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Bala Showry Raju

During sales order entry, the system automatically creates a purchase

requisition item. The purchasing department creates a purchase order
based on the requisition and the vendor ships the goods directly to
you. You then ship the goods to your customer. While the goods are
part of your inventory, you manage them as part of the sales order
stock. Sales order stock consists of stock that is assigned to specific
sales orders and cannot be used for other purposes.

You can track costs and revenues for individual purchase orders in the
same way as you track costs for make-to-order production. The
material in question must be maintained for the MRP group 0020 and a
plant must be assigned at the item level in the sales order.

When you create a delivery, the system checks if goods are available
in the sales order stock. You then create a delivery-related billing


Plant N001, storage location: SOSO

VA01 sales order:

Item cat : TAB

Schedule : CB
Confirmed qty: 0
Check incompletion log and SAVE

GO TO change mode VA02 and note down the purchase request ion
ME21N purchase order
MIGO : Goods Receipts

Here in where tab enter the storage location SOSO

Check and post

VA02 here u can see the qty is confirmed
Vl01n outbound delivery
Pick and PGI
Vf01 :delivery related Billing
Sales order Document flow