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24858698 Project Management Professional Exam PMP

24858698 Project Management Professional Exam PMP

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Published by: suzeet1 on Aug 04, 2013
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You are the project manager for a company that sells online music.
The company is growing so well that the company has outgrown its I.T
infrastructure. In fact, the company’s current infrastructure is unable
to handle the terabytes of music download each day.
As a result, the company has decided to outsource its music download
infrastructure to a third party content management vendor. The
content management vendor will host the compressed music files
across its geographically distributed web server farms, and handle all
the logistics with music file downloads and data streaming.
On your qualified sellers list, you have identified one potential vendor
MusikCM. Your procurement department is conducting an independent
estimate of costs of the proposals in order to compare the vendor
prices. However, your procurement department has identified a large
difference between the independent estimate and the proposed vendor
cost. Which of the following statements are FALSE?

A.The SOW did not contain the enough detail
B.The vendor failed to respond to all the requirements specified in
the contract
C.The terms of the contract did not contain enough details
D.You are currently in the request seller responses process
E.The vendor failed to respond to all items in the SOW

Answer: D

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