheel in figure 2 shows that Octo­ ber 18 falls between September 23 and October 23. which is the first day of spring (ap¬ . The Sun's movement is approximately three sec­ onds less than one degree every 24 hours. For example. you would need to erect a natal chart in order to know the person's Sun sign. Figure 2 is the natural wheel. which is the first day of autumn (approx. A person born on the day the Sun changes signs is . The cusp of the 1st house is zero de­ grees and zero minutes of Aries (written 00AR00). is the natural start of the four seasons. corresponds to the Winter Solstice. Notice how a life cycle corresponds to the zodiac cy­ cle. Adult . 00CP0O. You can continue to read each cusp. You can determine a person's Sun sign very quickly at a glance in figure 2. This is the beginning of the natural wheel. December 21). and it corresponds to the Spring Equinox. Try / f5 X AR TA GE CN LE VI LI SC SA CP AQ PI Each sign occupies 30 degrees of the horoscope wheel. Spring.winter. corresponds to the Summer Solstice. March 21).

most astrologers use only degrees and minutes with no significant loss of accuracy. The glyphs and abbreviations for the planets are shown in the following chart. For natal charts. Look at figure 1 for this example. This is be­ cause the Sun and Moon act like planets in terms of their effects on the earth and its inhabitants. my ascendant (also called rising sign) was 27Q33. So from this point on. • a O 3 Figure 2 The Natural Wheel . the Sun and Moon are luminaries. However. half of 60). So my ascendant is halfway between 27 degrees and 28 degrees of Leo. I have also included a col­ umn to show how I handwrite the glyphs. Seconds All house cusps and all planet placements in a natal chart are made according to exactly where in a given zo­ diac sign they appeared at the moment of a person's birth. Technically. consider that there are 10 plan­ ets. If 3 Degrees. 33 minutes of Leo. The placements are designated by degrees. astrol­ ogy considers the Sun and Moon to be planets for pur­ poses of creating and analyzing natal charts." and that person is likely to have traits of both signs. we will not use sec­ onds. and fractions of degrees. One zodiac sign = 30 degrees One degree = 60 minutes One minute = 60 seconds For our purposes in this book.261 Astrology for Beginners The Language of Astrology / 27 said to be "born on the cusp. The Planets There are eight known planets currently used in as­ trology plus the Sun and the Moon. This reads 27 degrees. not planets. Thirtythree minutes is approximately a half degree (33 is approx. At the moment of my birth. Minutes. Minutes and seconds are fractions of degrees.

-they are in opposition. Probably the reason the Pluto symbol was changed is because the original symbol closely resembled the Mer­ cury symbol. In this book. Of course. say. this allow­ ance is called an orb. A great deal more is to come throughout this book. They do not have to be exactly the number of degrees apart listed in the chart. This relationship is very important when interpreting the meaning of a natal chart. For conjunction. It is fy. A similar chart is shown in figure 1 in the lower left ' corner. For example. And so forth. they must be within 8 degrees of being exactly at the same degree and sign.281 Astrology for Beginners The Language of Astrology / 29 Printed Glyph 0 9 cf % E Handwritten Glyph Abbreviation MO î> SU O ME VE MA JU SA T UR NE PL ? Planet Name Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Printed Handwritten Aspect Symbol Symbol Name cf d Degree Separation Nature 0 30 45 60 90 120 135 150 180 Major Minor Minor Major Major Major Minor Minor Major V L_ M L. Others have individual orbs for each individual planet. A n aspect is the relationship between two planets. plus or minus). I use 8 de­ grees for major aspects and 3 degrees for minor aspects. the stronger is its influence in the chart. When you read through various other astrology books you are quite likely to encounter the original sym­ bol for Pluto. more popular name for this same aspect is "inconjunct. In the above chart I have the name "quincunx. thereby causing confusion. Some astrologers say an orb of 8 degrees should be allowed for major aspects and 3 degrees for minor aspects. Either glyph is acceptable. but for now I just want to show you their symbols and tell you their names along with some basic facts about them. respectively. Others say 6 and 2. and in my personal practice." If two planets are. for planets to be in sextile. More of this later. And so forth. There is a plus-minus allowance." A n ­ other. the closer to exact that the aspect is. You are beginning to sec how much valuable in­ formation is in this one computerized natal chart. at the birth moment. There will be considerably more said later about aspects. they must be from 52 degrees to 68 degrees apart (8 degree orb. A few allow 10 degrees if the Sun or Moon is involved. but most astrologers now use the newer symbol shown in the above chart. expressed in degrees and minutes. * • A Q • QL A 0° 7\r a 0 Conjunction Semi-sextile Semi-square Sextile Square Trine Sesqui-square Quincunx Opposition In the above chart I have shown the modern glyph for Pluto. they are said to be in sextile with each other. If the planets are 180 de­ grees apart. . 60 degrees apart. The Aspects This is something we have not mentioned previ­ ously. The allowable orb is greatly debated among astrolo­ gers.

refers to the normal forward move­ ment of planets as seen from earth. depending on the planets involved and some other factors. More later on this. The Sun and Moon never go retrograde. I know the language of astrology can seem confusing because it is foreign and it is hard to relate to at this point. present. This will be dis­ cussed in some detail in the chapter on aspects. I gener­ ally do not even take minor aspects into account when do­ ing a natal interpretation unless there are so few major as­ pects that I must turn to the minor ones in order to get any­ thing at all. symbol­ ized by the letter R. Or you may wish to purchase one. The planets do not actually back . Please bear with me. you can do next to nothing of any importance. Ephemeris This is the single most important item you absolutely must have in order to practice astrology. Back to the ephemeris. So don't give up. sextile. As I became more and more ex­ perienced and started doing astrological work profession­ ally. expanding their scope of meaning and usage until you be­ come an accomplished amateur astrologer. The aspects add an element of harmony or dishar­ mony—ease or difficulty—smoothness or frustration—to the horoscope. even as a begin­ ner. Figure 3 is a simulated ephemeris page that shows where every planet was on every day in July 1929. and I did not want to make you any more confused than you may al­ ready be. and this time is very significant in doing interpretations. I purchased my own books and now have quite a nice astrology reference center in my home library. Before you are finished with this book. But believe me. I have two: One that covers the years 1900 to 1950 and one that covers the years 1950 to 2000. However. The difficult aspects are the square. we will have used all of the terms in this chapter many times over. I'll soon be looking to purchase one that goes beyond 2000. in general. If the as­ trology bug bites you. Direct. Ask the librarian for assis­ tance in finding it. In this book. refers to the movement of planets that seem to be backing up as seen from earth. however. depending on the aspect. For now. you will only need figure 3 in order to follow the examples that will be given later. it would be much more confusing if I were to surge ahead into chart con­ struction and interpretation without explaining the lan­ guage first. and semi-sextile. A typical ephemeris page gives more information than I have shown in figure 3. The conjunction can be either har­ monious or not. An ephemeris is a book.1 practi­ cally lived at the library using their ephemeris and other astrology reference books. In the beginning when I was first learning astrology in early 1974.301 Astrology for Beginners The Language of Astrology / 31 I listed all the aspects in the above chart so you would know what they arc. or sometimes a series of books. and future. semi-square. All the other planets do go ret­ rograde from time to time. Later in this book I will show you how to read and use this page. Retrograde. in this book we will be con­ cerned only with major aspects for the most part. you will probably do the same thing. op­ position. that contains charts that show where every planet was. O F will be for every day past. is. Without an ephemeris. symbol­ ized by the letter D. Retrograde and Direct Motion These are terms that refer to the direction of plane­ tary movement with relation to the earth. I deliberately did not in­ clude the additional information because I consider it be­ yond the scope of beginner information. You can probably check an ephemeris out of the library. the harmonious aspects are the trine.

i/l i^i 7.. s s s s a a 2 s 2 g s a 8SRR537 R -.r. At that moment in relation to Toledo.9S K 9 9 9 9 9 9 0-0>0>9>0>0>0> O* * 7 < ^ £ J < ^ ^ C> < J J C ^ t ^ r .r~ r-. Re­ fer to your symbol chart in order to find these columns. 5 S ^ R J? K $ S 3 8 f. •< i¬ oo o M co oooooooooooooo o o t. In figure 3 find the Saturn and Uranus columns. For Uranus. the R appears at the top of the column. s £ S R ? S y. w > o 7. So Uranus was in direct motion until July 18 when it turned retrograde. o *. S S 5 R58$S!:s a»SR. ot o RRRRRR RRRRRRR RRRRRRR RRRR888 8888 . the ascendant is the sign and de­ gree of that sign that is rising on the eastern horizon at the birth moment in relation to the point on the earth where the birth takes place. look at figure 1. Ohio. Ascendant Abbreviated ASC. o O 7. 27LE33 (27 degrees and 33 minutes of Leo) was ris­ ing on the eastern horizon. the R does not appear until July 18 (read across to the left to find the date). But they appear from earth to back up due to their orbit in space. Ohio. 23 TA 0127 23 59 28 24 58 29 25 56 29 26 56 00 27 55 00 28 55 01 29 56 02 CO CE 56 02 01 57 03 02 58 03 03 59 04 05 01 05 06 03 05 07 05 06 08 08 07 09 10 07 10 14 08 11 17 08 12 20 09 13 24 10 14 28 10 15 32 11 16 37 11 17 41 12 18 46 13 19 5 1 13 20 56 14 22 02 14 23 07 15 24 13 16 o L£ 58 }4 09 45 VI 21 57 33 10 46 22 58 54 II 47 24 00 37 13 50 26 03 40 17 54 30 07 44 21 59 36 13 u o o 3 3 3 3 3 8 S S S S S S S S S B S B S S 88 8 888 8 S S S S up.U.* • / >t r > XK£ . The as­ cendant is always the cusp of the first house and rules that house. The ascendant is also called the rising sign. 5? ^ 5 ^ R » « 3 S S R Si 5 3 o s s s s s a a s a a a a s a a a a a a a a a s a a s a aaaa S ! s ? R S PI a 5 K = a s 5S = a s « E s 8 5 3. and it is one of the most powerful points in a natal chart. Midheaven Abbreviated M C (for Medium Coeli or Meridian). which indicates that Saturn was already in retrograde mo­ tion when the month of July 1929 started. Saturn contin­ ues to stay retrograde during the entire month and be­ yond because no D appears to indicate a change back to direct motion. It then stayed retrograde the remainder of the month and be­ yond. : £ i » a fisas ss = = K R S R S S S S t 3 . H £ H U. For Saturn.r-r^r^ro oc M o 0 w5w E Do K ct U K K < Q 08 CN 40 09 37 10 34 11 32 12 29 13 26 14 23 15 21 16 18 17 15 18 12 19 10 20 07 21 04 22 01 22 58 23 56 24 53 25 50 26 47 27 45 28 42 29 39 CO LE 36 01 34 02 31 03 28 04 26 05 23 36 20 07 18 2 18 AR 57 02 TA 34 16 37 01 CE 05 15 55 01 CN 03 16 18 01 LE 30 16 29 01 VI 06 15 16 28 56 12 U 08 24 55 07 SC 21 19 31 01 SA 29 13 21 25 I I 07 CP 00 18 53 00 AO 50 12 53 25 04 07 PI 23 19 52 02 AR 33 15 27 28 39 12 TA 10 26 03 17 CE 31 18 19 19 I I 20 28 21 08 22 14 23 23 24 37 25 54 27 16 28 42 CO CN 12 01 45 03 23 05 03 06 48 08 36 10 27 12 20 14 17 16 16 15 16 20 19 22 23 24 28 26 34 28 4 1 00 IE 48 02 54 05 00 07 06 .1929 at 9 am EST in Toledo. r.— 8 . a a ~ I ^ S S = S 3 5 K aRSSSSR 8 S S) 2 S 2 B 8 S R « K ! ? 3 .32 / Astrology for Beginners The Language of Astrology / 33 SSKXXRI 8S38SS2 g : . In the center of the chart it tells you that I was born on July 4. f i as a a a a a a a a a ? i a a ? . Scan down these columns and you will see each one has an R in it.r. For an example. « ^ R S Z S < 0 * < in 8 2 < 2 8 3?.^ h l i w w3h!tr-li. that would be impossible.«n t/> T K £ ».r~r-»r-r~r-r-r.

If you look at the natural wheel in figure 2. fruitful signs. This is the symbol for the north node of the Moon. recall that the horoscope . that is part of the reason each one of us is different in some way. detached signs. In the lower left near the chart wheel there is a small chart that has the elements FIRE. In figure 1. "down to earth. sensitive. like this &. I put this Into perspective. 1929 in Toledo. and water. lucky signs. Air has 0 03.3't I Astrology for Beginners The Language of Astrology / 35 the inidheaven is the highest point (directly overhead) in the zodiac at the moment of birth with relation to the point on the earth where the birth takes place. Fire signs are happy. E A R T H . and rut h< it I he zodiac signs falls into one of these elements. North and South Nodes of the Moon In figure 1 you will find a symbol that looks like this Q at the top of the chart near the MC. Earth signs are melancholy. you will see that Scorpio is ex­ actly opposite Taurus. in­ tuitive. The Water Signs are emotional. 20TA59 was directly overhead and was the highest point in the zodiac. The midheaven is also one of the most powerful points in a natal chart. The nodes are used in analyzing a natal chart. thinkers. Fire Aries • Leo Sagittarius Earth Taurus Virgo Capricorn Air Gemini Libra Aquarius Water Cancer Scorpio Pisces The Fire Signs are enthusiastic. optimistic. feeling. Look again at figure 1. One of the influences that helps to make each of us a little different from others is the mix of elements in our birth charts. embracing all the elements of life. W A T E R listed vertically. The reason natal charts usually do not show the south node is because the south node is al­ ways exactly opposite the north node. energetic. AIR. you automatically know the south node is op­ posite (180 degrees away) at 18SC30R. Earth has O i l . Air signs are mentally aloof. Whether they are major or minor influences is debatable. but its symbol is an upside down version of the north node. Refer now to figure 1 on page 9. while one with most planets in water signs is likely to be quite emotional or intuitive. For example. This shows that I have three I he four elements are fire. Water signs are moody. cautious signs. Notice also that the nodes are always retrograde. All signs do not carry equal weight in each horo­ scope. since the north node is shown at 18TA30R. The following chart shows which zodiac signs be­ long to which element. The nodes are imaginary points in space related to geomagnetic fields based on the Moon's location at the birth moment. The M C is always the cusp of the tenth house and rules that house. Water has 200. a chart that has most of the plan­ ets in earth signs will bring a strong element of practicality to that person. / It'lllt'lltH chart is a representation of a total life. earth. I • uii'ililer them to be minor. The Earth Signs are practical. air. Across from each element are numbers. At 9AM on July 4. mental. The Air Signs are intellectual." realis­ tic. bringing the influence of that sign into the life of the person whose horoscope is represented in the horoscope chart. Every zodiac sign appears in every horo­ scope. The south node is not shown in figure 1. Ohio. Fire has 1 1 1 .

We will discuss this in the very next section. Transits Transits are the positions of the planets at the present moment. two in fixed signs. but I am going to stop at this point. In my judgement. FIX for fixed. change. If you wanted to hire some­ one to get a new project started. Hire these people to be your salesper­ sons. They are not content with the status quo. Triplicity Each zodiac sign is associated with one of these three (triplicity) human qualities—Cardinal. FIX and MUT. They initiate things. squares. and two planets in water signs. but it is impossible to not get into it in bits and pieces while we discuss the language of astrology because language has meaning built into it. etc. making me enthusiastic. They don't like much . two planets in earth signs. If you want to hire someone to finish the project once it is started. Transits trigger the na­ tal chart into action or they attract minor (usually) events into our lives. Fixed people are stable. get things off dead center. Status quo suits them fine.) between the transits and the natal positions. There will be more later on interpre­ tation. You can now understand what the label­ ing across the top of the chart means: C A R D for cardinal. Mutable people are versatile. Mutable. sextiles. They adapt quickly to any situation. not as they were at birth.36 / Astrology for Beginners The Language of Astrology / 37 planets in fire signs. and MUT for mutable. . To ascertain when an experience is likely to occur you compare the transit positions to the natal posi­ tions to see if there are any aspects (conjunctions. This same little chart has three columns across the top labeled C A R D . we are now treading that fine line between what a begin­ ner needs to know and what will just add confusion. Study the chart for a few moments and you can see that I have three planets in cardinal signs. They cannot stand status quo. you would do well to hire someone with a lot of cardinal influence in their chart. They move around. etc. progress. They will stick to things and get them done. and five in mutable signs. energetic. We will discuss this in more detail later. results. A fair balance. I am a little "down to earth" but only enough to keep my enthu­ siasm from getting out of hand. The cardi­ nal and mutable influences are the strongest. I am slightly stronger in mental pursuits (three air signs) and in drive and enthusi­ asm (three fire signs). Fixed. These people like plenty of change. adaptable. They want movement. oppositions. changeable. three plan­ ets in air signs. Look at the same chart in figure 1 that you looked at for the elements. Cardinal people are action people. You can see from this discussion of the triplicity and the elements that we are already getting into interpreta­ tion to a small degree. you should hire some­ one with strong fixed influence in their chart. There are more astrological terms than discussed here. This is a reasonably good balance. It means my personality and be­ havior are not skewed strongly in one direction at the sac­ rifice of other characteristics. These are the people mixers and salesper­ sons. trines.

The mini-profiles that follow are certainly not all in­ clusive. the beginner. mid-heaven. This will give you. analyze charts at the "big picture" level. de­ grees. But it all starts with the Sun sign profile. There are a number of excellent books that deal only with Sun signs in great depth. In part four of this book.4 Sun Sign Mini-Profiles The cornerstone of astrology interpretation is the Sun sign profile of each of the twelve zodiac signs. Having some knowledge of all Sun signs is necessary. I recommend several of these books for your further reading if you are inclined to pursue astrology more seriously. whether you are analyzing a chart or simply trying to un­ derstand yourself or others better. and have a good time. but they do cover salient points and provide you with a working knowledge of each sign. houses. 39 . There are a great number of other factors that are important also such as planet placements. allowing 20 to 30 pages per Sun sign. ascendant. aspects. etc. sufficient information to talk knowledgeably.

TAURUS Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus. impulsive. selfish. perhaps even strife. Aries have great will power and confidence in them­ selves. al­ though usually quite stubborn. being a leader. or when any planet is in Aries. They have a basic pioneer nature. Some of the typical interests of Aries are: themselves. my ninth house affairs and the action of Uranus in the 8th house are influenced to some degree by Aries. nice clothing. often to the point of ignor­ ing the rights and feelings of others. the planet of beauty and grace. you will have be­ gun to understand Aries. MARS. among them Thomas Jefferson and John Tyler.40 j Astrology for Beginners Sun Sign Mini-Profiles / 41 ARIES Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. and give none. and the ruling planet. . the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by influences such as: impulsive events.S. this will start to make more sense. Qualities: Cardinal-Fire Key Phrase: I AM! Key Word: Action Virtue: Courage Defect: Arrogance Rulership: Ruling Planet: Natural ruler of the 1st house Mars When Aries is on any house cusp. challenges of any sort. enthusiastic. wealth. For now. the planet of action. They are natural leaders. and force­ ful. . People born under the sign of Aries are action-oriented and competitive. Aries never admit defeat. action. quarrelsome. The other salient features will quickly become part of your memory bank as you con­ tinue to work with astrology. They strive to be first in everything. if you just remember the Key Word. They pursue with great zest everything that will satisfy their desires . born under the sign of Aries. Tauruses like the good things in life and usually focus their energies on acquiring material possessions and money. aggressive. Aries are the pioneers of the zodiac. So in my horoscope chart. They will keep on fighting and striving until they either succeed or death overtakes them. They like to start things for others to finish because they become bored and want to move on to some new challenge. They ask no quarter. starting things for others to finish. this can be pleasure. At this point. After you have read the chapters on the houses and planets and chart interpretation. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Aries is on my 9th house cusp and the planet Uranus is in Aries in the 8th house. comfort. Presidents. They also tend to be warlike. Aries tend to be: dynamic. easily bored. enthusiasm. Tauruses appreciate beautiful things whether it be nrt. energy. We have had several U. and the ruling planet is Mars. If they can learn to temper their aggressiveness with diplomacy and tact they can accomplish much. A C T I O N . If they can learn to love and respect others and to act with wisdom there is vitually no limit to their accom­ plishments. . just be aware that the zodiac signs influence the houses and planets involved with them. Tauruses are very stable people and are reliable. music.

to begin under­ standing Taurus. slow but steady progress. We have had several U. Geminis are probably the most intelligent people of the zodiac. versatile. being a know-it-all. witty. possessive attitudes. They are great planners. posses­ sions of all sorts. Therefore. They have quick minds and are curious about virtually everything. Mostly they prefer in­ tellectual activities such as philosophy. Presidents. just remember the Key Word. the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by Taurus influences such as: profit. and the ruling planet. my tenth house affairs and the action of Venus are influenced to some degree by Taurus. greed. writ­ ing. Geminis tend to be: fickle. reading. POSSES­ SIONS. Some of the interests of Taurus are: comfort.S. This is an especially strong influence in my chart as you will see after you read further in the book and get into interpretations. talking. steadiness and endurance. determination. Qualities: Fixed-Earth Key Phrase: 1 HAVE! Key Word: Possessions Virtue: Reliability Defect: Stubbornness Rulership: Natural ruler of the 2nd house Ruling Planet: Venus house. They tend to not be too aware of themselves or their motives. For now. or thinking up things for others to do. The only problem is that they rarely have any self discipline. travel. writing. practicality. but dynamic when aroused. They are somewhat slow. Geminis are the most happy when they are involved in many pursuits at the same time. laziness. superficial. Geminis need to strive to acquire calmness because they are in danger of "burnout" of their nervous system since they are always stressing their nervous system so much. or when any planet is in Taurus. V E N U S . usually to the extreme. Some Gemini interests are: communication of all sorts. Tauruses are the accumulators and builders of the zodiac.421 Astrology for Beginners Sun Sign Mini-Profiles / 43 Some of the characteristics of Taurus are: material­ ism. often burdening themselves with their friends' problems. slow to change. So in my horoscope chart. and master of none. intelligent. talking. inquisi­ tive. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Taurus is on my 10th house cusp and the planet Venus is in Taurus in that . among them Harry S. When Taurus is on any house cusp. They are the "Jack of all trades. They also are very jealous people. Grant. and then they will work hard to make those plans materialize. they lack the staying power to finish what they start. but always finish what they start. Truman and Ulysses S. learning. GEMINI Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury. These people are usually fiercely loyal to their friends. patience. born under the sign of Taurus. the planet of mentality and communi­ cation." If a Gemini acquires self discipline there is nothing he/she cannot achieve.

tenacious. they can be very cruel enemies. or when any planet is in Gemini. They are masters of the art of passive resistence. love of country.S. < These are very powerful influences in my chart. President. These people are usually shy. Cancer is the most sensitive sign and is the strongest of the water signs. Cancers are the Qualities: Key Phrase: Key Word: Virtue: Defect: Rulership: Ruling Planet: homemakers of the zodiac. and the ruling planet. However. This will become even clearer to you as you read the rest of the book. They are also the nonconformists of the zodiac. Moon and Mercury in Gemini in my tenth house. M E R C U R Y . travel. security. Presidents. CANCER Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the Moon. Cancers are easily hurt by the slights of others. etc. much mental effort expended. emotional. and react more from intuition or emotion than from reason. Home and family life are of the utmost importance to Cancers. moody. they be­ come immovable. Ken­ nedy. V A R I E T Y .) involved. born under the sign of Cancer. there­ fore they never receive the necessary understanding from others. Cancers tend to be: moody. For now. and you will have be­ gun to understand Gemini. among them Calvin Coolidge and Gerald Ford. Some Cancer interests arc: home. We have had several U.441 Astrology for Beginners Sun Sign Mini-Profiles / 45 We have had only one U. the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by influences such as: much communica­ tion (writing. but if forced. John F. diversified interests. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Gemini is on my eleventh house cusp and that I have the three planets Jupi­ ter. sometimes appearing extremely strong and at other times to be as vulnerable as a child. it is easy to see why I afn a professional writer. speaking. even timid. born under the sign of Gemini. domestically and family oriented. With all those planets in my mid-heaven in Gemini. Very few people ever really understand Cancers. and they will do whatever is necessary to estab­ lish and protect their domestic security. just remember the Key Word. Cancers are very loving people. sensitive. Qualities: Key Phrase: Key Word: Virtue: Defect: Rulership: Ruling Planet: Mutable-Air I THINK! Variety Alertness Shallowness Natural ruler of the 3rd house Mercury When Gemini is on any house cusp. These are very complex people.S. They can be directed through kindness. Geminis are the salesmen and communicators of the zodiac. they never stop loving. Cardinal-Water I FEEL! Tenacity Caring Combative Natural ruler of the 4th house Moon . Once a love is begun.

Presidents. Leo's are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. fun. or when any planet is in Cancer. the affairs of that house or planet will be affected by Leo influences such as: enjoyment. romance. Virgos are practical nnd efficient. remember the Key Word. need to deal with and be recognized by the general public. We have had several U. often some association with food. the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by Cancer influences such as: mood changes. tempermental." Qualities: Fixed-Fire Key Phrase: I WILL! Key Word: Power Virtue: Magnanimous or Noble Defect: Ostentatious or show-offs Rulership: Natural ruler of the 5th house Ruling Planet: Sun When Leo is on any house cusp. among them Herbert Hoover and Benjamin Harrison. tempermental reactions. faith. kinglike rulership. They like to be in charge. Woe be unto anyone who hurts a Leo's child! Leos tend to be: romantic. Virgos are very detail conscious and do well in any line of work that requires exactness. Virgos constantly search for knowledge. children (especially theirs). and the ruling planet. They are over-confident. extreme sensitivity. to begin to understand the Sun sign LEO. We will explore how this blends in with my overall horoscope interpretation later on in the book. . These are noble and generous people. idealistic. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Leo rules my ascendant (first house) and that the planet Neptune is in Leo in the first house. For now. Leos are courageous and loyal. ego­ tistical. and the ruling planet. For now.S. This is a powerful influence in my life as you shall discover later on in the book. events concerning children. "mothering" attitude.46 / Astrology for Beginners Sun Sign Mini-Profiles / 47 When Cancer is on any house cusp. affectionate. opti­ mistic. flamboyancy. remember the Key Word. although they often possess oversized egos. VIRGO Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury. LEO Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the Sun. born under the sign of Leo. domineering. blunt. achieve­ ment. S U N . optimism. or when any planet is in Leo. These characteristics often cause them to lose friends. Some Leo interests are: sports and games. M O O N . and outspoken. ambitious. generous. much intuition or psychic in­ sight. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Cancer is on my twelfth house cusp and that the Sun and Pluto are in Can­ cer in my eleventh house. POWER. T E N A C I T Y . pomp. enthusiastic. loyal. They are also the "ones in charge. Leos are the entertainers (sometimes clowns) of the zodiac. to begin to understand the Sun sign Cancer. being in the spotlight.

They rarely express anger. Libras tend to be: romantic. especially concerning mi­ nor matters.or subsides quickly. seeking perfection. Libras are rarely lazy. companionship. they want and need compan­ ionship. Probably more Virgos remain unmarried than any of the other signs because they have difficulty in finding anyone who measures up to their high standards. However. fickle. even judgemental of others. and also de­ mand that their partners work just as hard. perfection.481 Astrology for Beginners Sun Sign Mini-Profiles / 49 The single greatest defect of Virgo is that they are very critical of others . industrious. but when they do it is usually a "storm. . This is a strong influence in my chart. beauty. somewhat materialistic. seeking flaws. Some of the Libra interests are: partnerships. Virgos tend to be: critical. Some Virgo interests are: fault finding. We have had several U. health. They make good counselors and judges because they can clearly see both sides of an issue. mental. dependent. however." Their any. and cautious. Thus marriage is very important to them. efficiency. work. . justice. work. They have a strong sense of justice and fair play. craftsmanship. coop­ erative. Also. For instance. analysis. Taf t and Lyndon B. extravagant. the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by Virgo influences such as: much dis- crimination. Virgos are the craftsman of the zodiac. helping to im­ prove others. or when any planet is in Virgo. it may take a Libra hours just to pick out a blouse or shirt when there is a selection to choose from. details.S. and they do not hold grudges. this ability to see an issue from all sides frequently gives them a problem in making decisions. caution. Presidents born under the sign of Virgo. Qualities: Mutable-Earth Key Phrase: I ANALYZE! Key Word: Service Virtue: Thoroughness Defect: Pettiness or Fussiness Rulership: Natural ruler of the 6th house Ruling Planet: Mercury When Virgo is on any house cusp. they then usually have very good health and be of great benefit to humanity. If they learn to discipline their minds to think constructive thoughts. neat. and you will see how as you progress through the book. Libras are rarely loners. details. . Johnson. Anger frequently leaves them feeling ill. peace. social life. . the planet of beauty and grace. They work hard. among them William H . Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Virgo is on the cusp of my 2nd house and that the planet Mars is in Virgo in my 1st house. they prefer an occupation that brings them in partnership with others or at least brings them in close contact with others. methodical. Virgos often go into some branch of the medical profession. gracious. practical. Sometimes they become so immersed in detail that they lose sight of the big picture. reliable. LIBRA Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus. If they overcome this negative trait they can attain the high­ est of spiritual achievement in life. They also tend to worry a lot which can adversely affect their health. Remember for now that the Key Word is S E R V I C E and the ruling planet is M E R C U R Y .

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We have had several U.S. Presidents, among them Dwight D. Eisenhower and James E . Carter, born under the sign of Libra. Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. Qualities: Cardinal-Air Key Phrase: 1 BALANCE! Key Word: Harmony Virtue: Fairness Defect: Indecisiveness Rulership: Natural ruler of the 7th house Ruling Planet: Venus There are two correct ways to pronounce Libra: leebra or lie-bra. The "lee-bra" pronunciation is the one most often used by most people. However, the "lie-bra" pro­ nunciation is the one most often used by professional as­ trologers and well informed amateur astrologers. So if you want to sound like a well informed astrologer, say "lie-bra/; When Libra is on any house cusp, or when any planet is in Libra, the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by Libra influences such as: partnerships, joint enterprises, refined harmony, balance, fairness, beauty, , sometimes idealistic or romantic to the extreme. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Libra is on the cusp of my third house. I have no planets in Libra. The in­ fluence of Libra in my chart is subtle and hardly even no­ ticed. I'll point out the influence in the chapter on inter­ preting the natal chart. To start understanding Libra, remember the Key Word, H A R M O N Y , and the ruling planet, VENUS. SCORPIO Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Pluto. This is an extremely strong sign; no sign is so potent for good or for evil as is Scorpio.

Scorpios have strong will power and an intense emo­ tional drive. Their sex drive and their interest is sex is usu­ ally very strong. Scorpios are not "half-way" people; whatever they do, they do it with intensity and complete­ ness. They have no fear of death. Because of their strong emotional drive, they need to keep their integrity high else they fall into undesireable behavior such as violence, jealousy, hatred, or possessiveness. These people often become workaholics. They drive themselves hard, and usually drive others unmercifully. They despise weakness in self or others. Often they will help others, but then they expect the one who was helped to start helping themselves. They will give a helping hand, but not for long. Scorpios are secretive people. They also are ruthless enemies or competitors. Scorpios tend to be: vindictive, sarcastic, heroic, forceful, cynical, secretive, determined, suspicious. Some Scorpio interests are: sex, unraveling myster­ ies, money of others, being the unseen power. There have been more U.S. Presidents born under the sign Scorpio than under any other sign. Two of these were Theodore Roosevelt and John Adams. Scorpios are the Qualities: Key Phrase: Key Word: Virtue: Defect: Rulership: Ruling Planet: detectives of the zodiac. Fixed-Water I DESIRE! Resourcefulness Intense dedication Vindictiveness Natural ruler of the 8th house Pluto

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When Scorpio is on any house cusp, or when any planet is in Scorpio, the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by Scorpio influences such as: secrecy, co­ ercion, deep emotion and desires, jealousy, fighting to the death, possessiveness, forced changes, sometimes a fatal­ istic attitude, sometimes an area where meanness pre­ vails. Refer to figure 1 and you can see thatScorpio is on the cusp of my 4th house. I do not have any planets in Scorpio. The subtle influence of Scorpio in my horoscope chart will be better understood when you get to the chapter on inter­ pretation. Remember the Key Word is R E S O U R C E F U L N E S S and the ruling planet is PLUTO. SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansiveness and good fortune. Sagittarians are honest and freedom loving. No mat­ ter how difficult a situation becomes, there always seems to be help for the Sagittarian because they seem to always be under some sort of protective shield. These are generally spiritual people, but they some­ times become narrow minded if they are associated with a social or religious group that has limited vision. These people call the shots as they see them without any embellishment; therefore, they are often considered to be blunt or lacking in tact. Women Sagittarians make charming companions, but usually dislike domestic tasks and are generally quite independent.

These are idealistic people. They must learn wisdom and balance or else they can become fanatics and follow blindly some narrow dogma. Peple born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to be: optimistic, friendly, argumentative, generally easy-going. Some Sagittarius interests are: religion, philosophy, traveling (especially foreign), horses, law, books, publish­ ing, giving advice. We have had several U.S. Presidents, among them Zachary Taylor and Martin VanBuren, born under the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarians are the philosophers of the zodiac. Qualities: Mutable-Fire Key Phrase: I SEE! Key Word: Freedom Virtue: Hopefulness Defect: Non-discriminating Rulership: Natural ruler of the 9th house Ruling Planet: Jupiter When Sagittarius is on any house cusp, or when any planet is in Sagittarius, the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by Saggittarian influences such as: good fortune, abundance, optimism, lack of discrimina­ tion, where hunches play a significant role, foreign people or things, helping others to find themselves, philosophy, humor. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Sagittarius is on my 5th house cusp and that the planet Saturn is in Sagitta­ rius in my 4th house. This plays a significant role in my horoscope chart as you will see later. Remember that the Key Word is F R E E D O M and the ruling planet is JUPITER.


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CAPRICORN Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Many astrologers consider this to be the strongest sign of the zodiac. These people are frugal, hard working, and dedicated to achieving their goals. If they maintain integrity, they can achieve the highest of ac­ complishments. If they lack integrity, they may also achieve the highest accomplishments, but they will as­ suredly have the greatest of falls. A recent example of this is Richard Nixon, a Capricorn, who became president and was forced from office because of his lack of integrity. This is because the ruling planet, Saturn, always gives perfect justice . . . what you sow, you will reap. Sow good seed, and you reap good results. Sow bad seed, and you reap undesireablc results. These are practical people. They will let nothing stand in their way. They are undefeatable enemies and loyal friends. They are neat and methodical. They also are frequently "slave drivers." They do not function well for long in subordinate po­ sitions. They need to be in charge, even if it is in a small , way. Capricorns, as a rule, live to a ripe old age. They are old when they are young, and young when they are old. Capricorns tend to be: serious, frugal, ambitious, re­ alistic, cautious, responsible, worriers, hard working. Some Capricorn interests arc: business, material suc­ cess, being in charge. We have had several U.S. Presidents, among them Andrew Johnson and Woodrow Wilson, born under the sign of Capricorn. Capricorns arc the organizers of the zodiac. Qualities: Cardinal-Earth Key Phrase: I USE!

Key Word: Virtue: Defect: Rulership: Ruling Planet:

Ambition Respectfulness Condescending Natural ruler of the 10th house Saturn

When Capricorn is on any house cusp, or when any planet is in Capricorn, the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by Capricornian influences such as: self-discipline, ambition, coldness, serious attitude, desire for status, frugality, in some cases cheapness, public ambilions, hard work, responsibility. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Capricorn is on the cusp of my fifth house. I have no planets in Capricorn. This is a subtle influence in my chart. Remember the Key Word is AMBITION and the rul­ ing planet is S A T U R N . AQUARIUS Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Uranus. This is the sign of brotherhood and friendship. They are loyal friends. These are tireless workers, and prefer to work in some endeavor that has humanitarian benefits. They have great desire for material gain, but are not greedy. They are willing to work for what they want, and do not demand more than their fair share. Because they take their work se­ riously, they are usually a bundle of nerves inside; this can make them get ill frequently. However, to outward ap­ pearances, they seem to be calm. With Aquarians, what you see is what you get. . . t hey do not put on facades or affectations. They have great dislike for hypocricy.

they alternate in much of their behavior from one ex­ treme to the other. truth. astrology. just thinking.S. Presidents. These people rarely participate in sports or strenu­ ous activity. Pisceans are the martyrs of the zodiac. they have a martyr com­ plex. much originality and inventiveness. We have had several U. compassionate.planet will be affected by Aquarian influences such as: need for freedom and independence. change­ able.561 Astrology for Beginners Sun Sign Mini-Profiles / 57 These are determined. or when any planet is in Aquarius. Qualities: Mutable-Water Key Phrase: I BELIEVE Key Word: Compassion Virtue: Charitableness Defect: Easily influenced Rulership: Natural ruler of the 12th house Ruling Planet: Neptune . They are unable to make up their own minds. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Aquarius is on my 7th house cusp and that I have no planets in Aquarius. among them George Washington and Andrew Jackson. They will suffer rather than fight for their rights. impressionable. They have overactive imaginations. They always want to do the right things. Aquarians are the reformers of the zodiac. medicine. humanitarian ideals. drugs. sudden changes and events. psychic. but usually have little will power. born under the sign of Pisces. unconventional be­ havior or attitudes. and often argumentive people. re­ bellious. Presidents. de­ pendent. artistic talents displayed. This influence is very minor in my chart. friends. PISCES Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Neptune. expensive tastes. rather than buckle down to a responsibility. Generally. We have had several U. They are not combative. careless. politics. born under the sign of Aquarius. pets. Roosevelt. among them Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. naive. Some interests of Pisces are: hospitals. They can be so stubborn that no one can reason with Ihem. Pisces are blind to any faults in anyone they love.S. this is very annoying to anyone who has to live or work with them. impersonal. Pisces tend to be: sensitive. friends. they seem to be tuned in to some dream world. stubborn. Qualities: Fixed-Air Key Phrase: I KNOW! Key Word: Independence Virtue: Friendliness Defect: Eccentricity Rulership: Natural ruler of the 11 th house Ruling Planet: Uranus When Aquarius is on any house cusp. the affairs of that house or that . serving others. broadminded. independent. In fact. Some Aquarian interests are: helping others. day-dreaming. They also like to drift. use of scien­ tific and electrical methods. They have the ability to stir up much dislike toward themselves. These are very sensitive people who are responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others. They alternate between pessimism and optimism. dogmatic. Remember the Key Word is I N D E P E N D E N C E and the ruling planet is URANUS. They often make ex­ cellent artists in all fields of art. these are not ambitious people. People born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be: tactless.

spine Virgo: intestines. N E P T U N E . secrets or secret activities. ovaries Scorpio: nose. blood circulation. activities be­ hind the scenes. bronchial tubes Cancer: stomach. Remember the Key Word. COMPASSION. the beginner should be aware that the various body parts are ruled by the zo­ diac signs. Refer to figure 1 and you can see that Pisces is on the cusp of my 8th house. but it should give you some appreciation of the vast scope of astrology. breasts Leo: heart. hands. activity concerned with drugs. and the ruling planet. I do not have any planets in Pisces. adenoids Sagittarius: hips. mystical experiences. lungs. sweat glands The preceding list is just the tip of the iceberg of a very specialized field in astrology.581 Astrology for Beginners Sun Sign Mini-Profiles / 59 When Pisces is on any house cusp. sex organs. The following listing delineates the parts of the body ruled by each sign. sciatic nerves Capricorn: skeletal structure. However. Medical astrology will not be dis­ cussed further in this book. fraud. throat. toes. thighs. lymph glands. It may also be helpful to know some of those key rulerships. The Piscean influence in my chart is subtle. This is just for your reference and to make you aware. brain Taurus: neck. institu­ tions. idealism at the expense of practi­ cality. face (except nose). arms. bladder. RULERSHIP OF T H E PHYSICAL BODY PARTS Medical astrology is a special field of astrology that requires considerable knowledge and ability that is far be­ yond the beginner stage. . or when any planet is in Pisces. electric­ ity of the body. bowels Libra: kidneys. eye retina Pisces: feet. skin Aquarius: legs and ankles. Aries: head. thyroid gland Gemini: shoulders. muscles. the affairs of that house or that planet will be affected by influences such as: subject to sympathy and understanding. sick people. thymus gland.

and houses) the bet­ ter you will be at reading and interpreting horoscope charts. the basic characteristics of each planet will be strong enough to be apparent in every horoscope chart. Only those characteristics unique to the person involved will apply. All of the characteristics of a given planet will not ap­ ply to every chart. and is influenced by. Of course. the action of lis respective sign and house. the action of each planet varies because its influence blends with. The better you understand the nature of the planets (and the signs.5 The Planets Each of the planets has its own unique basic charac­ teristics that it carries with it regardless of which house or In which sign it appears. aspects. 61 ." However. The aspects a planet makes with other planets are also a "modifiying influence. and the aspects it makes to other planets determine exactly which characteristics will npply. regardless of these influences. In this chapter we will explore the salient characterislics of each planet. The placement of the planet in the chart by house and sign.

You have probably noticed some people who seem to have little or no difficulty at all in achieving goals. Often the difference is that I he Sun (or other planets) in one chart are more strongly placed than in the other chart. and they can help to overcome a weak Sun. the Sun functions with more difficulty in Aquarius. A well placed Pluto could provide some will power. The remaining planets more often than not are able to compensate for some weakness. Others tieem to have great difficulty. SUN The Sun is the single most important planet in the na­ tal chart because it represents your ego and individuality. The point is that in any given chart there may be a planet or two that is weak. In general. Scorpio. would probably not have much charm. R E G A R D L E S S O F ITS P L A C E M E N T . For example. at the beginner stage. and where there are no major aspects to the Sun from any other planet. this chapter has sufficient information to allow you to begin to interpret charts and have a reasonably good amateur knowledge of astrology. It also rules the heart. will power. Libra. Capricorn. fairness. If you look at figure 1 you will see that my Sun is placed in the 11th house in Cancer. Virgo. leadership. A planet may have less power in some charts. A weak Sun in a chart makes it more difficult for a person to achieve goals. And in all cases: N O P L A N E T IS C O M P L E T E L Y POWER­ LESS IN A C H A R T . Kenerousity. a person with this Sun would not have much will power. sperm. confidence. and Sagittarius." It shows your ambitions and deepest character traits. In the other six signs (Taurus. honor.62 / Astrology for Beginners The Planets / 6 3 The descriptions in this chapter touch only on some of the key characteristics. Aries. Cancer. Some Solar characteristics are: ambition. among other . where you have the ability to "shine. progressing approximately one degree a day (53 sec­ onds a day is more exact). but it is never without some power. and genetic inheritance. And so forth. laziness. Let me digress briefly to discuss a weak Sun. strength. conceited ness. It represents your vitality. It spends approximately 30 days in each zodiac sign. The Sun never goes retrograde. The Sun rules Leo. and Pisces). This. obstenence. What I say here also applies to any planet that may be weakly placed in the horoscope. loyalty. spine. However. Some negative characteristics of the Sun are: jeal­ ousy. The Sun moves through all twelve zodiac signs each year. However. A strong Sun in a chart can overcome much weak­ ness or adversity elsewhere in the chart. Mars conjunct Venus in the 1st house could do wonders for providing some charm. One example of a weakly placed Sun would be: Sun in Libra and placed in whatever house in the chart is ruled by Aquarius. Some positive characteristics of the Sun are: dignity. desire for recognition. and Gemini. individuality. In general. there are nine other planets in the horo­ scope. Without regard to the rest of the horoscope chart. it seems to hit a happy medium be­ tween easy and difficult. arrogance. the Sun functions more powerfully in Leo. It represents. There are a great many combinations of planet as- pccts and placements that could help compensate for this weak Sun. by its house and sign placement. You will need to read books de­ voted more completely to planets in order to gain more complete knowledge.

The Moon shows. etc. and changeable. Taurus. ( The Moon's position in the chart also indicates how the public will react to the person. The Moon shows where your strong emotional attach­ ments are. and diges­ tion. and subconscious thoughts. visionary and positive psychic pow­ ers. 1 will delve into this sort of interpretation a little so you start to get the feel of astrology. and Pisces. the Moon (and Venus) place­ ment shows the type of woman he is drawn to. tendency to be clannish.) among other things. Libra. I write books in my home. In the other six signs (Aries.) Cancer. and Aquarius). Some positive characteristics of the Moon are: inspi­ ration. womb and impregnation. One of the 10th house matters is what . major interest in life. Basic Lunar types arc: emotional. the Moon (and Mars) for the type of man she is drawn to. and it has to do with dealing with the public at large and groups of people. insanity. memory. domestic. possessivencss. amourousness. instictive. The 11th house is a public house. writing. books that go out to the world at large. and Virgo. and where there will be a strong drive to achieve stability and secu­ rity. breasts. In a man's chart. (You will learn more about the 11th house in a later chapter. Gemini. creativity. among other things. MOON Next to the Sun. moodiness. among other things.f jeers. the Moon is the most personal of the planets and has great effect on a person. instincts. Sag­ ittarius. the Moon functions more powerfully in Cancer. has to do with the home and with psychic matters. In a wom­ an's chart. where a person's major interest in life is and what occurs in a per­ son's daily activities. The Moon rules Cancer. In general. says that my ability to "shine" will be in relation to 11th house and Cancer matters.64 / Astrology for Beginners The Planets / 65 things. It also rules nutrition. Refer to figure 1. Three of my published books to date deal with psychic matters. sensitive. magnetism. In general. domestic mat­ ters. it seems to hit a happy medium between easy and difficult. The Moon represents the mother. The Moon affects moods. Where the Moon is placed by sign and house indi­ cates where there is a strong. The Moon moves through all twelve zodiac signs iihout every 28 days. Scorpio. imagina­ tion. I also lecture to groups of people on these sub. Are you beginning to see what kinds of information can be gleaned from a natal chart? Are you beginning to see how to start interpreting planets in signs and houses? With the discussion of each planet. progressing about 12 to 15 degrees a day (the speed varies). It shows the everyday activities of life—how you get along with peo­ ple. My Moon is in Gemini in the 10th house. sub­ conscious mind. smothering love. Some negative characteristics of the Moon are: selfilestructive or negative psychic powers. stom­ ach. Then later on we will go deeper into interpre­ tation. flexibility. Now let's examine what I do for a living. the Moon functions with more difficulty In Capricorn. and it never goes retrograde. memory. dreaminess. body fluids. It spends about 2 1 / 2 days in each zodiac sign. The Moon's position in a natal chart also shows what area of life will have many fluctuations and changes. and home life. Leo. especially with women (regardless of your gender). Gemini rules communications (talking.

In figure 1 you can see that my Mercury is in Gemini In the 10th house. It also rules the nervous system. Mercury reflects our link of reason be­ tween the conscious and subconscious. too. depending on whether it is retrograde or in fast direct motion. In general. Libra. And 99% of my letters are from women. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. able pursue several activities simultaneously. As we think. about four times a year. Mercury goes retrograde for ap­ proximately three weeks each time. The public views me as an author.) My daily activity is writing. It all fits.661 Astrology for Beginners Thc Planets / 67 we do in life that is exposed to public view. eloquence. indecisiveness. hands. If Mercury is in close aspect with another planet. reflexes iind coordination. and nosy. Cancer. mental. When powerfully placed by sign. For example. instabillly. Mercury goes through all twelve zodiac signs in ap­ proximately one year. memory. Mercury in the chart de­ picts our thinking process. Mercury is sometimes the "morning star" and sometimes the "evening star. Mercury becomes an extremely powerful influ­ ence in the chart. never getting further away from the Sun than 28 degrees. I receive letters from my readers from all over the United States and from many other countries. Pisces. it becomes strongly influenced by that planet and becomes a channel through which the other planet expresses its power. Because of this. gullable. Mercurial types tend to be: adaptable. communicative. and Cap­ ricorn). Mercury's links (aspects) with other planets give fur­ ther description of our thought processes. and the conscious mind. brilliance. If Mercury is in a strong ad­ verse aspect with other planets. mental awareness. People who are slow witted or who have great diffi­ culty in learning or understanding often have a poorly placed Mercury in their chart. a strong link with Saturn shows a serious thinker. doesn't it? Astrology really works! MERCURY Like the Sun and the Moon. In the other four signs (Aries. In general. between physical and spiritual. and writing is my major interest. again depending on Ihe motion. it seems to hit a happy medium between easy and difficult. Aquarius. it is very difficult for the person to use their mental faculties to their best advan- (age. and great awareness. This means Mercury stays in one zodiac nlgn from 14 to a little over 30 days. Virgo. and Taurus. talks too much. Mercury's house a nd sign placements show how the mind directs its thoughts. Mercury functions with more difficulty in Sagittarius. or aspect. Mercury functions most powerfully in Gemini. tongue movement. so we become. house position. Mercury is a personal planet." Mercury travels from 0 degrees to 2 degrees 12 min­ utes a day. Leo. Mercury rules the conscious. Some positive characteristics of Mercury are: ability lo learn quickly. active. expressive. resourcefulness. (More about the 10th house in a later chapter. dexterity. That fits. and Scorpio. reasoning mind. Some negative characteristics of Mercury are: an un­ warranted sense of superiority. doesn't it? In addition. Mercury sometimes is ahead of the Sun and sometimes trails the Sun. This is an especially powerful place- .

Like Mercury. Venus rules oven romance. Venus represents refinement. And what do I do for a living? Right—I am a writer who writes books for the public. This means Venus stays in one zodiac sign from 23 days to a lit­ tle over two months. I like talkative women. indecisiveness.681 Astrology for Beginners The Planets / 69 ment because Mercury is in the sign it rules (Gemini) and is in the powerful midheaven (10th house). possessiveness. Libra. At this writing. and Leo. graceful movement. It typically shows where money may be gained or spent. self-indulgence. love. You can see in figure 1 that my Venus is in Taurus in the 10th house. Venus functions most powerfully in Tau­ rus. and Capricorn). . you can easily con­ clude that I will be a successful professional author. and I am married to a woman who has a Taurus ascendant in her natal chart. and blood circulation. it seems to hit a happy medium between easy and difficult. It also rules ova­ ries. Venus travels from 0 degrees to 1 degree 16 minutes a day. beauty. never getting further away from I he Sun than 48 degrees. Its house position shows where good luck can ap­ pear. inspiration. shows the kind of women he will be attracted to and possibly marry. Venus moves through all twelve zodiac signs in ap­ proximately one year. Pisces. In general. This is a powerful placement. Venus. Virgo. Some negative Venus characteristics are: vanity. In general. Scorpio. depending on whether it is retrograde or not. In the other four signs (Gemini. gentleness. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. Some positive characteristics of Venus are: charm. Venus goes retro­ grade and sometimes is ahead of the Sun and sometimes trails the Sun. Among other things. Further. along with the Moon. winning a small amount of money in the lot­ tery. Mercury rules writing (among other things) and is in the public 10th house. love. In a man's chart. and artistry. and Aquarius. My Venus is in Taurus. Even without looking further. This means it is associated with good fortune in minor ways. throat. sociability. Once again. In a man's chart. I guess it pays to flow with the energies expressed in the natal chart. jealousy. Cancer. we have been happily married for 40 years. Sagittarius. It shows how you will interact with other people. may be the "morning star" sometimes and she "evening star" at other times. For example. my Moon is in Gemini (talkative people). Each planet placement is reinforcing other planet placements in my i hart. Venus. lazi­ ness. too. does it not? By now you can see the pattern forming. I mentioned that Venus and the Moon indicate the kind of woman he is likely to marry. harmony. consideration. creativity. you can see how astrology can accu­ rately detail a person's life. and my wife is very talkative. this indicates that I will earn my money by doing something creative (writing in my case) for the pub­ lic. See Mars to find the kind of man a woman is at­ tracted to. depending on its motion. VENUS Venus is also a personal planet. Venus is often called the lesser benefactor. re­ finement. beauty. Venus functions with more difficulty in Aries.

fevers and inflammations. an aggressive nature. I point this out to impress the point that when you in­ terpret a natal chart you should not be too quick to make the obvious interpretation. It also describes how she will get along with such a man—harmoniously or not.701 Astrology for Beginners The Planets / 71 MARS Mars is action. From this. Scor­ pio. staying in one sign an average of 1. courageous. Mars in aspect to any planet gives a great deal of en­ ergy to the action of the other planet—this may be good or not so good. In general. Figure 1 shows that my Mars is in Virgo in the 1st house. We will discuss the specif­ ics of this later in the chapter on chart interpretations. depending on the specific chart. strong. Mars describes the kind of man she will be most physically attracted to. independent. See the Moon and Venus for the kind of woman a man is attracted to. and Pisces). Mars in Virgo does confer skill and craftsmanship. Mars functions more powerfully in Aries. . Nothing could be further from the truth—I am usually quite clumsy and in­ ept in using my hands. cruel. desiring. tolerance for pain. violence. self-reliance. muscular energy. Mars travels from 0 degrees to 1 degree 16 minutes a day. In the other six signs (Taurus. energetic. energy and courage. stubbornness. Virgo. It represents our most primative and aggressive urges. Gemini. Mars functions with more difficulty in Li­ bra. Some positive characteristics of Mars arc: determina­ tion. Any aspect between Mars and the Sun in a chart gives strong will power and a strong physical constitu­ tion. Thus you can conclude that Mars in Virgo in my chart gives power and energy to my ability with crafting words. Cancer. en­ gravers. red blood cells. Mars rules Aries. but in my case it is craftsmanship with words. In general. you might hastely conclude that I iim skilled with my hands in some way. Capricorn. and de­ voted. destructive. It also rules surgery. Mars in Virgo is a common placement in the charts of surgeons and various craftsmen such as carpenters. The Mars placement in a natal chart shows where physical activity will take place and indicates the kind of things that will arouse you—how you react to violence. You must study the entire chart carefully and look for subtiltics. warlike. etc. This is a powerful placement because it is in the first house which Mars rules normally (see the Natural Wheel in figure 2) and Mars is in close conjuction with my ascendant and with Neptune. certain diseases that cause pain. Mars types tend to be: forceful. In my chart there is not one other indication that I might be skilled with my hands. Mars moves through all twelve zodiac signs in ap­ proximately two years. Some negative characteristics of Mars are: jealousy. and Leo. depending on whether it is in retrograde or direct motion. it seems to hit a happy me­ dium between easy and difficult. impulsive. but there is plenty of other evidence that I am skilled with words. not with things. It also strongly in­ fluences sexual matters. and Aquarius. bold. etc. Sagittarius. In a woman's chart.5 months.

and Scorpio. In the other four signs (Aries." And indeed this has been true. I have had great difficulty in becoming successful as a writer. confidence. wealth. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Virgo. books. Figure 1 shows that my Jupiter is in Gemini in the 10th house. and insulin. However. and aspiring. Capricorn. when you learn to read your own chart after reading this hook. It also rules fat.721 Astrology for Beginners The Planets / 73 JUPITER Jupiter is planet of expansiveness. Some positive characteristics of Jupiter are: success. Let's see what this means in my chart. inspiration. tendency to be fanatical. it seems to hit a happy medium between easy and dif­ ficult. Jupiter rules books and publishing. SATURN Saturn is the "teacher" planet and the planet of perlect justice. good fortune. Good health or poor. I like being able to read my chart and have a good Idea what potentials lay in store for me. So you can quickly and accurately conclude that I am going to be an author of books that do get published. In general. ambition. Taurus. In general. Cancer. Jupiter is sometimes called the greater benefactor be­ cause it is associated with good fortune in major ways. growths. but not . Jupiter moves through all twelve zodiac signs in ap­ proximately 12 years. horses. Wherever it is placed in a natal chart. Jupiter in the 10th house also indicates success in the latter part of one's life. You will. foreign affairs. conceited. Through Saturn's influence we learn. honorable. or poverty. dignity. Jupiter travels from 0 degrees to 14 minutes a day. there will be a great deal of whatever factors Jupiter is af­ filiated with in that specific natal chart. a generous nature. It also shows where the person is least likely to be cautious or discriminating. printing and publishing. Success or fail­ ure. Jupiter in aspect to any planet gives a great deal of good fortune and expansiveness to the action of the other planet in the person's chart. Gemini rules communication (writing). Jupiter's placement in a chart shows where the great­ est luck can be found. For this reason. long distance and foreign travel. etc. which is where I am. By now. Recall that Jupiter functions with difficulty when in Gemini. Some negative Jupiter characteristics are: extrava­ gance. It could be an abundance of wealth. reverence. it shows where there will be an abundance in the person's life. too. and my final years will be successful with minimal difficulty. Jupiter is more often a benefit in a chart than it is a detriment. depending on whether it is in retrograde or direct motion. pomposity. It also rules legal matters. there is a bright side to this. and Pisces. Leo. you should be able to get some idea of the value and the fun of astrology. Jupiter is associated with religion and philosophy. My first book was not published until I was 57 years old. Jupiter functions with more difficulty in Gemini. In other words. However. liver. very lazy. Jupiter functions more powerfully in Sag­ ittarius. pancreas. and Aquar­ ius). So the difficult part is now over lor me. and overconfident. Some basic Jupiter characteristics are: optimism. First. Libra. and thighs. hips. staying in one sign an average of one year. the Jupiter/Gemini combination says "with difficulty. wherever Jupiter's influence is.

Now back to Saturn. Uranus. If you sow good seed (good works) Saturn assures reward. or neutral. The so-called malefic planets are often associated with difficulties. Scorpio. judicious. In general. narrow-minded. For example. difficulties. endurance. Too much ease in a chart never gives the person the character develop­ ment he/she needs. This placement shows that my father was a titrict disciplinarian. Venus. Leo. fear. Saturn. I do not subscribe to this philosopy. Saturn may present a certain difficulty in a person's chart. Some positive influences of Saturn are: stability. And Saturn lets us reap what we sow. hardships. Satunlian types tend to be: serious. and Jupiter are consid­ ered to be benefic planets. . In general. paralysis. hu­ mility. calcium. Saturn travels from 0 degrees to 8 minutes a day. and Virgo. patience. teeth. but I do not consider this to be bad (ma­ lefic). Moon. fearful. the person makes the choices. Saturn functions more powerfully in Cap­ ricorn. Saturn moves through all twelve zodiac signs in ap­ proximately 2 9 1 / 2 years. If you want a strong character. Sagittarius. pessimistic. Libra. working to earn rather than getting a free ride. watch out! You will get ex­ actly what you deserve. The Sun. skin. bad. Figure 1 shows that my Saturn is in Sagittarius in the •Ith house. In the other six signs (Taurus. Traditional astrology considers Mars. and not flexible (rigid). I'll not mention malefic or benefic again in this book. wisdom. Of course. Saturn rules Capricorn. it seems to hit a happy me­ dium between easy and difficult. The so-called benefic planets are often associated with easy going (little or no difficulties). For example. which he was. That person can choose to give up and become a failure or to overcome and become a success. gall bladder. falls. Many astrologers consider Saturn to be a malefic planet because it is associated with obstacles. and Aquarius). cautious. If you want a sharp knife. but I do not con­ sider this to necessarily be good (benefic). Saturn functions with more difficulty in Cancer. selfish. Some negative influences of Saturn can make one: miserly. the rich kid who has everything given to him from birth on. conventional. knees. staying in one sign an average of 2 1/2 years. chronic condi­ tions. you must go through tests and difficulties (life's grindstone). thriftiness. Difficulties give us the opportunity to develop char­ acter and strength. and grows up to be a incapable of doing anything worthwhile. and Pluto to be malefic planets. Let me digress for a moment. Mercury and Neptune are con­ sidered to be neutral. It also rules the body skele­ ton. Saturn is the disciplinarian. you must put it to the grindstone. Aries. Gemini. and Pisces. And I do not believe any planet is neutral. selfdiscipline. de­ pending on whether it is in retrograde or direct motion.741 Astrology for Beginners The Planets / 75 always easily. My philosophy is that it is the choices the person makes with regard to their planetary influences that de­ termines good. The planets present the circum­ stances and options. Saturn's house placement shows the area of a perMOII'S life where that person has the most lessons to learn and where the person has the greatest feeling of inade­ quacy. if you sow bad seed. Saturn represents the father in a chart (the Moon. the mother) and the 4th house In the domestic scene. sincere.

A strong Uranus in a chart indicates a person who is unconventional. magic. hypnosis. In general. it seems to hit a happy medium between easy and difficult. priginal. Uranus in a horoscope is rarely subtle. define. Perhaps the best way to give you an idea of what Neptune is all about is to list some of the things it rules: mysterious events. Uranus functions more powerfully in Aquarius. and Moon. and perversion. the new and unusual. If you tune into the Uranus energies. i haos. de­ pending on whether it is in retrograde or direct motion. eccentric­ ity. In the other four signs (Cancer. staying in one sign an average of 7 years. change. Uranus is also the planet of divorce and separation. a dictatorial or a radical nature. Gemini. reformers. It brings excitement and change whether you want it or not. the intuitive mind. Because of aspects to my Sun. x-rays. indei Inion. which we will discuss later when we delve more deeply into chart inter­ pretation. illusions. Some positive characteristics associated with Uranus's influence include: clairvoyance. secrets. and government officials. tension. Sagittarius. you can de­ velop your latent creative abilities. in­ ventions. institutions. Sometimes Uranus merely describes where there is a strong desire to be free or unconventional. The circumstances that turn your life completely around in an instant are Uranean events. body spasms or other body problems related to malfunctioning . confusion. Uranus rules occult activities and metaphysics. and Aries. dreams.76 / Astrology for Beginners The Planets / 77 URANUS Uranus is associated with sudden changes and events for which there is no warning. Uranus moves through all twelve zodiac signs in ap­ proximately 84 years. It is also associ­ ated with rebellious urges. NEPTUNE Neptune is the most difficult planet to describe be­ muse it rules anything that is difficult to pin down. Uranus is related to intuitive and psychic ability and events. lightning. Some negative Uranus characteristics are: rebellious­ ness. drugs. of the body electricity. hos­ pitals. It also rules the lower legs and ankles. Virgo. intuitive. blood circula­ tion. nervous conditions. Taurus. intuition. This is especially true if Uranus is in aspect with the Sun or with Leo in a natal chart. and Pisces). astronauts. psychic matters. inde­ pendent thinking. extreme sensitivity. illusive problems. strength of will. friends. electricity. Figure 1 shows that my Uranus is in Aries in the 8th house. non-con- formists. . This position indicates that my death will be sud­ den. and individualistic. In general. comas. humanitarian ideals. and Libra. No lingering illnesses for me. Uranus rules Aquarius. i Inrify in specific terms. Uranus rules astrology. fanaticism. a great many other things are also indicated. fraud. Scorpio. Uranus sometimes denotes extensive power or the desire for great power on the part of the person involved. poisons. Uranus functions with more difficulty in Leo. magnetism and resource­ fulness. Uranus travels from 0 degrees to 4 minutes a day. Capricorn. Uranus is the planet associated with mental and spiritual awakening and enlightenment. mystical matters. Pluto. impulsive energy.

we h. and personality. it seems to hit a happy medium be­ tween easy and difficult. idealistic. understanding. In general. There is much about Pluto that is not yet known or certain simply because there has not been NUindent time to study it. Libra. self-sacrificing. and fraudulent conditions. compassionate. negativity. See the connection? PLUTO The announcement of Pluto's discovery was made on March 12. Scor­ pio. sensitive. Figure 1 shows that my Neptune is in Leo in the 1st house. psy­ chic. Neptune functions more powerfully in Pi­ sces. misplaced sympathies. crea• rive. and the first house rules the person's body. However. Taurus. and through the early degrees of Scorpio. immorality. and Aquarius). malformations. genius. and we will discuss it in length later. The Neptune influence on a person can bring great devotion or even the urge to martyrdom. Neptune travels from 0 degrees to 3 minutes a day. Here are a couple facts about me: I am a certi­ fied hypnotherapist and have written two books about hypnosis.ive only been able to study and observe it through the last half of Cancer. It takes Pluto 248 years to I ravel through all twelve zodiac signs. all through Leo. especially clairvoyance. sorrows. Gemini. In general. toxic conditions. Some positive characteristics of Neptune's influence are: mystic experiences. staying in one sign approxi­ mately 14 years. like Uranus and Neptune. character. Neptune rules Pisces. devotion. it can sig­ nify great good fortune and protection that seems almost supernatural. can atl ract psychic experiences when strongly linked with other planets. leakage (especially water). Persons with a strong Neptune in their chart often appear to be dreamy or to be frequently living in some other dimension. Neptune moves through all twelve zodiac signs in approximately 165 years. impressionable. and imaginative. This is an extremely powerful placement in my chart. The lower vibrations of Neptune are feelings of powerlessness. At this writing. delusion. What docs seem evi­ dent is that the sign Pluto affects entire generations of peo­ ple and is not specifically significant in individual natal i harts. Some negative Neptune characteristics are: selfindulgence.1930. and Cancer. reverence. delusion. depending on whether it is in retrograde or direct motion. the house placement and the aspects it makes with other planets are quite significant in individ­ ual natal charts. Neptunian types tend to be: psychic.781 Astrology for Beginners The Planets / 79 When Neptune is well aspected in a chart. and Libra. Virgo. This person will most likely be a nonnmformist who brings new developments into the world. chaotic events. A very strong Pluto in a chart generally indicates an outstanding person. inspira­ tion. It can also indicate great amounts of money and power be- . The higher vibrations of Neptune are spiritual. It also rules feet and toes. In the other six signs (Aries. For now. Pluto. black magic. Leo. make note that Neptune rules hypnosis. and Capricorn. musical. anything that is difficult to pin down. Sagittarius. Neptune functions with more difficulty in Virgo. All the other planets have had hundreds of years of study.

staying in one sign from 14 to 30 years.g. We have a solar eclipse when both the Sun and Moon are exactly conjunct either of the nodes. The position of the north node is indicated in the Ephemeris (refer to figure 3 lo refresh your recollection).. Labor strikes involving masses of people also fall un­ der the domain of Pluto. the pros- tate gland. The south node is viewed to be somewhat like Saturn. In general. Pluto rules Scorpio. forced conditions. rectum. Also dictators (Hitler. fanaticism. Pluto travels from 0 degrees to 3 minutes a day. It also rules the reproductive or­ gans. Other astrologers might disagree with my stance. de­ pending on whether it is in retrograde or direct motion. . use your own judgement. We have a lunar eclipse when the Sun and Moon are in exact opposition and accompanied by the nodes. also. Pluto functions with more difficulty in Taurus and Leo. Pluto moves through all twelve zodiac signs in ap­ proximately 248 years. The reason I include the nodes in this chapter on planets is because their influence can be interpreted as though they were planets. influences sexual behavior. In general. In mythology. death and disappearances. which is exactly what I do as an author of books. intensity. deep-seated problems. obsessions. urge to tear down and rebuild. In the remaining eight signs not enough is known to make knowledgeable statements about Pluto's function­ ing with regard to easy or difficult. Pluto is associated with the most drastic changes. NODES OF THE MOON The nodes of the Moon are not planets. Pluto rules work behind the scenes or in isolation. The nodes are always in ret­ rograde motion. the north node is viewed to have an in¬ I hiencc somewhat like that of the planet Jupiter. Figure 1 shows that my Pluto is in Cancer in the 11th house. This house placement shows that I will deal with masses of people. the Lindberg kidnapping). it is a minor inIhience and I usually do not bother to interpret them in a natal analysis unless the chart is so lacking in major as­ pects that 1 need to use all I can get. Traditionally. It breaks down the old. and replaces it with the new. The list of these sorts of things is quite extensive. Pluto is the great transformer. Some basic Pluto characteristics are: extrasensory perception. The south node is always ex­ actly opposite the north node. Some negative Pluto characteristics are: destruction. restructuring. and allergies.801 Astrology for Beginners The Planets 181 hind the scenes for the person. and secret obsessions. In my opinion. Pluto functions more powerfully in Scor­ pio and Aquarius. forcefulness. Mass production in industry. re­ tirement. mass move­ ments. Pluto ruled the underworld and was the first kidnapper. On a more personal basis. they are calculated points in fipace based on the Moon's position. and racketeering (Al Capone) flourished. transformation and revitalization. atrocities. positive clairvoyance. Pluto rules all of these things. Pluto is no small-time influence. There is a north node and a south node. when crime. Stalin and others) emerged into world prominence. and the "underworld" became very powerful. When you start doing your own chart interpretations. Mussolini. Some positive Pluto characteristics are: spirituality. anarchy. It was discovered in the thirties when kidnapping ran rampant (e. gangsters.

I should write about oc­ cult matters (Scorpio) which I already know. which is the loca­ tion of my Part of Fortune. If you will look at figure 1 near the bottom center you will see: PART O F F O R T U N E = 25CN11.Part of Fortune is said to be a lucky point. It is by no means an exhaustive presentation of facts. I try to keep an open mind. . Enough said about the Part of Fortune. I also exposed you to mini-analysis and interpretations to better prepare you for a more thor­ ough discussion on these matters later in this book. Enough said about the nodes. This. Some astrologers regard the nodes to be karmic points or fated conditions. In any case. in fact. is exactly what I now do. My purpose is to give you a sufficient amount of key. you may want to keep an eye on it to see if it is significant in your natal chart. salient information so you can begin to understand and use astrology. In experience. you get the Part of Fortune for free. The nodes seem to have some association with the subconscious mind. I regard this as such a minor influence that I do not bother to calculate it or interpret it. When I study the cosmic events in my life associated with good luck. For those readers who want to know more. The south node in a chart represents talents already developed. The . there are literally hundreds of books available for further study. If you do the same. In this chapter.821 Astrology for Beginners The Planets / 83 The north node in a chart represents the area where development of new talents should be directed. SUMMARY This has been a brief discussion of the planets' salient points. By seeing how one natal chart. the Part of Fortune is not a planet. I have not encountered any evidence from which to draw my own conclusion about this karmic or fated aspect. is constructed and interpreted you will be able to do the same thing with your own chart (or other people's charts). and my south node is in Scorpio conjunct my nadir (refer to figure 1). I could easily written four times as much on each planet and still not have covered everything. sometimes the Part of Fortune has been involved and sometimes not. and I urge you to do the same. When you use computer calculated charts like I now do. mine. PART OF FORTUNE Like the nodes. My purpose is not to deluge you will large amounts of data. it is a calculated point in space that can be interpreted as though it were a planet. My north node is in Taurus in my 9th house conjunct my midheaven. I would interpret my placement as being lucky in my dealings with masses of people (11th house) especially with regard to domestic or psychic matters (Cancer). 1 would interpret this to mean that 1 should concentrate on earning money (Tau­ rus) in publishing (9th house) because my writing ability (3rd house) is already developed.

the conjuncllon may be harmonious (easy) or inharmonious (diffiMllt). Later in the book when I specifically discuss analysis and Interpretation. and you are probably getting a fairly good Idea of their importance in natal chart interpretation. Depending on the two planets involved. but hrief.6 The Aspects Aspects have now been mentioned dozens of times In this book. I will spend a great deal of time discussing aspects. I want to give you just a little broader. For now. If they are less than one degree apart. CONJUNCTION This is a major aspect where two planets are within 8 degrees of each other. they are considered to be exactly conjunct. but I will not discuss the minor aspects in any detail later. The keywords for a conjunction are P R O M I N E N C E 85 . I will cover both major and minor aspects here to give you a well rounded knowledge. and this h when it is the most powerful. view of aspects.

it is only a moderately powerful conjunction. at nearly 6 degrees apart. For example: Mercury conjunct Mars will give an ex­ ceptionally keen. "Mutually intensify" applies only to conjunctions. You can find the effects of this conjunction in chapter 13. As a result. it becomes 0 degrees of the next sign. For example: Saturn conjunct Jupiter. Of course. north node conjunct the midheaven. The conjunction might enhance the mutual attrib­ utes. and Jupiter tends to free the Saturn restrictiveness. The trine Indicates where things come with little effort for the per- If you don't see this. An example of a very powerful. If you add one . My Neptune at 29LE23 is only 43 minutes away from my Mars at 00VI06. generally in a beneficial way but not always. Conjunctions add a great deal of strength to any natal chart. This is an example of two planets being conjunct even though they are in different signs. See if you can find these additional conjunctions in figure 1: Venus conjunct the midheaven. Jupiter at 04GE51 is 4 degrees 21 min­ utes from Moon at 09GE42. This is a weak conjunction be­ cause it is on the fringe of not being a conjunction. there is a com­ promise—less hardship than Saturn would normally bring and less good fortune than Jupiter would normally bring. north node conjunct Ve­ nus. Venus at 26TA31 is 8 degrees 20 min­ utes from Jupiter at 04GE51. In 10th house. Mars conjunct the ascendant. This is possible because Neptune is only 37 minutes away from being at zero de­ grees Virgo. This meets the criteria of being within 8 degrees of each other and thus qualifies as a conjunction. It lacks the intensity of the Nep­ tune-Mars conjunction just discussed. and it is always harmonious (easy). refer back to chapter 3 where the degrees and seconds of signs are discussed. My Sun at 12CN05 is 5 degrees and 40 minutes away from my Pluto at 17CN45. Some other conjunctions in figure 1 are: In 10th house. Trines in a chart help the person to overcome difficulties in life and sometimes bring great good fortune.861 Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 87 and INTENSITY because each planet in a conjunction tends to bring out the characteristics of the other planet in­ volved. However. The keyword for the trine is E A S Y L U C K . intense conjunction can be found in figure 1 in the 1st house. the two planets mutually intensify each other. The trine is a very powerful aspect. A conjunction can sometimes have a compromising effect. Not much intensity. Neptune con­ junct the ascendant. TRINE This is a major aspect where two planets are 120 de­ grees apart. the more powerful the influence. Do you see how to figure this? 29 ± 29 LE23 2Z 60 = 00 V I 00 minute more. Another conjunction in figure 1 is in the 11th house. the more exact. and it means that the planets involved have much more power and influence in the horoscope than if they were not conjunct (or "conjoined") because their powers com­ bine. active mind. Recall that there are 30 degrees to each sign: 0 degrees through 29 de­ grees 59 minutes make up any one sign. plus or minus 8 degrees (that is from 112 to 128 degrees apart). Fairly strong. Saturn tends to restrict Jupiter's expansiveness. In other words.

usually work. and is the most dif­ ficult and potentially destructive of all aspects. Pluto sextile the midheaven. This is a fairly strong trine.881 Astrology far Beginners The Aspects / 89 son. SQUARE This is a major aspect where two planets arc 90 de­ grees apart. inhar­ monious aspects that may be in the horoscope chart. Some other sextiles in figure 1 are: Pluto sextile the north node. and it is extremely powerful for good. It identifies natural talents and where success is most easily obtained. Otherwise. but it had not handed them any significant re­ wards either. Saturn trine the ascendant. An example of a square can be found in figure 1. plus or minus 8 degrees (82 to 98 degrees apart). Some other trines in figure 1 are: Mars trine Saturn. I have analyzed hundreds of charts. I I Irmly believe we need challenges. The key is to use the en­ ergy from the squares in a positive. squares are quite beneficial. Squares are absolutely necessary to develop character. and I have never ween a chart of an outstanding person without also seeing more than one square in the chart. the people involved drifted through life without even the smallest achievement. Conversely. However. I have seen several charts that had no squares at all. you must take action. Nep­ tune in the 1st house at 29LE23 is 3 degrees 18 minutes from being exactly 120 degrees from Saturn in the 4th house at 26SA06. My '-nn at 12CN05 in the 11th house is within 46 seconds of . but not as powerful as a trine. In every case. Squares in a chart indicate where you will feel com­ pelled to strive harder and where you are most likely to iiave clashes. Squares give those things to you. for it. and prob­ lems in order to get the most out of life. Occasionally in a horoscope chart you will see three planets. If you learn to use this energy constructively. plus or minus 8 degrees (52 to 68 degrees apart). a lot of squares in your chart can make life a living hell. SEXTILE This is a major aspect where two planets are 60 de­ grees apart. This is a very powerful aspect. the trine most often gives you the good luck with little or no action on your part. The key­ word for the square is OBSTACLES. You can see why I do not regard squares as being "the bad boys of astrology" as do some astrologers. They seemed con­ tented because life had not handed them any significant problems. For the sextile to bring the luck or results. in the Grand Trine configuration. If you are a negative person. This is always a harmonious aspect. The keyword for a sextile is OPPOR­ TUNITY. the power is increased many times. The effect of squares depends entirely on your attitude. This is quite a strong sextile because they are within 1 degree and 37 minutes of being exactly 60 de­ grees apart. Sexfiles show where there is opportunity and luck through action. or nearly all. An example of a sextile in figure 1 is the Moon sextile Uranus. and it will overcome all. obstacles. An example of a trine can be found in figure 1. The meanings of each of the three trines in a grand trine is the same as each trine separately. each of which forms a trine with the other two. constructive manner. This is called a Grand Trine. Squares put lots of energy into the chart and keep you very busy overcoming obstacles. they can hold you back or beat you down.

It is a minor frustrating aspect. The keyword for the semi-sextile is C O O P E R A ­ TIVE. One i> f them is the Sun-Moon. There are a number of semi-sextiles in figure 1. SEMI-SEXTILE This is a minor aspect where two planets are 30 de­ grees apart. but not as much as is the square. This is a. There are no other oppositions in my chart. The semi-square is much like the square. Basically it tells me that I need to learn to dis­ cipline my mind. Venus square Neptune. Some other squares in figure 1 are: Uranus square Pluto. Through the confrontations caused by oppositions. . It gives a great many obstacles in the person's life. This is called a Grand Square. There are several semi-squares in figure 1. plus or minus 3 degrees (42 to 48 apart). you have the opportunity to gain greater awareness of self and of others. Venus square as­ cendant. Those who learn to flow with the energy and redirect it into a positive di­ rection will become outstanding individuals. and it is extremely powerful. The sextile is much like the sextile. This opposition is 5 degrees 24 minutes from being exact and is only moder­ ately strong. One of them is Venus-Sun. Once in a great while in a horoscope chart you will see four planets. plus or minus 8 degrees (172 to 188 degrees). plus or minus 3 degrees (27 to 33 degrees apart). Each square and the oppositions are interpreted just the same as though they were single. Many people are de­ feated or held back by this configuration. The opposition indicates areas where there is need to balance opposing forces or circumstances to find a happy medium. The keyword for the semi-square is F R I C T I O N . This is an extremely strong square. a strong semi-square aspect. which are 34 seconds from being ex­ act. which are 32 degrees 23 minutes apart. but it is consider­ ably less powerful. that was not a big problem for me—although it was one that I did face. but the grand square configu­ ration increases the power many times. In figure 1 there is an example of an opposition. SEMI-SQUARE This is a minor aspect where two planets are 45 de­ grees apart.901 Astrology for Beginners The Aspects 191 being an exact square to my Uranus at 11AR19 in the 8th house. Mars square Jupiter. and only by learning to cooperate can this be resolved sat­ isfactorily.difficult aspect. There is always a certain amount of difficulty in doing this. Opposition creates pushing and pulling in ones life. Jupiter square Neptune. My Mercury at 20GE42 in the 10th house is in opposition to my Saturn at 26SA25 in the 4th house. but it is connlderably less powerful. OPPOSITION This is a major aspect where two planets are 180 de­ grees apart. A fairly weak aspect. Since it is not a strong aspect in my chart. Many adjustments have to be made in order to make best use of the energies created by oppositions. and solve many years ago when I was much younger. The keywords for the opposition are C O O P E R A T I O N or AWARENESS. It takes a tremen­ dous amount of work and fortitude to overcome the diffi­ culties presented by a grand square. Venus square Mars. each of which forms a square with two of the other planets and an opposition with the third.

Every­ thing ties together. Venus is placed in the 10th house of my public work life. which can lead to maturity and increased self-confidence (growth). plus or minus 3 degrees (132 to 138 degrees apart). I N C O N J U N C T or Q U I N C U N X This is a minor aspect where two planets are 150 de­ grees apart. This is a very strong inconjunct. and is probably one worth watching in natal charts.921 Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 93 SESQUI-SQUARE This is a minor aspect where two planets are 135 de­ grees apart. Saturn represents my work life (Saturn rules work. depending on the specific planets involved. This aspect indicates problems you need to learn to adapt to or work around. and that is between Uranus and the ascendant. In this inconjunct. Venus represents my wife. It introduces minor obstacles that are an agitation more than a serious problem. There is only one sesqui-square in figure 1. plus or minus 3 degrees (147 to 153 degrees apart). and Saturn. ' If the ascendant is involved. it can indicate health prob­ lems. hence my home life. This is probably the most important of the minor as­ pects. The keyword for the sesqui-square is AGITA­ TION. these were the areas I needed to adapt my behavior to in order to solve conflicting problems . In addition. which rules the work life is placed m my 4th house (rules the domestic scene). The keyword for the inconjunct is G R O W T H . There is only one inconjunct in figure 1. which are only 25 seconds from being exact. and is also the natural ruler of the 10th house). This aspect can be harsh or easy. Once I found the right bal­ ance and attitude. which are 1 degree 14 seconds from being exact. and I felt its influence for a number of years until I learned how to apportion my time and energies satisfactorily between my home life and my work life. and that is between Venus and Saturn. This is just a moderately strong aspect. the inconjunct was no longer apparent.

The list would be unreasonably long. Planets placed in these houses have a greater scope of action than planets placed in other houses. You are Interested in your health. 95 . 7th. and most of the items would not be of any great interest anyway. and 10th houses.7 The Houses Every possible aspect of a person's life is ruled by one of the houses. travels. and it is the kind of thing that will not be discussed here. and this is what I shall restrict my discussion to. What I will list for each house are those principal Items that concern most people most of the time. For example. Therefore. who really cares to find out about the long journeys of their sister-in-law? This is one of the many things that falls under the 5th house rulership. I will not even come close to delineating nil of the factors ruled by each house. work. love. KINDS OF HOUSES Angular: These are the 1st. children. 4th. In this book. etc. the twelve houses of a natal chart depict the entire life of the person in every respect.

5th children. reputation. These houses are the rarth triplicity. communication of ideas. but no great activity. and 12th houses. They tend toward thought. The 12th house pictures the subconscious. 5th. and 9th houses. 6th. 7th. The 2nd house depicts the accumulation of money and movable possessions. religious conviction. Houses of Substances: These are the 2nd. 9th. if any. HOUSES OF FUNCTION Houses of Life: These are the 1st. there is usually very little. The 10th house depicts the employer or profession. and 11 th houses. one in the 4th. Planets placed in these houses generally express very little activ­ ity. two in the 1st. The person will probably complete a major part of any undertaking. and 11th houses. . ' Cadent: These are the 3rd. Figure 1 shows that I do not have any planets in ca­ dent (CAD) houses. The 4th house pictures the end of life or the end of a matter. These houses are the air triplicity. 1st: Personal character 4th: Latter part of life 7th: Fortune of marriage 10th: Public recognition If you look at figure 1. Succedent: These are the 2nd. and four in the 10th. and the ability to get along with people. but someone else will get the credit. Houses of Relationships: These are the 3rd. 8th.961 Astrology for Beginners The Houses / 97 When the majority of planets in a person's natal chart are in angular houses. These houses are the fire triplicity. The overwhelming majority of planets in my chart are in angular houses. The 1st is self. These de­ scribe the person's relationship in the community as fol­ lows: The 3rd house describes relationships with relatives and neighbors. the 11th house de­ scribes relationships with friends and organiza­ tions. the 7th house describes relationships with partners (marriage and business). fixity of purpose. The 6th house depicts the facility to work or the occupation. Planets placed in these houses tend to give stability. 9th philosophy of living. willpower. When the majority of planets in a person's natal chart arc in succedent nouses. karma. and what is brought into this life. It shows seven planets in angular (ANG) houses. public recognition. it indicates a prominent position in the world. When the majority of planets in a person's natal chart arc in cadent houses. it indicates the person may be stubborn and uncompromising. Figure 1 shows I have three planets in succedent (SUC) houses: one in the 8th and two in the 11th. 8th. you will see a portion of the chart at the bottom labeled HOUSES. 6th. enthusiasm. 5th. and honors. The Hth house pictures death and regeneration. Houses of Endings: These are the 4th. These are houses of dynamic energy. These houses are the water triplicity. motivating power. and 12th houses. and 10th houses.

early environment. Borrowing and lending. 2. abnormalities (if any). hands. everything concerning your physical body. That is. land. 3. attractiveness. patron. speakers. fingers. throat. including stature. Matters of the First House: The beginning. Key First House Rulerships: 1. holdings. Matters of the Fourth House: House and home. Your personality. Transportation. Your personal affairs (not sexual affairs). A Few Occupations: Stockbrokers. ra­ dio announcers. wrists. how your mind functions. etc. salespersons. 3. bankers. 5. Penalties and fines. accountants. Matters of the Second House: Money. the present. Self-awareness. constitution.981 Astrology for Beginners The Houses / 99 THE TWELVE HOUSES FIRST HOUSE Persons in the First House: You. movable goods. explorers. and base of skull. Financial gains. how others see you. 6. Your brothers. The arms. en­ ergy. end of a matter. sisters. provider. neighbors. strength. 3. complexion. end of life. Self-earned or self-acquired money and posses­ sions. reporters. A Few Occupations: Soldiers. Your attitude and outlook on life. 6. physical desires. Your personal environment. shoulders. personal freedom. The head and face. SECOND HOUSE Persons in the Second House: Bankers. Your mentality. finances. 2. Your will power. 7. teachers. 8. Self-preservation. 4. I'OURTH H O U S E Persons in the Fourth House: Parent. thyroid gland and nervous system. securities. self-interest. auctioneers. etc. 4. Matters of the Third House: Communications. acquisitions. . 7. the self. Your physical body and its appearance. the conscious mind. all per­ sons who deal with money. Your money. investors. 5. In short. coordination. your body. The neck. 2. THIRD HOUSE Persons in the Third House: Brothers. short trips. 8. 5. and neighbors. sisters. sec­ retaries. 9. Your nervous energy. The impression you make on others. A Few Occupations: Writers. movable possessions. 4. 6. do­ mestic affairs. pioneers. Your private life. Key Third House Rulerships: 1. Key Second House Rulerships: 1. How you receive and give. grace and poise (or awkwardness). lungs.

digestive system. Circumstances in your later life. . children. gambling. . professional entertainers in general. 11. 8. ribs. Small animals. labor. 4. subordinates. Your love affairs (not sexual affairs). lover. Disagreeable duties and work. 13. 6. gambler. professional athletes. The intestines. artists. 4. Your home. Matters of the Fifth House: Love affairs. nurses. Key Fifth House Rulerships: 1. domestic environment. 3. Relaxation and entertainment. The heart. 10. sports. 3. talent. 5. enemies. butlers and maids. Education. 6. doctors. A Few Occupations: Physicians. Creative urges. the end of a love affair or the end of a job). nutritionists. Your sense of security. mines. landlords. entertainer. 14. Tools used for performing work. Your grave (final resting place). 10. SHVENTH H O U S E Persons in the Seventh House: Spouse. both domestic and wild. breasts. 12. property. Your general state of health. Matters of the Sixth House: Illness. 4. Parent of your opposite sex. A Few Occupations: Actors and actresses. Your suseptibility to illness. nurses. Games of all sorts. employment. 8. The end of your life. 7. Clothing. Your children. 2. Conditions under which you work. 2. 8. 9. Ego to leave something of yourself behind when you die. health practitio­ ners and those in the health care field in general. Your employees. SIXTH HOUSE Persons in the Sixth House: Workers. 11. Gambling and speculation. 9. Labor and work in general. 3. 2. miners. immovable possessions. Your base of operations. The manner in which you perform your obliga­ tions. The stomach. entertainment. Key Sixth House Rulerships: 1.100 / Astrology for Beginners The Houses /101 Key Fourth House Rulerships: 1. The end of matters (for example. Love of animals. FIFTH HOUSE Persons in the Fifth House: Child. 6. The service you are capable of giving. Land. 10. 5. Hobbies. etc. partners. 7. 9. speculation. service. the pub­ lic. Diet. Sports. 5. 7. A Few Occupations: Cooks and chefs. 12. Theaters and other places of entertainment.

Large animals. Sex organs. higher education. Describes your spouse. honors. Your awareness of others. NINTH HOUSE Persons in the Ninth House: Strangers. 8. both domestic and wild. A Few Occupations: Judges. 11. groin. Your dealings with others in general. and the legal system. persons deal ing with the dead and affairs of the dead. publishers. Morgues. sur gery. law. manner of death. diplomats. Your social drive. 10. 3. 5. A Few Occupations: Lawyers. 7. beliefs and spiritual leanings. thighs. 9. 9. funerals). Slaughter houses. 11.202 / Astrology for Beginners Tlte Houses 1103 Matters of the Seventh House: Marriage. pathologists. 9. 4. Matters of the Tenth House: Career. Your philosophy. religion. Surgery and autopsies. wills. rectum. Veneral diseases. law. Matter of the Ninth House: Long journeys. 10. Higher thoughts. detectives. bladder. divorce. 4. reputation. Places far away from your birthplace. parent. 5. Key Eighth House Rulerships: 1. clergy. Sexual perverseness. Sex drive. urethra 2. Kidneys. Your public or open enemies. bookbinders. 7. 6. 4. The courts. 2. Cause of your death. Hips. Success or failures in marriage and partnerships. Key Tenth House Rulerships: . publishers. courts. referees and umpires. Religion and related activities. morticians. buttocks. foreign affairs and matters. Other people's money. presi­ dent. Church. Long trips and travel to foreign countries. life insurance. printing and publishing. Marriage and partnership. Some occult experiences. the public. Matters of the Eighth House: Other people's money. Some psychic experiences. Affairs of the dead in general (for example. any occupation connected with death. 6. Key Seventh House Rulerships: 1. 6. 5. clergy. printers. diplomats. the sciatic nerve. head person (the one in charge). part nerships. expanding consciousness. TIJNTH HOUSE Persons in the Tenth House: Employer. executioners. philosophy. Whether you will profit or lose through another's death. regeneration. activity. Higher education. 3. 8. Key Ninth House Rulerships: 1. 3. 8. A Few Occupations: Butchers. EIGHTH HOUSE Persons in the Eighth House: Investigators. 2. inheri tance. 7.

Your standing in the community. The ankles and calves. 6. 8. 6. 3. promotions. sorrow. Your ability to overcome obstacles. Crime. 3. Self-undoing. Secret enemies. Your authority. 12. Any sort of organization to which you belong. pain. 7. groups. 4. orphans. How the public views you. 5. subversion. 11. 5. Your true profession. A Few Occupations: Any humanitarian work. advisors. Idealism. achievements. Persons in power (presidents. especially those of a hu­ manitarian nature. 7. teeth. ELEVENTH HOUSE Persons in the Eleventh House: Friends. 13. Limitations. wishes. . Your reputation in money matters and as a winner. Matters of the Eleventh House: Hopes. Your most difficult tasks and hardest battles. kings). 12. 15. spies. Your ambition. 3. bad habits. 10. The hidden side of your life. 10. 4. 9. 2. 8. officials. 8. Things you must work out for yourself. How you interact with masses of people. Your hopes and wishes.1041 Astrology for Beginners The Houses 1105 1. 2. or means of earning a living. 5. restraints. organizations. Your parent of the same sex. skeletal structure. 13. knees. restrictions of all sorts. Your friends. Clubs and organizations. Work or activity behind the scenes. trouble. secret enemies. Your likes and dislikes. Business. Misfortune. self-undoing. A Few Occupations: Politicians. The joints. the public at large. escapism. Matters of the Twelfth House: Institutions. 14. Key Twelfth House Rulerships: 1. Confinements in institutions. 6. etc. business. The feet and toes. 2. vocation. 9. social contacts. thieves. any honors or recognition you gain. business leaders. prison guards. Your goals. 4. 7. Prisons. friends. any position of leadership or power. losses. 11. 9. Key Eleventh House Rulerships: 1. subconscious. A Few Occupations: Wardens. 10. directors. Your reputation. Rewards of karma. manag­ ers. Secrets. Your public life (this is the most public house). Fierce animals that could cause you harm. aspirations. TWELFTH HOUSE Persons in the Twelfth House: Widows. Hospitals. phlegm and mucus. downfall.


You can evaluate each. Until now. Each method has its advantages and disadvan­ tages. twelve houses. or ones. and choose the one. which will be discussed in chapter 10. by hand calculated math. my wife's. you prefer. Figure 4 illustrates a natal chart with intercepted nlgns. each with a different zodiac sign ruling it.8 The Modern Way By Computer There are three ways to compile a natal chart: by computer. I have used all three extensively." which will be discussed in chapter 9. which I am including now because it shows an im­ portant feature that I have deliberately not mentioned belore. That is. By now you know what a computer generated natal chart looks like because you have referred to figure 1 doz­ ens of times up to this point in the book. we have discussed charts that have a different zodiac sign on each house cusp. and I prefer the computer generated charts by far over the other two. Figure 4 is another computer generated chart. by "eyeballing. which will be discussed in this chapter. A chart with intercepted signs has some duplicated 109 .

it has Taurus on the 1st house cusp. Look at figure 4. but when you proceed to the 7th. In this chart then. When you get to the ftth house. or is intercepted by. it has Scorpio. The 12th house on the opposite side of the chart also has 41 degrees in it because Aries is completely contained (intercepted) in the 12th house. Going counterclockwise. the 2nd and 3rd houses are each ruled by Gemini. really. You interpret them just the same an any other chart. signs on house cusps and has other signs that do not ap­ pear on any house cusp. having approximately 41 degrees in it. The 6th house is a really big house in this chart. look at the cusp of the sec­ ond house." which means the same thing as intercepted nlgns. But you need lo be aware of what they are. otherwise you would think there was an error when you cast a chart with intercepted nlgns. all the same rules apply. This is what is meant by a natal chart with inter­ cepted signs.220 / Astrology for Beginners Die Modern Way—By Computer I 111 CHART PHEPARIUIW WIIUAMW MtWIII 18 = 26 V X 02 Ç \ W / 25 Figure 4 Natal Chart with Intercepted Signs. Sometimes you will hear the term "caplured signs. it also has Gemini on it. Follow the house cusps around. The signs that do not appear on any house cusp are contained completely within some house—they are "intercepted" in that house. Intercepted signs are fairly common. It has Gemini on it. and I'll explain. and occur mostly in charts for extreme northern or southern loca- . What happened to Libra which comes between Virgo and Scorpio? Libra falls completely within. the 6th house. notice that it has Virgo. So what is the big deal about charts with intercepted tlgns? Not much. Look at the 3rd house. the 8th and 9th houses are each ruled by Sagittarius. and Libra and Aries are intercepted by the 6th and 12 houses respectively. Look at the Ascen­ dant (ASC).

state. With regard to accurate—the computer is accurate provided you put accurate birth information into the com­ puter in the first place. Fast to generate.WILLIAM (GEOCENTRICI 1 MO ' SU ' ME ! VE W>E'2^2CN03^20Ge42'26TA3l --M0— ! 3 2 2 3 ' . This saves much time from having to figure it out yourself.?LE23! ! KM7CN43! ! ««H IBTA30!R! >« I J 0 T A 3 9 ! ! ««'J7LE33' ! 01 37 01 39 33 12 04 00 01 01 00 00 00 23! 2! 12! 3 ! 1 0 ! 1! 12! 7 ! 36! 6! 33! 4! 13! 3! 36! 3! 3 8 ! 6! ! 3*! 00' ! 0 0 ! 3! 6! 00 ASPECT ARC 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' -! 0R8 00' 00" 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 7!CJN! 1 I O P P ! 180 3 ! T R I • 120 7!SQR! 90 3I9XT! 60 6! B S C 43 1 ! S E S ! 133 1 ! I N C ! 130 I !COPYRIGHT ( C ) 1982 MATRIX S O F T W A R E !01-27LE33! . which will not be discussed in this book because it is more ad­ vanced astrology. . . war time. The facts you need to obtain an accurate chart are: 1. Even though I am discussing this in the chapter about computer generated charts. « Q P P » ! 6 9 2 3 ' 6 8 4 1 ! 2 7 0 3 ' 32 •' ! ' ! I ' 3 24A! ' ' '< H 1 G E 0 6 ! 19GE IB' 0 8 G E 3 6 ! ~ V E — ! «S0R« ! 9 20! «INC«' ISS0»! »S0R»' 31 14' B ' ' 1 3 33A! ! 23S! 1 2 3 ' I 33A' ! I » C N 3 4 ' 0 6 L E 0 3 ! 2 3 C N 2 4 ' 1 3 C N 1 B ' — M A — ! « S 0 R « ' « T R 1 » M 3 S 4 7 ' « C J N l ' « S S 0 » ' 101 • ' 1 ! ! 4 43A! 4 0 0 S ! ' 4 3 3 ' 2 -9A' • > > G E 1 7 ! 2 3 G E 2 8 ' 1 2 G E 4 7 ! 0 O G E 4 I ! 1 7 C N 2 B ! .'02-23V124' I03-23LI20! !04-20SC39! !03-OOCP02! (06-29CP31 !07-27A033! !08-23P124! !09-23AR20! 10-20TA39! •11-00CN02! M2-29CN31! Figure 5 C o m p u t e r g e n e r a t e d c h a r t indicating aspects and degrees of separation.NSa ( 0 4 L E 4 9 ! 2 4 C N 0 0 ! 1 2 C N 0 2 ! 2 B L E 3 0 ' 1 6 C N 1 2 ! 2 6 L 1 4 9 ! 1 9 G E 2 6 ! 2 B L E 2 8 ' 0 7 L E 3 9 • 0 8 C N 0 2 ! "O ' SU ! ME ! VE ! MA ! JU ! BA ' UR ' NE ' PL i NO ( • • « « « 4 2 ! 1 2 C N 0 3 ! 2 0 G E 4 2 ! 2 6 T A 3 1 ! 0 0 V 1 0 6 ! 0 4 G E 3 1 ! 2 6 S A 0 6 ! 11 AR 19! 2 9 L E 2 3 ! 1 7 C N 4 3 ! I 8 T A 3 0 ! MkAAT D A T A .J U ~ ! 1 3 8 4 3 ! 5 3 3 2 ! » S 0 R « ! » S S 0 « ' 16 1 1 12 01 . ' 2 29S! '"'UR20! 1 6 G E 3 2 ' 0 3 G E 3 0 ! 2 3 T A 4 3 ! 1 0 C N 3 2 ! 2 7 T A 3 3 ! 0 8 P I Î 2 ! 0 1 T A 0 9 • 10CN11 ! 19GE''"'' 1 9 T A 4 4 I IU "' f> 3 1 ! « S S Q « ! 6 6 3 1 ! » S 0 R « ! » C J N « ! 8 2 4 2 ! « T R 1 « ! « S E S » ! I C J N » ' 3 9 4 9 ' 9 9 0 4 ! • ! 1 03B! 2 33A! ' 1 2 B S ! 1 14S! 1 30A' ' i I IM. i 36' i tBMLH! /•»f 21 ! i ' • ' ' • ' ! ! 3 2BS' 2 06B' ' 11P1 1 8 * 2 S L 1 0 6 ! 1 3 P 1 2 9 ! — S A — ! 1 0 3 1 3 ' « T R I « ' I 3 B 2 1 ' 142 24' ' • ! • ' . although they can occur anywhere. 2. 23GE33 —-SU--! ! ! ! ! ! MA ' JU ! SA ! UR ' NE PL ' NO ! O0VIO6 ! 04GES1 ! 26BA06 ! 11AR19 • 2 9 L E 2 3 ! l 7 C N 4 s i 1STA30 12 i 33' ( 11 0 0 1 1 3 1 1 ! 0 0 2 4 ! I C J N I U 6 3 3 6 ! • 9 X T « r 7 ? ™ * ~ 3 o " o 3 ' 21 ! ! ! * SIS. etc. and the one for my wife in figure 4 is considerably further south. Time of birth is usually indicated on birth cer­ tificates. ASPECTS 3 6 0 MIDPOINTS FDR HEWITT. The time zone and any time changes due to day­ light savings time. . Notice my chart in figure 1 is for Toledo. Extremely accurate. I : . Also with the computer.' ! 1 37A! ! 2 1 2 3 1 « S S 0 » t I B 0 1 ! 3 7 1 4 ! 1 6 4 0 1 ' « S D R » ! t S S O t ! « C J N » ' 33 34A! ' J J 4 6 S ' 2 19A' 3 40A • I5GE12!01CN23!--ME--' 2 4 1 2 ! 6 9 2 4 ! 1 3 31'. you can generate other kinds of tables and charts such as is shown in figures 5 and 6. j M s . The advantages then of a computer generated chart are: 1. Month. . this information is valid for hand calculated charts also. This just happened to be the point where I decided to discuss the matter. Figure 5 shows all the aspects and the degrees of sepa­ ration. Now back to computer generated charts. and year of birth. A glance at figure 4 shows all of the information given clearly. Not only do you get a very accurate chart wheel. 2. you get various tables that summarize valuable in­ formation.S C O P E F O R HEW I T T . Place of birth (town.WILLIAM ANALYSIS ! ' HOUSES PLANETS P E R HOUSE ! 2! 0! 0! 1( 0! 0! 0! .„„. ! ! 3 IBS' ' I ! 0 3 T A 3 3 ! 2 0 G E 4 3 ! 0 B T A 0 3 ! 1 8 A Q 4 2 ! — U R — ' 1 3 8 0 4 ' »SQPt» ' 3 7 1 1 ! ' I ! ! ! ! 6 268 1 I 1 t l N 3 3 ! 0 3 L E 4 4 ' 2 3 C N 0 3 ! 1 2 C N 3 7 ! 2 9 L E 4 3 ! 1 7 C N 0 7 ! 2 7 L 1 4 3 ! 2 0 G E 2 1 ' — N E — ' 4 1 3 B ' 100 34' I ' ! ! ! ! ! i i » 1 4 C N 3 3 ! 0 4 C N 1 4 ! 2 2 G E 0 0 ! 0 9 L E 3 3 ! 2 6 G E 1 S ! 0 6 L 1 3 3 ' 2 9 T A 3 2 ' 0 B L E 3 4 ' — P L — »' 9XT«! ' ' t f*M34!04LI03! 23P124 ' • IIITA31 ! 2 6 T A 4 2 I 16TA01 ! 1 1 43A! A 0 6 ! 1 3 G E 1 7 ! 0 4 G E 3 6 ! Î 2 T A 3 0 ! 0 9 C N 1 B ' 2 6 T A 4 0 Î 0 7 P I I S ! 2 9 A R 3 4 • 0 8 C N 3 7 ! 1 8 G E 0 7 !— N O — • ' ' • i i i . ' MC-- 4 3 ' 3 1 0 6 ! 2 9 4 4 ! » C J N » ! 9 9 0 7 ! 13 3 2 ! M 4 3 3 ! 3 9 3 9 ' 9 8 2 3 ' • S X T « ' • C J N t • ' ' • ' = 32A! ! . Get a great deal of additional information for free. PER PLANET W I L L I AM ASPECT !NA • ! ME (HEWITT. Exact time of birth. Ohio. country). day.1121 Astrology for Beginners The Modern Way—By Computer /123 tions. 3.. Figure 6 shows harmonic patterning. and be sure to indicate am or pm. 3. New Or­ leans. 4. 1' I ! 4! 2! A«rtCTS llllfLANET! > DAILY li* I NAME ! R! MOTION «IH09GE42! ! 11III2CN03! I ml20GE42! ! 'VM26TA31! • IHIOOV106! ! 'JIII04GE31! ! ««'J*0AO6!R' '««'IIARI9! ! •*'.

and a few other things. you can still obtain a reasonably accurate natal chart. 1. If you don't know the exact time of birth.lower computer. On my computer. it is also possible to have additional astrology programs that will print out a 10 -12 page inter­ pretation of the chart. The computer will then do the rest of the calcula­ tions. The computer also figures out the house cusps by nlgn and degree.114/ Astrology for Beginners PATTERNS HON FOR HEWITT. The computer does have disadvantages. valuable informa­ tion. it takes me several hours. you always use a Hrlh time of 6 am. This provides a "solar" natal chart. but not a substitute for a knowledgeable astrologer analyzing the chart. (. compensating for the curvature of the earth. England. Many people do not know their birth time. The ephemeris contains planet placements at Green­ wich. In these cases.WILLIAM SUN (GEOCENTRIC) MER The Modern Way—By Computer /115 URA 0 6 0 IMONIJUP ! ! I 1QUN !PLU I NOO URA 0 6 0 0 9 0 \ ! 0 0 ISO SAT VEN » 0 2 JUP VEN 0 9 0 — 0 ! 0 9 0 MAR NEP IMARINEP I 120 SAT J U P 04 URA 0 6 0 \ J U P MON 0 ! 0 9 0 MAR NEP NEP !04 NEP MAR 120 I BAT 0 190 MER 060 MON J U P IURA0 N E P — MAR J U P VEN 0 9 0 I — 0 t\ \ 120 SAT 0 9 0 SUN P L U P L U ! 0 5 MC + — — 102 NOO 060 I P L U (SUN URA 0 9 0 MER 0 6 0 MC VEN ! ! 0 6 0 P L U / 0 ABC MAR NEP V E N 0 9 0 \ ! \! 0 \ 120 BAT ! Figure 6 Computer Generated Chart: Harmonic Patterning. Newer computers would whip it out faster. The computer saves a tremendous amount of time. The computer has a built in cphemeris and formu­ las for converting time from the ephemeris. With a computer. Expensive if you plan to purchase the computer and software. I have an older. It is quite complex. By hand. the computer must convert that to the time and place where the birth takes place. These interpretations are pretty good. this whole process for one natal chart takes approximately ten minutes. . which still can furnish a lot of accurate. which is another complex process. which is zero longitude. A solar chart will not be as complete or accurate as one cast with the exact birth time. Figure 7 is one page from a computer Interpreted chart just to give you an idea of what they are like. the astrology software is quite expensive. In a few moments I will tell you about a chart inter­ pretation I would not have tackled without a computer because of the enormity of the job. Even if you already have a computer. Therefore.

If you live in or near a city that has a metaphysical bookstore you may discover that the bookstore has the equipment and sells natal charts. full moon period. new. Shortly after I purchased my computer and astrology programs I was asked by a man and his wife (previous as­ trology clients of mine) to help them decide the best time for their new baby to be born.) I created hundreds of charts by hand calculation for about 11 years before I purchased the computer.ens of charts. 2. then you must wait. (Sec the last page of the book for a special free natal chart offer. a dot matrix printer. 2. If you purchase the charts by mail or at a local re­ tailer. I had to work fast because I only had a couple days to i tune up with the best birth time. and I used that as my criteria during the ensuing investigation. Local retailers usually can fur­ nish same day or next day service. The asking price for these items was nearly $3000. This ei labled me to eliminate about half the days right away be­ muse of harsh aspects. For beginners. The physician agreed to make the incision at whatever time they wished in order to get the birthtime they wanted. but it still is expensive. The rea­ son is that you shouldn't spend money on the computer and software until you are sure you have a sufficient sus­ tained interest in astrology to warrant the expense. This narrowed the potential birth times to 10 cal­ endar days. Don't wait that long! Later in this book. Purchasing the charts. . was an inexpensive one at the time (1983) costing approximately $1500 for all the hard­ ware I needed (computer. The only restriction was that the physician would operate only between 7 am and 10 am. Monday through I Viday. The software costs approximately $900 more for two programs: one to create charts. generating . After reading this book. 4. and within 3 hours on any one of those days. and they went with the 8:05 on Tuesday choice. or weak aspects. Here are the facts: 1. Finally I had the absolute best time: 8:05 am the fol­ lowing Tuesday. but I drive a hard bargin (I learned from my w i f e look at her chart. I promised to tell you about a natal chart that I would not have tackled if I had not had a computer. video monitor. I asked the parents exactly what they wanted in a child. narrowing the time down. and a daisy wheel letter quality printer. and you will see it). I will give you information on where you can order natal charts by mail at a reasonable price.216/ Astrology for Beginners The Modern Way—By Computer /117 My computer. I dis¬ > iiNsed all options with the parents. however.hi/. I am quite good at eyehailing chartsand could see the trends and changes. weigh everything carefully and decide what is best for you. making more elimina­ tions. is inexpensive. I recommend that you purchase natal charts even though you have to wait to get them. Their physician told them the baby could be born anytime they wished within a certain two week period he designated. two disk drives. By mail. First I generated a chart for 8:30 am (the mid-point) of each day and studied those charts. and one to print out inter­ pretations. 3. you can wait many days or weeks. The prices on the hardware and software have come down since then. Then I zeroed in on the remaining days. Of course. eyeballing them. I also had some pretty good optional times. The baby was definitely going to be born by Caesarean section because of the mother's physical condition.

SU-SSO-VE Hi YOUR P E R S O N A L I T Y I S L O V I N G .. ART MAY B E YOUR C A R E E R OR B U S I N E S S OR ONE WHO I S IMPORTANT I N YOUR L I F E HAS SUCH I N T E R E S T S . S P O I L LOVED ONES OR HAVE AND S O C I A L BACKGROUND FROM A MAN YOU L O V E L I F E OR SWEETB AND HAVE TO A P P E A S E l AT T I M E S VERY D I F F E R E N T T A S T E S OR ARE FOND OF. VE-SOR-AS YOU MAY I O E A L I Z E SOMEONE OR SOMETHING ONLY TO F I N D THAT C I R C U M S T A N C E S S E E M T O DENY G R A T I F I C A T I O N .C J N . They said he was a perfect child Then they asked me to do it again for their second child who was going to be born within the next couple weeks. I talked again with them several years later. YOU'RE S E N T I M E N T A L . S P O I L I N G L O V E D ONES OR Y O U R S E L F I B FUN BUT A V O I D E X C E S S I V E V A N I T Y OR B E I N G EXTRAVAGANT WITH L O V E D ONES. A R T I S T I C A B I L I T Y OR P U B L I C SOCIAL EVENTS. A L O V E D ONE S E E M S HARD TO P L E A S E . VE-SSO-UR YOU MAY G E T C R A V I N G S FOR COMFORT. VE-SOR-MA YOU COULO B E KNOWN FOR YOUR LOOKS. E X C I T H E N T .1181 Astrology for Beginners The Modem Way—By Computer 1119 The result: Their son was bom exactly at 8:05 am. L O V I N G N E S S ANO/OR A R T I S T I C A T T A I N M E N T S ARE T H I N G S YOU S T R I V E FOR. P R E T T Y T H I N G S . YOU E X P R E S S L O V E BV B E I N G A F F E C T I O N A T E AND B Y G I V I N G G I F T S . THIS A L S O A P P L I E S TO ANY IMPORTANT WOMAN OR S U P E R I O R I N YOUR L I F E . YOU HAVE D E S I R E S ABOUT HOME. Y E T O B S T A C L E S A R I S E AND THE HARDER YOU T R Y THE MORE F R U S T R A T E D YOU MAY F E E L . L O V E OR A R T I S T I C E X P E R I E N C E S COULD COME I N AND OUT O F YOUR L I F E WITH G R E A T R A P I D I T Y . . VE-CJN-JU M Figure 7 Computer Generated Interpretation. S H E E T ANO A F F E C T I O N A T E . P R O P E R T Y .A B I T TOO MUCH S O AT T I M E S . B O C I A L A C T I V I T I E S ANO THE L U X U R I E S OR GOOD T H I N G S I N L I F E O F T E N COME YOUR WAY. P O P U L A R I T Y THROUGH LOOKS OR P E R SUASIVENESS. F A M I L Y WHICH ARE HARD TO S A T I S F Y . . This was an exciting experience for me. UNCONVENTIONAL L O V E . VE-SQR-NE a YOU COULD B E V E R Y P U R P O S E F U L I N P U R S U I N G WHO OR WHAT YOU HANT. S E L L I N G OR P U B L I C E N T E R T A I N I N G . D E S I G N I N G .I N D U L G E N T . and they con­ firmed that he was exactly like I said he would be based on the astrology analysis. YOU L O V E GOOD FOOD. m i niiliililiiiiiiiliiMMl luiiiilililiumiiilliliiiiliiiiKi t CHAPTER IV AFFECTIONS • SOCIABILITY • PLEASURES • BEAUTY I I I I M I I I I I l l l l l l I t l l U I I I I I I I M I I I I I I l l C t l U l t l l l K l l l K l l l l l l l l l l K E Y O U A L I T Y YOU COUNT YOUR L O V E D ONES AS YOUR OWN P O S S E S S I O N S . YOU MAY DO W E L L I N M O D E L L I N G . VEN-TAU K E Y A C T I V I T Y B E A U T Y . ART A P P E A L S TO YOU BUT MAY NOT DE V E R Y ENDURING. V E . S A C R I F I C I A L FOR L O V E OR ART BUT YOUR A I M S S E E M E V E R OUT O F REACH. F L I R T A T I O N S CAN D I S T U R B YOUR INNER T R A N Q U I L I T Y . SMALL ANO E X P E N S I V E T H I N G S . I N T E R I O R D E C O R A T ING. YOU MEET THE P U B L I C W I T H S O C I A L CHARM AND WIN A T T E N T I O N . THE A R T S . ONCE COMM I T T E D TO L O V I N G SOMEONE OR SOMETHING. YOU S T I CI* THROUGH T H I C K AND T H I N . VE-K'TH-HSE C H A P T E R H I G H L I G H T S MANY H E C T I C S O C I A L . CHANGES. S O C I A L F E E L I N G S O F D 1 S A T I S F A C T 1 0 N WHICH ARE HARD YOU MAY B E V A I N . Without the computer. KEEP A REALI S T I C V I E W O F WHAT I S P O S S I B L E . Astrology is exciting. ROMANT I C .M I IN ONE P A R T I C U L A R AREA O F YOUR L I F E YOU COULD 0 E S E L F . T H E S E E N E R G I E S ARE E X C E L L E N T A P P L I E D TO C R E A T I V I T Y . YOU CAN B E V E R Y D I P L O M A T I C . B U S I N E S S C O N T A C T S MAY TURN INTO L O V E . I would not have been able to do the hundreds of calculations and compile the dozens of charts in sufficient time. I certainly felt that I had helped create that baby—an awesome yet humbling feeling.

The advantage of eyeballing is that it is quick and does not require an expensive computer or a lot of refer­ ence books like the hand calculation method does. We will use the same birth in­ formation that was used in the computerized chart in fig­ ure 1 so you can compare the results. educated guess method of creat­ ing an approximation of a natal chart. the place of birth U not important. This is as 121 . First write down the location of the planets for July 4. For eyeballing. It is not as accurate as a calculated chart either by computer or by hand calcu­ lation.1929 and the I line of birth is 9 am EST. EYEBALLING THE PLANETS You need an ephemeris to eyeball the planets. As a refresher the date of birth is July 4. we will use the ephemeris page in figure 3.9 The Fast Way— By "Eyebailing" Eyeballing is a fast. I °29 as shown on the ephemeris page in figure 3. To nliow you how eyeballing works. The disadvantages are that an eyeballed chart lacks completeness and precise accuracy.

You notice that Mars changed to Virgo on July 5. England. This. So take one-third of 14. in­ troduces inaccuracy. The north node doesn't change much from day to day either. Hence.1 get this by dividing the 24 hours of tho day by 9. make a note of it because in a few moments we will need to do some inter­ polation. Now do the same for Mars as you did for the Moon. 29LE45 + 12 minutes = 29LE57. None of the others changed their sign. This is what you will use for your eyeballed position of Mars. Hence. you can see that the Moon moved 14 degrees from July 4 to July 5. we are just approximating. and Pluto (these are the heavy planets) move so slowly that there is very little change from one day to the next. Since the birth time is 9:00 am. Neptune. Node Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto The eyeballing is very close to calculated accuracy in nil cases is it not? All the major aspects between the planrtfi are the same as the calculated aspects. which is approximately 5. you will take the reading directly from the ephemeris for the heavy planets and the north node. So for eyeballing purposes. Saturn. Next. we just assume it is midnight at whatever location the birth took place. for now just write down Mars 00VI21. which is roughly one-third. which you will add to the Mars July 4 position. For eyeballing. and add it to the position of the Moon at the beginning of July 4. Looking at the ephemeris. you look at the placements for the remaining five fast planets for the following day. Mars moved approximately 36 seconds from July 4 to July 5. but after all we are just eyeballing. The most serious deviations in the above chart are . First you know that the planets Jupiter. Here is a comparison of your eyeballed planet loca­ tions with the computer calculated planet locations: Eyeballed 11CN31 18TA31 06GE04 20GE07 25TA56 29LE57 04GE44 26SA07R 11AR18 29LE22 17CN44 Calculated 12CN05 18TA30 09GE42 20GE42 26TA31 00V1O6 04GE51 26SA06R 11AR19 29LE23 17CN45 Error 34 minutes 1 minute 3 degrees 38 min. 01GE04 + 5 degrees = 06GE04. One third of 36 is 12. Uranus. This is what you will use for your eyeballed position of the Moon. so for aspects we i i»n regard eyeballing as being accurate. so you will use their July 4 locations for your eyeballing—except for the Moon because it moves very fast. we need to interpolate. July 5. Keep in mind that the positions shown for each day are at midnight (the beginning of the day) in Greenwich. 35 minutes 35 minutes 9 minutes 7 minutes 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute Sun N. Remember. that is approximately one-third of the way from the beginning of July 4 to the be­ ginning of July 5. of course. If any of them changed their sign the following day. You can ob­ serve this by scanning down the ephemeris page.122 / Astrology for Beginners The Fast Way—By "Eyeballing" / 1 2 3 follows: SunllCN31 Mercury 20GE07 Jupiter 04GE44 Neptune 29LE22 North Nodel8TA31 Venus 25TA56 Saturn 26SA07R Pluto 17CN44 Moon 01GE04 Mars29LE45 Uranus 11AR18 Now you make some decisions. So for the Moon (always) and for Mars in this specific chart.

. or ascendant. England. When you get more experi­ ence. you will be able to make a reasonably close eyeballing compensation for these factors also. So far we have eyeballcd the planet placements by sign and degree and aspect.224 / Astrology for Beginners The Fast Way—By "Eyeballing" / 225 the Moon being 3 degrees off. and you only need three things to play this game: 1. and time zone changes. one's outlook on life. Except when I am doing a chart for pay. The Sun sign establishes the total basic patterning for •1 person. and you 11Mm a lot of astrology that way. attitude. and thus have an even more accurate guess than the one we have just fin­ ished compiling. In fact. A basic knowledge of all twelve zodiac Sun signs. this goes for your understanding of others also. which is still a pretty good guess. 1 almost al­ ways just do eyeballing because I have learned to be quite accurate at it. The reason Greenwich is chosen as the reference point is that Greenwich is located exactly at zero degrees longitude. some people with a given Sun sign are very little like their Sun sign traits while others seem to be exactly like a textbook pic­ ture of their Sun signs. If you have two friends who are Cancers and one is floppy while the other is a neat-freak. you will underNtand why by blending their individual rising signs with their Cancer Sun sign. and it is every bit as im­ portant in determining personal characteristics and traits as is the Sun sign. You have already gotten this knowledge earlier in this I'ook. It is the most personal of all twelve houses. And Mars actually was in Virgo in the calculated natal chart rather than in Leo. The rising sign rules the 1st house in everyone's horoscope. EYEBALLING THE RISING SIGN You have probably noticed that no two people with the same Sun sign are exactly alike. This would cause some in­ accuracy when interpreting Mars-in-sign. Blending Sun signs and rising signs is sort of a game. and that really is what natal astrology is all about. of course. Of course. curvature of the earth. physical de­ sires. There are about forty major personal factors under 1st house domain. This makes it easy then to calculate the differ­ ences at other longitudes in the world. One of the major reasons for the differences is in one's rising sign. personal traits. latitude. If you understand your basic Sun sign char­ acteristics and your basic rising sign characteristics. Blending Sun signs and rising signs is fun. The 1st house has domain over the physical body. there are many other things besides rising sign that enter into the modifi­ cation of one's Sun sign. which is charted for Greenwich. you learn a lot about people that way. The inaccuracies are due to the differences between the location of the birth (Toledo. Everyone has a rising sign. I use the computer and do it absolutely accurately. The rising sign modifies that patterning to form the uniqueness that is you. personality. It is a safe bet that you have a num< ber of characteristics that are completely unlike your own Sun sign. For pay. Ohio in this case) from the ephemeris. Most importantly. you will have a nearly complete understanding of self. and you can expand on it by getting more detailed books from your library or bookstore. Now we need to eyeball the ascendant (rising sign) and then set up the houses and place the planets in the houses. but rising sign is the most promi­ nent modifier. etc. Of course. The factors that must be compensated for to get an accurate chart are: longitude.

I use the conventional two-letter abbre­ viation for the zodiac signs: A R (Aries). cua I I ON — u Oj t« T— co 1 t o r aco in T—< rO in— • tN ON C — " ON co in fi in m CN| E S| § fi § § 6 E a. then read that line across to the proper birth period. Just a close guess will suffice for our purposes here. o g - §si is E 1— 1 III T1 Li 1 " " ' 1 r—> 1 T - E E: E £ E £5 S E = E 5 £In 1 Cue L. VI (Virgo). a complete horoscope chart must be done. ON •o ml n I. SC (Scorpio). Look down the left column E Ef 6 £3 § E E S il i s = J Ej i § S E El 3 3 C U xl C u§ 6 f & at 1fljr arara 1ra3 (i 1 n f " Cu|. 3.226 / Astrology for Beginners 2. You must know the time of day the birth took place. GH . LI (Libra). In the chart. pi £ i ii a cU i « — i • as > — < col — ra P tN ON in tNl 6 r— co ml i— col T-H I—* T — 1 ON T-H| II fi §E £ § 6 E £ I d I I I il I I > to uDC u at s.ON r-H 1 1 T 1 » in f . To find a per­ son's rising sign. The column in which the birth period occurs has the name of the correct rising sign at the top of the column.5 i I « I I £E S ex.1 CO i 1/ col l O \ •-< B E j S E E E\ £ E £ E gfi E B. C c u < 3 I-H C "0m » C u D)—4 1 ON I — N . time consuming.tN C rH[ 3 E E 3 6 £ | S E 5 S 1 1 Cu| 1 cu t C o Mrat al § ! 3 1 ra ( i Cue1 u C v | >n t-» f O I f1 Cul1 r .tn ' i — 1 1 — < ON T—' C ra re K C s in t>. rising signs across the top of the chart. to in ra ro ION. (Gemini). suppose your Sun sign is Capricorn and you were born at 6:15 pm. u PJ i — i CO T—' 1 — ' ON n tN ONI 0 1 e s es 60 I 6 «3 a 5 E I I £ £ fi s i E S C U cu a a. C N (Cancer). 1 will show you a quick and easy way to determine the ris­ ing sign. ro u . T A (Taurus). but it is accurate for the majority of people born in the United States or in similar latitudes in other countries. a I it § § C u C U a. QuC . 5) C o CO ro 15 IN O \ c id Curt Ov r ml tN ON m tNl co ml t i CO ir> I N ON 1 — *1 •—i r i ro T — '1 n t—• E ral J I—*l I < I I N . E E J a. that gives you a quick look-up method of determining a rising sign.D CuD 1 •— «r • tN ON -—'/ CO I T o\ — T1 1 in t> 1 t i CT" n ?i 1 1 tN o >in t> co in hi 1— a CJ EE e e e E E 6 E & E £E SE 6 S Jrac < 3 S E E £ CudJ a .SJ C u ra ra isC ro ra ro in I-" en C u ra cu SJ tN ONI C r—i [ x ON u oJco in n col ON >-< > n tN n r-' ON n in tN EE § I EE E I E g § G§ EE g •i i ra 3 § C u D cuaJ E u S IoJ u pJ C a. O CuCJ Ico uC ir* C *• ON T iraC 1 1 n i¬ >m N ii 1 E i| £raC im 3 i ^tn^ . Often this information is on the birth certificate. (3 OH ^ cuo. You must know what the rising sign is. which is shown in figure 8. d i § fi fi E El IW cu5J I I iro s a ON r-« CO K ON Iin d S to in r u CL a s co in] ' ON t—< C r-* f i CO T-H tN ON in tN I E nJ r — < E E E £ e E £ E E E I fi fi fi t I aJ fi s § § § 6 cuoj • • O. ON in tN •o in E E E S £ E £ E E fi § ra ra I I 6B E C u a CuO cu EJ a. For example. SA (Sagittarius). The chart will not be accurate for one hundred percent of the people. Sun signs are listed down the chart. look down the chart to his/her Sun sign. L E (Leo). C 1 C u A Cu( 1 n r-«l ON r3 < 1 1 l—« O" i—' 3 h m tN 0 n P «.r< 1 —• C1 T—1 I ON y-> NO \|m ^ " co m M ON r Hi tN. use 6 am. This is complex.I N . ask the mother. c I fl CO « I S 1raiCC u ra L S n J O.e n tN i col I — I 1 1 (J W u| w 5 < cnl C u §i 5g| 2 u| o < EC] . o| u D. The time range listed in the small squares is the time period for a birth. C u£ CuC 1 ON n N . To be absolutely certain of rising signs in one hun­ dred percent of the cases. A Q (Aquar­ ius). Otherwise. I have devised a chart. CuD. Shortly. If the birth time cannot be deter­ mined.CO lO tN 1 1 n CO 60 e s SB BB £ E E g fi . C P (Capricorn). a C uc <C U uP A tN ON ra ra co ir tN ON co ini Cud I ra ra 1C — 4] fi n n ON I in tN I . and not necessary for the average astrology buff who wants to en­ joy astrology without consulting a professional astrologer or casting an absolutely accurate chart. C O i n r. and PI (Pisces).

How do you know which is correct? The rule of thumb for these borderline time periods is: Use the first rising sign if the birthdate is in the first half of the Sun sign period. Leos are outgoing. de­ termine my rising sign. Cancer people tend to be timid. For instance. The best way to decide is to look at both rising signs and see which really does fit the person in question when you blend each rising sign with the Sun sign. There just is not a guaran­ teed way to eyeball the houses and feel comfortable about their accuracy. The person is likely to have a Taurus rising sign if the birthdate is in the last fifteen days of Aries. Then read up that 5 p m / 7 pm col­ umn to see which zodiac sign is at the top. that is.1281 Astrology for Beginners The Fast Way—By "Eyeballing" / 229 to C P then read across until you find the time block in which your birth time falls. from March 21 to April 4. that would be the time block labeled 5 p m / 7 pm because 6:15 pm falls within that time period. Time is listed as standard time. and has the same Sun and rising sign. Every once in a while you meet a person who is ex­ actly like his/her Sun sign. Then start doing the same thing with family mem­ bers. it will become immediately obvious which is the correct rising sign. Go down the left column to Can- . First look up your own rising sign and study how it blends uniquely with your Sun sign to make you the per­ son you are. double Gemini. As soon as you do this. use 6:30 am when using this chart. and learn about people and astrology in the process. Once you know both the Sun and rising signs for a person. and you have learned how to eyeball a rising sign. double Taurus. if your birthtime is recorded as 7:30 am DST. suppose your friend has a Cancer Sun sign and a Leo rising sign. etc. subtract one hour from the birthtime and use that to reference in this chart. All you need to do is study the Sun sign profiles for both signs and blend them together. Now you have written down your eycballed planet positions based on my birth information. Use the second rising sign if the birthdate is in the second half of the Sun sign period. A final word about using the rising sign chart. In this case. and using figure 8. Then friends. You will notice that certain birth times can fall into two differ­ ent rising sign time periods. There are exceptions to this rule of thumb. the person most likely has an Aries rising sign if his/her birthdate falls in the first fifteen days of Aries: that is. The only remaining fttep is to eyeball my rising sign and then create an eyeballed chart with houses and the planets placed in these houses. reclusive and home lov­ ing.7 am period). For exam­ ple. Given my birth information. and interested in play­ ing. These births are commonly called double Aries. You will have fun. MAKING AN EYEBALLED NATAL CHART Here is where the greatest inaccuracy of eyeballing t tunes in—creating the houses. For births during daylight savings time. an Aries Sun sign person who is born at 7 am could fall into either an Aries rising sign or a Taurus rising sign. fascinate your fam­ ily and friends. In this example. it is C N (Can­ cer). you can easily tell a great deal about that person. from April 4 to April 19. For instance. So Cancer would be the correct rising time in this ex­ ample. show-offs. Most likely this person was born about Sunrise (5 am . A person with this Cancer-Leo blend is likely to be a fun loving homebody who likes to retreat into privacy for a while and then break out and be the life of the party sometimes.

Just turn n bowl or plate upside down on a sheet of paper and trace around it. you know my rising sign is Leo because Leo comes before Virgo.une. the analysis would be amazingly close to the analysis of the computerized chart. The degree of error with eyeballing. Otherwise the charts would interpret much the h. Now use a ruler to di­ vide it into twelve pie shaped sections. . use the first rising sign. Fig­ ure 9 shows what your final eyeballed chart should look like. Then you have the circle. use the second rising sign. Compare figure 9 with the computerized chart. 29VI00 on the 2nd house cusp. I do nut purport that eyeballing is a replacement for an acculatdy constructed chart. In HO minimal that it is well worth pursuing. Apply this same logic to the other time periods for all your rising sign eyeballing. for 9 am use 29 degrees Leo. either Leo or Virgo. You set up all houses to be equal. There simply is no way to guess accurately. you make a decision. and (2) Mars is in Leo when it should be in Virgo. for 8 am (the halfway point) use 15 degrees Leo. Therefore. If the birth date is in the second half of the Sun sign period. Venus in the 9th house would reflect me being a Mlronger candidate for a religious life or in the publishing business as perhaps an editor or in marketing rather than a-t a writer interacting with the public as my Venus in the 10th reflects.230 / Astrology for Beginners The Fast Way—By "Eyeballing" / 732 cer and then across to 9am. Now take a blank horoscope chart and label the first house cusp (the rising sign) with 29LE00 (29 degrees 0 sec­ onds of Leo). worst case. Therefore guess at a degree that is in the latter degrees of Leo. For these border­ line cases. This then will be the eyeballed rising sign for my birth chart. Think about it a moment. Eyeballing does work quite well. which is in the first half of the Sun sign period. put 29LE00 on the 1st house cusp. Here is a good rule of thumb (still using my exam­ ple): For 7 am use 1 degree Leo. You can label the houses 1 through 12 starting at the 1st house and numbering counterclockwise. 29LI00 on the 3rd and so on through 29CN00 on the 12th house cusp. you can easily make one. 2. So here is what you do. If you were to analyze the eyeballed chart. if you do it right. Pretty darn close aren't they? There are only two Items that do not match closely: (1) the eyeballed Venus falls into the 9th house instead of the 10th where it should he. your 1st house cusp will not be in error by more than about 14 degrees. fig­ ure 1. This is phenominally close. My birth date is July 4. But what degree of Leo? Here is where you make an educated guess. The principal differences would be these: 1. To digress a moment. You know from figure 8 that my 9 am birth time is borderline to Virgo.2 or ) for an idea of the general layout. Refer to figures 1. Mars in Leo would reflect me as being more openly aggressive than I really am with Mars in Virgo. If you do not have a pad of horoscope charts. Now comes the most inaccurate part of the entire ( eyeballing process—setting up houses 2 through 12. and usually closer than that. Since 9 is a borderline time. Next place the eyeballed planets in the houses. Don't be overly concerned about making the pie shaped equal sizes. it would show me less skillful with words than I really am with Mars in Virgo. That is. recall that I said if the birthdate is in the first half of the Sun sign period. With this method. You will be as close as you can get by eyeballing. Also. Of course.

and most are not even close. the exact degrees on all the house cusps and for all the planets are also analyzed. . Analyzing the degrees lets you get deeper inside the per­ son. When eyeball­ ing houses. to' matching a calculated chart that you can glean a great deal of valuable information from an eyeballed chart. they do correlate with regard to the signs ruling the houses. and there is no way to know that when you are eyeballing. If you were to eyeball my wife's natal chart (see fig­ ure 4) you would not have the signs on the houses corre­ late because she has two intercepted signs. However. In more advanced astrology. For this. None of the eyeballed house cusps have the correct degree on them. In the latter part of this book I will refer you to a good reference hook for degree analysis if it should interest you. you must have an accurately constructed chart—no eyeballing. hut I just want to make you aware that it does exist. you can set up a chart in a matter of minutes. This gives a deeper and broader scope of interpretation. Eyeballing does come close enough. in general. you must assume that it will be a conventional wheel such as in my natal chart.132 / Astrology for Beginners The Fast Way—By "Eyeballing" / 733 The one feature that does not correlate between fig­ ures 1 and 9 is that of the houses. We will not go into analysis of degrees in this book. When you get accustomed to eyeballing.

If you really do not want to learn how to create a natal chart. The method in this chapter is the one I used for many years in my pre-computer days. that is OK. Of course. and get your calculator if you have one. if you want to become a real pro or a top notch amateur. It is just as accurate as the i omputer—just slower—much slower.10 The Original Way— By Math Roll up your sleeves. there are some terms used that are not mentioned elsewhere in this book and it would benefit you to at least be familiar with the terms. Most of you won't want to. In this case. sharpen your pencils. I am able to eyeball a 135 . I he same way the computer does it. In tins chapter you will learn how to construct an accurate natal chart step by step. get plenty of paper. First. doing the calculations yourself. In addition. preferring in­ stead computerized charts or eyeballing. I've gained two advantages from knowing how to i onstruct a chart step by step. I rec­ ommend that you at least read this chapter without actu­ ally doing the steps because you will gain an awareness of all the factors involved. you should definitely take the time to learn the method of chart calculation in this chapter.

it is immediately apparent to me because I know approxi­ mately what the chart should look like. Now let's proceed with erecting a natal chart. "1 copied the information from my birth certifi­ cate!" I asked to see the birth certificate. I knew she had given me incorrect information because the chart was nothing like the person I knew she really was. Each chart contains the data necessary to calculate the degrees and signs on each house cusp for a given birth time and place. which is absolutely impossible! The Sun and Venus are never separated by more than 48 degrees. She gave me her birth information. She in­ sisted. she had written 12:05 am. She replied to tell me that 1 was a lousy astrologer. Case #2: A woman. From Case #1. lets examine some of the factors required for the calculation. Before we begin the actual calculation." She mentioned his name. there would be a listing of all 60 degrees north latitude.1914 because that is the last day that Pluto was in Gemini in the past several hun­ dred years. Case #1: A woman I knew quite well hired me to do her chart and give her an analysis. Here are two example of some of the many errors 1 have encountered. wrote and asked me to do a chart and analysis and mail it to her. it had Venus trine the Sun. learn to be careful. detail conscious. In figure 10. This hand drawn chart had two significant errora that were apparent at a glance. I did a computerized chart. I have just included enough information to give you an Idea of what each table looks approximately like. a logarithm chart (which I will call a "log" chart from now on). 1 will discuss each of these items in sufficient detail for you to use them. Her proof was a photocopy of a hand created chart done "by a world famous astrologer. one for each degree of the horoscope wheel. Tables of Houses A Tables of Houses is a book that contains 360 charts. I've just included a few of them for Illustration. and a book of time changes. First. Keep in mind that a complete Tables of Houses has MO charts. It read 12:05 pm. Second. a blank horoscope chart. and double check everything. which I promptly forgot because I'd never heard of him. a Tables of Houses. I 'igure 10 contains simulations of the two charts required to calculate the house cusps we are going to use in the ex­ ample we will work in a few moments. Probably 90 percent of the errors I encounter are due to erroneous birth information. The moment I glanced at the chart.236 / Astrology for Beginners The Original Way—By Math /137 chart faster and more accurately because my mind can ap­ proximate the adjustments that must be made. a table of geo­ graphical coordinates. We will use the ephemeris page shown in figure 3. I wrote to tell her this only to receive a scathing re­ sponse that I was not competent. each one different from the others. whom I did not know. . Yet she gave her birthdate as being in 1927. In an ac­ tual Table of Houses book. or when I read any chart that contains a significant error. Second. Astrology certainly brings interesting experiences. Most Tables of Houses books contain additional valuable information such as geographical coordinates fur major cites of the world and time zone tables. Twelve hours difference is tre­ mendous. it had Pluto in Gemini. Even the short time between the birth of identi­ cal twins makes a difference. which meant she had to have been born sometime prior to May 26. when I make an error in entering data into the computer.

whether by hand calculation or by com­ puter. It can also be written as 5:34' 12. ON ON ON ON ON 1 5 vO CN CN 0 0 < H o CN CN (A O co m O CN t N C O 0 o • 3 ON '—' r-i CN CN $ o g 8 5 NO N O N O C N C N CN CN CN CN CN 9 in NO NO 3 5 6 !3 1 2 OJ o o o CN O N co m Z u o O rCN CN *0 3 3 0 1 CD in N o O * oo co i n r-i —I •xi N 0O 0 I N 0 O0 N O N CO CN i n co n i n W 00 s a i s i s 2 a The Toledo. which runs through Greenwich. Ohio listing above is in bold face because I hat is the one we will use in the chart we will construct. Some books do not give Ihe longitude time. The only way a computer knows how to create a chart is for you to key in the geographical coordinates as well as the date and time of birth. F L 80W49 Toledo. The coordinates are ex­ pressed in degrees and minutes of latitude and longitude. The 5:34:12 is longitude time in degrees. The 83W33 indicates 83 degrees and 33 minutes west of zero longitude. There will be many times when you need to calculate a chart for a birthplace that is not a major city and will not he listed in a convenient table." where' = minutes and "= seconds.KS 95W40 Torrance. O H 83W33 Topeka. ON r l r H f o O M CN CN .I— 00 0 0 00 00 00 NO s a fN 00 00 CO o co i n r-> OJ M r. The coordinates are needed whenever you create an accu­ rate natal chart. for example. Figure 11 nhows how to calculate longitude time if you should ever need to. minutes and seconds.238 / Astrology for Beginners » N •* O CS N Ifl rH f rl 77ie Original Way—By Math / 239 o ON to to if CO o p O CN IN ON ON r .N •£ O CN CO 5 CO o CM CN CM o o CN o CN o M N O IN CO C N < H fN co W i-i NO m o o in r-» co i n CN CO i — i •t O o G o u 3 1 A "cV s C N ON O n N i— N -a « 3— o M N CM NO N N » to CN CN CN CN CN co CN 39 9 o o« « .i co i r t i - N*- „. C A 118W19 34N10 28N37 41N39 39N03 33N50 7:55:20 5:23:16 5:34:12 6:22:40 7:53:16 to to o p NO CN 0 CO CN cN n 0 t-> CO CO O N ON O N 00 00 CN CN C N C N CN 3 in CN t N N O i n CO T -l i n i . A simulated mini-sample of a typical listing of coor­ dinates found in most tables of houses books is as follows: Longitudes and Latitudes of Major Cities u ë B co 2 CN r- 0 0 ON ON CN CN CN CN co co CO i n O N i n co n i n n t — in Q r-i CN ^ i n CN i n 1-" CN CN 3 U w a o ON r- T— T— O <N <N CM NO CN CN CN CN NO NO NO S S o m o in p M 1H I H ON O CO ^ J 1 r — CN CO ^t* *T Thousand O a k s . Villages and rural areas. so it must be calculated. C A 118W50 Titusville. n N Na rj H OJ p-3 o p co in 00 t-i o •* o o Geographical Coordinates Geographical coordinates define the exact point on earth where a birth takes place. Eng­ land. The 4IN39 indicates 41 degrees and 39 minutes north of the equator.

Step 1 83 degrees X 4 minutes 332 minutes Step 2 60 5 hours [332 2QQ 32 minutes Step 3 y 33 minutes 4 seconds— 132 seconds (Each minute of longitude must equal 4 seconds of clock time. It is quite simple to use. suppose one lati­ tude mark is 34 degrees and the next one is 38 degrees and your birthplace lies three-fourths of the way past 34 to­ ward the 38 degree mark. Most commonly they will mark off every four degrees of latitude and longitude. You can get one at the library or purchase one. and then you have the geographical coordinates. You simply look up numbers. I will give you a step by step example. What you need to do is find the birthplace on the map as closely as you can and then interpolate the coordinates using the ones marked on the map as a guide. red. Shortly. The birthplace would be three-fourths of 4 (the distance be­ tween marks) past 34. Do not let the impressive appearance of the table in­ timidate you. Three-fourths of 4 is 3. Compare this result with the listing of coordinates in the Longi­ tudes and Latitudes of Major Cities chart and you will see that they are identical. the chart is used to calculate the exact position of each planet with respect to the place of birth. Longitude Time Rule: Each degree of longitude is equal to 4 minutes of clock time. Logarithm Chart Figure 12 is a log table. These arc usually printed in very small letters. Step 5 Add the results of steps 2 and 4 together. and blue ink.) Step 4 60 2 minutes [132 12Q 12 seconds In these cases you need to figure out the geographical coordinates using a map (world atlas or road map). So add 3 to 34 and the birthplace is at 37 degrees N latitude.1401 Astrology for Beginners The Original Way—By Math / 242 Figure 11. 1 rec­ ommend purchase because they are not expensive and you will use them constantly. Use a ruler to measure. . Longitude for Toledo. For example. I've seen them in black. + 5 hours 32 minutes ? minutes 12 seconds 5 hours 34 minutes 12 seconds This is the total Toledo longitude time. Most maps have latitude and longitude marks at intervals around the periphery of the map. This is quite simple. Do the same kind of measurement for the longitude. not just lor astrology exclusively. In astrology. A Tables of Houses is a must for doing hand calcula­ tions. It is a mathematical table that Is used for hundreds of mathematical calculations. Ohio is 83 W 33.

Ohio.r. If all time zones switched uniformly from standard lime to daylight time it would be a simple matter to auto­ matically subtract the one hour from daylight time when calculating a chart.. the switching of times is anything but uniform. s I K Time Changes There are books you can get at the library or purchase that show the various time changes in the United States over the years. On July 4. Toledo was using Eastern Standard Time. Some states allow each county to choose whether or not to switch. Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone. For example. >jji§§3 4 «2ijt H|| S îSîdatstau*» Figure 12 Table of Proportional Logarithms . And then there were War Time changes at various times in various places.142 /Astrology for Beginners Vie Original Way—By Math /143 1= i n iiSS883i33S33388SSS839a83836S8SS863SSaS3a33338SSB88838Sg3Sgii1 si§§Sili3iiigi§8§18ii^^ Ia|igiiiiggigg !lgiisii5 £ili!SîlIiîSi§iiîIiîi22î38iSH82. For our calculations in this chapter. To calculate a natal chart you need to know the time zone and the kind of time in effect at the moment of birth. Toledo.Sg58s8iî33Ss3S§33ai88s!î3SI28Bi38888S332S888§§81lliiinil . The only way to know for certain is to look it up in a book.s8S8S8iSBi8SS33888SISI8i88ia8aS8il83i8Si3iiiS88Isa8I8sI88Kr -igi. Some places don't switch at all.ggg^sgiggsggg3ii|H8SS8888g8888i888iMIi8iii8882S388s83Sin «g|giisI?JIggIiiIIiilaglliIl2iiâsiig§§iiIIIIIIIllI^îiggiss?Ş|. which is one hour faster than standard time. England. I will tell you the I'orrect time to use.1929 at Toledo. and you can do them or not as you choose. All the other house cusps and planet positions are calculated In exactly the same manner. which is known as Zone 5 because it is five time zones west of Greenwich. July 4.. 1 will show you how to calculate the mid-heaven and aNcendant cusps and how to calculate the Sun position. It is a mess.1929.1990 Toledo was using Eastern Daylight Time.r. lite Chart Figure 13 is the chart we will use for the hand calcu­ lated natal chart for 9 am. M3gppipiiffiiUPPigP38g8a88EgBSS8S83S K » « â a ^ ^ . I've filled in those we calculate in this exam­ ple in the chart. However. I've recommended such a book in Part IV of this book. on July 4. However. Ssi§iliiiiiiiill8iii»iai2i!iii8288iilli§iiiiiiiSS§23i§88Î3!« I sS8i3|563i|3s§!8|i5§25«iSi8i88i388^ siggH2gg88g !£gNi8iS§sSI3iS2l2888« 5â88Sg8sS8Î588§l8383§IISg§8Ii5883S88 a8S33â38888iI8883i8i23S38888388SSS8i§S§88l!flIII2888aS8gS8il« I 588888a8S88SB888S8gs88a888S88iS888§Si8syi8iiSS888is38SS5«ll 1 sS8gi8i88S888igga3â8iia33S88siS23§ia3833S3â388i3sSs8S18Sâii!l •833888§8S8?ii3!iiillIi88Si81i88lil888Si8I3888I8S885188I38iSI I -EggiggE8i8iSi8i388i8iigi8i858s8isSI!i3!3is!888§8i8I8SI8?S«l -gi3SiS8S888888Si8§i8ia88i8SS§sSS88SS5ii888S8!î8Si§38§88m« .

so I won't belabor the matter by talking you through it here." Figure 14 shows step by step how to do this simple calculation. The one shown here is just one type. Some ephemeris books are noon ephemeris. Chart Calculation In order to determine the house cusps. So to find the house cusps for our natal chart we will have to interpolate halfway between the two table of houses charts in figure 10. the very beginning of the day. The side­ real time of birth for the example we are working is 3h Mm 12s. F i g u r e 13 Natal Chart . we will have to in­ terpolate two-thirds of the way between the latitude fig­ ures. which is about two-thirds of the way between the 41 and •I?. Ohio in this case). I've made a note in figure 14 to tell you what you need to do differently if you use a noon ephemeris. the data given is for zero hours." We will now use this number to look up data in the table of house. The birth latitude in our example is 41N39. In the upper left corner of the lefthand chart in figure 10 you see the numbers 3h 12m 0s. This calcu­ lation is to compensate for the time difference and curva­ ture of the earth from Greenwich. That is. Figure 14 is self-explanatory. The ephemeris page. The result of our calculation in figure 14 is a sidereal time of 3:14' 12. which is almost exactly halfway between these two consecutive charts. we first must calculate the "Sidereal Time of Birth. In the same place in the rlghthand chart you see the numbers 3h 16m 0s. Or you can make your own. Also take note that running vertically between the I wo charts is a listing of latitudes (abbreviated LAT.144 / Astrology for Beginners The Original Way—By Math / 1 4 5 There are a number of designs of blank charts in pad form available at reasonable prices. figure 10. Therefore. England to the point of birth (Toledo. used for this calcula­ tion is a midnight ephemeris. figure 3.) from t) to 60 degrees. degree latitude figures.

So add 30 minutes to the midheaven position in the lefthand chart and you have 20 T A 26 + 30' . Continued G M T Correction Table Add 10" correction for every GMT hour at the end of Step 5. The midheaven differ­ ence between the two charts is exactly 60 minutes (one de­ cree). we will need to interpolate between these two midheaven positions. Place: Toledo. If this number is more than 24:00:00. 9:00 + 5:00 14:00 G M T 18:46'04" 32:46'04" 5:34'12" Add time zone hours (see zone chart below) to convert to GMT. this is the same as 32:45'64". All other calculations are as shown above. (For subtraction. Chart Calculation Birth Date: July 4. subtract 24:00:00 before calculating the GMT correction from the chart below. in Step 2 add 12:00 hours for an am birth time. Centered near the top of the left hand chart you will find 20 T A 26 and in the same place in the righthand chart you will find 21 T A 26. In constructing a chart using a noon ephemeris. FOR NOON EPHEMERIS: The rules are slightly different if yon are using a noon ephemeris (the above calculations are for n midnight ephemeris). which is the 10th house cusp for our example.1929. you auto- . add 12:00 hours. Let's do the midheaven first. and add 00:00 for a pm birth time. Ohio Step 1 Step 2 9:00 am EST Birth time (less one hour if needed for daylight savings time or War time) +00:00 If pm birth time. which is the sidereal time of birth. add sidereal time from ephemeris (see fig. Figure 14. That is. Step 2 above is exactly opposite. Half of 60 is 30.5 for Eastern Standard Time for Central Standard Time for Mountain Standard Time for Pacific Standard Time for Central Alaska Time for Hawaiian Standard Time (EST) (CST) (MST) (PST) (CAT) (HST) Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 27:11'52" Step 6 2'20" 27:13'72" 24:00:00 3:1372" = 3:14'12".146 /Astrology for Beginners The Original Way—By Math /147 Figure 14. Since you now know the 10th house cusp. Write this on your blank chart as I have done in figure 13.) See GMT correction chart below for further instruction Add correction for GMT (see chart be­ low). 3).20 T A 56. If the number at the end of Step 5 is greater than 24:00:00. To GMT. 0' to 6'= 01" 30' to 36'= 06" 6' to 12' = 02" 36' to 42'= 07" 12' to 18'= 03" 42' to 49'= 08" 18' to 24'= 04" 48' to 54'= 09" 24' to 30'= 05" 54' to 60'= 10" Time Zones + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 +10 +10. Subtract longitude time (see chart ear­ lier in this chapter). To find the midheaven for our example chart. Time: 9:00 am. add zero for am. subtract 24:00:00 from it. These are the positions for the midheaven (10th house cusp).

I used seconds and frac­ tions of seconds just like the computer. and you will learn how to do interpreta­ tions in the next several chapters. Of course. by eyeballing. or 1st house cusp. recheck your math. and my calculations for simplicity. we must now interpolate between the numbers we calculated in the two previous paragraphs. Interpreting the results is the same for all three methods. Enter this on the 1st house cusp of your chart. A d d 23 minutes: 27 L E 15 + 23 = 27 L E 38. Whichever method you choose is up to you. If you choose you can calculate the remaining planets and fill them in on your chart. but found it to be too cumbersome for general use. They are 46 minutes apart. . The Sun is used as an ex­ ample and is filled in on figure 13. The left chart at 41 degrees latitude shows 26 L E 56. Add 12:27 L E 20 + 12 = 27 L E 32. If you choose you can proceed to calculate the re- maining house cusps in the same manner as I've just ex­ plained. and for all practical purposes can be considered precise. The computer uses minutes and seconds and fractions of seconds and does no rounding until the final calculation. The rounded calculations I use are certainly close enough. You now have been introduced to the three methods of creating a natal chart: By computer. The reason is that I have used rounded minutes and no seconds in my ephemeris page. If they vary significantly from the computer gen­ erated figures. which is the degree and sign of our calculated As­ cendant. Since our birth latitude (41N39) falls 2/3 of the way between the 41st and 42nd degree latitudes. Write this on your chart also. They are 47 minutes apart. When I first started in astrology. Half of 47 is 24 (rounded). or 20 S C 56. table of houses page. so add 24 to the lower number: 26 L E 56 + 24 = 27 L E 20. Now let's do the Ascendant (ASC). It will be the same de­ gree and minutes in the opposite sign. The left chart shows 27 L E 15 and the right chart shows 28 L E 01. and by hand calculated math. The difference between 27 L E 38 and 27 L E 20 is 18 minutes. When you compare our calculations so far against ' the computer generated ones (see figure 1) you will see a minute or so difference.1481 Astrology for Beginners The Original Way—By Math / 149 matically know the 4th house cusp. and the right chart shows 27 L E 43. Two-thirds of 18 is 12. Figure 15 is self-explanatory and shows step by step how to calculate planet positions. Half of 46 is 23 minutes. Do the same type of calculation now for the 42 degree latitude. this automatically makes the 7th house cusp be­ come 27 A Q 32. enter this on your chart also.

use the previous day and the birth day. First you must determine the constant log from the log chart in figure 12 that represents the GMT of the birth time. Planet Correction With a midnight ephemeris. always use the Green­ wich day of birth and the day following when finding the movement of a planet in a 24-hour period. add the 33' to the ephemeris position: Ephemeris 11 C N 32 Movement Q Q 22 Position 11 C N 65 = 12 CN 05 If you look at the computer calculated position for the Sun in figure 1. .2341 1. you will see it exactly matches the position calculated above.4025. Go across the top to 14 and down to 0. Now look up 14 degrees and 00 minutes in the log chart in figure 12.1929 is: 11 CN 32 Sun position at midnight Greenwich on July 5.150 / Astrology for Beginners The Original Way—By Math /151 Figure 15. To find where the Sun was at 9 am on July 4. 12 CN29 = 11 CN89 -11 CN32 = 11CN32 00 57' movement Now refer to the log chart in figure 12 to find the log equivilent of 57'. You find the number 1. Figure 15. This same constant log will be used to calculate all of the planet positions for this specific birth.1929 is: 12 CN 29 To find the movement of the Sun in this 24 hour pe­ riod.6366 in the log chart to see what de­ grees and minutes comes closest to it. All planet positions are calculated exactly as de­ scribed above. So the constant log for this specific birth is .1929 in relation to Toledo. Continued Add the constant log to the Sun log number: Sun 1. The GMT is the number you obtained at the comple­ tion of Step 3 in figure 14 when calculating the chart. The only things different will be the ephemeris numbers and the constant log because the birth times and places will be different for each chart you con­ struct. Look down to left column to 57 and then over to 0 (because there are zero degrees).6366. This means that the Sun moved 33' from the position listed in the ephemeris until the birth time and place being charted. You will find that 00 degrees and 33 minutes comes closest to 1. It is usually written CL . the GMT is 14:00.2341.4025 CL .2341. The planet positions are given in the ephemeris (fig­ ure 3 for our purposes here).6366 Now look up 1. subtract 24 to obtain the GMT number to use here.2341. Sun position at midnight Greenwich on July 4. Ohio. In cases where the GMT is 24:00 or more. with the following excep­ tion: For am births where the GMT is less than 24:00. subtract 11 CN 32 from 12 CN 29. The number is . In our example case. The same ap­ plies to using a noon ephemeris.


however. The interpretations in these four chapters are brief. provide accurate and sufficiently complete inhirmation for beginners to get an excellent start on their path to the enjoyment and practice of astrology. SUN The Sun in the Signs An entire chapter. These chapters do. look up the brief interpretation for it in this chapter. you will need to read more extensive books I hat specialize just in interpretations. For example. was devoted to Sun «lgns because the Sun is the single most important planet Ina ny chart. For more depth nnd details. if a chart has Mercury in Gemini. Combine it with all the other pertinent interpretations and you end up with a good overall interpretation for the chart. The Sun will not be covered additionally here 155 . covering only some of the salient points. Chapter 4.11 Planets in the Signs This chapter and the three following chapters are de­ signed to give you a quick reference for interpreting the various factors that go into compiling a complete natal horoscope interpretation.

and are very fussy about cleanliness and good nu­ trition. they are warm. If the Moon has favorable aspects (trines. Colors associated with the Sun are gold and orange. Negatively. these people are unbalanced and do nearly every- . and unwilling to change. de­ voted. Confers ambi­ tion. They often are overly sen­ sitive to the remarks and actions of others. On the negative side. and gentle. • Moon in Gemini This confers quick-wit. but expect them to he well groomed. they are intelli­ gent. materialistic. these people are hard working. have a smother­ ing affection. it indicates pcr« sons who have excellent ability to think and rationalize clearly and who are resourceful. There usually is a capacity for leadership. ingenious. and often have a mean streak. With adverse mpects. Moon in Leo These people want to be the center of attention. these people are I M In need. On the positive side.md perhaps a touch of greed. and they can have strong ties to their mother. and adaptable. patient. kind. With good aspects. If harshly aspected it usually confers slyness. which can cause them to withdraw and brood. and generous. If the Moon is heavily afflicted with harsh aspects (squares. and appreciate the fine things in life. Negatively. Most often these people are «hy and prefer to work behind the scenes. they are lazy. they are overly romantic. On the positive side. These people are usually good cooks. They are capable of great love and great ambition. courteous. ability to communicate both in writing and speaking. Moon in Virgo These people are hardworking. they are enthusiastic. like to hoard things.to be ad­ mired and appreciated. nagging. Refer to Chapter 4 for details. They often attract the good things in life. They are independent and do what they want.256 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs / 257 except to point out that in any chart the Sun represents the self—body and personality. . it confers cleverness and ingenu­ ity. Negatively. MOON Moon in Aries Gives a person a great deal of energy. romantic. These people do not tolerate interference from others. These people have a tendency to dominate others. Person is usually courageous and confident. they can be egotistical showoffs. oppositions). avoiding the limelight. If well aspected. these people can be unreliable and untrustworthy. Inclines person to temper flare-ups and impetuousness. right or wrong. versatile. Often they have a green thumb. or conjunctions). especially marriage and husincss partners. They love children. They need recognition . Moon in Libra Strong sensitivity to others. Often they are prima donnas. Domestic security is vitally important to these peo­ ple. Moon in Taurus These people tend to have steady emotions. loving. maternal. humble. responsible. pay great attention to detail. it indicates much confu­ sion and distorted reasoning. Positively. Moon in Cancer The Moon is most powerful here. sextiles. These people are good at handling money and domestic matters. very stubborn. Positively. Sometimes they talk too much.

These people are decisive and competitive. they can be unscrupulous. rude. often overly idealistic. If adversely aspected. Moon in Sagittarius These are optimistic. MERCURY Mercury in Aries A quick. is quite strong. With positive aspects. they can be witty and faithful. They have good minds. they are little rays of sunshine in everyone's life. Freedom is all important to these people. stubborn. Moon in Capricorn These people are usually ambitious. sarcastic. Negatively. . they can be nervous. In extreme cases.158 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs /159 thing in extremes. These people are strong headed and biased to the extreme. there can be dullness or lust. Because of their sensitivity. Professional communicators often have this placement in their natal chart. It is nearly impossible to out think these people. restless. they have exceptionally agile minds. Sometimes they become neurotic or-psychotic. Mercury in Taunts These people appreciate beauty. Posi­ tively. they can be cruel. nor are they usually original. Their link to their parents. they can be quite passionate and have ample selfconfidence. Mercury in Gemini Mercury is most powerful here. They usually follow traditional re­ ligious and philosophical views. They tend to be idealistic. and change­ able. or poetic ability. These are the friendly humanitarians who somehow manage to remain impersonal while being the champion of human causes. They often make good managers. With negative aspects. Moon in Aquarius Indicates dealing with the public. and es­ pecially the mother. They make decisions based more on a personal point of view rather than on impersonal facts. Moon in Scorpio This is not a favorable position for the Moon. If harshly aspected. mu­ sical. these people become easily hurt by the words and actions of others. Often they have strong psy­ chic abilities. material. cheerful people who love the outdoors and foreign travel. and discontented most of the time. but sometimes become egotistical. alert mind. Their thought proc­ esses are geared toward what is practical. These people often are well suited for public relations work. or fi­ nancially beneficial. and selfish. These are the very bright people who can write and speak well. but they are shrewd in business. Sometimes they are extremely timid. There can sometimes be a quick temper or irrita­ bility. These people are very sensitive and emotional. With positive aspects. This Moon position is often associated with outstanding artistic. They are much more materialistic than spiritual. they can be psychic and have compassion for others. hard workers whose main goal is personal financial security. Moon in Pisces This is an exceptionally strong psychic position. These are not necessarily brilliant thinkers. Everything they do is with self-interest in mind. Sometimes jumps impetuously to conclusions without giving the matter sufficient thought. They can be quite stubborn.

When they speak. and hygiene. Mercury in Virgo Mercury is very strong here. These are realistic . counseling. These people make good investigators and researchers. Mercury in Sagittarius The mind is concerned with social justice. Much of their thinking concerns their home and domestic mat­ ters. These people frequently have the gift of prophecy. Negatively. Some good fields for these people are astrology. They like to combine travel to be both work • and pleasure. and consumer products. Also shrewd. Adverse aspects to this position often confers cruelty. It does not necessarily mean it is right. these people are spiritual. They are efficient. Their minds are analytical. stern minds and expect others to be the same way. they say exactly what they think regardless of how it affects others. Very determined minds are indicated here that can. Their special areas of interest are the stock market. public re­ lations. These people are slow to make up their minds. In business. They make good researchers. investments. philosophy. Some suitable occupational areas are mathematics. These people sometimes become so concerned about conformity that they become hypocrites. Negatively. artistic pursuits. and equally slow to change their minds. and status conscious. Great selfconfidence goes with this placement. These people are detail conscious to the extreme. they are selfcentered and concerned only with gratifying their physi­ cal desires. They need to realize that just because a current trend is popular. often causing the persons to lose sight of truth. Mercury in Libra Positively. psychology. law. become scheming minds. Mercury in Cancer Love of history and antiques is indicated here. Mercury in Scorpio Positively. often to the point of menta 1 burnout. This position confers an intuitive mind capa­ ble of great insights. and education. These people are work ori­ ented and do not waste time. They are repulsed by bad manners. and law. These people have hardworking.260 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs /161 it can cause acute nervousness. These people have strong willpower and usually a onetrack mind focused on what it is they want. These peo­ ple need to guard against allowing themselves to become sidetracked from their main goal. and higher education. This is not the best placement for Mercury. relig­ ion. in extreme cases. and seek great depths of understanding. They often consider themselves to be authorities (know it all). theater. Self-centered and domineering on the negative side. and they have great reasoning ability. Any work requiring exact­ ness is for them. they are most suited for real estate. also. they are unbalanced and lack vision. these people are balanced and have vi­ sion. practical. Mercury in Leo Unique capacity for leadership on the positive side. food. If Mercury is heavily af­ flicted with harsh aspects. Mercury in Capricorn Ambition and visionary are the key words here. They insist on precision and orderliness. medicine. These people do best when they have a special­ ized skill or are well educated. If these people lack self-discipline they will be­ come a jack of all trades and a master of none. wise. then there can be excessive pre­ occupation with sex.

and they do succeed without resort­ ing to anything underhanded. If Mercury is adversely aspected. however. often concerned with masses of people (the public). Venus in Taurus Venus is very strong here. These people love comfort. luxury. which can be threatening to a successful marriage. They can be moody and unpredict­ able. They pursue their love interest with vigor. Self-sacrificing. Sometimes these people are bullies. These are sympathetic people who are often too easily swayed by others. and the good life in general. they love to cook and keep house. or concerned with the betterment of humanity. Also can be change­ able and selfish. Deeply sensitive about their romantic feelings.162 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs /163 people. beauty. In extreme cases. these are loving. Women with this position are very domestic. Mercury is strong here and often confers a highly evolved mind—intuitive. Vi-nus in Leo These people love drama. they work hard to get the education they need to succeed. they can be weak willed or wallow in self-pity. They love to throw parties. Venus in Gemini These people often marry more than once because they need more than one outlet for their affection. compassionate people. they are born romantics and they like their ro­ mances to be dramatic and exciting. these are brutish. They dramatize their emotions. On the up side. Often they are superficial in their pro­ fessed romantic interests. These people do not waste their time with theories or lofty thoughts—they think the only ideas that are good are those that have some practical value. the more lavish. They are highly intuitive and telepathic. Mercury in Aquarius These are big thinkers. both for good and for bad. Their personal behavior is dramatic. it indicates a woman who 1 » usually the aggressor (chases the man). These people seek mental stimulation through friends and groups of people. Generally. they will do whatever it takes to get what they want without regard to right or wrong. va­ riety in travel. No time wasted here on small or petty thinking. these people are always intense in their pursuits. VENUS Venus in Aries These people demand personal attention and tend to be self-centered. . On the down side. Mercury in Pisces These people usually have photographic memorieft and vivid imaginations. Men with this position often "mother" their families. it often indicates a persecution complex. This is an excellent position for astrologers or for occult disciplines in general. gluttonous people. In any case. Talented singers often have this placement of Venus in their natal chart. Variety in love life. Venus in Cancer Mother instinct. These people really are offended by crude behavior. like to be the center of attention. often with artsy objects. large scale thoughts. variety in all emotional pursuits are the key phrases for this Venus. In a woman's chart. They assume a dignified facade to cover their easily hurt feelings. Negatively. They almost always keep their homes beautiful. These are very M tcial people. It is not uncommon for them to have twins. These are usually open minded people who seek truth.

In some cases. Usually one of two extremes characterize this position. Often they are a mixture of some of each of these two extremes. overly critical of others (never of self). They are proud and reserved and are often perceived as being snobbish. crude. diffi­ cult to get along with. they quite often seek an older. unafraid. underhanded. clean. and once a romance is broken or turns cold. Negatively. outgoing. extremely faithful. dependable. It bestows gen­ eral personal physical attractiveness and attractiveness to the opposite sex. Usually these people like outdoor sports. Love-hate relationships are common. or they can be blunt to the point of offensiveness. do things only for selfish purposes. They are refined and have an innate un­ derstanding of other people. dietitians. (1) Vicious. They are warm. and affectionate. they can be open. They often seek ii marriage partner who will increase their station (status) In life. For examples. these people become possessive and jealous. forthright. shy. They have a strong sense of justice. lustful and demanding. These people often make good doctors and nurses. Venus in Capricorn Ambitious. If they marry young. Under all circumstances these people maintain their dignity and pride. They also prefer people with higher education. try to impose their religious beliefs on others. neatness freaks. but can be quite demonstrative in private. These people are easy to get along with. impractical. Strong emotions and sexunl desires. This is a good position for success in the performing arts. Conversely. . In public they suppress their emotions and sexuality. Venus in Scorpio Sex is the keyword here. Probably there are more unmarried people with this Venus placement than any other. are fond of horses. cruel. Women with this placement sometimes use their sex appeal to gain power and to manipulate people. moral. You cither love them or detest them because of their potential ex­ tremes of behavior (or a mixture thereof). They are loyal to those people they think are worthy of their loyalty. They show their emotion in their actions rather than in words. and often seek to marry people of foreign extrac­ tion or even other races. they are overly con• fined about money or status to the exclusion of every­ thing else. They are usually excellent actors and actresses.164 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs 1165 the better. promiscuous. calculating. Venus in Virgo This is not the best position for Venus. (2) Humble. I hey are loyal to those they love. well mannered. and sensual. Marriage is important to these people and they generally have many opportunities for marriage. sloppy. and they want their men to be well poised and suave in public. Venus in Sagittarius You never feel neutral about these people. honest. cooks. these people are faithful and enduring. and at social gatherings make a concerted effort to vie for attention. Venus in Libra This is a powerful position for Venus. sly. nurtur­ ing. self-sacrificing to help others. They love children. jealous. Sometimes these people are prima donnas. they often seek a much younger partner. it is never mended. secretive. mature partner. Posl • tively. Sometimes these people t hoose careers as antique dealers or work in art galleries rtiul museums. Passionate. In extreme cases. if they marry when they are older. religious. Women with this position desire to be deeply cared for. self-centered.

great energy. be lazy. critical minds and often have mechanical or engineering skills. intense emotions. Because of their sensi­ tivity. they may lack discrimination. sensitive people. They love physical games. these people are ec­ centric or promiscuous. They never give up. They love to argue and often become irritable. no time!" Powerful Mars in Aries bestows courage. rather than stable or long lasting. Venus in Pisces Powerful placement for Venus. Football and car rac­ ing often appeal to them. lack . They don't tak<"nothin' from nobody. others frequently take advantage of them. Men with this Mars placement often lose their hair prematurely. are overly aggressive.266 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs J167 Venus in Aquarius Impersonal but friendly people. This is a common Mars position for news report­ ers and critics. They need to learn to be more patient and loving. poets. Many great artists. and they feel lonely and disappointed if they do not receive demonstrations of love and affection from oth­ ers. MARS Mars in Aries Don't mess with these people. frustration that leads to anger. and have an unusual manner about them. or overly depend­ ent on others. Some­ times they have violent tempers. and composers have ' Venus in Pisces in their natal charts. group oriented people: In some cases. Sometimes their disappointments lead to mental ill­ ness or neurosis. They suf­ fer (martyr complex) in silence (usually). They have good ideas but not necessarily the perseverance to see their ideas through to fruition. These people are never specta­ tors in life—they are full time active participants. Mars in Gemini These people have active. sympathy. and under­ standing of love and life. They ask no quarter and give none. but if forced to fight they will do so unrelent­ ingly. Deep compassion. are usually headstrong. are electric. It is quite likely these people will have many changes of occupation and may even pursue two |ohs at the same time. Often there is moodi­ ness. They do not like partners who shy away from social gatherings or events because these are very social. A furs in Cancer This is not Mars best position. In extreme cases. These are romantic. These people are usually well liked because they sparkle with energy. Love is at its highest vibration here. and inde­ pendent. Any occupation in which electric­ ity or electronics is a major factor is often chosen by these people for their career. Mars in Taurus These people are slow. but they have great persever­ ance and determination. They are not aggressive. Frequently their romances are sudden and superficial. the desire to always win and always be first. They have strong desires for money and possessions and will sometimes gravitate to a career in the money fields such as banking. or are egotistical. Often they are self-sacrificing to help others. to the death if necessary. impulsive. a strong sense of compell tiveness. Often their choice of career is in some field that requires patience and persistence such as using tools to create objects that are durable and attrac­ tive. They have much in­ itiative. This position of Venus probably bestows more innate ability in artistic creativity than any other placement.

Mars in Scorpio These people are intense in everything they do. which makes them more pleasant to be around. If they are your friend. There are only two ways: their way and the wrong way. surgeons. they get so wrapped up in details that they never see the big picture and do nol achieve much at all—the "can't see the forest for the trees " syndrome. I'hito or Neptune tend to bring out the worst. As employees. Exactly how these traits will appear In individual horoscopes depends on the aspects to Mars In that chart. Nothing will deter them from achieving their goals. and seek partners who are aggressive and energetic. and often make enemies because of it. In extreme cases. Uranus. they are usually reliable and serious. They have strong attraction to the opposite sex. but they do tend to lose their hair at a young age. Sometimes they are domineering. craftsmen. .168 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs 1169 of harmony on the domestic scene. they tone it down with social refinement and grace. they will stop at nothing to get more than even with you. Mars in Libra These are the social movers and shakers. squares from Saturn. People with this placement are me thodical and do not take actions unless there is a practlcnl reason to do so. and energy are associated with this placement. The entire chart really needs to be studied to come up with an accurate pronouncement. These people arc very skillful in their work. the more exai t the square. they will die for you. Social injustice infuriates them. creativity. The men are masculine and proud. they must have partners or a group. the stronger the influence. It can indicate poor relationship with the parents. They are strongly opinionated. They either have devoted friends or bitter enemies. nurses. Mars in Virgo This is the sign of the perfectionist. If you are their enemy. and they will become in­ volved even on issues that do not affect them personally. and believe they are infallible. They have no fear of death. People with this place­ ment are frequently home improvement buffs. They direct their immense energy toward social activities of all sorts from social reform to fraternal type activities. In extreme cases. In general. In extreme cases they are full of anger and hold grudges forever. While these people are usually aggressive and selfish. Sometimes these people are highly critical of others. especially others who are not as detail conscious as they are. They desire marriage as an outlet for their own gratifica­ tion. they demand attention. These peo­ ple do not act alone. They are uncompromising. they can be brassy and unpleasant to be around for very long. These people must be the center of whatever is going on. Usually there is much self-confidence and leadership ability. They either are devotedly spiritual or have gutter level lust. those in the health care pro­ fession in general. They are precise and like to be recognized for their attention to detail. Occasion­ ally these people have great sympathy for those less fortu­ nate and do work on their behalf. Frequently they are egotistical and are showoffs. Mars in Leo A great deal of willpower. which be­ comes an outlet for their pent-up frustrations. Nothing is halfway with them. Suppressed anger can result in ulcers or psychological problems. Some occupation* associated with this placement are precision machinists. Everything they pursue is to the ex­ treme.

and military leaders have this position of Mars in their natal charts. They de> mand obedience and discipline from those under their command. They support causes and try to im­ prove their social order. If Jupiter is harshly afflicted. these are the people who seek social justice for all. and are go-getters. Mars in Aquarius These people are happy only when they are dealing with the public in some way. They desire independence and often follow unorthodox methods. They make excellent nurses. cold. and in extreme cases try to convert others to their way of thinking. Mars in Pisces These are self-sacrificing people who are more inter­ ested in helping others than in their own welfare. politi­ cians. They are able to take and carry out orders from their supe­ riors. they are easily mis­ used by others who take advantage of their generosity and goodwill. these are the people who try to overthrow the existing social structure or government. They take great pride in doing their job well. If Mars is af­ flicted (has harsh aspects) then there is total disregard for the rights of others—they become selfish. They are willing to emhark on a large project and pursue it much further than i it hers would be willing to do. Unfortunately. This is a favorable position for artistic and musical careers. money. Sometimes they become nverzealous and pursue a matter to the annoyance of oth­ ers. Their motivations are al­ most always idealistic. who will not tolerate prejudice. Mars in Capricorn These people are extremely materialistic and will ex­ pend great amounts of energy in their work to achieve status. There is a strong love of sports and of hunting. generous. They may be social or antl social (depending on aspects). Positively. Usually they have strong religious or philosophical beliefs. but do interpret the rules to their own advantage. Often these people are considered to be weak because they rarely stand up for their rights. quick. often destroying the old ways before they have anything worthwhile to replace the old ways with. They usually do not work well under authoritarian rules—they want to make their own rules to suit themselves. These people often become leaders in educational and spiritual matters. Many executives. Usually they have good self-discipline. and they are also capable of giving orders. then they < a n become rude and overbearing. and who perform so­ cial services to help those less fortunate. demand­ ing. They arc reliable. and power so they can satisfy their materi­ alistic craving. .270 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs /171 Mars in Sagittarius These people are almost always open and direct in their dealings with others. but they must interact with masses of people. and have no tolerance for laziness. and will run rough shod over anyone in their way. Negatively. This position favors those who work behind the scenes rather than in public view. They play fair. JUPITER lupiter in Aries These people are almost always endowed with ex­ ceptionally good health and are outgoing. They are practical people who know how to use their energies efficiently. Parents with this place­ ment expect great things from their children and are very disappointed if their children let them down. and t|iiite aggressive.

drama. often overeating to the point of cre. in­ cluding interest in the stock market. importing/exporting. Usually they have moral integrity. Jupiter in Gemini These are brilliant intellectuals who are very adapt­ able and expressive. arrogant. and overbearing. In other words. At times they can be jealous and de­ manding. If they are wealthy. Sometimes these people have dreams that are not practical. This is also a good position for gar­ deners. scout lead­ ers. self-confident. farming housing. Positively. In extreme cases they may be miserly and fickle.it ing digestive problems. anything in the food industry. They often find their careers in the world of commerce and business. mail­ order. articles for use in the home. they can have a broad but superficial knowledge that is not of much worth in dollars and cents. Sunday school teachers. They enjoy giving. Usually an abun­ dance of talent go with this position. Some careers: real estate. Jupiter in Virgo This is not the best position for Jupiter. travel. they are greedy and suspi­ cious. These people are compassionate and will give their all for others. fraternal organizations. both mentally and physically. communications. They often have a gambling streak in them. Often t hese people seek to work in hospitals or educational insti­ tutions. They love parades. these people scatter their mental energies without achieving much. they often be­ come school teachers. They are usually quite generous. Hence. they usually donate large amounts of money to educational or health causes. these people can be skillful writers. These people are fond of food and are good cooks. speculation. They love children and are interested in their welfare. Addi­ tional vocations are businesses concerned with publish* ing. Usually there is much traveling in their lives. In extreme cases. and ro­ mances. etc. rituals. children. Jupiter in Cancer This is a powerful position for Jupiter. They also have the tendency to attract money and material goods to themselves. and leaders who can contribute much to society. This is a good placement for those interested in mu­ sical or artistic careers. It foretells of overwork. Leadership ability and dignity go with this position. they are in danger of becoming workaholics and burning themselves out. it forewarns of disappoint­ ments and losses in love. and almost always some foreign travel. These people have to watch themselves lest they become conceited. lecturers. However. these people can become tyrants. educators.172 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs /173 Jupiter in Taurus These people usually know how to use money and material possessions in a beneficial manner. If Jupiter is heavily afflicted with harsh aspects. unless other factors in the natal chart confer self-discipline. They love good food and often become overweight. Because they are extremely detail conscious and because they put their entire being into their work. . Jupiter in Leo These people love to do things on a grand scale. It indicates n good family background—not necessarily wealthy—but rather love. In extreme cases. and opti­ mistic. but expect to be admired for it. kindness and positive parental influence Quite often these people become financially well off al some point in their lives. and personal services.

Jupiter in Capricorn These people make their own opportunities rather than wait for opportunity. Jupiter in Sagittarius Jupiter is powerful here. death. deep thinkers. Often they are interested in occull matters. Jupiter in Pisces If this Jupiter has aspects to Uranus. These people usually are well balanced mentally and physically. legacies.willing to work harder than asked. In extreme • axes. it can lead to mental creativity. If Jupiter is well aspected to Uranus. Positively. they are scheming and egocentric. If Jupi­ ter is very heavily afflicted. have good judgment. This position also indicates resourcefulness. and exercise great caution and mature judjţ ment in everything they do. direct. these people can be weak and selfish. Neptune or Pluto there will most likely be considerable psychic ability and great intuition. and much talent. These people are extremely compas­ sionate and understanding. especially in life after death and mental telepa­ thy. who had this placement. Jupiter in Aquarius Great tolerance is foretold by this Jupiter position. thus creating many enemies. and even vicious. these people are statesmanlike and conscientious. philosophy. Negatively. which often causes problems with their domestic life. reincar­ nation. insurance. and domineering. This position is typical of the executive who lives at the office and hardly ever sees his family. They are conscientious and are . demanding.274 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs 1175 Jupiter in Libra This confers an enduring marriage and a good home life unless Jupiter is heavily afflicted with harsh aspects. generous. In extreme cases. there can be interest in occult matters. SATURN Saturn in Aries This is not the best position for Saturn. Negatively. They tend to have conserva tive views. these people can be quite gifted psychically. In highly developed peoj'le such as Albert Einstein. and religion. People born with this in their natal chart may have to work very hard all their life with very little gain to show for it. of real estate. taxes. Neptune or Pluto. Sometimes these people can be defensive and difficult to communicate with. astrology. They do not harbor prejudice and insist on equality in every respect for all people. and farsighted. They do have a strong desire for power and status. . these people can be tyrants. These people do not like waste and in extreme cases be­ come miserly. Positively. They can be intense and uncompromising in their be­ liefs. education. Jupiter in Scorpio These people are often involved on a large scale in matters of corporate finances. If harshly aspected to these plan­ ets. then there is usually unwise or illegal use of psychic ability such as manipulating others for personal gain. These peo­ ple can be forceful. If this Jupiter is well aspected. cosmic law. They are interested in foreign cultures. it indicates peo­ ple who are straightforward. then there is danger of law­ suits and other legal problems. Generally they have moral integrity in business. it indi­ cates narrowmindedness. and humanitarian causes.

bookkeeping or other reeord keeping. and drive others just as hard. In addition to all fields of entertainment. Lawyers. secretaries. It often indi­ cates a childhood that was cold. Saturn in Cancer This is not the best position for Saturn. they can be stubborn. even though it may cost them heavy indebtedness They prefer to work alone and like to work around the home. greedy. Worry and overwork often lead to health problems. The marriage often involves hard work and burdens. If Saturn is heavily afflicted. Many be­ come actors or other professions where there is a great deal of publicity and public notice. If Saturn is heavily aspected with harsh aspects. effi­ ciency. work. which makes it difficult for others to get along with them at times. As parents. Saturn in Leo Hard workers but they don't like to get their hands dirty if they can avoid it. patient. investments. in all signs tends to produce . and miserly. they are strict disciplinarians. when afflicted. research­ ers. These people typically do not take breaks—they work. Nevertheless. They are thorough and well organized and in­ sist on clear communications. These people have an insatiable need for recognition and for feeling important. neat. Often these people become gloomy and austere. there can be losses or disappointments with fi­ nances or through children. work. writers. logical minds and are good at problem solving. Saturn in Virgo Some keywords here are: practical. At about age 29 these people seek a career that will provide them with fi­ nancial and domestic security. They tend to be frugal. accountants. health or science research. full of problem* that leave emotional scars. They often pursue two jobs at the same time. they often times never really have a satisfactory home life. They have well-disciplined. these people are patient and steady and have practical management ability. Some ad­ ditional occupations these people frequently pursue are bookkeepers. As a result. Saturn. detail conscious. they usually achieve something worthwhile for their efforts. espe­ cially in areas of finance. they also like speculative investments. or business management in general. Some professions they are especially adept for are: banking. insurance. accuracy. They are builders who can ac­ quire much if they are willing to work hard—they get nothing for free. On rare occasion. They need to develop a sense of humor. For all their efforts.1761 Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs /177 Saturn in Taurus If Saturn is well aspected. one of these people will be dishonest or lazy. If Saturn is not well aspected. Physically. They often work in medi­ cine. they are often prone to heart trouble. precise. Saturn in Gemini Quick mind and quick hands are indicated here. hard working. arbitrators often have this Sat­ in n placement. tuiturn in Libra These people often marry late in life or else marry a terious person. They live by rules. judges. They are generally adept at mathemat­ ics and science and often follow occupations involved with these. these people take their home life seriously and work hard to have n home. perfectionist. This is a powerful position for Saturn and liequently indicates attainment of great wealth and high honors. the person will likely be underhanded or prefer stealing or gambling instead of honest work. unloving. These people are reliable and humanitar­ ian. and teachers.

and Pisces is the karmic sign. and are willing to help less fortu­ nate people. As a le'iult. They generally are intelligent and also have self-discipline. they are humble. Often these people have difficulty coping with the present. task masters This is definitely a leadership placement unless the rest ol the horoscope docs not support it. and have good judgment. Saturn in Scorpio There is a strong desire to have authority and a hard drive to attain their ambitions. understanding. hard working. If Saturn is well aspected. philosophy. they are self-righteous. they make good leaders who are humane and warm. neuroses. URANUS Uranus spends about seven years in each sign. As with all Saturn positions. These people have tlv personal drive to overcome just about any adversity. If poorly aspected. fair methods or underhanded. In extreme cases. politics. or shiftless bums. If tin' person is honest. Saturn in Aquarius Often these people gravitate toward organizations because they need to work with groups of people. responsible. Positively. Often these people choose politics. its sign placement is more indicative of a generaH»HI of people than it is of individual traits. or education. Whether they use honest. They tend to gravitate toward businesses dealing with finances. If poorly aspected. demanding. bestowing strong ambition for power. strict disciplinarians. and slave drivers. or championing some humanitarian cause.278 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs 1179 some sort of criminal behavior. they are honest. success is almost assured. However. often in religion. depending on Saturn's ii'ipects. appear to be cold and calculating to others (although they may not be that way at all in their hearts). they can be selfish and domineering and demand that oth­ ers follow their rules. dishonest methods de­ pends on Saturn's aspects. matters concerning property of others. in Libra. They can be hard taskmasters. Saturn in Pisces Saturn is the karmic planet. Saturn in Capricorn Saturn is strong here. Uranus's house . If Saturn is well aspected. They like to be regarded as an authority in some way. sales work. they either are m-lfless workers. science or business as their profession They are usually stern. They are fanatical about their principles. Being a tax accountant in a corporation is an example. As employees. If they learn to avoid so much introspec­ tion. they can be dictatorial. they can overcome much of the drawbacks that go with this Saturn placement. If dishonest. most often they want jobs that deal with the public such as clerk in a store. Together they can give a person difficulties such as: fearfulness. to get ahead in the world. they can be paranoid and worry to excessiveness. In any case. insurance. the person may succeed for a while. Negatively. taxes. Covered here a i e a few keywords for potential individual traits associ­ ated with the Uranus signs placements. Saturn in Sagittarius These people have deep concern over their personal reputation. this one also has ambition and the de­ sire to be in charge. but will most ni suredly have a great fall. friendly. linked too strongly to the past rather than living in the present. it tends to produce fewer or less serious criminal activity.

' jninetimes they try to avoid facing unpleasant situations. Uranus in Scorpio Uranus in Taunts Determined. Curious about foreign cultures. Much psychic sen­ sitivity. Uranus in Cancer Dislikes parental authority. Sometimes have great difficulty getting along in marriage or other kinds of partnerships because they often are not willing to accept mutual responsibility. Dislikes conformity. sometimes stubborn. Uranus in Aries Impulsiveness. temper.1801 Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs /181 placements are much more individualized than its sign placements as you will see in the next chapter. Reformers. prefer­ ring to set their own rules. Uranus in Pisces Seeks liberation from the past. Sometimes they can be ex­ tremely stubborn. Uranus in Aquarius Powerful position for Uranus. sometimes eccentric. Uranus in Capricorn Strong ambitions and desire to succeed. Continual struggle to overcome the past and evolve to a higher spirituality. sisters. Sometimes they are skeptics or ag­ nostics. can l>e overambitious. Sometimes gifted artistic and musical talents. tactless. In some cases. Deep concern for humanity. Sometimes er­ ratic health problems. and neighbors. Sometimes moody or erratic behavior. Uranus in Libra Seeks to change existing laws. At times. Powerful emotions. •Inmetimes they are impractical or even deceptive. Uranus in Sagittarius Strong desire to integrate science and religion with I lie occult. Sometimes violent. Often have telepathic ability. Intuitive insights. . Likes to do away with the old and re­ place it with something new. impractical. May be interested in communal living. Uranus in Virgo Original. usu­ ally working within groups. Uranus in Leo Strong willpower and creative ability. ideas with regard to work Probably many changes in employment. weeks truth. Strong willpower and strong desire for inde­ pendence. and strange thinking patterns. Intolerant of laziness. Develops new concepts in art and theater. Fill their homes with gadgets and electronic items. Somelimes violent temper and will do whatever they feel they have to do (including being destructive) to achieve what they want. Uranus in Gemini Restless. yet practical. insisting on having their own way. Sometimes poor relationships with brothers. astrology. extreme eccen­ tricity. fanatical. Like unique architec­ ture. Interest in electronics and ac­ counting. making it difficult to get along with them.

As a re­ sult its sign placement is more indicative of a generation of people than of individual traits. Sometimes preoccupation with money and possessions. Neptune in Sagittarius Neptune in Capricorn Karmic reckoning. Sometimes suffer from selfdelusion. „ ^ n t ycle through the ">d.ac. A few individual poten­ tial trait keywords are given here for Neptune's sign placements. Neptune in Cancer Strong psychic abilities. Its sign placement is definitely indicative of "asses of people rather than individuals. Neptune in Gemini Active imaginations. Pluto's house placement is quite important in indi­ vidual charts as you will see in the next chapter. Social responsibility. Sometimes superficial values. Neptune in Aquarius Highly developed intuition and clairvoyance. Sometimes overly sentimen­ tal. Neptune's house placement is much more in­ dividualized than its sign placement as you will see in the next chapter. PLUTO . Neptune in Taurus Visionary insights. Neptune in Scorpio Loose morals. Sometimes spiritual pride and egotism. Neptune in Libra: Blind conformity without evaluating the worth of the matter. We will not it -••npt to define the influence of Pluto's s £ n ^ ements with regard to individuals.1821 Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Signs/183 NEPTUNE Neptune spends about 13 years in each sign. Dwells too much on unimportant matters. Additionally ere been very little time to study Pluto '••cause it was only discovered in 1930. h a s b p i a c e m e n t f a ] U S p e n d S 2 8 y e a r S t o m a k e o n e c thoroS . High spiritual development. Neptune in Leo Strong artistic talents. Neptune in Virgo Sometimes psychosomatic illness. Clairvoyance. Neptune in Pisces Healing ability. Neptune in Aries Spiritual creativity.

Strong will and great energy and vitality. Brothers. sisters. These people want to feel important and will work hard to achieve it. 185 .12 Planets in the Houses SUN Sun in First House Powers of leadership. the person might earn a living in the theater (or some other Leo pursuit). If afflicted. If the Sun is af­ flicted with harsh aspects. there can be egotism. Sun in Second House This shows how the person will likely earn and spend money by the sign the Sun is in while in the second house. For example. and neighbors play an im­ portant role in these people's life. Great ability to overcome illness. excessive pride. Ambitious. these people can be snobs. If the Sun is afflicted. there may be squandering of money. Sun in Tftird House Achievement through mental accomplishments. De[iire for travel. Not easily swayed by others. if the Sun is in Leo. and a desire to rule rather than lead.

1861 Astrology for Beginners

Planets in the Houses 1187

Sun in Fourth House These people are proud of their homes and their heri­ tage. Early life is usually a struggle with prosperity com­ ing late in life. Strong interest in land and natural re­ sources. If afflicted, inability to get along with parents or rules his/her own household as though it were property rather than people. Sun in Fifth House Great love of life and creative expression. These peo­ ple are highly competitive and strive to be noticed. They gravitate toward the theater, arts, sports, and musical ca­ reers. They love children but often have none or very few of their own. Sometimes can be egotistical. They have happy, optimistic dispositions. They are intense lovers. Sun in Sixth House Delicate health and not good recuperative powers. These people seek distinction through their work and through service to others. If the Sun is afflicted they may experience long periods of unemployment which can be harmful to their self-esteem because they identify strongly with their work. Sun in Seventh House These people must have close personal relationship;! Marriage is extremely important to them. If the Sun is well aspected, they will attract good mates and will have n good marriage. If afflicted, they attract the wrong type of mate for them which can lead to a difficult marriage, These people can be good salespersons. Sun in Eighth House Great interest in life's mysteries such as death ami life after death. With good aspects, this Sun placement con

foretell of inheritances. With poor aspects, it foretells of litigation over money matters. Sometimes this Sun indi­ cates that the person will gain recognition or honors after death but not during their lifetime. Sun in Ninth House There is great interest in spiritual matters, religion, law, philosophy, and higher education. Foreign travel is often indicated, in some cases, these people are bigots, condescending, and narrow minded. Sun in Tenth House Great ambition to achieve positions of power and authority. Usually these people are dignified and will work hard to succeed. Managerial ability goes with this Sun position. If afflicted, there can be dictatorial behavior. Sun in Eleventh House Usually these people have many friends. They are in­ terested in occult matters. Often they desire group leader­ ship. These people are humanitarians. If the Sun is aflllcted, there is a tendency to dominate others. '<nn in Twelfth House These people direct their thoughts and energies in­ ward rather than outward. They spend much time in self i imtcmplation. Often they seek work in asylums, hospi­ tals or other large institutions. By serving others, they find lnlfillment. If the Sun has harsh aspects, there can be extn-ine shyness or neurosis. MOON Moon in First House Highly impressionable; sometimes psychic. They de-

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Planets in the Houses /189

sire personal recognition and seek approval from others. They are fond of food and sometimes are overweight. They allow themselves to be greatly influenced by other people. Moody and changeable. Moon in Second House Good business ability. Strong need for financial secu­ rity. They often work in businesses dealing with food, real estate or domestic goods. Moon in Tftird House Prone to daydreaming and flights of fantasy. Much mental dwelling on unimportant matters. Gets bored eas­ ily. Much activity with brothers and sisters. They regard neighbors as being part of their family. Strong imagina­ tions. Moon in Fourth House Strong Moon position. Family relationships ex­ tremely important and influence all other aspects of the person's life. Mother especially is a strong influence. If the Moon has harsh aspects, the home life can be quite un­ pleasant. Moon in Fifth House Romance is a big thing for these people, and they often become emotionally dependent on their romantic partner. There can be family interference in romance. If the Moon has harsh aspects, these people are prone to gamble or speculate impulsively. Moon in Sixth House Unstable health. Sometimes psychosomatic illness, Prone to be hypochondriacs. Many changes of employ* ment unless the Moon is in a fixed sign. These people like pets and small animals.

Moon in Seventh House These people find emotional fulfillment through marriage or other relationships. Often they marry a father or mother figure. Moon in Eighth House Intense emotions and psychic sensitivity. Sometimes loo much sensuality. Moon in Ninth House Strong spiritual and moral values, especially with re­ gard to family and home life. These people's beliefs are based on emotion and feelings rather than on fact or logic. Moon in Tenth House Often come from families with high standing in the community. Careers are often influenced by women. A l ­ most always, this Moon position foretells of prominence In public life. These people are driven by a need for recog­ nition and prominence. Moon in Eleventh House There is a great need for friendships. They like peo­ ple around all the time and function best in groups. They have many acquaintances, but most are likely to be super­ ficial. Their own emotions are influenced by what other people think. Moon in Twelfth House The past is a great influence over these people. Many have psychic ability. They are shy and their feelings are easily hurt. If the Moon has some harsh aspects, there can he neurosis and loneliness. If the Moon has many harsh rt'ipccts, it signifies mental illness and probable institu­ tionalization because of it.

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MERCURY Mercury in First House These people are aware of everything around them. Logical minds. Talkative and often write a great deal. Usually very intelligent. They excel at being able to ex­ press themselves. They make good physicians, writers, secretaries, and scholars. Competitive. Mercury in Second House Business ability in all areas of communication. Pre­ occupation with money. Generally these people have original ideas. Mercury in Tliird House Generally superior intelligence. Very strong interests in all sorts of communication. Much short distance travel­ ing. Spend much time writing letters. Good problem sol­ vers. If Mercury has harsh aspects, there can be difficulty with contracts and agreements. Mercury in Fourth House These people often work out of their home. Often their parents are well educated. They will likely have n large personal library in their home. Earth sciences interest them. They may even be writers dealing with environmental problems. These people often lead a nomadic life, roaming from place to place. Many time* they live in trailers. Mercury in Fifth House Here you find playwrights and drama critics. Force> ful and dramatic speakers and writers. They like ment.il games. This is a good placement for school teachers, espo daily for the primary grades. If Mercury is afflicted, the

person would be wise to avoid speculation in the stock market or similar financial speculation. Mercury in Sixth House Methodical, efficient people who usually pursue highly specialized work that involves exacting attention to detail. Favorable for science, engineering, and medical careers. Mercury in Seventh House Adept at working and communicating effectively with other people in a partnership or cooperative type of work. They make good mediators and counselors. They need marriage partners who are intelligent and well edu­ cated. Mercury in Eighth House There is interest in matters dealing with death, in­ heritance, taxes, insurance. These are usually secretive people. They love intrigue. These people never forget a wrong performed against them. Their own death is often caused by respiratory diseases or by disorders of the nerv­ ous system. Mercury in Ninth House There is much interest in law, religion, philosophy, rind higher education. Much interest in foreign cultures and travel. Good position for lawyers, especially trial law­ yers. Also good position for professors and teachers. If Mercury is afflicted, there can be opinionated snobbery. Mercury in Tenth House Good organizers and planners. Leadership ability, excellent position for all work dealing with the public.

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Many politicians and writers have this Mercury in their natal chart. Also a good position for publishing, lecturing, teaching professions. Mercury in Eleventh House These people are interested in group communica­ tion. They function at their best in concert with others; there are no "loners" here. Most often they have some af­ filiation with astrology, humanitarian causes, scientific investigations, and various occult matters, in extreme cases, they are eccentric and impractical. Mercury in Twelfth House They make decisions based more on feelings than on facts or logic. These are shy people who rarely say what is really on their mind. There can be great psychic ability and awareness. If Mercury is afflicted, there can be mental illness or neurotic behavior. VENUS Venus in First House Love of beautiful clothes. These people are charm­ ing, have poise and grace, and are friendly and likable. In a woman's chart, this indicates physical beauty. There can be talent in various art forms. Usually indicates a happy childhood. Venus in Second House Love of wealth and the things wealth can buy. Love of beautiful material objects in general. These people seek wealthy partners or those with social status. Women are usually extravagant. Men usually spend too much on their women friends. These people are usually able to get the help they seek.

Venus in Tliird House Good communicators. Much travel, especially short distance. Love of literature. Often they communicate through newspapers or other published means. Venus in Fourth House Love of home and family life. They like to entertain in the home and cook for their friends. Home is usually a place of beauty. Much happiness through their parents and usually inherit from the parents. Love of gardening. Venus in Fifth House Love of life. Romance is vitally important to them. Optimistic. These people are often talented in the per­ forming arts. Usually these people are well liked. Deep love of children, and their children are likely to be quite at­ tractive and talented. Venus in Sixth House Love of work. Social and romantic opportunities through their work. Harmonious relationships with co­ workers and boss. Like to work in beautiful, pleasant sur­ roundings. These people sometimes are clothing design­ ers. Deep affection for pets and small animals. Venus in Seventh House Love of personal relationships. Get along very well with other people. They usually marry at a young age and most often have good marriages. They rarely end up in court. Venus in Eighth House Extremely intense emotions, which can easily get out of control and develop into jealousy or possessiveness. in general, this is not a good placement for Venus. This does,

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however, indicate financial gain through marriage and/ or inheritance. Venus in Ninth House Love of religion and philosophy. Often there are long journeys primarily for pleasure. Most likely will meet their romantic and social contacts through churches, uni­ versities, or in foreign countries. Relationship with in­ laws is usually harmonious and profitable. Venus in Tenth House Great social ambition. Most often will choose a pro­ fession related to the arts. Will seek marriage to someone who has social status and/or wealth. Good relationships with employers and other authorities. Much success in dealing with the opposite sex. Venus in Eleventh House Marriage partner is met through group activities. Many warm friendships through group activities. Many friends of the opposite sex. These people almost always achieve their hopes and dreams. Venus in Twelfth House Love of solitude and peace. Secret love affairs. Shy­ ness that can lead to loneliness or frustration in romantic situations. Feelings are easily hurt. Great compassion for the troubles of others. MARS Mars in First House Self-confidence. Courage. Leadership ability. Ay, gressive. Great energy and stamina; these people can ac­ complish twice as much as most people. These people mo

participants in life—not bystanders. Often the men are physically rugged. If Mars is heavily afflicted, they will likely be combative or even violent. If there is selfdiscipline, these people usually achieve high goals. Mars in Second House These people strive to achieve financial gain.They prefer to be in business for themselves rather than work for others. They will fight to protect their possessions, but will readily give away possessions to gain favors from others. If Mars is afflicted, they are often dishonest and will pick fights. These are competitive people. Mars in Tftird House Mentally alert and quick thinking. Sometimes very assertive, hence they make good newspaper reporters or commentators. Tendency to jump to conclusions without sufficient facts. These people often work with machinery in various fields of communication or in the transporta­ tion industry. If Mars is poorly aspected, they can be reck­ less drivers who have little concern for other drivers. If heavily afflicted, they can be argumentive, have trouble with contracts, or get along poorly with brothers, sisters, and neighbors. Mars in Fourth House These people like to dominate the home and family, often causing quarrels and unpleasantness. They are do­ lt-yourself repairmen at home. Often these people work hard to improve the environment. Strong constitution and much energy even in old age. If Mars is heavily afflicted, there is danger of fire, theft, and accidents in the home. Mars in Fifth House These people vigorously pursue love, sex, pleasure,

They often condemn those who have beliefs different from theirs. This placement produces revolutionaries if Mars is heavily afflicted. championing some cause. much initiative. These people frc. and they are always aggressive. which gains them much resent­ ment from others. Mars in Ninth House These people are crusaders. Also with heavy afflic­ tions. Mars in Tenth House This is a powerful position for Mars. strong desire to achieve high goals. equipment operators. their quest for power is pursued with no regard for right or wrong. If Mars is afflicted. there are usually criminal ten­ dencies. Fire and brimstone evangelists are typical of this Mars placement. Mars in Seventh House These people are aggressive and choose aggressive marriage business and marriage partners. . usually due to unethical or dishonest dealings. Mars in Sixth House These are hard working skilled people who usually have a profession that requires the use of tools or machin­ ery. These people very frequently become famous (or notorious in some cases). thus often achieving success. These people need to be open and honest. Mars in Eleventh House These people are aggressively involved with group activities. Some examples: surgeons. quently become sales persons or public relations persons. they are in danger of injury in their work and should exercise ex­ treme caution at all times. especially sexual desires. these people will most likely die. there will be serious disagreements with business partners and likely divorce from marriage partner. With Mars afflicted. Mars in Eighth House Emotional intensity and strong desires. In extreme cases. Their friends are almost always aggressive and masculine or behave in a masculine way. There is aggressiveness with other peopled money. there can be out of wedlock pregnancy. mechanics. Athletes often have this Mars placement. They can ac­ complish much if Mars is not afflicted. They like to work with children because it gives them a sense of power and authority. If Mars is heavily afflicted. mechanical en­ gineers. These people have no patience for lazy workers. They back up their beliefs with action. If afflicted. there can be sudden re­ versals of fortune. They like adventure and for­ eign travel. etc. there is danger that their own children may expe­ rience death or serious accidents. If Mars is heavily afflicted. trying to sway others to their way of thinking. promoting social reform. in the company of friends or could be the cause of a friend's death. or be seri­ ously injured. There is danger of be¬ I ng incarcerated in prison or institutions if Mars is heavily afflicted. Sometimes there is psychic ability. There is execu­ tive ability.196 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Houses / 197 and games. and political leaders often have this placement. Mars in Twelfth House These people are secretive in order to avoid opposi­ tion from other people. If Mars is heavily afflicted by harsh aspects. a violent one if Mars is afflicted. Frequently they are narrow-minded and overly aggressive. They gravitate toward work in large institutions where they can lose their identity. Military. Often indicates sudden death. business.

Often the home is large and there are many family members. friendly. and social organizations. food. There can be laziness and a holier-than-thou attitude if Jupiter is afflicted. Jupiter in Second House Exceptional business ability and good fortune in money matters. psychol­ ogyJupiter in Titird House There is interest in publishing. There is like­ lihood of inheritance from other family members. If Jupi­ ter is heavily afflicted. If Jupiter is afflicted by Mars or Uranus. writing. Usually come from good families. Good fortune in the last half of life. the money will be frittered away. and both long ' distance and short distance travel. education. especially in education. real estate. especially in later years. Other professions are likely to be in publishing or educa­ tion. Their own children are usually quite fortunate and achieve honors. These people are always protected. optimistic. especially foreign. Often these people are clergy or have other positions associated with religion. popular. These people usually gain through inheritance. . There is good relationships with siblings and neighbors unless Jupiter is afflicted. philosophy. and often these people become teachers and counselors for children. They are attracted to businesses associated with death and taxes. even when things look grim. If Jupiter is badly afflicted. publishing. or insurance.398 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Houses / 399 JUPITER Jupiter in First House These are the boy scouts and girl scouts—honest. Businesses associated with this place­ ment are: hospitals and institutions. These people are kind and friendly. travel. Christian Science practi­ tioners are typical of this Jupiter position. They like travel. well liked. Jupiter in Fourth House Harmony in family life. dignified (especially in later years). In addition to education. Jupiter in Eighth House Death is usually peaceful and due to natural causes unless Jupiter is badly afflicted. there is danger of accidents while travel­ ing. public relations. There is leadership ability here. family members can be a burden and cause large expenses. help will come in the nick of time. There is some possibil­ ity of becoming obese. They are especially adept at various healing skills (both mental and physical). helpful. Jupiter in Sixth House These people strive to make a practical contribution to society. They often marry someone with money or social status. There is happiness in romance unless Jupiter is afflicted. They are usually very understanding. confi­ dent. teaching. and negotiating. Jupiter in Seventh House Good fortune through marriage and business part­ nerships. these people are interested in sports and the arts. religion. but the person usually will not be seriously hurl. domestic products. These people are well liked and respected for their work skills. truthful. Jupiter in Ninth House These people generally seek as much education as they possibly can. law. There is abil­ ity in sales. communications. kind. joint finances. trustworthy. religion. Jupiter in Fifth House Great fondness for children.

especially hu­ manitarian and charitable organizations. and sometimes miserly. Saturn in Second House These people must work hard for a living. frustrations.usually a harsh childhood. especially in later years. • these people may themselves become charity cases or in­ mates of institutions. They may have problems with their siblings or neighbors if Sat­ urn is afflicted. honesty. very serious minded and hard working and can he loyal friends. Generally kind and well liked. these people have a "rough row to hoe" . They are always frugal. They also like se­ clusion where they can meditate. to feel secure and they consciously work to have that security. continual obstacles in their path through life. and reliability.2001 Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Houses / 201 Jupiter in Tenth House Success and prominence in the profession in the later part of life. They do need to learn to love and to lighten up to achieve happiness. they will gain very little. They are not prone to travel very much. These people have good reputations and often have positions in the public domain. or study. Often there is emotional isolation or separation from family members. and excessively cheap. These people are usually generous and willing to lend a helping hand to friends and organiza­ tions. If well aspected. There is much professional ambition. Some­ times there is psychic ability. This position also confers a great deal of protection for the person. how­ ever. Jupiter in Eleventh House Involvement with group activities. If Saturn is heavily afflicted. hostility. These people are usually shrewd in business and get their money's worth. Saturn in Fourth House In their later years. SATURN Saturn in First House These people usually appear to others to be cold. If Jupiter is badly afflicted. Sattirn in Tfiird House These people often seek careers where science or mathematics are involved because they have methodical. Saturn in Fifth House Women with this placement can have difficulty in giving birth. the person may lack a sense of responsibility and will probably use friends for their own personal gain. practical. There is a tendency to dwell on fan­ tasies. Jupiter in Twelfth House These people often give their time and money quietly behind the scenes to charitable causes. They are. re­ mote. Career choices often concern the entertain- . If Saturn is well aspected. pray. If Jupiter has many harsh aspects. These are good managers and executives. they will most likely achieve financial suc­ cess (wealth). If Saturn is poorly aspected. They must have a home. They have a good chance of ac­ quiring wealth in the latter part of their life. and then only for business purposes. this Jupiter brings help in times of crises. humorless. or nothing. disciplined minds. these people often become con­ fined to their home either by choice or by necessity. Their home and family often impose heavy bur­ dens on these people. which is always their goal because they have a deep seated fear of poverty. for all their hard work.

If Saturn is afflicted. will be enduring if Saturn is well aspected. however. religion and travel. If Saturn is heavily af­ flicted. mechanics. Saturn in Ninth House Their business is likely to deal with teaching. and sometimes politics or business management. They are health conscious. rarely for pleasure. harshly aspected. Their own personal travel. in­ heritance and taxes. URANUS Uranus in First House These people cannot stand routine work or a routine lifestyle. . pub- lishing. Saturn in Seventh House This is a strong Saturn placement that bestows a strong sense of responsibility and justice. They often have romances with older persons.202 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Houses / 203 ment industry. and fraught with problems if it is . but may suffer from chronic illness if Saturn has harsh as­ pects. or anything requiring pre­ cision and attention to detail. stocks and investments. public recognition. will be for business. do not like or get along with children. serious minded people. It also promises public disgrace and a fall from the heights of achievement when Saturn is afflicted or when the person fails to conduct him/herself with integ­ rity. depending on whether Saturn is well aspected or poorly aspected. Saturn in Twelfth House These people rarely get recognized for their work or contributions. They must have constant change. and may even become impo­ tent or frigid due to emotional blocks. and honors when Saturn is well aspected. they can be successful in handling other people's money. they often have disappointment in love. science. They work in and through groups and organizations. schools. If Sat­ urn is well aspected. They have analytical minds with a bent toward engineering. They have high standards and tend to follow conven­ tional lines of thought and behavior. achieve­ ment. They gravitate toward friendships with older. Saturn in Sixth House Efficient. They seek seri­ ous minded partners and usually marry later in life. serious. They are respected by their co-workers unless Sat­ urn is harshly aspected. They often have secret enemies who work to bring about their downfall. skilled. This is a good placement for politicians and business executives. they will most likely be involved in litigation or other problems in these same areas. Saturn in Eleventh House These people seek out others who are powerful and influential in order to advance their own interests. If Saturn is badly afflicted. they are prone to be narrow-minded. insurance. hard working people. Then tend to remain in the background and hide themselves in large institutions either as workers or as inmates. in which case they have unsatis­ factory relationships. The marriage. corporate finances. Saturn in Eighth House They often fear death and can have dreams and psy­ chic experiences that disturb them psychologically. or other type partnerships. excitement. Saturn in Tenth House This placement promises great success. medicine. law.

There will most likely be many sudden changes of residence. Their finances are unset­ tled. they are tall.204 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Houses / 205 and adventure. and if Uranus is well aspected they have superior intelli­ gence or genius. If Uranus is afflicted. Uranus in Fifth House: In general. Romantic partners are eccentric. Uranus in Sixth House These people gravitate toward high technology fields in occupations such as programming and engineer­ ing. strange. They often have sudden changes in fortune—rags to riches and vise versa—de­ pending on how Uranus is aspected. love life is unstable unless Uranus is well aspected. Uranus in Fourth House: There will be lots of gadgets a nd electronic devices in their home. They cannot stand to have a partner who they feel out shines them. or scientific fields. electronics. Uranus in Seventh House Long term marriage is rare. If Uranus is heavily afflicted. there will likely be anti-social behav­ ior. often earning money in unusual ways. They tend to be eccentric. and via an acci­ dent if Uranus is afflicted. unconventional. and divorce is fairly com­ mon because these people want freedom and independ­ ence above all. unpredictable. They use the home for meetings for occult activities or other group meetings. suddenly making or losing money. Uranus in Second House: They have an unconventional sense of value. they don't pay their debts and have conflict about it. They are borrow­ ers and lenders. and con­ stantly change their opinions. This placement often produces writ­ ers of astrological. Usually they have harmonious relationships at work. but can have abnor­ malities or peculiar problems if poorly aspected. a skewed behavior that swings to extremes (never in moderation). Parents and family do not have a strong. Their death is most likely to be sudden. they will have explosive relationships with co-workers. and often they possess considerable psychic ability. they arc fidgety. impractical. and will often quit a job if they are not satisfied with their co-worker relationships. or unusual in some way. and they have very little regard for secu­ rity. Uranus in Ninth House They have unorthodox views and interests such as . Their children can be extraordinar­ ily gifted if Uranus is well aspected. They have little regard for the opinions of others. If Uranus is afflicted. Other people are con­ fused by their unpredictable behavior. Uranus in Tfiird House: Exceptionally intuitive people who often receive ideas and information through sudden insights. Frequently they earn money with inven­ tions. Their relationships with people are at either of two extremes: extremely close or superfi­ cial with rapid turnover of people. More often than not. Freedom is extremely important to them. preferring to dig out the facts for themselves. restless. They seek intellectual and unusual friendships. If Uranus is afflicted. bind­ ing effect on these people. Uranus in Eighth House There is much interest in the occult and psychic mat­ ters. and scientific works. occult. There are sudden romances that terminate just as suddenly. and their home life will be unusual.

and their finances will be a mess. impractical. They often join secret organizations and they prefer to work be­ hind the scenes where they are not noticed. Uranus in Tenth House Their political views are ultra-liberal or radical— never conservative. reincarnation. these people have highly developed intuition and clairvoyant faculties. There Is strong emotional ties with the home and parents. hyp­ notist. occult. They have leadership ability in hu­ manitarian. if Neptune is af­ flicted. composers. NEPTUNE Neptune in First House These people must avoid the use of drugs and alco- hoi. near the water. artists. and astrology fields. they may even depend on others for sup­ port. They spend much time in introspection and meditation. They are prone to sudden changes of fortune. they are prone to fantasize. They like humanitarian group activities. If Uranus is well aspected they can be highly spiritual and philosophical—a guru for example. They gravitate toward occult subjects. Neptune in Fourth House They live. If Uranus is afflicted. and learning difficulties. they will probably suffer treachery from persons they thought were friends. day­ dream. If poorly aspected they may belong to fanatical cults and espouse views that are worthless and impractical. they will be lazy. electronic. Fre­ quently one of the parents is psychic. they can be neurotic and suffer delusions. scientific. If Uranus h afflicted. If Neptune is afflicted. If well aspected. They frequently use their intuition to amass large sums of money only to let it slip through their fingers and mysteri­ ously disappear. confusion. especially later in life. They are usually unwilling to be bound to just one relationship. Neptune in Second House These people are idealistic about money and often donate their money to spiritual and humanitarian causes. Some typical occupa­ tions would be: movie or television camera person. especially if Neptune is afflicted. tendency to drift aimlessly through life with no achievement or success. Uranus in Eleventh House These are definitely humanitarian people who are truth seekers and who have no respect for tradition or the status quo. and in extreme cases it can result in possession by an un­ desirable astral entity.206 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Houses / 207 astrology. They usually have nicknames or pseudonyms. Uranus in Twelfth House They are highly developed psychics if Uranus iti heavily aspected with favorable aspects. If Neptune is afflicted. and can have inspired mystical visions. Neptune in Fifth House Their children will likely be intuitive and very sensi- . musicians. There may be many job changes and difficulty in getting along with those in authority. They want total freedom in their job with no one telling them what to do. There can be nerv­ ous disorders. or would like to live. They are often extravagant. often as writers. because it will most likely result in self-delusion. Neptune in Tliird House They have very intuitive minds and good visualiza­ tion ability. or strange religious beliefs.

it is often better if they never marry or have children for there can be great psychological prob­ lems. PLUTO flu to in First House These people are so extremely individualistic and iton-conforming that it is very difficult to get along with them in marriage. there can be much unemployment and unreli­ ability. Also. art. have great intuitive insight and ar­ tistic expression in music. They usually have a strong psychic link with their marriage partner. These people are very impressionable. insurance fraud. They are generous and helpful to their friends and have a close spiritual rapport with them. and the stock market. spiritual healing. If Neptune is afflicted. at the very least. and mis­ guided use of their innate psychic ability. If Neptune is well aspected they can possess healing ability and other psychic abilities which they use beneficially. They. if afflicted. they may be hypochondriacs or mentally ill. there can be problems concerning income tax fraud. They are most interested in medicine. These people more often than not have artistic and musical talent. If Neptune In afflicted. If I'luto is conjunct the ascendant and heavily aspected there .208 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Houses / 209 tive. they must use great care in selecting friends because there is an excellent chance of their friends being deceptive and even becoming enemies. Neptune in Twelfth House A strong intuitive link with cosmic consciousness. and other kinds of healing. an appreciation of art. themselves. Neptune in Sixth House Work is a spiritual experience for these people. Then' is often strange things going on with regard to their part­ ner's money such as secretive things or deception. Neptune in Eleventh House Unusual. If Neptune is afflicted. neurosis. If Nep­ tune is afflicted. If Neptune is well aspected they will usually achieve honor in their work. Neptune in Ninth House There is an interest in cults and mystical organiza­ tions. They prefer privacy. they have mental confusion. If Neptune is af­ flicted. idealistic friends and group associations. health foods. Neptune in Tenth House Intuition plays an important role in their chosen ca­ reer. clergy. psychiatrists frequently have this Neptune position. Often they remember previous incar­ nations and are able to bring forth wisdom from those pre­ vious experiences into the current lifetime. Neptune in Seventh House These people have great intuitive awareness of oth­ ers and thus are greatly affected by the moods and feel­ ings of others. Astrologers. they will achieve dishonor. If badly aspected. illegitimate children. or fraudulent circumstance-! surrounding death. and broken families. If poorly aspected. business. they become misguided in their spiritual beliefs and practices. and they have a special interest in communicating with the dead. Neptune in Eighth House There are usually psychic tendencies. or other close relationships. Often they are able to communicate psychically with animals.

Often their quest for money involves other people's money. They are highly opinionated and will not change their minds unless strong factual evidence con­ vinces them that they were wrong. geology. causing them to lose friends and probably getting them involved in litigation over money matters. or inheritance. Sometimes there is interest in the occult. and lawyers. sometimes combined with considerable psychic ability. they will have problems with insurance. If Pluto is afflicted. If Pluto is well aspected they will have considerable resourcefulness in achieving wealth. Pluto in Fifth House These people have much creative power which can be expressed through art or love. Pluto in Sixth House People who work on government atomic energy pro­ jects often have Pluto in this position. Pluto in Third House These people have scientific ability and much mental resourcefulness. they can be religious fanatics who try to change everyone to their own way of thinking. undercover agents. When they travel. they will most likely be greedy and self­ ish. they can be very difficult to work with. In marriage or other partnerships they tend to be attracted to strong willed. They are secretive and often deal in secret transactions. and sometimes mining. If Pluto is af­ flicted. and are likely to lose money if they indulge in speculation. They have no tolerance for hypocrisy. Pluto in Fourth House These people tend to dominate their own home ami domestic life. thus causing employment problems. If Pluto is afflicted. dominating types of people. they may be overly severe to­ ward children. They have great strength and resourcefulness in a crisis. If Pluto is badly afflicted.220 / Astrology for Beginners Planets in the Houses 1211 are strong clairvoyant and psychic abilities. and they are in danger of accidents during travel. often they have talented children. This is a good position for judges. Usually these people have strong willpower. Other professions may be junk and salvage or secretarial. other people's money. Also if afflicted. sometimes alienating other family mem­ bers. they tend to sexual exccsscn and will dominate or be dominated by their romanllt partner. This would be a good position for spies. which usu­ ally develops late in life. Whatever they do. psy­ chologists. If Pluto is afflicted. taxes. They know how to wield power . diplomatic couri­ ers. etc. P/»ro in Seventh House These people have a tendency to dominate or be dominated by others. Pluto in Ninth House Strong spiritual leadership ability is evident here. They are interested in the earth. Pluto in Eighth House They have powerful wills. Pluto in Second House Powerful drive and ambition to get money and other material resources. they seek to improve their work and working conditions. it is most often for secret or strange reasons. Pluto in Tenth House These people are leaders who have strong will power and a drive to succeed.

Sun conjunct Venus They love life and are usually optimistic and cheer­ ful. they become dictatorial and put their personal gain ahead of everything else. 13 The Aspects CONJUNCTIONS NOTE: The only major aspect the Sun can have with either Mercury or Venus is a conjunction. Pluto in Twelfth House This is a strong occult position. conferring great in­ tuition and understanding of life's mysteries when Pluto is well aspected. or neurotic prob­ lems.212 / Astrology for Beginners wisely and effectively. If Pluto is afflicted. secret enemies. If badly afflicted. The only major aspects that Mercury and Venus can have with each other are a conjunction or a sextile. Sun conjunct Mercury This gives great mental energy and power. Sun conjunct Moon Person combines concentration with impulsiveness. There is talent in art and music. there is danger of de­ structive psychic forces. They express themselves well. Pluto in Eleventh House They have the ability to be successful leaders of groups if Pluto is well aspected. Alternates between being passive and aggressive. tend to be self-serving leaders and extravagant spenders. if Pluto is afflicted. These people are usu­ ally unable to see themselves as others see them. but if the conjunction is too close (less than 4 degrees generally) I here is danger of mental burnout. Sometimes a little conceited. 213 . However.

They express their emotions through art or beauty. Moon conjunct Mars Prone to fits of anger. Sun conjunct Uranus To others. Sometimes they are overly sensitive to criti­ cism. Their actions are based more on emotion than on rea­ son. these people often seem to be eccentric and unpredictable because they act suddenly. Enthusiastic. Moon conjunct Mercury They spend much thought concerning their families and home life. Sun conjunct Jupiter Pleasing personalities. Women with this aspect display their creativity through culinary skills or in beautiful clothing. depending on the rest of the horoscope. They gain only by hard work—nothing comes easy or for free. Emotional at­ tachment to home and family. They under­ stand cosmic law and power and know how to use it. Moon conjunct Venus Usually successful in love. They can be genuinely inspired or be self-deluded. Moon conjunct Jupiter These are generous. They attract good luck. They make good diplo­ mats. Whatever they do. . Can usually win others over to their way of thinking or doing. Sun conjunct Ascendant These are strong. and if they do get sick they recuperate rapidly. . they gain some sort of fame. Sun conjunct Midheaven These people exert great influence through their ca­ reers and personal reputations. they feel and act with emotional inten­ sity. They can be dangerous enemies because emotion blinds them to common sense. Sun conjunct Pluto This is an extremely powerful psychic aspect. They are attracted to pub­ lic life or politics. Powerful people who are the masters of their lives and environ­ ment.214 J Astrology for Beginners Tlie Aspects / 225 Sun conjunct Mars This confers great willpower and courage. Generous and optimistic. decisively and with power. More often than not. This is because they can see and understand things that others do not readily perceive because these people have well developed innate psychic ability. healthy people who rarely get sick. giving the person enormous energy and power. They are usually trustworthy. Tendency to be aggressive and self-assertive. temper tantrums in children. They often affiliate them­ selves with religious or educational causes. Often these people are geniuses. Sun conjunct Neptune This also is a psychic aspect. Sun conjunct Saturn They have great self-discipline which they need be­ cause they encounter many frustrations. sympathetic people who are concerned about doing something good in the world.

Too often their emotions are strongly linked to the past and to memories rather than to the present. engineers. politicians. and natural diplomatic ability. Mercury conjunct Venus This aspect bestows literary talent. Often these people are connected with a family business. Mercury conjunct Uranus These people are often geniuses. Moon conjunct Uranus These people gravitate toward strange and unusual experiences. This position favors entertainers. making them naturals for politics. They work hard and leave no stone unturned in their quest for success. they have sudden changes or emo­ tional swings and are unpredictable. Moon conjunct Pluto They deliberately precipitate drastic changes in their . These people also have mathematical and scien­ tific talent. They tend to be overbearing. They usu­ ally are hard. teachers. They are highly impressionable. and seem to have no joy. debates. Their family life is often quite unusual. Often they pursue careers In electronics. In extreme cases. Good intuition and imaginative powers go with this aspect. There can sometimes be gain through wealthy women. Moon conjunct Ascendant These people tend to appear to be feminine and have feminine behavior. clergy. grace in expres­ sion in both speech and writing. or in their family's life. Sometimes they have prophetic dreams. self-disciplined workers. Quite often there are psychic tendencies. and mental challenge. They have strong wills and intense feelings. and businesses that deal with homes or domestic prod­ ucts. competi­ tion. humorless. Their minds are ex­ ceptionally quick and original. They are good planners. and their childhood experiences have an exceptionally strong influence on them throughout life. thus it is a more favorable position for women than for men. and sometimes . they can be fickle. They tend toward occupations where they can influence others through their mental abilities and speaking abilities. Mercury conjunct Jupiter They are usually broadminded and confident. They are very independent. draftspersons and related professions. lecturers. Mercury conjunct Mars These people love controversy. politicians. They have keen. They can make good reporters.216 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects 1217 Moon conjunct Saturn These people are usually regarded as wet blankets because they are dour. They love to ex­ press themselves. thus driving people from them. For example. Moody. Moon conjunct Midheaven Usually these people are in the public eye and are popular. They also make good architects. Mercury conjunct Saturn This aspect bestows a disciplined mind that is logical and precise. They are practical and have common sense. There can be artistic or musical ability. and there often are religious and spiritual tendencies. Moon conjunct Neptune These people tend to be psychic. energetic minds.

and fair play. for these people. They love to delve into secrets and flush out the truth. Venus conjunct Neptune At its highest expression. librarians. In some cases. Venus conjunct Jupiter This can bring so much ease and good fortune into the person's life that they become lazy and unappreciative. loving outpouring of help to others. Mercury conjunct Neptune These people are dreamers. it foretells of romantic dreamers who are a burden to others and who are often unreliable and decep­ tive. Sometimes they are hard to get along with. and opera. secretaries. Venus conjunct Saturn An excellent aspect to have in a chart. etc. They have powerful imaginations. these people have a strong sense of justice. This is a good aspect for detectives or other type investigators. or various sorts of clerks. It bestows passion. In its most base ex­ pression. work for the telephone company. They tend to talk too much. Mercury conjunct Pluto These are truth seekers. and they love to bring joy to others. Often they confuse friendship and romantic love. it is raw sexual exploitation. Venus conjunct Uranus They have sudden attractions and shifts of affection. Mercury conjunct Midheaven Most often their profession will be in some field of communications such as newspaper work. These people arc usually quite generous. Venus conjunct Ascendant This aspect bestows physical beauty and attractive- .2181 Astrology for Beginners The Aspects 1219 too independent. harmony. which sometimes annoys others. The nega­ tive side borders on perversion. it is a generous. Venus conjunct Pluto The positive side borders on being divine. Other favorable occupations are teachers. This aspect does bestow generous amounts of talent. Mercury conjunct Ascendant These people have exceptional intelligence. Venus conjunct Mars Basically. however a strong Saturn in the chart negates this. bringing out the best qualities. it bestows high quality talent for music and the arts. radio announcer. Their love life is almost always in a state of flux and change. Sometimes they can be deceitful. they often become extremely depressed. Practical and gener­ ous. this is a sensual aspect. Seldom can they devote their love to just one person. In its highest expression. free-lance writer. If these people feel they are unloved. They use logic in all their thinking processes. and they use their willpower and penetrating minds to get to the bottom of things. scientists. or hobby. At its lowest expression. and in extreme cases live in a dream world to the exclusion of reality. They often have psychic ability. spiritual love that borders on being divine. physical love desires. Photography is often a good profession. this aspect bestows a pure. especially for music. drama. artistic expression of love or sexual connotations. they can be overbearing.

Mars conjunct Saturn Unless this conjunction is well aspected by other planets. In ex­ treme cases. These people do have excep­ tional capacity for hard work. It also confers grace. Sometimes they are socially aggres­ sive. and harmony. Mars conjunct Uranus These people arc rebels and revolutionaries. Sometimes they have lofty goals that are unreal­ istic. endurance. and they expend great en­ ergy to achieve their goals. This aspects carries with it a pro­ pensity for accidents. they just make people angry. and criminal tendencies. Mars conjunct Midheaven These people are highly ambitious and they desire to become important and prominent in their professional lives. and infectious diseases. sustained . and they leave their mark wherever they go. the person becomes infatuated with their own attractiveness. They can accomplish a great deal if they master the art of diplomacy. and resentment. this conjunction will bestow destructive . unac­ ceptable means. but optimistic up to a point. They relentlessly pursue whatever goal they consider to be worthwhile. Mars conjunct Jupiter These people believe in themselves. willpower and courage. They have courage. but usually lack good judgment. Mars conjunct Ascendant These people are forceful and aggressive. The usual result is that the person must shoulder heavy burdens throughout life but has an element of help and protection when the going gets the roughest. charm. This aspect favors military careers. especially healing abilities. They are goal oriented. Women sometimes promote their careers by charming those in authority. energy. If badly aspected. Venus conjunct Midhcaven These people seek to improve their status. Mars conjunct Neptune This aspect confers susceptibility to poisoning. They are ticrious minded. They tend to plunge into things without giving it much forethought. sometimes to the point of being fanatical about it. drug reactions. This aspect especially favors those who work in the arts or in public relations. Jupiter conjunct Saturn This aspect comprises opposing forces—the opti­ mism and ease of Jupiter with the gloom and hardship of Saturn. there will likely be violent and criminal behavior. and they never accept "NO" for an answer. Their very nature puts a great strain on their nervous system. violence. In poorly developed people. Mars conjunct Pluto This aspect bestows more than a normal amount of power. They have no fear of death or danger.2201 Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 222 ness. and courage. They are basically leaders. These people almost al­ ways have strong psychic abilities. Political and military careers benefit from this aspect. They have a great amount of energy and enthusiasm. They seek to change things suddenly. and usually by drastic. Otherwise. there will be anger.

They usually like to travel. It con­ fers reliability. they will most likely be overweight. the ability to perform hard work. Jupiter conjunct Midheaven These people have an excellent chance of attaining prominence. artists. Uranus conjunct Neptune This conjunction occurs about every 171 years and oasts its influence on a whole generation of people rather than on individuals to any great degree. With integrity. producing genius or near-genius intelligence thai is practical.222 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 223 disappointments can kill their optimism. They have great imagination. a serious nature. clergy persons. Often their work will be of a secret nature. Some­ times there is considerable psychic ability. Often they promise more than they can deliver. . and sciences. it confers good power of concentration. Jupiter conjunct Pluto This aspect confers the ability for intense concentra­ tion and strong determination to achieve goals. Jupiter conjunct Neptune There is a tendency for extreme idealism. They enjoy serious studies such as mathematics. and creative. and those in the field of education. If the conjunction is af­ flicted. lawyers and associated law professions. It favors musicians. Usually the goals are to improve and benefit self and others. Saturn conjunct Neptune If the conjunction is favorably aspected. they will be a success and achieve honor. astrology. being con­ fined to an institution. Saturn conjunct Ascendant This aspect indicates difficulties in early life. and usually a strong sense of responsibility. Saturn conjunct Pluto These two powerful planets combine to endow the person with the ability to perform work that will have farreaching and long lasting effects. This aspect favors administrators and judges. These people have much to offer the world. it can be­ stow all sorts of difficulties such as depression. If afflicted. and those engaged in secretive work. and morbidity. These people possess much personal power. original. This aspect favors those in business. often ac­ companied by lack of self-discipline and lack of practical­ ity. Saturn conjunct Uranus Disciplined Saturn has a stabilizing effect on erratic Uranus. It does confer good imagination and originality. These people usually oppose the traditional or established way of doing things. Without integrity they are guaranteed a great fall. Jupiter conjunct Ascendant These people have self-confidence and optimism • with the ability to inspire others. Saturn conjunct Midheaven These people almost always will rise to high posi­ tions in life regardless of whether they have integrity or not. Jupiter conjunct Uranus This aspect brings sudden and unusual benefits and advantages to the person.

and honesty. it can confer some psychic abil­ ity. enthusiasm. These people do not waste anything. and psy« chology. affecting an entire generation. Sun trine Saturn Self-discipline and good organizational ability go with this aspect. . Professional hyp­ notists are favored by this aspect. painting. Their best bet is to engage in professions that require creative imagination such as photography. and astrology. They tend to get along well with family and parents. it confers practicality. They have leadership ability. there is danger of public disgrace. good concentration powers. courage. Uranus conjunct Midheaven This aspect favors occupations in electronics. Neptune conjunct Ascendant Very definitely confers psychic ability. Often these people study and practice astrology. quality about them. Pluto conjunct Ascendant This aspect confers willpower and stamina and con­ siderable psychic awareness. acting. They work well with children and have self-confidence and optimism. In individuals. Neptune conjunct Pluto This aspect influences society in general in a subtle way to help them raise their consciousness to greater heights of love and understanding. They can have a "hypnotic". ambition. hon­ esty. physics. leadership ability. In addition. it bestows good fortune. Sun trine Mars Bestows good health. Sun trine Uranus These people have strong wills and the ability to tap Into cosmic consciousness. They often gain fame and high po­ sitions. Neptune conjunct Midheaven These are not stable employees. It is so subtle that it may go unnoticed in individual horoscopes. In addition. music. If the conjunction is afflicted. Uranus conjunct Ascendant These people are alert and individualistic. Their in­ tuitive powers are highly developed. decisiveness. depending on the rest of the horoscope and the individual's choices. They insist on having per­ sonal freedom and will not tolerate interference from oth­ ers. and a conservative dis­ position. and willpower. Pluto conjunct Midheaven This aspect all but guarantees public notice—fame or notoriety. Sun trine Jupiter This confers the same attributes as Sun trine Mars. physical strength. but there can be sudden changes in professional reputation. TRINES Sun trine Moon Bestows harmonious balance in the person. science.224 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects 1225 Uranus conjunct Pluto This occurs about every 115 years. Insures good health and good recuperative powers. success.

Sun trine Midheaven This gives leadership ability and increases the per­ son's chances of significant success in their career. They also have great courage and de­ termination. These are usually spiritual people who express themselves in music. They are good communicators and often con­ duct business over the phone or by mail. Moon trine Saturn These people have dignity and a sense of responsibil­ ity. Often they gain wealth through inheritance or through their own business acumen. They often have careers in psychology. willpower. They have good organizational ability. The aspect gives much energy. Sun trine Ascendant Favorable aspect for a good marriage or partnerships in general. Often they are interested in astrology and have some psychic ability. conservative. and have common sense.2261 Astrology for Beginners The Aspects/227 creativity. Sun trine Neptune Good intuition. religion. Sun trine Pluto These people have exceptional powers of concentra­ tion and an excess of energy. or giving spiritual guidance. They have expansive imaginations. Moon trine Venus This aspect confers a pleasant disposition and good voice quality. constructive emotions. art. Moon trine Mars Controlled. They are original and energetic. and personal magnetism. family. They will fight for what they believe to be right. Moon trine Uranus These people are unconventional and have strong imaginations. It also bestows femininity and beauty. They have very good memories. Moon trine Jupiter These people are devoted to their home. There usually is some artistic ability and good taste in gen­ eral. . and parents. Good astrologers often have this aspect. They combine action with imagination. are cautious. Moon trine Neptune This provides a considerable amount of psychic abil­ ity. Moon trine Ascendant These people express their emotions in a construc­ tive way. They also conduct themselves harmoniously in marriage. They are shrewd in business. This is a good aspect for the performing arts. Sometimes they have leader­ ship ability. and optimism. honest. This is a favorable position for all occupations in public life. selfconfidence. Moon trine Mercury This aspect bestows common sense and good busi­ ness ability. Moon trine Pluto Tremendous personal power and emotional control go with this aspect.

These people express themselves forcefully and harmoniously. Mercury trine Pluto There is great mental ability to delve into the deepest subjects and understand them. These are forceful. politics. It also favors writers of detective and mystery sto­ ries. A great deal of in­ tuition is present. Venus trine Mars This aspect is favorable for happiness in marriage and romance. or any profession that can give them opportunity for lead­ ership. this aspect confers harmony and an optimistic. Otherwise. quick. Mercury trine Jupiter This gives a quick mind that is tolerant and absorbs information effectively. this aspect con­ fers laziness because things come too easy to the person. It also enables the person to deal successfully with people in positions of authority. dra­ matic speakers. They have sharp. Often they enter law. and mental endurance. Some­ times they appear to be shy or too serious. Mercury trine Mars This aspect confers great mental energy. There usually is some creative po­ tential here. Venus trine Jupiter In a horoscope that is generally weak. Often artistic ability is present. These are not crowd followers they form their own opinions. pleasing disposition. Mercury trine Ascendant These people are quite adept at influencing others. They usually have very good manual dexterity. They are also loyal friends and are good marriage partners. intelligent minds. and exacting work appeals to them. Venus trine Saturn These people are usually sharp in business. Venus trine Uranus Sudden good fortune (financial especially) is associ- . They usually like to travel. Mercury trine Saturn These people are loyal friends. It is also an excellent aspect for the study and practice of astrology. This is an excellent aspect for physicists and those working in the nuclear energy field. They are fun loving and usually have sex appeal. mental con­ centration. A good memory goes with this aspect. Their mind is well organ­ ized.2281 Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 229 Moon trine Midheaven This aspect favors a good marriage and domestic life. These people have integrity and are honest. the military. Mercury trine Midheaven These people will excel in any profession that makes use of their excellent mental and communication abilities. Mercury trine Uranus These people are especially suited for investigation or research work. Mercury trine Neptune This aspect bridges the logical mind with the spiri­ tual mind to confer ability in both areas.

and enthusiasm. People who work with liquids often have this aspect. Jupiter trine Saturn This aspect bestows financial. energy. sensing danger. They live life dynami­ cally and have unbreakable willpower. charm. Mars trine Saturtt These people are shrewd and work hard to satisfy their ambitions. It also gives honesty. Venus trine Ascendant This aspect confers grace.230 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 231 ated with this aspect. and charm. They have a great deal of sex appeal and have no difficulty in attracting romance. If they are religious. attractiveness. . They are able to bear heavy responsibilities. Mars trine Pluto These are ruthless fighters who give no quarter to de­ fend what they believe to be right. decisive. Mars trine Neptune This aspect confers a keen sensitivity that enables them to detect insincerity in others. harmony. and have great willpower. Mars trine Uranus They are outspoken. endure hardships or even face danger. fun loving people. They usually have cool tempers and are dignified. and manage­ rial abilities. they desire un­ restricted freedom. and grace play a vital role for success in their occupation. and utilizing innate psychic abilities. and have strong willpower. Sometimes these people are genuine geniuses. Venus trine Neptune These can be creative geniuses. They are resource­ ful and original. Usually they are popular and have good mar­ riages. If a performing artist has this aspect. common sense. Mars trine Jupiter This aspect bestows constructive action. Venus trine Pluto These are definitely romantic people who have strong sex drives. Mars trine Ascendant These people are active. They have an intense emotional nature and often fall in love at first sight. daring. They are very romantic and are attracted to un­ usual romances or lovers. some favorable public recognition is guaranteed. Venus trine Midheaven Beauty. They have creative ability. and have nervous energy which can be difficult for others to deal with. Mars trine Midheaven They work hard to satisfy their ambition to climb the ladder of success in their profession and to take care of their family. they put their religious beliefs into action in the finest sense of the word. and in­ tegrity. especially in music and art. They are skillful. Jupiter trine Uranus They do not like rules or constraints. business. These are bubbly. often pioneering new methods of doing things.

They are usually trustworthy. They work tirelessly to achieve their goals. They are original and have much will power. affecting an entire generation. Jupiter trine Midheaven They usually rise high in their profession due to their constructive attitude. Usually they have a close rapport with their marriage partner. or leaders of groups. They are skillful analysists. have self-confidence. and have goodwill toward others. astrol­ ogy. they often appear to be intriguing or mysterious. Good aspect for managerial positions.232 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 233 Jupiter trine Neptune This is primarily a psychic aspect. In individual charts it confers an in­ terest in occult matters such as astrology and psychic phe­ nomena. constructive attitude. Uranus trine Pluto This aspect lasts many years and affects an entire generation of people. sometimes fame. mathematics. Jupiter trine Ascendant This gives an optimistic. They have consid­ erable willpower and are practical. Neptune trine Ascendant They have well developed intuition. Saturn trine Uranus This aspect is favorable for careers in science. They can focus their concentration. and never act impulsively. conferring the abil­ ity to interact with cosmic consciousness. which enables them to achieve much through meditation. their marriage will be stable. Jupiter trine Pluto This aspect confers tremendous creative power. Its affects are hardly noticed in individual charts except for a tendency toward psychic matters. Religion and law are favored by this aspect. Saturn trine Pluto Often these people have a karmic mission to fill. . which also adapts them to working with investments. They are natural leaders who inspire others. Saturn trine Ascendent: They have a dignified and conservative demeanor. Usually they have harmonious marriages. Saturn trine Neptune These are good organizers who work best behind the scenes or in secretive type work such as investigation. which often comes suddenly and unexpectedly. They arc enthusiastic. They prefer to live near the water and away from urban centers. Neptune trine Pluto This aspect lasts a very long time. In individual charts it confers an in­ terest in life after death and reincarnation. If married. Uranus trine Neptune This aspect lasts many years and affects an entire generation of people. Uranus trine Midheaven They usually work in "unusual" fields and achieve success. Uranus trine Ascendant Often these people are clairvoyant or intuitive. To others.

They are quite sensitive to other people's emotions. decisiveness. farsighted executives. Sun sextile Mars Energy. They often appear to be stern. Moon sextile Mercury Neatness. and exceptional endurance are the marks of this aspect. Pluto trine Ascendant This confers strong will power and excellent powers of concentration. they rarely have any serious harm come to them. The aspect also be­ stows courage and ability to endure hardship. confident. They make strong. Sun sextile Midheaven They express themselves well in their profession. SEXTILES Sun sextile Moon This aspect endows popularity and a harmonious marriage. They are enthusiastic and creative and they express their energy harmoniously. Moon sextile Venus This is favorable for all matters associated with mar­ riage and home life. They usually have a close rapport with their parents. Pluto trine Midheaven These people seek leadership positions in their pro­ fession. and optimistic and usually love to travel. They also have leadership ability. These are magnetic people who inspire others. These people are good communica­ tors. will power. These people are also generous. . They are affectionate and are usually popular. They also have good memories. Sun sextile Ascendant This is a good aspect for a good marriage. Sun sextile Saturn These people are methodical and practical. They often live near water. resourcefulness. cleanliness and good hygiene are associ­ ated with this aspect. Sun sextile Uranus This aspect favors inventors because they have per­ ceptive minds and much willpower for creating things that others arc unable to do. These people easily make friends with the op­ posite sex. Sun sextile Neptune This aspect confers good imagination and visualiza­ tion powers. Sun sextile Jupiter This aspect gives a great deal of protection to the per­ son. but they are loyal friends. having much patience and self-discipline. and leadership ability are associated with this aspect. They inspire others. They love animals.234 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects 1235 Neptune trine Midheaven They use their excellent intuition effectively in their profession to solve problems and to deal with their superi­ ors. Sun sextile Pluto Great willpower.

Sometimes their mother is an unusual per­ son. they are efficient and productive. They use their minds to create the reality they want. and within marriage. These people can intuitively sense what other people are up to. They love to travel. They leave nothing to chance. They often get sudden flashes of knowledge or inspiration that enables them to solve prob­ lems. and thinks things through thoroughly. between them and others in general." They are cheer­ ful. and education. Mercury sextile Mars These people plan what they are going to do. They also have sharp minds. Mercury sextile Jupiter This aspect is concerned with intellectual pursuits. skill in speech and writing. These people attract good things to themselves. practical. Mercury sextile Saturn This is the premier aspect of the well disciplined mind. frugal. especially in law. honest. Mercury sextile Uranus Quick. Moon sextile Neptune Psychic ability definitely comes with this aspect. Moon sextile Ascendant This confers harmony within self. They have a great deal of energy. Their mind is precise. If is also favorable for a harmo- nious home life. Moon sextile Pluto These people do not have a lot of "clutter" in their life. Mercury sextile Pluto These people are able to express themselves power- . and then they do it. Thus. and a calm disposition are marks of this aspect.236 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects 1237 Moon sextile Mars These people will fight to protect their family and home. Moon sextile Saturn These people are level-headed. Mercury sextile Neptune This aspect favors photographers and writers. Moon sextile Midheaven This confers harmony in the workplace with co­ workers and supervisors. To other people they often ap­ pear to be dull. inventive minds with a good memory are marks of this aspect. and they usually know how to use it in the most spiritual and way. Moon sextile Uranus These people can quickly spot an opportunity. philosophy. Often they work in secret or on secret projects. Mercury sextile Venus Grace in behavior. practical. and generally possess integrity. religion. Moon sextile Jupiter These people have a "green thumb. and optimistic. and they know how to take advantage of it. They have many female friends.

They ' tend to be formal in their conduct. Sometimes they are peacemakers between warring factions. Venus sextile Jupiter This aspect bestows good fortune and an easy. Often they are mis­ sionaries or engaged in some religious activity. Mercury sextile Midheavcn Their ability to communicate well enables these peo­ ple to do well in their profession. Venus sextile Saturn This aspect confers exceptional artistic skill. Mercury sextile Ascendant This aspect bestows the ability to communicate ex­ ceptionally well with others. They are undefea table. These are forceful people. bringing them good fortune. These people are usually happy and full of energy. They are popular and have many friends. com­ fortable life. Mars sextile Neptune These people can see through the motives of others. and they are always generous with others. Venus sextile Pluto This aspect favors creativity in music or art. Venus sextile Midheavcn These are natural diplomats. Often their marriage seems to be preordained. Some­ times they become wealthy. Any professions that re­ quire exceptional imagination and superior energy need . Venus sextile Uranus These people fall in love suddenly and marry sud­ denly. Mars sextile Saturn Endurance and fortitude are the keywords here. Venus sextile Neptune Keen artistic imagination go with this aspect.2381 Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 239 fully and effectively. Mars sextile Jupiter These people are rarely lazy. Venus sextile Mars This aspect promotes harmony between the sexes. They find contentment both at home and in their profession. hence they are not easily fooled. these people are likely to be lazy and rely on help from others. and will power. and tireless workers. Usually their marriage and friendships are good. These people are usually quite popular. There is a balanced blend of discipline and energy to pro­ duce practical. Mars sextile Uranus These people know exactly what they want and they go after it with courage. efficient. They have strong will power. They work strenuously to help others who are unfortunate. They also are good plan­ ners. In a weak horoscope. Venus sextile Ascendant These people have grace and harmony in their selfexpression. fast action. They are frugal and have good judgment in the use of money.

reliability. Jupiter sextile Uranus These people make good astrologers. Jupiter sextile Saturn This aspect confers a balance between Jupiter's expansiveness. Often they are lucky in sudden. Saturn sextile Neptune They have the ability to discipline and focus their great imaginative powers in order to produce practical re­ sults. They are respected even though they appear to be cold. very serious disposition. . Saturn sextile Pluto These people know how to use power wisely. Jupiter sextile Pluto Often this aspect signifies wisdom and insight. optimism. They tend to be gushy and overly sentimental. sense of responsi­ bility. enabling them to be successful promoters for whatever enterprise they are involved with. Sometimes they use their home as the base for their professional activities. They are kind and altruistic. Jupiter sextile Neptune These people often have great imagination but fre­ quently lack the common sense to know how to use it. Mars sextile Pluto The keywords here are great courage. good organization. The rest of the horoscope must be strong for this aspect to have much influence in the person's life. will move up through the ranks because their su­ periors have confidence in them. Saturn sextile Uranus These people know how to take original or "off the wall" ideas and apply them in a practical way. Mars sextile Ascendant These people earn respect because they are open and direct in their dealings. Saturn sextile Midheaven These people. Mars sextile Midheaven This is a favorable aspect for both domestic and pro­ fessional matters. unexpected ways. if they work in an established organi­ zation. Saturn sextile Ascendant The keywords here are integrity. They know how to arouse enthu­ siasm in others. They usually have excellent reputations. They have great insight. They like tradition. Jupiter sextile Midheavcn These are honest and generous people. gaining them popularity in their professional dealings. iron will power. and tremendous energy. self-discipline. practicality. and impersonal.240 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects 1241 people with this aspect in their natal chart. Jupiter sextile Ascendant Good fortune in marriage and in dealing with the public is indicated here. and organization. caution. and enthusiasm and Saturn's constrictiveness. They are truthful. loyal friends.

242 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects /'243 Uranus sextile Neptune This aspect lasts many years. 4th. If not. These people act decisively. In this case there will be unusual scientific or psy­ chic abilities. Uranus sextile Ascendant These are unusual people who stand apart from the crowd. Others find them interesting. or their marriage ceremony may be a strange one. affecting an entire gen­ eration. thus antagonizing others. ' 10th). Sometimes there are temper outbursts. Others find these people to be charming and are drawn to them magnetically. Sun square Mars These are argumentive people who try to achieve their goals by force. Uranus sextile Pinto Individuals may have sudden intuitive flashes on how to bring about constructive changes. Neptune sextile Pluto This aspect has an extremely long duration and is not usually significant in individual horoscopes unless either Neptune or Pluto is in an angular house (1st. They usually have difficulty getting along with the opposite sex. They are their own worst enemies because of their brash. Pluto sextile Ascendant Good powers of concentration accompany this as­ pect. and . it beats the person down. Usually they are very extravagant and can fritter money away faster than they can earn it. Sometimes they de­ cide to get married suddenly. They often entertain friends in their home. creating a life of hardship. 7th. Neptune sextile Ascendant Clairvoyance or other extrasensory abilities usually accompany this aspect. Pluto sextile Midheaven Considerable professional skill and ambition are in­ dicated here. impractical ideas. Uranus sextile Midhcaven Often they advance professionally through the help of friends. Sun square Uranus This confers erratic behavior. enabling the person to sense and understand the sub­ tle and hidden things that are going on. Sim square Jupiter They have an unrealistic view of themselves. Neptune sextile Midheaven This confers excellent intuition in the professional life. this aspect builds character. Sun square Saturn This aspect puts a seemingly endless string of obsta­ cles in the person's path. aggres­ sive behavior. SQUARES Sun square Moon Creative self-expression is usually blocked by the person's family. and is usually not prominent in an individual's horoscope. They want too much too quickly. If the person is strong. There may be artistic ability. They feel insecure.

and are eas­ ily "taken" for financial loss as a result. and are taken advantage of by them. which creates enemies. Often their life is plagued with misfortunes that occur suddenly. Because they have little control over their emotions. They often become social parasites. Sometimes they are just plain lazy. they should avoid alcohol use. such as accidents. etc. Moon square Uranus These people usually have ingenuity and great tal­ ent. Moon square Mercury There is a tendency for problems with the nervous system or the digestive system. depressed. pessimistic. Usually they try to dominate others. Sun square Midheaven Career and family life do not run smoothly. Sun square Ascendant These people have difficulty dealing with the public. There can be psychosis or insanity. Moon square Saturn These people are constantly "down in the dumps. They fre­ quently have secret love affairs and get involved in scan­ dals. Sometimes they are just plain unlucky." moody. Sun square Neptune These people usually suffer from self-delusion and have a tendency to try to avoid responsibility. ill health.2441 Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 245 lack of self-discipline. but also tend toward perversity and have sudden mood swings. Moon square Venus They trust their spouse or other partners too much. Moon square Pluto These people do not like to be confined by anything. and they conflict with each other. etc. catastro­ phes. Drug and alcohol abuse are associated with this aspect. A black cloud seems to always be over their head. They often do not reap the rewards from their work due to their irrational behavior. These are classic bores who rattle on and on about nothing worth listening to. Foreign travel will likely bring them some sort of misfortune. Moon square Neptune These people live in a fantasy world that is muddled and confused. unhappy. . Moon square Mars This confers volatile emotions and temper. Moon square Jupiter These people are suckers for a sob story. much to the agony of their listeners. creating resentment in others. Usually they do not get along well with co-workers or with their boss. They are too aggressive with the op­ posite sex. with partners (including marriage). They get involved in unwise romantic situations. Sun square Pluto These people are forceful and domineering. Often they have an inferiority complex. They don't seem to know how to present their true self. They do not get along with women.

Moon square Midheaven They have emotional problems with parents or fam­ ily. These people absolutely cannot keep a secret. Moon square Ascendant Difficulties with self-expression are associated with this aspect. Mercury square Midheaven They communicate poorly at home and at work. laws. They have no appreciation for the true values in life. they are dishonest schemers. and are often morally corrupt. and are argumentive. They will not accept advice from anyone. or pessimism. making it difficult for them to communicate well with anyone. As a result they have constant problems in their personal life and with the world at large. This can be dull­ ness. and be quite changeable. others for sexual gratification only. They usually have good intentions. Mercury square Uranus A nervous disposition and harebrained ideas are in­ dicated here. narrow mindedness. They lack refinement in their social con­ duct. Mercury square Jupiter These people promise more than they can deliver. with the most serious problems occurring at work. These problems spill over to interfere with their pro­ fession. They have great difficulty communicating clearly.246 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 247 be it a job. etc. or be used by. They want to force their way on others. saying exactly what they think in a harsh manner regardless of whether it hurts someone. They can­ not keep secrets. too wrapped up in unimportant details. including marriage. Mercury square Pluto They have strong will power. a marriage. no imagination. Mercury square Saturn Mental inhibition is indicated here. have one-sided reasoning. Venus square Saturn Life is often exceptionally harsh for these people. If they do not control their passions. In some cases. great harm will come to them. As a result. Un- . Mercury square Mars These people lack tact. They attempt things beyond their capacity. Venus square Mars Problems in romance and relationships are indicated here. Mercury square Ascendant They express themselves awkwardly in speech and in writing. they do not do well in jobs dealing with the public. They tend to use. causing further problems with their employer. Venus square Jupiter Overindulgence and laziness are the keywords here. jump to conclusions. They are brutally blunt. It also creates problems with all relationships. but lack common sense. Mercury square Neptune This confers absentmindedness and general mental disorganization. They may be perverse. make snap judgments. but usually use it in de­ structive ways.

Mars square Saturn Physical hardships. violence. such as wars. and so forth. dangerous conditions. dis­ rupt personal happiness. Most likely they will not get along very well with their parents.248 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 249 fulfilled love and financial hardship are common. alcohol. Mars square Ascendant These people may be bullies. Venus square Midheaven Often the person finds both their job and their home life to be dull and unfulfilling. Venus square Ascendant The person may be ultra-sensitive emotionally. Venus square Pluto There is a tendency to give in to overwhelming sex­ ual passions. Sometimes the person has no social grace. who espouse fanatical religions that often use vio­ lence against those who oppose them. then the person will direct their sexual energy in some creative way. it indicates great courage. These people are attracted to violent situations. They tend to be overly aggressive in their relationships with others. Venus square Uranus This aspect usually indicates divorce if there is a mar­ riage because these people will not sacrifice any personal freedom in order to make the marriage work. and cal­ lousness are associated with this aspect. Military career persons frequently have this aspect. and react suddenly without first exercis­ ing good judgment. Sometimes external events. and sexual abuse are associated with this aspect. Marriage is likely to be moti­ vated more by material gain than by love. riots. such as war. thus precipitating problems in the marriage. If Venus or Neptune are favorably aspected by other planets. and often die a violent death. have violent ten­ dencies that they display under the guise of seeking social justice. to perverseness. Mars square Neptune Drug. rather than in sexual misuse. Mars square Pluto This is a dangerous aspect because the person is in­ clined to use force to get whatever they want. There can be anything from dishonesty in marriage. impulsive. Mars square Uranus Death through accidents is a definite possibility with persons who have this aspect because they tend to be reck­ less. acci­ dents. broken bones. . There can be fickleness with this aspect. to homosexuality. regardless of what they have to do to obtain it. Venus square Neptune Unwise use of affections and sex are keywords here. uncontrolled anger. re­ bellions. Some­ times they are obsessed with a quest for wealth. In heavily afflicted horoscopes there may be dishonesty or even criminal activity. In an other­ wise good horoscope. such as writing or art. Mars square Jupiter This is a very destructive aspect that may be found in the horoscopes of those who glorify war.

with problems at one place triggering problems at the other place. friends. cold. They need more humility and common sense. Saturn square Pluto These people often feel that they are carrying the weight of the entire world on their shoulders because this aspect brings heavy responsibilities and many disap­ pointments. nor can their friends. Sudden misfortune may occur to them. They also tend to spread themselves too thin. They have difficulty in finding a marriage partner. . Sometimes this is due to poor planning or poor judgment. Sometimes they lack confidence or fail to take the initiative at the right time. Others tend to shun these people be­ cause of their peculiar behavior. Jupiter square Ascendant Here you find the "holier than thou" people.250 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects/251 Mars square Midheaven There is generally strife both at work and at home. Jupiter square Saturn There are difficulties or misfortunes in business and financial matters. They are usually Bohemian type people. Saturn square Neptune Fear of being inadequate and an inferiority complex go with this aspect. Jupiter square Neptune These are skillful talkers whose words are meaning­ less because they never back them up with constructive action. and if they do the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of a divorce. Often their parents are a burden. if any. They tend to be dictators and are oppres­ sive toward those who have different views than they have. Jupiter square Midheaven These people have grandiose ideas about their own worth and their potential achievements. Jupiter square Pluto These people don't hesitate to take the law into their own hands in order to change society to conform to their ideas. Jupiter square Uranus These are restless people who constantly seek adven­ ture. There is also a tendency to get into trouble with the law. Their life in general is filled with obstacles to happiness. often through travel. unresponsive disposition. They have few. They tend to be lazy and live in a dream world while their real world crumbles around them. Saturn square Uranus These people vacillate between conservative and radical behavior. Usually they cannot be de­ pended on to fulfill their promises. Saturn square Midheaven They have to work extremely hard to care for their families because heavy burdens are always on their shoul­ ders. These usually are not nice or popular people. Various phobias are often connected with this aspect. Saturn square Ascendant These people are excluded from social activity be­ cause of their sour.

Neptune square Pluto This rules corrupt social and governmental condi­ tions for generations. confused people who live in their own dream world. in­ efficient. Uranus square Midheaven These people refuse to conform to any routine. Pluto square Midheaven These people want to change things to suit them. They tend to not get along very well with supervisors or authorities in gen­ eral. They are prone to di­ vorce because they are not willing to give up a little per­ sonal freedom in order to make the marriage work. par¬ * ents. One good aspect to Neptune from some other planet is usually sufficient to negate this aspect. unreliable. Because they are continuously psyched up for doing battle. Neptune square Midheaven Unless the rest of the horoscope negates this influ­ ence. lazy. and sometimes dishonest. especially psychosomatic ailments or nervous con­ ditions. They change jobs and residences frequently for no valid reason." Uranus square Pluto This aspect lasts for years and is not prominent in in­ dividual charts unless Uranus or Pluto are otherwise strong in the chart. they even­ tually put a strain on their heart. the person will be disorganized. This tends to make individuals "set in their ways" and subject to nervousness. Divorce is almost a given. .252 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 253 Uranus square Neptune This square lasts for many years and is indicative of an entire generation. Uranus square Ascendant These people are non-conformists to the extent that they create problems for themselves. They rebel against authority—their boss. Due to stressful relationships. Neptune square Ascendant This aspect denotes unreliable. Sun opposition Mars These people are extremely difficult to get along with because they always want to argue or fight. They have the "hippie" syndrome. which can give them difficulty in relationships with others. Individuals never feel secure no matter how much they have. they are often "high strung. There is no one alive today who has this aspect in their natal horoscope. it will greatly lessen the effect of this full Moon stigma. OPPOSITIONS Sun opposition Moon These people are born during the full Moon. If either the Sun or Moon has a trine to any other planet. the government. It usually is not prominent in indi­ vidual charts unless Uranus or Neptune are quite strong in the chart. Pluto square Ascendant A tendency for aggressive and antisocial behavior characterize this aspect. deceptive. they can develop health prob­ lems. and they cause much conflict in the process. and there is high likelihood of lawsuits.

and a desire to transform the world in ac­ cordance with their personal beliefs. They do crazy things for no good reason other than because they felt like doing them. and they never say anything worth listening to. sudden changes in mood. Needless to say. Moon opposition Mars Alcoholism is common with this aspect. Mothers neglect their children. are associated with this aspect. Moon opposition Mercury These are prattling bores that everyone strives to avoid being around. thus creating conflicts at work which usually spill over to the domestic scene. Sun opposition Pluto This is the classic dictator aspect—extremely over­ bearing. Sim opposition Saturn It is difficult for these people to develop friendships because they are too stiff and formal. Moon opposition Jupiter Extravagance in general. and the women tend to be unfeminine. even cold. undependability. Moon opposition Saturn Early childhood experience usually has a marked ef­ fect on these people. There often are temper outbursts over insignificant things that can be followed by violence. They also tend to be irritable and tense. Men neglect their wives. and irritability are marks of this aspect. forceful will power that demands others to do what they want. and they tend to live in their own fantasy world. leaving them depressed. They never shut up. and overeating in particu­ lar. They tend to be waste­ ful. Domestic problems are common. making oth­ ers feel uncomfortable. but deliver little. As a result. these people's life is often in danger. They promise much. They also tend to be irresponsible. Moon opposition Uranus Perversity. They have diffi­ culty in getting along with employers (parental figures). The men tend to treat women poorly. Sun opposition Uranus It is difficult for others to get along with these people because they insist on everything having to be done their way. Sometimes they are showoffs or are just plain arrogant. They also are all talk and no action. if they even marry at all. They also cannot take criticism of any kind. instability. overly for­ mal and unable to establish friendships. unpredict­ ability. in their demeanor.254 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 255 Sun opposition Jupiter These people are much too optimistic. Moon opposition Venus Sexual excesses and dietary excesses characterize this aspect. Often they are deceitful or dishonest. Often they do not have children of their own. Moon opposition Neptune Alcohol and drug abuse are common with this as- l . Sun opposition Neptune This aspect bestows confusion and distorted under­ standing coupled with prejudices. they usually marry late in life.

No one can make them change their mind no matter what. Mercury opposition Mars These people are prone to argue at the drop of a hat. In extreme cases. There are sometimes family quarrels concerning inheritance. often of a sexual nature. and de­ pression often accompany this aspect. . Venus opposition Uranus Emotional instability is the keyword here. These people are easily hurt by other people's unkindness. These people have such a sickeningly sweet behavior that it irritates others. Many di­ vorces are common. They tend to be narrow minded and highly opin­ ionated. arrogant and conceited. Venus opposition Jupiter Marital problems may occur over religious matters. They are inclined to respiratory disorders. financial hardships. Mercury opposition Neptune Deceit and scheming are tendencies common with this aspect. Spying or detective work are sometimes associ­ ated with this aspect. eccentric. Mercury opposition Jupiter These arc daydreamers who talk big. This is not a favorable aspect for a good marriage. Hypocrisy rears its head occasionally.256 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 257 pect. Mercury opposition Saturn These are critical nags who see the dark side of every¬ ' thing. smok­ ing is especially harmful to them. but they may change their mind of their own choice dozens of times a day. They foolishly squander money. which causes them great mental tension and distress. the nature of their work can bring about their death. There may be scandals due to secret love affairs or other secret involvements. which makes them unpopular. If they go to college. Mercury opposition Pluto These people often deal with secret or dangerous in­ formation. Venus opposition Saturn An unhappy marriage. Venus opposition Mars This aspect signifies emotional problems in relation­ ships. Their domestic life is often in shambles due to irre­ sponsibility and laziness. Many sudden. Moon opposition Pluto Intense emotions cause problems in relationships with family and friends. Venus opposition Neptune Drug and alcohol abuse often enter the picture here. Mercury opposition Uranus These people tend to be blunt and tactless. There are all sorts of emotional frustrations that go with this aspect. They are unable to see the other person's point of view. stubborn. They love to find fault with others. Sometimes they get involved in shady money making schemes. In some cases. they will take some course of study that has no practical value once they graduate. there arc homosexual tendencies. but don't fol­ low through. short lived romances are common.

They . Unexpected events constantly thwart their progress. Saturn opposition Neptune A persecution complex goes with this aspect. criminal tendencies may appear. These people are seldom happy. Jupiter opposition Pluto There is conflict with others because these people have persistent determination to indoctrinate others with their religious and philosophic views. They also preach one thing. A violent death is common. Drugs. Everything they do is self-serving. and they use violent. Bad temper is common. in order to make money is sometimes pre­ sent. Friends often become enemies. but practice something else. There is often involvement in dangerous or unstable situations. They often take action without rational thought. Jupiter opposition Uranus Money gets frittered away in unwise "get rich quick" schemes. Their own ambitions are often thwarted by others. alcohol. They often attract undesirable associa­ tions into their life. Suicide attempts due to disappointment in love is a definite possibility. gases and fumes pose a serious danger to them. ag­ gressive action to cover-up their own fears and inadequa­ cies in relation to others. ' Mars opposition Pluto These people use power solely for selfish reasons. In extreme cases they resort to extreme violence. and are often under pressure to do more than they are ca­ pable of. They will suddenly change courses or take off on trips with no rational reason. but have no common sense and are poor planners. These people usually mean well. but they have no sense of reality. Saturn opposition Uranus These people work hard. Mars opposition Jupiter This is the aspect of the soldier of fortune.258 / Astrology for Beginners The Aspects / 259 Venus opposition Pluto There are uncontrollable passions here that can cause many problems. They are zealous in promoting their own religion or philosophy to the point of alienating others. Mars opposition Uranus There is danger of a violent death with this aspect. These people gen­ erally lack humility. Mars opposition Neptune Drugs and alcohol are dangerous for these people. Criminal involvement with sex. There can also be difficulties in long distance travel and in foreign countries. They do not fulfill their promises more due to forgetfulness than to deliberate dishonesty. Psycho­ somatic illness is fairly common. Mars opposition Saturn These people are frustrated. In extreme cases. Jupiter opposition Neptune These people are generally unreliable and impracti­ cal. Jupiter opposition Saturn Legal problems and lawsuits are probable with this aspect. such as prostitution.

that you can use for a quick ref­ erence when interpreting natal charts. 14 Signs on the House Cusps Whatever zodiac sign appears on the cusp of a house rules that house. one for houses and one for signs. in which case they will behave in a manner quite different from their peers. Each house has certain basic attributes of a person's life that it rules. or neurotic be­ havior. sexual involvements or excesses. The following are two tables of attributes. Saturn opposition Pluto This aspect brings misfortune into the life. They can receive or give cruelty. Neptune opposition Pluto This aspect involves a generation of people. Uranus opposition Neptune This long lasting aspect affects a generation of peo­ ple. It is ap­ parent in individual charts only if both planets are in an­ gular houses and are heavily aspected by other planets. 261 . In individual horoscopes it can be involved with alco­ holism. simply combine the attributes of both the house and its ruling sign. Uranus opposition Pluto This aspect indicates a generation of people whose lives are disrupted by social and political upheaval such as war or economic depression. Each sign has certain basic attributes that influence the house it rules. Sometimes they must be institution­ alized or are plagued by hard to diagnose and cure psy­ chological problems.2601 Astrology for Beginners do not trust anyone. To interpret this interaction between the house and ruling sign. I'll give you an example at the end of this chapter.

Foreign countries and foreign travel (long distance travel in gen­ eral). Romance. Some psychic mat­ ters such as seances. Service to others. Work and activity behind the scenes. Large animals. Working conditions and tools. Your re­ lationship with the government. Self-delu­ sion. Other people's money. How others perceive you. Publishing and printing.262 / Astrology for Beginners Signs on the House Cusps / 263 Table 1 House Attributes (Continued) HOUSE ATTRIBUTES (See Chapter 7 for more extensive detail) Seventh House Marriage and other partnerships. Dreams and some psychic experiences. Your employees. Your conscious mind and thought processes. Creative ability and creative urge. Selfawareness and self-interest. Religion or other philosophical be­ liefs. and dreams. Children. Your brothers. Your health. Institutions of all sorts. First House Your physical body and personality. and neighbors. En­ tertainment and parties. both as a child and in adulthood when you have your own home. Your home. Educational matters. Your wishes. Sports. Insurance. Taxes. Your true profession in life. Your money and possessions. Law and legal matters. Eighth House Second House Ninth House Third House Tenth House Fourth House Eleventh House Fifth House Twelfth House Sixth House . out of the public eye. Public reputation. Relations with others. Hidden enemies. Mental activity in general. Life and health to some extent. The end of any matter. hopes. Ambi­ tions. Love. Small animals. Inheritance. Clothing. Sex­ ual matters. Your material resources in general. Short distance travel and accidents during travel. Death. life. Groups of people. Friends. Communications of all sorts. Open ene­ mies. Social and professional status. Investigations. Honors. Gam­ bling and speculation. Secrets. sisters. Income that you earn or acquire. Domestic life in general.

Criti­ cal and flaw seeking. Optimism. Beauty. Institutions of all sorts. Inventiveness. Much mental effort expended. Enthu­ siasm. Humor. Public ambitions. Effi­ ciency. Much intuition or psychic insight. Balance. Flamboyance. Re­ finement.264 / Astrology for Beginners Signs on the House Cusps / 265 Table 2 Sign Attributes (Continued) Libra Partnerships. Lack of discrimination. SIGN ATTRIBUTES Aries Action. Pride. Forced changes. Fair­ ness. Extreme sensitivity. Short distance travel. Business. Psychic matters. Never gives up. Harmony. Service to others. Much communication of all sorts. Dynamic when aroused. Drugs. Slow but steady progress. Combativeness. Tempermental reactions. Honors. Coercion. Expensive tastes. Sudden changes and events. Sick people. Impulsiveness. Much discrimination. Independence. Fatalistic attitude. Details. Te­ nacity. Profit. Fraud. Understanding. Caution. gam­ bling. Overly romantic or idealistic. Secrecy. Slow to change. Associa­ tion with food. Need for public recog­ nition. Reliability. Cold­ ness. Freedom. Good fortune. Scorpio Taurus Sagittarius Gemini Capricorn Cancer Aquarius Leo Virgo Pisces . Possessiveness. Romance. Stubborness. Activi­ ties behind the scenes. Abundance. Philosophy. Much energy. Responsibility. For­ eign matters. Leadership. Sometimes meanness. Chil­ dren. Artistic talents. Games. Jeal­ ousy. Vindictiveness. Work. Seriousness. Analysis. Enjoyment. Scientific and electrical methods. Much originality. Opti­ mism. Sympathy. Desire for status. Joint enterprises. Diversity. Self-discipline. Uncon­ ventional. Humanitarian. Craftsmanship. Ambition. Deter­ mination. Possessiveness. Secretiveness. Health. Moodiness. Domestic matters. Friends. Frugality. Hard work. and speculation. Perfectionism. Long distance travel. Strife. Intense emotions and desires.

AH that remains now is for you to compile an inter­ pretation. trine Saturn. planet by planet until you have written down all the interpreta­ tions. work. This means I will work at an occupation that employs these traits. using the natal chart in figure 1: 1. perfectionism. Virgo defines the parameters of craftsmanship. Neptune is also con­ junct the ascendant. house by house. 15 Putting It All Together Now you have had your basic training in natal astrol­ ogy. how-to books. self-help. 3. Neptune is in Leo in the 1st house. Look up "Nep­ tune in Leo" in Chapter 11 and "Neptune in First House" in chapter 12 and write them down. All of the Virgo traits are abso­ lutely necessary for success in earning money in this pro­ fession. specializing in non-fiction. Proceed around the chart. You know the language. Virgo is on the second house cusp. conjunct Mars. The second house pertains to how I will earn my money. Thus 267 . 4. Look up all of these as­ pects in Chapter 13 and write them down. and widely square Jupiter. flaw seeking. square Venus. analysis. doesn't it? Play around with it in your own chart. and efficiency. 2. For example. You have chapters of reference data to refer to in order to compile a natal chart interpretation that cov­ ers many salient facts. service to others. Now read over all you have written. It is an excellent way to learn astrology. you will see (in this spe­ cific chart) that writing ability appears several times. You know how a natal chart is constructed. It all fits neatly. Here is how. You will see patterns forming. I am a professional writer.266 / Astrology for Beginners Here is an example from figure 1 to illustrate how to interpret the sign influence on a house cusp. Look up "Leo" and "First House" in Chapter 14 and write them down. In figure 1. details. The 1st house cusp has Leo on it.

And there is much more to patterning than what I have just given. Let me digress briefly to discuss patterning a little. How many planets are on the east side (left half). a thinker or intellectual. For example. and I make things . The astrologer can mentally blend the nearly infinite number of patterns into a reasonably clear picture before actually studying each facet of the chart in detail. and 12)? If the majority of the planets are in cadent houses. and are not likely to apply to me. how many on the west side (right half). 9. it indicates a prominent position in the world. the person will probably complete a major part of some undertaking. a professional writer. just as long as you eventually cover everything. whatever. Patterning really is an advanced astrology study. You can start anywhere.5. 5. but someone else will get credit for it. how many in the top . The majority in cardinal signs indicates a self-starter. the astrologer notices where all the planets are. If the majority of the planets are in the bottom half of the chart. Look at figure 1 for the patterning.2681 Astrology for Beginners Putting it All Together / 269 you can conclude that the person (me in this case) is going to be. you will see major natal pat­ terns and meanings in an instant without having to look everything up. If the majority are in the right half. If the majority of the planets are in the left half of the chart. the person chooses his/her own direction rather than being directed by outside stimuli. I note the patterning first. It all comes out the same in the end. does it not? Seven of the ten planets are in the top half of the chart.8. you do not have to start your interpreta­ tion at the 1st house and proceed systematically around the chart as I have done in the preceding example. or if they do it would be only superficially. the positive effects of Saturn trine Neptune cancel out or miti­ gate the negative effects of Venus square Neptune. but I want to at least familiarize you with it. extreme. it indicates a leadership ability. I am extremely independent. 4. Here are some rules of thumb that the astrolo­ ger notices: How many planets are in angular houses (houses 1. How many planets are in succèdent houses (houses 2. and 10) ? If the majority of planets are in angular houses. 7. a person who can get things done when they have a direc­ tion given to them. in fixed signs. and 11)? If the majority of planets are in succèdent houses. or should be. it indicates a person who would rather not lead if they can avoid it. and it tells me a great deal before I even start looking at specific detail. In practice. or outstanding will take place in the person's life. jump around. half and how many in the bottom half? What planets are they? How are they clustered? This only takes seconds. If the majority are in the top half. As you become more experienced and have more data committed to memory. The leadership firs the patterning.6. Step 4 above enables you to synthesize the data into an accurate analysis of the natal chart. it may make the person stubborn and uncompro­ mising. the person most likely goes through life reacting to outside stimuli for direction. When I first look at a chart. Whenever there is a cluster of four or more planets it is a flag that something unusual. in mutable signs. I have been a non­ commissioned officer in the military and an executive with IBM. Eight of the ten planets are on the left side of the chart. You will also see some things that cancel out other things. Many things appear only once. How many planets are in cadent houses (houses 3. At a quick glance.

" I mention this subject of predictive astrology to you as a recommen­ dation for your next step of study. I have a number of books published domesti­ cally and internationally. gives mental stimulation. let you have fun. 1999 transiting Uranus becomes trine your natal Sun and sextile your natal Pluto. house. Notice the cluster of four planets in the 10th house in figure 1. can soak up as much time as you are able to give it. seeking a different job. you will be able to master predictive astrology quite easily. I never wait for something external to happen to determine what I will do. 271 . It is exciting and valu­ able. By the same token. such as getting married. it assures the person of a prominent place in the world and public recognition. which brings me considerable recognition. I have had to make a judgment call on what to leave out of this book so it wouldn't be so huge that it would intimidate the beginner and so expensive that very few people would purchase it. you can look into your future using your natal chart. Now get busy and have a good time in the world of astrology! 16 Transits and Progressions We all would like to be able to look into the future to see what potentially lies in store for us. ex­ plore predictive astrology. Enough said. Astrology is one pursuit that is fun. and also learn a great deal about yourself and other people. and aspect. One thing—you never learn it all. The subject is easily an entire book by itself and is beyond the scope of "beginner. sign­ ing a contract.? When is an un­ favorable time to do these things? Well. It fits again. In brief. I have given only some of the sali­ ent data for each sign. Now that you know the basics. assume that on July 18. As a hypothetical example. so it is always a challenge. predictive astrology deals with the planetary movements and positions at any given time in the future as it relates to your natal chart. In Part IV. is relatively easy to learn. With the particular planets involved. provides valuable knowledge and insights. Again it all fits. If you are interested in the future. This is what transits and progressions are all about predictive astrology. I list some references for those of you who want to take the next step and learn more and do more with astrology. When is a favor­ able time to do something.2701 Astrology for Beginners happen for myself. planet. There is sufficient material in this book to satisfy most of you. and it sets you apart as a unique individ­ ual. This could trigger an era of psy­ chic awareness and experience for you that would change your entire life. etc. What I have given merely scratches the surface of patterning.


1. Llewellyn Publications. and materials. which contain a wealth of astrol­ ogy information in addition to being a calendar. (c) Their 275 . I do not imply that the data in this chapter is all there is or that other sources (not listed) might not be just as good.17 References This chapter contains information concerning or­ ganizations. I have not put the information in any particular order and the item number does not indicate any preference over another item lower in this list. It is sort of a "jump start" for your further expansion into astrology. which is very reasonably priced. This publisher has an ex­ pansive line of astrology books. This is simply a discus­ sion of some sources for your consideration. and other material that can help you expand your own astrological horizons in whatever direc­ tion you choose. What I have put in this chapter concerns sources that I am personally familiar with and that I feel comfortable in recommending to you at this stage of your learning expe­ rience. (b) Their several astrological calendars. books. services. I especially recommend: (a) Their computerized natal chart service.

Another excellent one is Linda Goodman's Sun Signs by Linda Goodman. A n all around good reference for chart interpreta­ tion is The Astrologer's Handbook by Frances Sakoian & Louis S. and services available to members. 5. In addition. 3. and a wide variety of astrol­ ogy books. 8. The American Federation of Astrologers.O. Read everything you can by her. Acker. They should have an ephemeris. you can write for information on joining to: American Federation of Astrologers P. If this interests you. A n excellent book on this sub­ ject is Predictive Astrology by Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Keane. which covers interpretation on a more ex- . I especially like Practical Astrology: Hoxv to Make it Work For You by Jerryl L . write to Matrix to find out which computers and printers are compatible with their soft­ ware. This is what I talked about very briefly in Chapter 16. Query Llewellyn Publications about their offerings (see above for address and phone number). mentioned in item #4 above. 10. If you have a computer. which is filled with great informa­ tion and features. Paul. Your local bookstore that specializes in astrology books. you can write to: Matrix Software 315 Marion Avenue Big Rapids. or are considering buying one. Evangeline Adams. For an interpretation of the degrees. Acker. This great astrologer is now deceased. published by Parker Publishing Company. This will prevent you from purchasing equipment that won't work. She is probably one of the fin­ est astrologers of all time. but the library should . Computer programs for astrology.276 / Astrology for Beginners References / 277 Daily Planetary Guide. Their annual dues are quite reason­ able. You may have difficulty finding her books through a bookstore. services. and want to ob­ tain the required software. This book also contains other astrology infor­ mation. 9. 7. but I use it exclusively for reference on degree in­ terpretation. Each degree in the horoscope wheel has a specific significance. Arizona 85282 6. published by Bantam Books in paperback. Here is how to contact Llewellyn: Llewellyn Publications P. Sun Signs. Box 22040 Tempe. Degrees. There are several excellent books on Sun Signs. M N 55164-0383 Phone (toll free): 1-800-THE-MOON 2. Evangeline Adams. but she left a legacy of excellent books. I find it to be excellent. published by Harper & Row. Box 64383-307 St. I recommend you write or phone them (toll free) to request a free copy of their catalog and a list of all their astrology books.O. wrote an excellent one. Browse through the astrology section. Predictive astrology. 4. materials. and materials. This is where I spent hundreds of hours in the beginning. They offer associate memberships to beginners and have an extensive list of books. tables of houses. have them. Your local library. Michigan 49307 Or phone: (616) 796-2483 I have had Matrix software for years and use it fre­ quently. Before you purchase a computer and printer. They offer a great deal more. This is an excellent professional association of which I am a mem­ ber.

I recommend Time Changes In The U. The two I happen to have are: The Concise Planetary Ephemeris for 1900 to 1950 AD.D. at Midnight and The Complete Planetary Ephemeris 1950-2000 A. .. Ms. Time changes. Transits. by Doris Chase Doane. Both are published by The Hieratic Publishing Co. Tables of Houses.A. Doane has also written other time changes • books for Canada. 12. There are many tables of houses on the market. 11. published by Harper & Row. A n excellent companion book for the one mentioned in #7 above is Transits Simplified by Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker. This book should be avail­ able through your bookstore. which is also a midnight ephemeris. published by the American Federation of Astrologers. and the world. Inc. The one I happen to have is The American Book of Tables. and they are all good and all pretty much the same. 14.278 / Astrology for Beginners paneled scale. Mexico. published by Astro Computing Services. By now you must be aware that Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker are prominent astrologers. and they all are pretty much the same—all are good.S. If not. you will want to get these other time changes books also. Ephemeris. write to the address in #5 above. There are a number of ephemerides books on the market. 13. If you are going to compile natal charts for persons born outside the United States.

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