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24858698 Project Management Professional Exam PMP

24858698 Project Management Professional Exam PMP

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Which of the following statements regarding Resource Breakdown
structure are true EXCEPT:

A.The RBS is a structure that relates the organizational breakdown
structure to WBS to ensure that each work component is
properly assigned to a responsible person/ team.
B.The RBS is a hierarchical structure of the identified resources by
resource category and type
C.The RBS can contain other resource categories other than
human resources.
D.The RBS is useful in tracking project costs, and can be integrated
with the organization’s accounting system
E.The RBS is an output of the Activity Resource Estimation process

Answer: A

Question 771

Which of the following is the MOST likely candidate for a three-point

A.A schedule activity with a fixed duration
B.A schedule activity with a considerable variation
C.A well-understand schedule activity with little expected variation
D.A brief schedule activity that takes a couple of hours

Answer: B

Question 772

All of the following statements regarding Control Accounts are true

A.A control account is an assigned WBS level used to monitor cost
and schedule performance of significant element of work.
B.Control accounts are also referred to as cost accounts
C.None of the choices are correct
D.A control account is a management control point for cost
summarization, scope description, and variance analysis and
E.Each work package/ planning package may be associated with
only one control account

Answer: C

Question 773

Which of the following describes the longest path through a project
schedule network after resource leveling?
A.Critical chain
B.Late finish
C.None of the choices are correct

D.Critical path
E.Late start

Answer: A

Question 774

You are the project manager for an information technology division of
a large financial services firm in the United States. Your company
offers a web based trading platform that provides options and futures
trading for U.S commodities markets. Due to the rise in popularity of
futures and options trading, your company has grown rapidly.
To keep up with the demands you have been assigned with the
responsibility of upgrading company’s network and computing
infrastructure. You have given the project charter progressively
elaborated the requirements, and have just completed the Scope
Definition and Create WBS processes. However while you are in the
activity duration process you realized that certain deliverables are
missing from the scope definition and create WBS processes. What is
your next plan of action?
A.Include the deliverable as part of activity definition project
B.Review the WBS to include the missing deliverables, and define
the relevant appropriate activities
C.Consult the scope management plan to determine how to revise
the project scope to include this deliverable
D.Consult your supervisor as to whether to include this deliverable
as part of the project

Answer: B

Question 775

Which of the following are not tools/ techniques of the activity
definition process?
A.Expert judgment
B.Rolling wave planning
D.Decomposition, templates
E.Planning components

Answer: C

Question 776

You are in the process of numerically analyzing the effects of identified
risks. Which of the following is the LEAST helpful input?
A.Risk register

B.Risk management plan
C.Project schedule management plan
D.Project scope statement
E.Risk related contractual agreements

Answer: E

Question 777

You are the project manger at a software company developing the
next-gen web application server. As software development can be very
chaotic, your company has elected to follow the more rigorous
approach to software development. Specifically, your company has
chosen to adopt the Rational Unified Process (RUP) for your current
software project.
The RUP methodology is highly iterative and produces numerous
deliverables include UML diagrams, architecture diagrams, prototypes,
and test-cases. You have just produced your activity duration
estimates and updated your activity attributes. Which process have
you just finished?
A.Activity sequencing
B.Activity duration estimation
C.Schedule development
D.Activity definition

Answer: B

Question 778

Which of the following processes involves analyzing activity sequences,
activity duration, and resource requirements, to develop the project

A.Activity sequencing
B.Schedule development
C.Scope definition
D.Activity duration estimation
E.Activity definition

Answer: B

Question 779

All of the following are constraints that can limit flexibility in human
resource planning EXCEPT:
A.Templates and checklists
B.Organizational structure
C.Economic conditions

D.Collective bargaining agreements

Answer: A

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